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tv   Headline News  RT  June 20, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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those cockroaches are never told to stop there's no nobody in the justice department has a can of. spray on the jamie diamond the car. breaking news an r.t.a. u.s. fighter jet shoots down an armed drone belonging to the pro syrian government forces it is the syrian aircraft and in the last fortnight also in syria a strategy suspends all combat missions within the u.s. led coalition as tensions escalate between washington and moscow over the downing and video emerges online appearing to show firefighters in disbelief at the scale of the deadly tower block fire in london we gauge reaction to the u.k. government. this is how much is going to survive. is actually shocking when you see it like. new york.
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hello welcome to you live from moscow you're watching r.t. international i will start this hour with breaking news to you because the pentagon says a u.s. fighter jet has downed an armed drone belonging to pro syrian government forces in southern syria the coalition statement says the drone was armed and advancing on u.s. backed forces it happened in the south of the country near a base in the region. as more. so the pentagon has confirmed that a u.s. fighter jet has shot down an iranian made pro syrian regime drone in southern syria at approximately twelve thirty am local time now i'll tell you is a town on the syrian border where u.s. troops are in fact training syrian rebels the statement claims the drone displayed hostile intent and advanced on coalition forces this is in fact the third pro
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syrian aircraft they've shot down just this month a second drone was downed on june the eighth in the same area and on sunday the u.s. led coalition shot down a syrian government plane in the country's north that many felt that move was a step too far even prompting a reaction from the u.n. these kind of you see dence can be very dangerous in a conflict situation in which there are so many actors and in which the situation is so complex on the ground so i am concerned and i hope that these will not lead to any escalation of a conflict that has already is that i met you because he's overall there have been five attacks by the us government forces in recent months and all cases they've claimed actions were taken in self-defense and that the coalition does not seek confrontation with the syrian government but their actions are sending a very different message at this point well within hours of that drone being shot down this trailer suspended all air operations in syria is pilots have been flying
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there is part of the u.s. led coalition the move comes as tensions rise between moscow and washington with more haze and many city. looks like the reason why australia has decided to hold airstrikes in syria is because they no longer feel that the situation there is safe here's exactly what the statement said as a precautionary measure australian defense force strike operations into syria have temporarily ceased a decision on the resumption of a.d.f. operations in syria will be made in june course but why is the situation there not safe because the agreement that was signed by u.s. and russia back in october twenty fifteen the agreement that prevents any sort of collisions or dangerous incident in the airspace over syria that agreement as of yesterday has been halted and that means that as of now there is no any sort of regulations in place to prevent the u.s. air forces and also the russian air force and hitting each other and this of course came after sunday when the u.s. shot down a syrian fighter jet and that has prompted russia to announce that any call this an airplane flying on the west of the euphrates river are potentially targets that
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could be tracked down here's exactly what the ministry of defense said any aircraft belonging to the u.s. led coalition detected in the skies west of the euphrates river with the russian air forces operating will be tracked as targets by russian air defense systems well that statement certainly sounds threatening but bear in mind the russia also made it very clear that no coalition play will be shot down automatically that everything will be decided on a case by case basis and action we only be taken if a coalition airplane poses a threat to russian aircrafts so essentially what we're seeing here is the potential fallout between coalition partners as straightly as latest decision clearly show that some of us allies do not feel safe in syria. and this could be thought of u.s. senator richard black who joins us this evening thanks for your time tonight richard what do you what's your view here we hear from mistrial you're saying that they're going to hold combat missions is this out of caution or do you think
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they're trying to perhaps send a message to to the u.s. led coalition. well here's the problem. both russia and iran have been invited into syria by the un recognized duly alack did. the government of syria the united states and the coalition are there without any permission without any any local a for being to be present and so when we when we not only do we enter syria and there are sovereign airspace illicit play but now we have shot down a syrian jets we have been carrying out bombing attacks this is an act of civil war of aggression under under international law and so this is
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a very grave problem now. in jest that was shot down was supporting the syria's elite tiger horses which have been person doing isis towards the besieged city do year olds or dear azor has been under under siege for three years by ice cases and and if the united states does not intervene very shortly the the tiger forces will attack the rear of isis and relieve the sea siege of gear all absorbed restoring it to government control. it really makes clear the fact that for the united states you know we started planning to attack syria in two thousand and one. and then in two thousand and six united states
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embassy issued detailed plans to overthrow syria which at the time was a totally peaceful nation and now we're we're seeing this on holding the charade that somehow our involvement is all about defeating isis. and we do intend to defeat isis by it all to our our view is to try to disassemble. do you feel break did you feel that the west and that coalition then is splintering to the degree think the set of arguments going on within that coalition about how they should proceed i think it could be happening i hope that it does because i think some of the some members of the cole alyse you know we are in clear violation of of international law and maybe this is
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not right are others bought into this coalition to be part of. part of a group fighting isis and now they're saying wait a minute we didn't go into syria to fight the legitimate duly elected government of syria we went there to fight this terrorist organization and so i hold full o. glee when entering because the recall election is certainly not there to help the syrian people it is there to help saudi arabia with its be radical islam domination of the entire world beginning with countries close to it. it will have to wrap it up that we've run out of time good to till she that was us senator richard black thank you. now the number of people dead or presumed dead after the ground fell tower fire in west london has risen to seventy nine and the city's metropolitan police say that that number could still
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rise this is the latest video from inside the burnt out building it does show the remains of charred apartments police do say though that everybody who lived in these particular flats has been accounted for the fire broke out early last wednesday morning and quickly the twenty four story residential block well another video has also appeared online of firefighters reacting with disbelief to the blaze . on. the ground. like i will come back to that story short because can go live now to a press conference being held between the russian foreign minister and his french counterpart in moscow. good afternoon good evening thank you for your patience. we have had
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a very good. chance where the foreign minister of france mr. dogs have been conducted. developing the arrangements really should between the presidents all countries during the meeting in the. palace france and then we. will assess the many matters related to article two concentration looking for new ways of inheriting old work. for different level. meetings this year we celebrate a very important day three hundred with the nursery of the visit of peter the great is france that was the. first step. for. well for them the produce will go towards starting the new countries between the presidents which you have. long ago
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research and on the it will be in canton is quite complicated today as i understand my colleague over there which works when they are ready to do what they care to. look at the local book or to have the potential really. preserved. for the benefit of our work on our part we are ready to start working. and. launching the mechanism which been put on ice for several years we briefly discussed trade the economic cooperation between the countries last year after school. a rapid decrease in the trade had been showing some positive trends that we've been seeing that this year. where agreed to. intensify. our bilateral efforts on the track because the business communities they
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certainly take interest in continuing and gradually developing the cooperation all french companies which had been working in russia as a stay in russia. as they did most interest in developing new contacts with russian sounds of birds eighty companies major french companies have been present during the same speeches were going forum where for the first time in the history of the forums there was the there was a roundtable of russian and french corporations the companies our presidents discuss the initiative of. work to create a permanent agency for cooperation between the civil societies of the two countries . well we decided to use each year. dialogue ties you all for that mechanism or should they would discuss how to practically implement that and i
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believe that in the immediate future will inform brief our presidents on certain steps to take on that track as for international matters we pay special attention to syria we have certainly have common understanding that crisis should be solved only through an inclusive national dialogue with active participation and support of the international community stipulated by the decisions and resolutions of these un security council. but it will still be paralleled by the uncompromising fight against a better looser ice is another organization this ignited terrorist organizations by the united nations we also told her about the work within the. for the over a morgue where we try to formulate certain parameters and modalities of the discoloration zones in order to put an end to the has to consolidate the cease fire
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agreement a cease fire in june this ensuring free access all through terror and a. created favorable environment for this political process syria would you understand. that we pay special attention. to your ship or a shelter for the in a syrian negotiations. uproot what you do which is going to be sort of by staff and that is to reign that on the tab so you july in geneva and before that on the fifth or sixth or july there will be another meeting and. certainly we talked about hugh crane. come one position is that the means could raymond's should be complied with and they abided by by all parties there is no alternative to the documentary you say. that is a compromise and we should follow it closely we in russia believe that it's.
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implementing that package of measures there should be more goodwill expressed by the government in kiev. well we are ready to continue to operating as we discussed today within the normal deep water. order to have a very important external supervision of the cancer group because that is a very very group where we present or use all the government in kiev ever present there's all the. donbass region provinces which are controlled by the self-proclaimed republics they can't risk us things and communicating within that four model i would also like to stress that of course it's our. agend see other regional crisis where we can see the benefit of the situation enjoyed our efforts libya yemen and other situations we have agreed
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the. sustainable consultative process when i can isn't and as full our relations with the european union. in russia we are interested in pushing we lay sions back to the track of development we're still. at he has to be. assessments we should have being given. which were given to one year ago to jan caught. at the meeting with president putin during the game which is becoming forum we are waiting for response for some feedback and we hope that the european commission will respond to the initiative to . create new working contacts with the paying commissions and agencies i believe that the stock was very useful to both of us but my colleague he wanted me to to visit paris in order to. maintain the momentum implementing the decisions of
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our presidents and i believe that we will do our best. but to. work on each and every decision which we made today thank you very much. i mean i miss you ladies and gentlemen thank you sir. we arranged these meeting. in the wake of the verse i meeting. we touched on numerous issues. and had lots of issues to talk about apologize for the lateness of this news conference our two countries share the same responsibilities over security and international safety saroo
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all rollers poena representatives of the un security council we have the same threat faced which is terrorism. so against which we are determined to fight. and to exchange. procedures. we also future generations to fight the same challenge of climate change. through european. channels we have cooperation. on cote coexistence. also how can we better react to make progress together on security issues. and to achieve the highest possible economic prosperity was the issue of all talks and we've reached an understanding and first we must reach understanding from our parts.
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the isolation of russia and its economic weakness is not in our interest we must work together in a pragmatic manner concretely to resolve problems which affect us which affect us as well as russia what are those challenges first of all syria. we have a common enemy. which is the well identified terrorist groups which tried to use the syrian territory to organize attacks against. and attract train and indoctrinate foreigners. we also have another common interest which is the return to stability. through a political credible solution assuring a democratic transition negotiated neither russia nor fronts. is interested in tensions developing. through
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this syrian civil war. nor the massacres committed by the assad regime so stability for us is a question of national security. in the. background of this through the chemical use of chemical weapons by the regime. taken under the aegis of the us and russia remains a challenge for the world in this context. the status quo is no longer acceptable there's been too much suffering so i hope we can work together according to our interest to a process which shows a real succession succession of hostilities and a political solution for all syrians and i hope also that russia and we've spoken at length about this that we can achieve a safe home military and assistance to those who need it on these
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issues from the chemical use of chemical weapons to the humanitarian we will continue in the coming days. to worship in a spirit of respect and then pragmatism. if i finally there is the crisis. in ukraine. i told my friend sergey lavrov about the need throughout this crisis. we don't want the european. space to see a crisis so the normandy formats with germany we've worked on progress in this issue to put into effect the main steel because there is an urgency to this because the context line is under threat and. the longer this develops more we need normalization of peace with russia.
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also spoken about bilateral ties between our countries. the peace. talks about the french companies in russia they remain the number one f.t. i country in russia. cultural and whole touristic ties are intense. and i've discussed this role for first thoughts about civil society dialogue the train on dialogue which was announced at first so i announced while two countries and the role of civil society and the attachment to civil rights are crucial. and it's important to put into effect this trend on dialogue. thanks for the exchanges that we've had the very high quality of our relations the length of our exchanges.
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and for now we have a basis for going into detail into solving the crisis is which crises which affect both of us and in the spirit of. the spirit which has dominated. this afternoon and i hope that we continue to quickly to continue in paris where have invited my colleague sergey lavrov. that's the trouble of. our t. channel my question goes to both ministers mr lehrer of what can you tell us please stick with us a little airplanes part of the u.s. led coalition has again attacked syrian. troops today they downed military drone unmanned aircraft vehicle before that in chad.
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the situation of the memorandum of the persian and we didn't so with syria so iran of the same time for the first time for. many years iran's. missiles to strike militants in syria so how russia is going to respond to these developments and my question goes also to the minister of france the above mentioned actions do they. eliminate any success which was reached on the track to fight terrorism because taylor today said that they were not going to use their forces any longer in syria so what about you what about france. well i will start in syria this really is so that we see. everything. developing in the very. small area they have the syrian government they have other forces who each are
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called the four governmental forces the as well are. supported by iran and. the there are also members of the armed opposition there are terrorists there are turkish military special forces of several european countries and regional countries as well and there are airplanes warplanes of russia the car lucian led by the united states. just. part of these actors but it will surely have been invited by the syrian government while others have not been whited at all they decided to come there on their own will but they claim that they want to fight terrorism that is the one uniting goal today more of us are within the framework of the effort supplied by
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russia turkey and iran. the cons. we tried to put an end to hostilities which we can plead sation of hostilities between the governmental forces on the arm to position visuals which have separated itself from the terrorists if the initiative and i mean the deescalation zone that is the installation is implemented then with your we will finally for the first time in this serious crisis we'll have a situation where we will see the. if. you're separation of the opposition as a metaphor says terrorists are those who support terrorists if they don't want to but because still it is they will be treated as terrorist so that balance will really for sure but if we all going to. be friends sincere
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if we do almost only going to be guided by the desire to fight terrorism then we have all the cerebral because it's for. maintaining the situation without going down to any escalations or incident so we have the mechanism which involves the russian iran which is supported by the syrian government but the official government decision taken on their track they are approved by damascus and we have another mechanism which is today has been put on ice after the. actions of the united states they shut down the playing we asked to. ask them to explain what your their motives and use so that the mechanism is really existed. because where you were properly. and americans they presented not only themselves but the whole call in the force which
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turkey as a member of the aston opera houses they influence certain military groups on the ground in iran also they have their influence on other groups but so if we look on the. on the whole situation especially after the estimate process becoming a very sustainable platform for negotiations and we see that there are all the conditions for concentrating our attention on the fight against terrorism i don't want to draw any conclusions such as this someone is not really welcoming in such an advance such success that. words that someone to. the anti terrorist efforts but we cannot recall that throughout the whole crisis starting from the very throes we should we launch was john kerry when we started to. align cooperation between our special forces and the
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military there is a feeling that it had a looser and like isis has always been treated in a different way but our american colleagues they tried it they always have been trying to put it out of fire would be saying that directly to. colleagues and again i'm going to raise that issue in the talks with rex tillerson i hope with a place in the immediate future so it should be all they are doing clear. the facts which we have laid shows that car lucian really. should care is our strikes on the isis positions but we've never seen such active fight against about a looser or what they call them today they changed names to the. change. flags you know the estimates say the same one more remark if we all really want to fight terrorism.


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