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analysis by the intercept this week it includes a mix of private information and data gleaned from public voter rolls the voter's date of birth home and mailing addresses phone number or registered party you self reported racial demographic voter registration status as well as a computer modeled speculation about each person's race and religion who predictably deep deep roots analytics as this is a suring us that everything is ok that that they were not hacked that this is this this unprotected information leak was was all due to an unexpected side effect from a settings change and that the information was only exposed in the cloud for like you know it's two weeks that's all just two weeks now and no big deal look the other way keep moving forward however vicary told the washington post that in the wrong hands this info could easily be abused saying quote with this data you can target neighborhoods individuals people of all sorts of persuasions i could give
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you the home address of every person the arns the believes voted for trump. remember remember it's the russians that we need to be really afraid of not not that our political parties are hiring private contractors to data mine sensitive private details of almost every registered voter in the united states to use for god knows what new new new new new new it's the evil russians who are the threat to our security yeah that's the ticket. now let's start watching all. the. good looks like. it's really. like you know what i got.
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was the watching the hawks. and having a wallace. all right while voter registration information just out for a world to see up on the cloud never going to get it's not a big bill's only two weeks it's ok it's ok but everybody really could see it if they so chose to pound it if they if they were looking for a lot of hackers to kind of. looking for a secure information so i ask you guys you know feel free to jump in i ask you guys what is as i posed in the opening what is the bigger threat to the u.s. citizen right now the democrat or republican parties or a foreign entity like that. we always anyone as sensible as any instinct and clinician of understand the world understands your greater threat always close it's always close at a little right and we know this obviously from not only surveillance and whatnot that it's been going on the conspiracy conspiracy analyst inside of me saying wait
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a minute we there's already an interesting relationship between facebook and the intelligence agencies because it's a great way of data mining people's personal information and here you are with. obviously now realizing that the g.o.p. is i'm sure the d.n.c. is doing the same thing is that of mining as much information about people as possible to understand you as a voter to understand your likes and dislikes and then part of a conspiracy and so he's saying well we sure this was just an accidental leak or is it maybe being put out there because it was given to some other third party. and that can be that utilize for even more information whether it be for merchandising marketing some kind of financial purposes because it's wonderful to have as much information about you as possible to have you know there is a treasure trove of voter information at the i mean that's all that that's the only thing nobody cares about coal or mining for gold or actual resources i mean more the future is undying mining of our personal data and then trying to figure out how we're going to react to it what we're going to do what kind of person we are and
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how then can i sell something to you whether champloo or a political party or a candidate and of course there's money in it because you want to get that money back so you can put it into advertising and when you're looking at the data for this thing it was kind of interesting because. some of the files actually assigned voters a score based on their views of forty six different issues ranging from immigration to trade so the data includes which routers are suspicious of wall street or pharmaceutical firms who who reluctantly voted for hillary clinton or who supports the affordable care act they go down all this one hundred seventy get go by it's consisted of social media posts that were scraped from wait for it read it so this high class fabulous you know words like counter-strike they seem to be the republican version of counterstrike so with this best of the best in the whole world and what they were doing was scraping the bottom of reddit for information
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with those i can say though i mean kind of frightens me that like so many registered voters are actually using rather there was a man for whom this is your blood so. i'm not a robot is are doing is trying to equate humanity in quite your decisions by what you click on and that the problem is facebook only has a like button so if you want to keep an eye on something you're saying you like it the algorithms are still still there making guesses on what what we actually believe based on your definition of the. yes but then the day we're looking at the most i would say this is the most divided divisive election we've seen in our his yeah not only in american history going back to eight hundred sixty with abraham lincoln because literally in a place where people are are unfriending people because of voting for family and sometimes i mean families or yeah i mean there's a hey you know about people just cutting entire family members out because they didn't. want to tell you about it we're just so you know we're not we're going to i want to throw her sitting up to the heart of lord why i believe political parties
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are a bigger threat to this country than a foreign country and they came in this quote better and g.o.p. political data strategist matt. told the washington post a quote what is alarming about this now is that i believe it's the first time the r n c i.d.'s and model data have been exposed this is not just a list of people this is a unique this is unique proprietary information which gives away republican strategy forms of targeting and methodology digital noticed that he kind of just didn't care at all about the fact that you know almost one of a million innocent people's vote you know information was put on the world and he was more concerned about how it affected and how it leaked the strategy of the republican party well that's the problem with the two parties they came more about the party than the actual people that they're trying to get votes and doesn't sound awfully like you know what you guys what you get i don't know that i care about what people like to call the stay that things say no you can't know the truth we have to hide it because otherwise i don't know how we got it right you know how
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when why are you don't don't worry about going to target you and decide that you're not going to political watch list or any number of watch list like i was that i've heard for years if you don't want people to think you have something to farias. up . early sunday morning on june eighteenth seventeen year old now brown son in virginia was reported missing when she disappeared after attending a late night ramadan prayer session at a local mosque where that sunday afternoon her body was discovered and this set in motion a media frenzy of speculation on why. he was killed was it a crime a rape victim or an act of terrorism now with twenty two year old darwin martinez torres arrested and charged with her death differently might be some answers to all the speculation parties actually banks has more early sunday morning neighbor hans and then a muslim teenager was assaulted and killed while walking home from prayers out a mosque in northern virginia seventeen year old hoss and then was attending the all dulles area muslim society mosque which is considered to be the biggest mosque
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here in northern virginia during the last ten days of ramadan the mosque holds very late night prayers and then and four other teens were returning home from one of such prayers early sunday morning when a tragic encounter took place fairfax county police put out a statement saying quote an investigation determined she was walking outside with a group of friends when they got into a dispute with a man in a car according to police twenty two year old darwin a martinez torres got out of his car and assaulted hostile men after the altercation her friends couldn't find her and called police for help at this point our detectives are going to put the case together as continue to build their case for court try to put pieces together get information from the medical examiner's report on what happened to her. if additional charges you know. are appropriate from that then we will pursue that and we're just here to help with the family so hans and the mother told the washington post i think it had to do with the way she was dressed and the fact that she's muslim why would you kill a kid what did my daughter do to deserve this
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a study done by the council on american islamic relations found the anti muslim hate crime incidents rose in two thousand and fifteen and increase a greatly in twenty sixteen by forty four percent the muslim community is expecting action to come from the white house in order to prevent incidences like what happened in the case of possum not in fairfax county ashley banks r t. but what's really interesting about this is that you're also getting reports that this might not have been any. crime but all this might not have to do with religion that might have ended up having to do with just you know bad place wrong. everybody down and up attacking or you know i mean it could also be that so what i want to ask you guys is how dangerous is this kind of rampant media speculation you see around stories like this it's very you know when you're talking about some sort of crime we're not all the facts but everyone is kind of spewing what they believe could be happening and what kind of world bizarre career well that's
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a narrative that then either has to be debunked or proven and people will just if you speculate on my gosh it might have been messed up might have been this and the metric of the crime sort of always gets punched in the side why did a raging man after being angry a supposedly had a group of teens decide to grab the you know a girl put her in his car and take her he obviously had a reason and you know we then forget that here is a woman who is in you know wearing a huge job who for whatever reason seemed to be a target was it because she was a woman because it she was wearing hijab and she thought that she would be more compliant or is that just a literally a moment of change right right i mean it's obviously there's always we speculations human nature obviously you know you see a crime you want to speculate on the motivation that you know the girl you know that he raped her i mean a lot of there's a there's a reason there's no more reasons to speculate and there's no reason to say that you
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know it's a wrong to speculate it could have been a crime because certainly as you know she's dressed as a muslim it's certainly good for certain people but either way they can undermine the fact that it's a terrible tragedy this girl was walking home in the middle of the day especially in the morning but it's not like she was out late you know on the streets pretty scary actually the fact a group of friends. very scary and so that you know you can feel that it's as you said it's a man murdered woman maybe raping her in the process which is just a horrible crime well let me ask you this though let me let me pose this quote. is do you agree with the concept of. because it is you know i mean murder is murder right we all murder is murder so should we attach more punishment based on you know the reasons in the person's brain as to why they murder beyond just the fact that they're cold blooded killed somebody. i think that our that our laws are ready for rape alone and murders connected to rapes and sexual assaults is not nearly
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it's not nearly long enough and there's no reason that someone who has raped and killed or raped and left for a dad should should be looking ever getting out of present in my opinion for any ever really quite frankly that's my personal opinion but i don't think the hate crime thing sort of really deals the situation i think it'll actually it's something we have to deal with it's not something a law or more time and president says you know the old will kill for any reason we're just making more of the i mean it's not out of the deal really they just go like a hate crime oh well i wish i would murder this person because i really don't like their skin color or their religious beliefs but i just because there's a hate crime was attached to it was not i mean i don't know of too many people who reached out to hatred and. are going to hold back just because there's an added layer of law to it and i tend to agree with you on that. well as we go to break card watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter see our poll shows at our tea dot com coming up to
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the wallace brings us an in-depth and fascinating look at the world refugee day a member live has a new option him raising a few eyebrows to watch in the hall. all right armstrong called me more annoying nilo. we're going to be your hosts for the tree thousand and seventy confederations cup right here in russia we're going to be visiting the host cities or sochi has found some great spirit in moscow it's going to be great i'm told in full pool so posting something pretty much covering every topic the fans need to know about the head of the month so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full and let me know.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporation corporations run washington the washington post media the media the voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power to bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. social environment you're right. chemical discoveries over the last century made every day life easier but at what cost this is syria was exceptionally. well under its constant. says since the years old industrial
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giants reap the benefit ignoring the caused by chemical production. as if these people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels ever found in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed what will that investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. this new book. the earth or. the first world refugee day took place on june twentieth two thousand and one the
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same year that the war on terror began in the seventeen years since a lot of has been made at the expense of those whose lives tenuously hang in the balance between diplomacy and politics refugees those people forced from their homes by persecution war and violence according to data collected by the united nations high commission on refugees and twenty six there were over sixty five million people that were forcibly displaced around the world twenty two million were in refugee status ten. we're totally stateless having no nation no citizenship anywhere and of all those people struggling to survive in a war torn world only one hundred eighty nine thousand three hundred people were resettled in two thousand and sixteen where were they were a settled well if you watch the mainstream media you'd swear they were all going to europe in the united states but that isn't actually the case see europe takes in just seventeen percent of the world's displaced people with the americas that's north and south america taking in even less at sixteen percent the middle east
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takes in twenty six percent with africa leading by taking in thirty percent of displaced people in the world but what happens when countries decide the best that is to close their doors to refugees the european commission is now launching legal action against the countries of poland hungary and the czech republic for refusing to abide by the twenty fifteen legally binding agreement between all you countries to help in the relocation of refugees according to the c. of the one hundred sixty thousand refugees to be relocated the czech republic has only taken in twelve that's not twelve thousand that's twelve while poland and hungary have accepted zero refugees through the program which is what is most disturbing is that these countries have discovered that paying the fine for not taking in refugees as they agreed to is cheaper than letting in refugees despite the fact they get assistance for each refugee taken in this world where if you g.
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day as politicians around the world argue that they are keeping their people safe by letting other people die at some point your ancestors were refugees displaced or strangers in a strange land you are here today because many in your family have run from oppression so you don't have to. report towards the void i was in standing rock a couple weekends back you know with that with the native tribes there and it's amazing you know a lot of anger still exists you you know. you'll feel the pain and anger of many of the natives there and the conversation that we had in just sort of this very. clear notion of the americas a time when all of the americas south america north america it's all refugees because the native population in america it's like one percent i mean canada maybe it's a fifteen or twenty and mexico the war but the point is that you know we're all refugees here and yet we constantly ignore this fact and it's just it's mind boggling. you
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know with the displaced people that you see today every one of the numbers that really struck me was ten million people without any country nothing. to go home to and that's not a place to go to and that's that study that million people is almost the size of the you know that's bigger than most american cities you know you're talking about entire city worth of people maybe two cities where the people just interstates or at the time or states with we have nowhere to put you don't want to take you or we won't take you and that is always your problem yeah i mean in the united states the idea of taking in refugees has never set well according to polls you know where to go back and you know they don't want to take in jewish refugees. and the irish and the italians they have been puerto rican i mean you know it has always been and they've never it's always been over fifty percent at any time in history is no no no despite the fact that. we were if you if your family game area were probably a refugee and this country was built on people who are trying to get away from
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oppression trying to start a new life trying to find a new home trying to be part of a different nation. or forced to come here because they were soon to ensure. they were located refugees and they really were saying to you if you were supplying the relocated refugee you know it's an interesting conundrum that the world is that i mean fifty five percent of refugees in this world are now coming from the syria and afghanistan places the united states is actively performing the lethal military actions about so that's a stay. number one you see and you know we're turning our back on refugees or you know claiming that we're going to war you know you look at the amount of weapons and the amount of armaments and where we've dropped bombs us or a lot of refugees are coming because it's not about humanitarian efforts i'm really tired out so i just have to weigh. in this is not setting tomahawk missiles into syria and dropping bombs and putting drones everywhere and shooting down planes it's not about humanitarian reasons it's not you know that's just that is
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a bold faced lie and that's you know that's what the interesting thing of these stories is that so angry in poland i know people in these countries they're proud they say we don't but if you said that's why you know terror attacks right but meanwhile you're looking at places like libya that were destroyed my argument is here an intervention and then we were before heard the reports about the state department issuing passports to expedite certain people to go to europe or to of the americas but these probably are working these people that are be expedited are working for intelligence they're going to basically for networks they were protecting because it's too difficult to go through to if your process since they're expediting it which is really the thing that the terrorists are going to come in through the magical you know easy refugee program it's not it's not an easy it is the least likely way that any terrorists will try to get in the scottish parliament is much more is needed but aren't usable way easier taking. those numbers are you ok eighty four percent of refugees are in developing countries while the countries that account for fifty seven percent of the global g.d.p.
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gross domestic product holds fewer than. of all refugees and asylum seekers so now you see oh well while you've been there are two words like there you understand it simply here's the rich neighborhood the rich neighborhood stealing money from the poor neighborhood doesn't allow anyone from a poor neighborhood to come into the rich neighborhood at the end of the bear so we'll go rape and pillage and will steal the resources from a lot of these poor countries and displace a lot of these people through our war time international terrorism but no we're not going to really let you wear. you know we'll just let you kind of mingle about down below and what's the point of showing off this american exceptionalism if you're not going to understand that it's going to make people want to come caring group or if i don't get it were amazing it's so great here if you come a member america is the best place to be and you can't come in here what are you twelve it just seems like a very childish notion you know just to kind of for the sort of the statistics twenty sixteen the highest number of refugees from any nation you would think syria
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that's all that was splattered all across the news actually was the democratic republic of congo congo a crowded for sixteen thousand three hundred seventy refugees then syria twelve. iraq somalia and over the past decade the largest number of refugees that actually come from burma iraq burma fifty one hundred fifty are muslim sixty iraq one hundred thirty of those congos had a civil war for years millions have died and no one talks about it because guess what it's not right next to the oil center of the middle east so it's not as exciting or our newscasters to focus on when the military industrial complex can't make that much money off of it apparently there's not as much to get out there yet as it went out there they've got a plan there's a business plan around is about to go it's going to say one quick quote by former secretary general of the u.n. a nobel peace prize winner kofi annan he wrote a piece called why are only poor countries taking refugees. and time magazine and
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he says around the world the plight of the operative is also driving thousands of acts of solidarity from the ugandan farmer sharing their land with the refugees fleeing famine and violence in south sudan to the canadian communities offering a lifeline for sponsored resettlement programs to the teachers employers athletes faith groups and volunteers working to foster the inclusion of refugees in the social economic and cultural lives of their communities it is their voices the voices of compassion and humanity that often struggle to make themselves heard that should guide our call for. action this world refugee day great great great great sort of. silicon valley has made its bones finding solutions to some of the world's biggest problems and lift has just blown the doors off of a major transportation issue one apparently no one has ever tried to address before i see it this new service is called live shuttle and it started trial runs in san francisco so what is that well it's a fixed route shuttle service much like ride sharing but with lower prices and
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operates only taking place during high traffic commuter times and there's that sense of knowing that you that's that's because what i'm describing is known as a bus service buses and they were first introduced not by way of but by blaise pascal and paris around those sixty and sixty two of course well if this really offering is a bus service minus the inconvenience of having to sit next to poor people who have to use public transport should how do i know this well i know those because we use live shuttles only operate between wealthy neighborhoods. tack making sure the poor is remember that while we're all struggling those with a little more shouldn't have to be or might get those crazy how the heck do you reinvent the bus service and be a good world were given us we were turned into the pool from the burning them they already were going to bring them to this location over here they're all going to get out of our one road but it's
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a bus service only good for wealthy neighborhood wealthy neighborhood is it just for the people like servants they've been helpers of to well it's own right now those guys like people from there with their rich working neighborhoods where there are all the nice tech companies but there still isn't zilch you just noticed this you're going to take your regular route i think it's not cheap enough to just drop out of view nobody knew what was the bottom even better i liked that like five bucks there it was you know sometimes i was there a moment we're. like overthinking the idea you want everybody wants to reinvent the wheel and build the better mousetrap and forgetting what we already have a mousetrap and we are to have with you hold your i mean i i would give credit to any innovators coming along saying look the efficiency of bus services is not to say that efficient there's certain routes that don't necessarily provide for my needs and if this service works more power to yeah because privileged people need more things to get this is the problem though if you can afford
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a little better then you don't bother which is why our public transportation system stops because we're in new york where more people i think it evolved so much better because everyone used to it whether you lived on fifth avenue where you lived in the bronx that new york city subway system everybody uses that or everybody use it's the sort of. you know commonality between people in new york and certain places and and in europe here we're like well ultimately you have a car that means you're good if you're on the boss you're just poor and it's not as bad supposes just what if we want to worry about you know what i really think it would be are they worried about those are my point is that they're very straight routes potentially more diverse which aren't. exactly. first estimated in security all right you know everybody there remember everyone remembers world we're now told would love to have so i tell you all i love you i am tired of the wall as i. keep on watching those walton over great night after.
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the u.k. crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the grenfell towers as well as the burning issue of breaks that many are asking if the ruling elite. talk about blackness in the blues of beans. black. and always well in a big house don't know any steps but i've been told but it was simply that we in remains as such because we simply forgot i don't believe. the scene we've allowed them to rearrange our paint you've told us the sickness of trusting our enemy we came to face. that's what i call a lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. sheep the blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come
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this simple in his national has been beck and simply tat the feeling blue is black and blue. or i doubt what it will be or how it is the office of the. cool. spot.
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to fish is if nothing else deficient doctrine. ah. it. can only go so well is that. it. is. actually the last few that really. good. what about the drug. dealers i don't know that my mother board itself or what they sell but so. but do you investigate the police officers behavior as well. l.g. drugs and the web. presence here. all lonely people as you call.
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russia's foreign minister demands explanation from the u.s. over the recent downing of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. europe remains and golden tera as another attack hits the belgian capital after a man detonated an explosive device at a brussels train station. this is how much is going to leave the survivors of dreadful time. it takes to be shocking when you see like. the u.k. government is heavily criticised with anger at what people call the small sums allocated for the survivors of the brand felt our fire in london.


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