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coming up on ard see millions of american voters data leaked online we'll tell you who is behind this massive trove and what it means for your personal information. and for ginia man is arrested for the beating death of a muslim teenager we'll tell you why investigators won't call it a hate crime and why it's so many disagree. then later in the show why has the mainstream media politicized the shooting of congressman steve scalise media analyst lionel ways and. it's tuesday june twentieth four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm going to sweets and you're watching our t.v. america and we started a with some breaking news out of brussels where the central train station has been evacuated by police following an explosion what you're looking at a live picture from the scene the situation is developing and we are continuing to learn new information but initial reports indicate police neutralized one person suspected of wearing a suicide vest footage from the area shows heavy police and military presence following the incident it tack is not the first to strike brussels where three quarter made it attacks last year at the city's airport and metro station left over thirty civilians dead and another three hundred wounded of course we will continue to monitor this story and bring you the latest information as it develops. and the biggest voter data leak in u.s. history this is how cyber firm up guard has described a huge batch of r. and c. files contain information on millions of americans which was accidentally made public by a g.o.p.
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analytics group or records of home addresses phone numbers and even political preferences of one hundred eighty five million voters somehow ended up on a publicly accessible cloud server before being removed from it after twelve days well the company which own the information admitted the mistake also stating that it was not hacked artie's alecky or chef he has the story for us. remember all the talk of russians hacking the d.n.c. i mean it's hard to forget considering the amount of air time given to the story which still hasn't had even even a tiny shred of evidence to back it up but there is another cyber story related to last year's election campaign and unlike the d.n.c. claims this one has tons of substance although it concerns the democrats' direct rivals the r n c cyber firm guard has revealed what looks to be the biggest voter data leak in history accidentally made by an analytics company on r n c's payroll a massive data batch with information on millions of americans somehow ended up on
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a publicly accessible amazon server and had been there for twelve days for anyone to download and use before the lapse was found and access was shut off the bench contained one point one terabytes of data that information on one hundred ninety eight million u.s. citizens which is roughly sixty one percent of the country's population and it included home addresses birth dates phone numbers political preferences and even voter opinions on major issues like gun control or abortion the leak came from this company deep root analytics which was among the several digital analytics companies hired by the g.o.p. during the election season it prides itself on its website for being the most experienced group of targeted in republican politics offering media analytics services to corporations lobbying groups and g.o.p. political campaigns while the deep root analytics come from the ownership over the league data the info in it came from a number of other companies hired by the r n c the ever present g.o.p. contract of the data trust the koch brothers americans for prosperity the cantor
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group and american crossroads the super pac founded by the former white house strategist karl rove it's still not entirely clear as to how exactly this much data ended up on a publicly accessible cloud drive but deep with analytics found alex said in the statement that we take full responsibility for the situation since this event has come to our attention we have updated the access setting. but protocols in place to prevent further access he also said that based on the information we have gathered thus far we do not believe that our systems have been hacked and the statement it's important to mention that gathering data on voters by election campaigns is a perfectly normal practice but the fact that all this information was accidentally dumped onto a public domain is a serious lapse and the biggest question right now is whether any party other than the cyber for a mob guard which found a leak did get access to it and would use it for nefarious purposes if it did. the reporting from washington d.c.
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well meantime wiki leaks has released damaging new information that a cia project called cherry blossom has been hacking into home wife iraq since two thousand and seven that's not all the cia reportedly used that hack as a listening device and for more on this developing story we're joined by cyber security expert and c.e.o. capital john mcafee welcome john. thank you very much and so first i want to go back to alexia's report i mean we just heard about a mass of information being put out there roughly terror twenty five terabytes worth of information being access without a password i mean just to be clear this information was not stolen by hackers it was actually there and without a password and i mean with so many of us having passwords on our phone how is this even possible. well hacking happens all the time the thing that concerns me is not so much the fact that the information is available all of this information you can buy from google what concerns me is how did they get this information my phone
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number my address my age my marital status my preferences whether or not i believe in obamacare what do i feel about immigration what do i feel about our national policy every single political attitude is in that database for virtually every adult in america now should and should we be asking the question how did this data company even acquire that information that's what concerns me because once you get to the information into a database it will be hacked it will be let loose this is just a fact of life these days and something we should be concerned about but far more concerning to me is how did it happen it happened because companies like google and facebook acquire data on every one of us what blogs we are visiting even our messages that we pass on facebook or instant messages on twitter are accessible and
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these things are collected so that we have no privacy. what concerns me about this is if you look at the data in this twenty five terabyte it's almost every political attitude a person could have and my phone number and the jobs that are if you have and my health records yeah he's a lot of people soon i'm sorry go ahead yeah a lot of people don't want that information public especially their political stances i mean it causes so much friction nowadays i mean maybe your close family members can know how you feel but you know publicly out there again a lot of people just don't want people to know but moving on now to wiki leaks you know they just released those secret documents revealing that home brodeur's ten different manufacturers can be turned into listening posts that the cia can monitor i mean this sounds similar to you know those other devices like some televisions that are being used as listening devices so were you personally shocked at these findings. well you know i mean myself and every other security affectional have known about this and i've been warning about this is not just the cia all of these
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routers and that's virtually every router this in use in the american home are accessible to hackers to the cia that they can take over the control of the router they can monitor all of the traffic and worse they can download mel where into any device that is connected to that router so i personally never connect to any why five system i use the l.t.e. on my phone i know that sounds crazy but that's the only way that i can be secure because every router in america has been compromised we have all known this and we've been warning about it for years nobody pays attention until something like wiki leaks comes up and says look this is what's happening then or goes oh oh but we've been saying it for years and and it is devastating in terms of the impact on american privacy our individual privacy because once the router is compromised and
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it infects the cell phones that are attached your your laptop your desktop computer your tablet then they become compromised and not only can you watch the data you can start listening to conversations you can start watching through the cameras on these devices so you're saying even when we go to something like they start back and get on the free wi-fi that our information can be compromised wow incredible in fact if you actually go to starbucks and get on the free wi-fi you're being very foolish because not only is the router compromised at starbucks but there are people in starbucks that have devices pretending to be wife i and you're connecting to them sometimes and they're monitoring all of your traffic reading your e-mails listening and your text messages and listening to your converse so this is the problem the fundamental issues we are completely blind as to our circumstances in regards. security i mean that's why i know you have laid it out for us but can you kind of recap what are your thoughts at the cli with the cia using technology this
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way and do you think they have the right without the american people's consent of course not of course not there's nothing in the american constitution which gives the government the right to invade the privacy of my home or any place that i am where i am i have the presumption of privacy of course it's not ethical of goods it's unconscionable and we have very few means of combat in this my own company m.g.t. is has a product coming out soon called sentinel which will prevent this from happening in corporations but nothing for the home yet and we're working on that but it will be six months or year before that comes out so we're totally helpless we are we are in . a situation with our government where we they know everything about us and we know nothing about what the government is doing well they have the right to privacy and secrecy but the individual does not anymore well good to know and will
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certainly be careful on where we go online nowadays thank you so much john mcafee c.e.o. of m.t.t. thank you. well the u.s. senate may be eager to impose a new round of sanctions on russia but the house of representatives appears to be taking a more careful approach after eight ninety eight to two votes in the senate house speaker paul ryan and now it's the bill will head to the house foreign affairs committee forward view rather than immediate vote all the state department is opposed to the bill pointing out president trump and his team will be unable to conduct the poesie without the power to adjust sanctions likewise the governments of germany and austria slammed the u.s. arguing the sanctions bill is actually designed to block europe's access to russian natural gas and create a more lucrative environment for american energy suppliers. coming up on our t.v. police make an arrest in the brutal killing of a muslim teenager in virginia we'll have the very latest stay with us.
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so. they did it. so little use for us. to. see what. could be. their state. i'm john marburger i'll give you what the mainstream media can't big picture. very. little wooden porch more like what you're looking to see. will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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watching the hawks trying to find three young americans love their country but we have to constantly question our government watching the hawks brings the stories the good points to the point. we dig a little deeper to get the stories that bring want to know is afraid to touch is afraid to talk about it because they don't want to upset their property sponsors or interrupt their government access now is the time for that up but we need to question. this post truth. words have to matter it can be about educating people and giving them contacts instead of telling them what to make dialogue is far more valuable than to be.
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their facts county police arrested twenty two year old darwin martinez torres for beating a seventeen year old muslim team to death with a metal that joran says says they detained by u.s. immigration and customs enforcement ice has confirmed torres has been in the country illegally fairfax county police say they do not have enough evidence to call this a hate crime however many speculate the victim was targeted because of her faith here's r t correspondent ashley banks with the story. early sunday morning neighborhoods and then a muslim teenager was a soul today and killed while walking home from prayers out a mosque in northern virginia a seventeen year old house and then was attending the all dulles area muslim society mosque which is considered to be the biggest mosque here in northern
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virginia during the last ten days of ramadan the mosque old very late night prayers hoss and then and four other teens were returning home from one of such prayers early sunday morning when a tragic encounter took place fairfax county police put out a statement saying quote an investigation determined she was walking outside with a group of friends when they got into a dispute with a man in a car according to police twenty two year old darwin a martinez torres got out of his car and assaulted a hoss and then after the altercation her friends couldn't find her and called police for hope at this point our detectives are going to put the case together and continue to build their case for court try to put pieces together we'll get information from the medical examiner's report on what happened to her. if additional charges you know. are appropriate from that then we will pursue that and we're just here to help with the family so and then the mother told the washington post i think it had to do with the way she was dressed and the fact that she's muslim why would you kill a kid would you my daughter do to deserve this
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a study done by the council on american islamic relations film and say muslim hate crime and so then throws in two thousand and fifteen and increased greatly in twenty sixteen by forty four percent the muslim community is expecting action to come from the white house in order to prevent incidences like what happened in the case of hossa not in fairfax county actually banks are t.v. . what might next guest believes is the most versatile and example blaming the victim so many organizations and talking heads are wondering aloud if congressman steve scalise has life threatening gunshot wounds might not be the products of an insane gunman but rather the congressman's voting record to discuss this few is media and legal analyst lionel of lionel media thanks for joining us today and you know this shooting by the way could have easily turned into a massacre it should really be uniting everyone when congresswoman gabrielle giffords of arizona she was shot i mean politics were not put into play rather as
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you know people came together and prayed for her recovery but first some reason with steve scully it's different because he's a republican it was brought up that one of the capitol police officers who saved a representative and the rest of the baseball team was gay and my question for you lionel is do you all republicans hate kaizen even people for traditional marriage don't necessarily hate gays so why does the left get away with drawing these types of conclusions. we have just hit the gold standard strike that not we but sockpuppet mainstream media has set the gold standard for despicable and i do think that was possible it was funny you speak of something very very important it depends upon who the subject is who the victim is who the bad guy is last year in orlando during the poll shooting if somebody you notice at the time we talk about omar mateen why what why did he do this was because he was
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a radicalize islamic who was it was he secretly get a was he seeking revenge and some lover we went through pains that we they went through pains but if i hadn't said well maybe those individuals who are responsible maybe those who were targeted maybe they how were somehow involved in this maybe it was self-inflicted i would have been dieted you would have said you're blaming people that's exactly what we're having now in the history of our republic and the history regarding presidents there has been served thirty presidents running for office those in office those acts presidents who have either been assassinated or at tempted to be killed and in the history of congress fourteen since the first congress in seventeen eighty nine and threw out the history of our great and grand republic when we had politics that was so vile and despicable and apparently when you have a lot of people right now who know nothing about history whose world begins right
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now during their lifetime because it's never gotten this bad what you do is you got a bunch of people who don't know what they're talking about and let me say something right now anybody anybody who on television anybody who does this this this and this avuncular forest as being the learned newsman anybody who dared to even suggest that there was a causal connection between this poor man's catastrophic illness. and his voting record or the collective tenor of donald trump's republic that is despicable i have something for you to hear that line of the ultimate low was when c.b.s. news is scott pelley offered commentary on the attack on congressional republicans was self-inflicted to some degree let's take a listen to that clip. it's time to ask whether the attack on the united states congress yesterday was foreseeable predictable and to some degree self-inflicted too many leaders and political commentators who set an example for us to follow
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have lead us into an abyss of violent rhetoric which it should be no surprise has led to violence so lionel while pelley did touch on mental health you know later in that clip do you think he overstated the responsibility of lawmakers i mean yes the shooter was a sander supporter and sanders has said that the president is dangerous but regardless sanders can't be held accountable for what for this i mean what say you . how dare this man do this how dare he stand before us to spend oh by the way is now gone expurgated removed obliterated a bladed bowdlerized from this from this cesspool of this dreck mainstream media c.b.s. in particular oh dare you say about this years ago if you would have said well you know that woman who was attacked well maybe she did come maybe she was you know draft report but you don't play the victim of the voting record had nothing to do
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with this we have lost our minds and what mr pelly should be talking about or the mental health he should be quite tricky as his own at whoever was at c.b.s. who allowed that would you were ever go on t.v. ad read something like that would you say you want me to read this or i was going to blame our voting record are you kidding me we have was our minds and were buried to even the sad part is i don't it's not of the party's fault but the fact that we're in some sick way given this we don't have this thinking any at ten should it's it's it's necessary but it makes me even more sick because we have to really live this idiocy and there's going to be more because let me tell you something people view that as attention we have hit a new gold standard of despicable it very interesting time unfortunately we are out of time but thank you so much line of my own media thank
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you you thank. a heat wave in the southwest is grinding travel plans to a halt and grounding airliners as temperatures in phoenix arizona reach one hundred degrees fahrenheit american airlines canceled nearly fifteen regional flights today with potentially more on the horizon if the heat wave persists well the recent heat wave has struck infrastructures across several states california nevada seen a record breaking temperatures as well and the power grid and highways beginning to buckle under the pressure though the heat has so far only affected smaller regional flights temperatures are nearing the dangerous one hundred twenty six degrees at which large boeing jets will have to be grounded as well. and let's go back to brussels belgium the site of an explosion at the city's central train station here's a live look at that scene were just moments ago police and fire crews were called to the immediate area and ordered people to evacuate according to authorities on
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scene police shot at a man who appeared to be wearing an explosive belt he is now in custody but details of the device are not yet known so far police say the situation is under control the attack is not the first to strike brussels where three cornered it attacks last year at the city's airport and a metro station left over thirty civilians dead and another three hundred wounded of course we will continue to monitor this story and bring you the latest as it develops. and boom bust is coming up next right here on earth to america lindsey graham joins us for a preview of what's ahead lindsey hey there oil falls again ford says it's going to export its cars from china to the u.s. by two thousand and nineteen g.e. says it won't make the engines for boeing the sleek new aircraft and polls open for the most expensive house race in u.s. history my guess ways and that's coming right up there i can't wait to hear thanks so much lindsey and that does it for now for more of the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com last r.t.
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america also check out our web site r t dot com forward slash america we've got the palm me on twitter and tweet question more. directly the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big body for four years that's grown a lot of oil that's how we use the loop culture in this country now that we're at home. i would still. argue america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get great profit in the break. when you work in news and politics for
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a while you start to see patterns and the patterns only emerge with the perspective of time so the longer you work in news and politics the wiser you should get which is why i just did a double take upon hearing something that david axelrod actually said on c.n.n. recently which news busters dot org was quick to catch axelrod is a senior political commentator for c.n.n. he started his career as a chicago tribune back in the early eighty's he's worked for media outlets political consultancy firms universities. he was even a senior advisor to president obama so this guy has worked in news and politics for several decades so he should be really wise about a lot of things by now you think now in this recent c.n.n. appearance axelrod did say some things that i thought were why for instance he talked about how the media tends to focus on the hysterical political strategizing the media does around certain issues over covering the sensational stuff well ignoring stuff that has a more direct effect on the day to day lives of people like you know health care
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financial reform or deregulation he said the media get submerged in a frenzy to cover more scandalous stuff which i think is a wise observation to make but that wasn't the thing that axelrod said that made me do the double take that they need that made me do the double take was that he actually said barack obama was the target of derision by the media and that there were times when working for obama that he felt completely under siege by the media he seriously said that president obama was under sixteen by the media which to me who worked in the news business for the entire eight years of obama's presidency was not a very wise observation at all when obama started bombing libya americans had no idea because the media basically just ignored it when he dropped a bunch of drones on civilians in other countries the media was a moment when he made countless weapons deals with the saudis the media covered him
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doing to sell these to videos or him hanging out with beyond say and jay z. are going on a late night show again i mean come on i'm sorry mr axelrod but having watched every day of the media's coverage of obama's presidency at my job i have to say that calling obama completely under siege by the media doesn't seem terribly y. or accurate at all. all the feel we can create something. everyone in the world should experience
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freedom and you'll get it on the old rolls. the old according to a gesture. welcome to my world come along for the ride. for decades the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big money corporate interests that's thrown down a lot of voice that's how it is in the news culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'm it still on r t america i'll make sure you don't get railroaded that you'll get the straight talk in the straight news. questionable. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand down in the news business you just need to ask the right questions and
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demand the right answer. questions there. all the world's dates and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are n.t. america play marty america offered more r.t. america all personal. in many ways the news landscape is just like the feet of real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never know you're on . the market all the world's a stage all the world's all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player.


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