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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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god i. was. russia's foreign minister demands an explanation from the u.s. over the recent shooting down of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. details emerge of the brussels attack as background with all four of you saying he's of moroccan origin and was carrying nails and gas bottles. on the scandal in the u.k. after an opposition m.p. claimed survivors of the ground felt tower fire being forced to sleep rough that's as a day of rage in london plans to bring down the government. you're
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watching r.t. international live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. russia's foreign minister says moscow is waiting for washington's explanations after the u.s. led coalition shot down a syrian army plane near the city of raka so gay lover also stressed the pentagon is still treating various terrorist groups differently for. the franks we have sure that the u.s. is really targeting i saw but we don't recall america bombing so actively. so whatever it's called now it's constantly changing its name but it doesn't change its nature to me because. all russia has now halted some cooperation with the u.s. over syria is pulled out of the agreement it signed with washington to prevent collisions in syrian air space or meanwhile australia has announced it is temporarily suspending its air operations in syria. well the u.s.
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led coalition says the downing of the syrian fighter jet in self-defense however in the last month coalition has already cheap already targeted i should say syrian forces and those loyal to damascus five times well let's have a look at where some of these attacks have taken place the plane that was shot down size west of the syrian city of raka where the coalition's supporting kurdish troops in their fight against i so the u.s. led coalition has also conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters here near the out training base where the pentagon cited the same justification for each raid that pro assad forces had reached a de confliction zone and this is now a looks at how this military escalation may be reaching boiling point the u.s. shoots down a syrian plane over syria in self-defense the only action that we have taken against pro regime forces in syria and they've been to specific incidents have been
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in self-defense let's imagine a random guy comes into your house with a gun and shoots your dog and then he's like it was just self-defense i wanted to make sure there was no why lynds going on here d. as coalition speaking of deescalation after this self defense move the situation couldn't be worse russia now considers all u.s. led coalition planes in the area a potential target and are tracking them all of this happened as both the u.s. and syrian government backed up by the russian air force were fighting isis in the stronghold of iraq are now washington and moscow have locked horns in syria again focus has shifted and isis is probably breathing a deep sigh of relief while watching syrian fighter jets crash in flames on the horizon good job superpowers you're not so super slick. well questions are now being asked whether the lines have been blurred between the fight against terror
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and outright military intervention and u.s. senators have now joined those critical of the pentagon's policy in syria. this is illegal war at this point then there's a practical question the practical question is doing anything you want killing every perceived enemy in every perceived leader of chieftain of five people in some misbegotten village is it helping are we going to defeat an ideology by killing people the united states and the coalition are there without any permission without any i mean awful for a party to be president and so when we when we not only do we enter here and there are sovereign airspace. but now we have shot down a syrian jets we have been carrying out bombing attacks there is an act of war of aggression. under international law. and jacqueline there
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looks at how trying this promises to stop was such interventions are now being broken as the syrian conflict escalates. made it clear that defeating terrorism and putting an end to the trend of u.s. interventions in the middle east were top priorities so he opted for granting more power to the military what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world ok but if it helps eradicate eisel what's the problem well first we have the us training and giving arms to a bunch of anti-government forces one of them the new syrian army would really like to topple assad. then there's the syrian democratic forces largely consisting of kurds who would really love to grab more power from the government and eventually become independent remember that the. confliction zones are controlled by those forces supported by the us and the fear in government is not allowed there so once i saw
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the finish we will have fully trained armed to the teeth forces controlling significant chunks of syrian territory partially hostile to the government what could possibly go wrong i don't see u.s. forces leaving in the short term. but he wanted to lessen turn sions what the russians thought it was. that he wanted to focus our us military policy towards the elimination of the islamic state what we've seen however over the last five months since he was inaugurated is just the opposite so it seems in this effort to defeat the us could in fact be fanning new hotbed of tension if you like washington has a case of tunnel vision trying to solve only one problem without seeing the bigger picture sound familiar and show iraq anyone but history teaches us nothing clearly not even past week for just this one from donald trump to then president obama in two thousand and thirteen he warned that nothing good would come to the us from
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attacking syria apparently hindsight isn't twenty twenty one to get to the white house or r.t. washington d.c. . a train station in the belgian city of now more has been cordoned off after a suspicious package was found but he's tweeted that the neutralization of the package is underway at the station by a special bomb disposal unit well meanwhile new details are emerging about the background of the attacker who earlier detonated an explosive device in brussels central railway station artie's shot at do as more. well it just emerged through the prosecutor's office in belgium has confirmed that the man who carried out that attempted attack at brussels central station on tuesday evening was moroccan national he was known to police but was not suspected of any terrorism offenses we also understand that he was carrying a rucksack the. nails inside it and gas bottles and that's what caused that explosion when he apparently ran at soldiers crying out akbar which is the arabic
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term for god is great now we also have been told that he was getting in. the street this is a very. i think you. should. be very. anxious to hear. how she. made including one. which would be. the key. to. now for months later another cell that was linked to that cell then carried out a series of coordinated attacks in brussels in which thirty two civilians were killed here's a reminder of those attacks in belgium just over a year ago. that
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attack on tuesday evening in brussels came just a day off but yet another attempted attack a in the heart of paris on the show a man in a van that was full of petrol and also contained was rammed into a police vehicle or one of the busiest streets the seans elisei in the heart of paris now that caused another explosion and again the suspect was neutralized at the scene no more details have been emerging about that man he is apparently a thirty one year old called adam desirea he was known to police and not only. was he known to police he was actually on our wanted watch list now despite being on
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that wanted watch list it turns out that the thirty one year old actually had a gun permit and questions and now being raised about how he was able to have a gun permit and to be on that wanted watch list at the same time. we spoke to a number of experts who believe more such incidents are to be expected in the. i think what you're going to be seeing is an increase in these activities we're only halfway through ramadan for one thing but on the other hand you also have anywhere from fifteen hundred to two three thousand returning. frenchmen. from syria who need to be occupied with it and that's going to be their duty now and as long as they've lost the caliphate they're going to be going back to their to their countries and they are going to attempt to wreak havoc and create this kind of thing so that these kind of terrorist activities then become the new normal it does seem like a very you know regular occurrence we're hearing your boat you often it's obviously
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it's becoming hard to keep track of all of them and they're helping with such frequency and there are so many similarities between the wife sherry is in this particular case what we find out about it was he you know under the radar or did they know about you apparently the guy shops always it was all on the list he was known to french authorities be interested also because there does seem to be this connection between the old human frailties of toxins but the fruits of toxo in november were carried out by a belgian cell and so there is this relationship between bellowed human frailties when it comes to models. now the scandal over at london's grunfeld tower fire is escalating to britain's opposition labor party raise concerns that survivors are not being helped as some are forced to sleep well off. as the.
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news is coming out every day not just about the number of victims of this terrible fire but also about the way that it's being handled on the ground and the newly elected opposition. for the local area north kensington has been talking to the media in very strong terms about her concerns that survivors aren't being taken care of properly they're not getting the help they need and she says that in some cases they're actually sleeping rough that's what she had to say people have been sleeping in cars and in parks because they don't know where to go and they aren't being looked after the grenfell response team which is now latterly coordinating the help that these people are getting on the ground say that they're not aware that any victims. but of course the political reaction to this is very much ongoing as is the disaster management prime minister theresa may has ordered a thorough inquiry into the tragedy and she's pledged five million pounds to be
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available to help these victims but jeremy call it doesn't really matter it's not going to be ignored any way to get your scale of the tragedy going and the terrible fire has the school. to the prime minister's failing popularity take a very shortly off to it after she fails to gain a majority in an election that she herself calls and her ratings have been suffering severe jaw drops since december in fact a recent hugo of poll shows that less than half of people are happy with her as premier and there is no let up today in the u.k. you'll be seeing pictures from us coming in all day because it's the day of rain and the queen is going to open up parliament she's going to tell us what the agenda for the new government will be and protesters are using to shut down the london is what they say they want to do shut down london take down what they're calling a broken government now the grenfell tower. have come out various channels and said
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that they want the demonstrators to keep this peaceful but tempers are running very high so it's anybody's guess what's going to happen in london later today. the u.s. appears to have flip flopped on its policy towards more details after the short break. live.
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the few we know. everyone in the world should be here you go and you get the old. the old according to josh. world come along for the ride. welcome back u.s. military advisors in afghanistan are finding themselves increasingly under fire from the people they've been training to recent incidents alone three u.s. soldiers were killed and seven more have been injured but i guess if reports. last
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camp shane joined afghan and nato military base it's here that the taliban infiltrator turned his gun on coalition troops injuring seven american soldiers everyone who knew him or was friends with him is now under investigation being questioned though the base itself is still operational and training continues what we can safely say is that from now on after this latest incident american troops will be looking at their afghan allies with just that little bit more suspicion. green on blue attacks when afghan forces either infiltrators or defectors purposefully fire on coalition troops it's been a taliban tactic for years this is an achievement for the mujahideen who have managed to create mistrust among the enemy forces such attacks peaked during
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a bomb as troop surge it got super bad that the rewrote the book on security. oh. you know that they didn't our first american soldiers training afghans were assigned bodyguards then all coalition troops were ordered to have their weapons loaded at all times afghan recruits were made to go through an eight step vetting process while an inquisition like body purged to anyone it deemed radical yet. here we. have some breaking news out of afghanistan three u.s. service members are dead a fourth wounded after a shooting reportedly carried out by a member of the afghan military terrorists seven u.s. army soldiers that have been wounded in northern afghanistan now this comes a week after three u.s. army soldiers were killed in a similar incident to a deadly attack on american soldiers over two attacks and never will be children
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with three soldiers killed seven wounded in an fire sure it's nothing like two thousand and twelve when green on blue violence killed or injured more than one hundred troops but the situation was different then there were fifteen times as many americans in afghanistan and the taliban was losing not so now i understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now the taliban is resurgent taking over vast swaths of afghanistan islamic state is also spreading across the country the afghan army the coalition a beset by challenges. for another troop surge. some additional forces from the united states who come to afghanistan to take part in training and advising our national forces if one hundred and forty thousand troops
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couldn't win this war what difference will four thousand make. them through the americans cannot defeat the taliban in afghanistan they just want the fighting to continue so they can achieve their goals. with more american troops in afghanistan people will get more frustrated and insecurity will increase afghans a pessimistic they've heard it all before the public says of security victory at the end of the day how do you win a war when you can't even tell which of your allies is going to shoot you in. the back more i guys do you have. from kabul afghanistan. the u.s. state department appears to have contradicted president tom's position on cuts honcho in the gulf states on going to promote a crisis. now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris
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the details about the claims that they are making toward qatar the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries thought the time had come to call. on could two are to ended spawning. they have to end that fund. and its extremist. ideology in terms of funding the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. but even trying him self spain sending mixed messages is he sold twelve billion dollars worth of fighter jets just five days after lashing out
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to doha tera funding well to discuss this further i'm not enjoying life by saying choppy spokesperson for the bahrain freedom movement so i thank you very much indeed for joining us to discuss this particular issue i mean what do you make of these conflicting signals coming out from the u.s. what with president trump saying one thing and then another then the u.s. state department less than a couple weeks later saying something else. or that i've never seen in my lifetime such contradictions carry out of washington the president saying something the state department saying saddam is gone you can stand in the gallery or production one of the contradictions and that is really mystifying to me as a political commentator so i don't know it just seems to me that the trump administration is there to grab as much money from these the officer as he could go to could be could do but the reality is there was a good deed to manage their work that this being the largest country or the state
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of this country in the middle east it's is not it will do really good it's the functions of its own allies the sudanese the what is their thirty's that you we so i believe that. washington has a lot to go. over homework in order to put its house understand there's an order that well as you alluded to there really is it says money talks i mean trump as we know has prided himself on being a businessman i mean do you think that this particular stance these two presidents when it came to the huge u.s. cut off fighter jets deal it was a case of money talks. it took stood out to me because one day he was accusing threats are of funny filters and that the day he signs that the fund was billion dollars i want this or how do you make of it i believe. washington is really. a threat of its leaders
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they have no clarity or path was where. they want and they want to look good to see are they supporting dictators chips or do they want stability because. a lot. of the rescuing people and they said the same time the king also the area. that was about two or three weeks ago when they met in riyadh they keep it once. troops through the eastern provinces and started attacking and killing so the saudis themselves. as well as cans with their own president on one of the policy especially with the dig up one of the most sensitive regions in there was that of the.
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i.c.c. just. because. one size action against. it has been one of the d.c. see without step acceptance of the others i mean these acted unilaterally madrasa for think it could happen come on. he's advising and. this is the same thing as. we have two years of war if they are no where near as to. get out the winning if they are far. from where we are from being able to have that was so the sort of the. history of being that. is also trying to get as much money possible proby the money also that if you're
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finished so what if we do it with cause we've got a lot of interest of mission this is why we get the buzz going here we make it. pretty and we expect more pressure on a couple. of things and it's on a need to want to resume as we see if this goes to all these are the main fund supporters of still isn't that what it's all gets about a small well in the big three seem to be so i believe because i'm not helping the cause of the war of terrorism because their policy is just simply mother could if you lose all sight i mean one question brings me to my biggest is that the connection is not very good here the minute just just finding one quick question will cut off the the largest u.s. military base in the middle east i mean in a nutshell do you think president trump would be prepared to abandon this.
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was it depending on how much they want. to pay because i think the next one would be they were a because they are immigrants had to say repeatedly that they want to host that. or. that america is out of body and. just minutes into the largest race in the mideast so if they don't. know or they probably would do it and of course they would go back to the saudis and it is just a money game it has nothing to do it's nothing to do with. war against terrorism or with export of democracy. human rights it's got it has to do with how much money can the station grab from those. roots in our country. with the guns with american guns with the biggest guns.
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no no bullets of the oh so i think. these countries will. become bankrupt because we just keep making them to last. for the good will we have to leave at that point should have a thank you very much indeed for some softening thank you. all is the us at will with the syrian government's watching the whole pigs on is that coming up next. i doubt a little is the. whole
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make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round certainly the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million. is the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the grenfell towers as well as the burning issue of breaks and many are asking the ruling elites.
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greetings and salutation while many on capitol hill quake and shipper with rage and fear over the mere mention of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential elections and russian. it appears that the real threat to our boating public may not be from nefarious hidden foreign hackers but from our own two political parties ongoing blunders and their thirst for power case in point this week it was revealed that a republican to contract a data mining firm accidentally exposed the personal information of just about every single registered voter in the united states of america.


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