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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2017 1:00pm-1:30pm EDT

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breaking news an r.t.a. a u.s. fighter jet shoots down an armed drone belonging to produce syrian government forces it is the third syrian aircraft downed in the last fortnight also in syria straightly suspends all combat missions within the u.s. led coalition as tensions escalate between washington and moscow over the downing. and video emerges online appearing to show firefighters in disbelief at the scale of the deadly tower block fire in london we gauge reaction to the u.k.'s government's response. then yeah. that's the front that. they can spend three hundred seventy on.
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a welcome good evening you're watching international it's just turned eight o'clock here in moscow and we start with breaking news today because the pentagon says a u.s. fighter jet is downed an armed drone belonging to syrian government forces in southern syria the coalition statement says the drone was armed and advancing on u.s. backed forces it happened in the south of the country near a base in the region. as more. so the pentagon has confirmed that a u.s. fighter jet has shot down an iranian made pro syrian regime drone in southern syria at approximately twelve thirty am local time now i'll tell you is a town on the syrian border where u.s. troops are in fact training syrian rebels the statement claims the drone displayed
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hostile intent and advanced on coalition forces this is in fact the third procedure in an aircraft they've shot down just this month a second drone was downed on june the eighth in the same area and on sunday the u.s. led coalition shot down a syrian government plane in the country's north that many felt that move was a step too far even prompting a reaction from the u.n. it does bring up the broadly or deep concern of the risk of possible miscalculation and escalation in the conflict in syria overall there have been five attacks by the us government forces in recent months and all cases they've claimed actions were taken in self-defense and that the coalition does not seek confrontation with the syrian government but their actions are sending a very different message at this point but within hours that that i destroying being shot down in a straight suspended operations in syria it's part is have been flying there is
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part of the u.s. led coalition the move comes as tensions rise between moscow and washington with more on this his family says. looks like the reason why australia has decided to hold airstrikes in syria is because they no longer feel that the situation there is safe here's exactly what the statement said as a precautionary measure australian defense force strike operations into syria have temporarily ceased a decision on the resumption of a.d.f. operations in syria will be made in june course but why is the situation there not safe because the agreement that was signed by u.s. and russia back in october twenty fifteen the agreement that prevents any sort of collisions or dangerous incident in the airspace over syria that agreement as of yesterday has been halted and that means that as of now there is no any sort of regulations in place to prevent the u.s. air forces and also the russian air force and hitting each other and this of course came after sunday when the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that has prompted russia to announce that any call this an
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airplane flying on the west of the euphrates river are potentially targets that could be tracked down here's exactly what the ministry of defense said any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river where the russian air force is operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems well that statement certainly sounds threatening but bear in mind that russia also made it very clear that no coalition play will be shot down automatically that everything will be decided on a case by case basis and action we only be taken if a coalition airplane poses a threat to russian aircrafts so essentially what we're seeing here is the potential fallout between coalition partners as straightly as latest decision clearly show that some of us allies do not feel safe in syria. and let's get the views now of military analysts come on he joins us good evening chief come out i think is just you know we can see. what are your thoughts on this we're hearing that some people are speculating you know this is out of caution the
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destroyer has taken this action although some of also said it's perhaps this strategy is sending a message to the u.s. led coalition to that they've gone a step too far perhaps what's your view. i think so still you have been very cautious and you have to remember last year when the when the us struck they resume and killed one hundred syrian soldiers trillions of the first to apologize to the syrian government and said that it was an incorrect decision so again here the australians are very cautious of the coalition approach start killing syrian military on the ground there in the air it's very similar to day reserve the australians are the first to apologize then hear the wood drawn from airstrikes because they think this is a step too far and there's no need for control of the syrian government do you think the us or do you think that will alter the way the us abuse things now.
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i think there is a bit of. in there in the us of syria policy we've seen that since president trump has come in it seems like the generals have most of the policy in their hand but at the same time just a few days ago there were reports of a rift between the national security council and the pentagon and what to do with syria so i think there are those in the white house who want to more aggressive approach against syria because of iran that target is iran rather than the syrian military and there are those in the military who don't want further escalation especially in the east of syria which is extremely key to the future of the war again we hear america or the u.s. led coalition saying we took this action because it was in self-defense is that justification do you think. again we find this in the weird position where the syrian government is in its sovereign territory and has a right to whatever action they may take the rebels or the so-called position of
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fighting against them and to go into a new u.n. charter. group shouldn't be there so self-defense in whose cause in the cause of non-state actors think the u.s. has to be very careful and as i said there or there is enough opposition now in some quarters or in washington that the u.s. should not. conflagrate this further against the russians or syria is there a danger that the u.s. might lose support of other members of the coalition to do you think at least to some degree. yes i think the australian move is a clear indication of that the germans and italians of all to voice their concern about this so there could definitely be an issue especially with the peace accords coming up and the turkish iranian russian peace initiative of deescalation zones that could be in danger and here of course turkey is in a to remember the quiet they would be quite worried about the u.s. escalating further just said the point when they are talking to the russians in the
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iranians to end this conflict so there could definitely be a rift within the coalition if there are more strikes against the syrian government ok look good to get your thoughts come i will leave it there fanatic military analyst thank you. the number of people dead or presumed dead after the grand fell tower in west london has risen to seventy nine and the city's metropolitan police say that number could still rise this is the latest video from inside the building it does show the remains of charred apartments police do say though that everybody who lived in these particular flats has been accounted for the fire broke out early last wednesday morning and quickly gulf the twenty four story residential block another video has also appeared online a firefighter is reacting with disbelief to the blaze.
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well treason may has ordered a federal inquiry into the tragedy and pledged five million pounds to help victims and sit your can as been out in london asking people whether they think the u.k. needs to reconsider its spending priorities put in billion to seventy million. what is it about the british government is spending this money on certain things which they think they're spending. with thirteen billion to the n.h.s. . government this is maybe maybe on the books that bill is quite a. lot better. which one is. about one hundred seventy. i'm not sure but the. social care. seventy million you think is social care
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given what they're spending on that. they're spending three hundred seventy million. in say you're sorry this is how much is going to. survivor is. not good at so it's actually shocking when you see it like. right then yeah. that's the fun but they can spend three hundred seventy on politics for the last one should be more. a lot more a lot more i think so they should spend more on this. because there are many buildings. in london. which are in the same state this book impose really need refurbished really. does. it's shameful.
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shameful. the prime minister's response to the tragedy was widely criticised as lackluster and has seen thousands of people in the capital calling for her to step down and one issue in particular that's now causing and i cry is the rehab using of the survivors it's unclear whether they can be. accommodated in the local area despite the fact many properties there is standing empty. every single family will be re housed in the local area we are committed to ensuring that people are really housed as far as possible within the barrier or in neighboring areas some people may actually want to go to another part of london where there are a large number of deliberately kept very conflicts and properties all over london it's called land bank people with a lot of money buy a house fire flat keep it you would seize it forever or just just take it for as long as the me to come which i just look at them economically fire it compulsory purchase it requisition it there's
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a lot of things you can do the tragic fire dealt another blow to teresa mayes popularity which was already shown to be waning by her party's election upset as you can see here her ratings have suffered a severe drop since last december and according to the hugo of more than half of britons are unhappy with may as leader the c.e.o. of a grassroots charity organization in the u.k. believes the prime minister is too distant from the ordinary people of britain. with each event that has unfolded since the westminster bridge attack she is showing herself to be frozen for. away from her people who she's the governor she is disjointed and displaced she may be a good government on the political side of the political sphere but she's not the people's voice she doesn't have the people's hearts and the people's will. when she
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makes her decisions i hope. you're watching our table be back in. people with stories to tell our economy. to those who desire to. see. they're here to speak are you there to hear.
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with r.t. an exclusive for you now a new islamic state leader has emerged in northern afghanistan after his reported release from the notorious background prison in twenty sixteen as he is the son of an uzbek jihadi leader and his rise to power has seen him fight off further terrorist groups in the region and force locals to join eisel but again as you have picks up the story from afghanistan beyond this desert and those mountains lays islamic states newest caliphate the realm of warlord.
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stars himself as a warrior of god others call him a heretic cruel and heartless soldiers. has murdered so many and besieged even more there is no end to his killing at least twenty five members of my family could people's heads off their legs arms and fingers some victims i couldn't recognize because of what they did to their faces i lost my son everyone lost their sons head moment ammerman he is the most evil man in the world it is because of him that was tough he poverty he brought his terrorists all of homes and murdered everyone as azula is a second generation warlord hardest just like his father dangerous and vicious fanatical until recently he was incarcerated in baghdad prison then came his
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unexpected and unexplained release. he's an international terrorist it was american soldiers who released him from bagram for have a reason to let him go and now he's come for allowance which doesn't make immediate sense bag ram is officially run by the afghan government by graham is owned by the americans the afghan government doesn't have the capability to run it it was the americans who released as if they want to they could catch him very quickly but they don't and i can't tell you why as fed on the chaos and corruption in afghanistan in his rise in mia months he amassed hundreds of fighters and arsenal of weaponry and handily defeated both the afghan army and the taliban converting his enemies to his own cause and it wasn't faith that did it
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you know he's the richest man i know he has support from abroad and so much money he pays his fighters almost a thousand dollars that's why so many join him for reference that's about five times more than afghan soldiers are paid attempting some refugees say corrupt afghan army troops sell as is the weapons he needs them and foreign sponsors many chose to resist some did so by running away risking starvation rather than leave and. to radical rule others resisted with our arms. she is a militia leader he has organized locals into a small force to resist as azula government the us they don't help we finance also by selling our houses my supply weapons and ammunition all the locals
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and the fighters we've spoken to say the same thing the afghan army sits idle selling weapons to as the united states it's marines jets and coalition allies a new way to be seen leaving warlord as a. challenge to more i guess the of. northern afghanistan we have been in touch with the pentagon for comment about as it is released from prison but we haven't heard back just yet however we did hear from the afghan defense ministry. confederation's cup championship a shift of focus from some pay to spoke to the russian capital where the whose team
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will face off against portugal on wednesday former england footballer stan collymore remorse guy with the latest. we have moved on from st petersburg to beautiful moscow stunning color most alongside me how about this review snotty about it's not bad at all is it bustles cathedral red square lanes two beautiful sunny day in a wonderful part of wrong we have here in the capital wonderful you just ticked off many of the big tourist i was there every one afternoon and the front of the playground and walked around already not a really good look around to know what little confidence in the shopping galleries how you like this is what we got gold action for everybody now let's check out germany australia three two the result from yesterday's game let's go through the goals as it was a fairly comfortable routine victory for the germans a young german soil for three goals to go over the score in rugby each week because of celtic in scotland. is your man. from the.
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about from shell and then sure richard a consolation for the australians who are very good performance from a very young prototype german saw it and he took about i think there's only like a handful maybe three or four survivors from the world cup winning things like the captain draxler early twenty's very inexperienced so you still think that's an impressive performance of thing to come than the next here when the world cup you can have. champions league would of course the season with root and you add one or two of these youngsters as i did before the south africa world where people at manuel neuer with a young kids on the block four years later their world champion and the reason they do not of course experience which is something great said come the world cup now all the moscow cheese taking place at the spot track arena including the big russia portugal game tomorrow because the landmark historic luzhniki is being prepared
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they're getting ready for the world cup it's not actually making it putting out on the sort of final nuts and bolts and we played a very big part helped so it's more you'll be counting my. but we do tell. walter if we do in here taking polls in history stanley this is the king stadium one of the most famous in the will we can say the way helped build it all of this way all of the three years of to die are going to be for one reason the free for all call there's nikita final destination in two thousand and three we're back yes wolf has been watching is the same. about a year ago so this will be ready for the world cup it's remarkable how much effort is going for this i came up three years ago absolutely the insides of the stadium
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because it's so iconic that pretty much kept the salt the outside as the days it's going to a little bit make it past you it's late one thousand our own clinics documenting the when we started was flotsam and for a new one brother of keeping the old right choice nothing. you see showing the roof time it's amazing it's a digital display so when the local comes next year moscow welcomes the faithful we'll call china whites standard neal thanks for coming out and just look at you all of my sky he's about. to feel the passion of the beautiful game of course you don't have to even be at the stadium whether be a shopping mall with a bowl a few skills a few people. still
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go to oh no oh indeed. you can see that i mean really spirit you can be all over you. step in the way.
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you said it was a hokey joyce or thank you so most of the cells were in the pools to give you a hardball is. speaking to a guest who just joined just go live sports and tourism department nicholai we're just talking about the great attractions haven this is a big part of what you're going to be doing trying to show all the people going to coming to moscow the attraction said give them a sample of the culture yeah you're right. thank you for inviting me here one of the best. point here for in most schools i mean we've got away beauty spots right here this is the best place that's my personal appeal. appealing but there are
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most schools it's just they're very. deceiving it's the capital fresh and it's something special in the you can see and we have a lot of. i guess. before we go this just in russia has started working on retaliatory measures after the u.s. extended sanctions against moscow over the crisis in ukraine. quickly joins us now with more of them what new restrictions are being applied and how is russia reacting. andrew good evening well the news is that moscow will respond and by that russia kind of backs their all diplomatic rule the old rule of diplomacy that any hostile action deserves a response what kind of response that will be but at least we've heard from the russian foreign ministry that they began mauling that and according to the deputy foreign minister mr rapp called this isn't really
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a process that moscow is enjoying at the moment. we regret the u.s. took this step we feel an opportunity has been once again missed to improve our bilateral relations and it's with this feeling we proceed to developing countermeasures. but they're saying that in any case moscow is forced to respond as i was saying now initially the new measures that were approved they have to be passed through the senate and only then the u.s. treasury announced that thirty eight individuals and russian companies will fall under this new list of sanctions now initially when the bill was being passed through the u.s. senate it actually drew some pretty negative reaction from the european union in particular from austria and germany take a listen. we cannot accept the u.s. route to impose sanctions that violate international law european companies
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involved in the expansion of europe's energy supply. so i guess in the next few days we will get an official message from moscow on what the measures are exactly going to be which u.s. companies and individuals will be targeted ok thanks for the latest. here are the same. though the future breaks u.k. prime minister lost her parliamentary majority is in the spotlight next on. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes
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protect themselves. with the famous. we can all middle of the room see. new. fears will people been saying about rejected in the senate it's full on. the only show i go out of my way to punch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the night i'm president of the world bank
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so take. me seriously send us an e-mail. i'm lindsay friends is a big broadcasting live around the world from washington d.c. tonight on the rise the dow jones hits a record high just as the business week kicks off this comes on top of an all time high set last week also brags that talks are under way it's been nearly a year.


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