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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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russia's foreign minister demands an explanation from the u.s. over the recent shooting down of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. details of the background of the brussels attack or with old fart you saying he's of moroccan origin it was carrying nails and gas bottles. and a scandal is brewing in the u.k. after its claim survivors of the ground felt tower fire of being forced to sleep rough as as a day of rage in london plans to bring down the government. you're
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watching international live from moscow i'm kate cartridge thank you for joining us . russia's foreign minister says he's waiting for an explanation from washington after a syrian military jet was shot down near the city of raka sort of a lover of also stress the pentagon still treating various terror groups differently. for. the facts we have show that the u.s. is really targeting i saw what we don't recall america bombing so actively. so whatever it's called now it's constantly changing its name but it doesn't change its nature. by russia's now holton some cooperation with the u.s. over syria has pulled out of the agreements to prevent collisions in syrian air space and meanwhile australia's and its temporarily suspending air operations in syria. well the u.s. led coalition claims the syrian jet was downed in self-defense however in the last
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months it's already targeted government forces five times well let's have a look at where the attacks took place the plane was shot down south west of the syrian city of raka where the coalition supporting kurdish troops in their fight against i so well the u.s. led coalition has also conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters here near the training base well the pentagon cited the same justification for each raid that forces had reached a deal. and this is now and looks at how this military escalation may be reaching a boiling point the u.s. shoots down a syrian plane over syria in self-defense the only action that we have taken against pro regime forces in syria and they've been to specific incidents have been in self-defense let's imagine a random guy comes into your house with a gun and shoots your dog and then he's like it was just self-defense i wanted to
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make sure there was no why lynds going on here d. as coalition speaking of deescalation after this self defense move the situation couldn't be worse russia now considers all u.s. led coalition planes in the area a potential targets and are tracking them all of this happened as both the u.s. and syrian government backed up by the russian air force were fighting isis in the stronghold of iraq are now washington and moscow have locked horns in syria again focus has shifted and isis is probably breathing a deep sigh of relief while watching syrian fighter jets crash in flames on the horizon good job superpowers you're not so super slick. the questions are now being asked whether the fight against terror has changed to outright military intervention and even u.s. census have joined as critical of the pentagon's policy in syria this is illegal
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war at this point then there's a practical question the practical question is doing anything you want killing every perceived enemy in every perceived leader of chieftain of five people in some misbegotten village is it helping are we going to defeat an ideology by killing people the united states and the coalition are there without any permission by found any i mean for the president and so when we when we not only do we enter here and there are sovereign airspace. but now we have shot down a syrian jets we have been carrying out bombing attacks this is an act of war of aggression. under international law. jacqueline viggo looks at how chum's promise to stop such interventions happening by. trump made it clear
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that defeating terrorism and putting an end to the trend of u.s. interventions in the middle east were top priorities so he opted for granting more power to the military what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world ok but if it helps eradicate eisel what's the problem well first we have the us training and giving arms to a bunch of anti-government forces one of them the new syrian army would really like to topple assad. then there's the syrian democratic forces largely consisting of kurds who would really love to grab more power from the government and eventually become independent remember the de confliction zones they're controlled by those forces supported by the us and the syrian government is not allowed there so once i finish we will have fully trained armed to the teeth forces controlling significant chunks of syrian territory partially hostile to the government what could possibly go
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wrong i don't see u.s. forces leaving in the short term did indicate that he wanted to lessen tensions with the russian federation that he wanted to focus u.s. military policy towards the elimination of the islamic state what we've seen however over the last five months since he was inaugurated is just the opposite so it seems in this effort to defeat the u.s. could in fact be fanning new hotbed the tension if you like washington has a case of tunnel vision trying to solve only one problem without seeing the bigger picture sound familiar and show iraq anyone but history teaches us nothing clearly not even past tweets such as this one from donald trump to then president obama in two thousand and eighteen he warned that nothing good would come to the u.s. from attacking syria apparently hindsight isn't twenty twenty i want to get to the white house. our t. washington d.c. . we spoke to alexei pushkov head of the communications committee for russia's
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upper house he says washington should explain why its actions contradict its official position gives us at tech a syrian fighter in the syrian sky it means an act of war and the united states should give an explanation for this act of war the explanation that was given until now is definitely not sufficient i think that the united states want in this way to show that there are two serious one syria headed by the government in damascus and the other syria which is comprised of the military opposition the armed opposition to president assad and some other forces that are supported by the united states but this is a very dangerous policy because basically it leads to. division of syria into parts of fishel of the united states recognize that they
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want to have a united syria syria that will keep its territorial integrity but if they deny a certain territory for the military activity of the syrian government it means that they want a divided syria the united states have their never criticized this until now and so their policy confronts their official position that's why we need clarity on this. new details are emerging about tuesday's attack in brussels the suspect is in iraq national with no previous terror court challenge due bensky reports. well it just emerged through the prosecutor's office in belgium has confirmed that the man who carried out that attempted attack at brussels central station on tuesday evening was moroccan national he was known to police but was not suspected of any terrorism offenses we also understand that he was carrying
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a rucksack that had nails inside it and gas bottles and that's what caused that explosion when he apparently ran at soldiers crying out which is the arabic term for god is great now we also have been told that he was living in the mall and back district of brussels this is an area very poor and also notorious for its high concentration of ice and sympathizers including a very high number of jihadi foreign fighters that have gone to syria and iraq and then come back to europe and carried out some significant major terror incidents here on the mainland including one cell that was linked to eisele which was behind the attacks here in paris in november two thousand and fifteen that killed one hundred and thirty people now four months later another cell that was linked to that cell then carried out a series of coordinated attacks in brussels in which thirty two civilians were killed here's a reminder of those attacks in belgium just over
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a year ago. was. that attack on tuesday evening in brussels came just a day off but yet another attempted attack here in the heart of paris on the show a man in a van that was full of petrol and also contained on. bombs was rammed into a police vehicle on one of the busiest streets the seans eliezer in the heart of paris now that caused another explosion and again the suspect was neutralized at the scene no more details have been emerging about that man he is apparently a thirty one year old he was known to police and not only was he known to police he
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was actually on wanted watch list now despite being on that wanted watch list it turns out that the thirty one year old actually had a gun permit and questions and now being raised about how he was able to have a gun permit and to be on that wanted watch list at the same time we spoke to a number of experts who believe we can expect more incidents like this in the. i think that what you're going to be seeing is an increase in these activities we're only halfway through ramadan for one thing but on the other hand you also have anywhere from fifteen hundred to two three thousand returning. frenchmen. from syria who need to be occupied with and that's going to be their duty now and as long as they've lost the caliphate they're going to be going back to their to their countries and they are going to attempt to wreak havoc and create this kind of thing so that these kind of terrorist activities then become the new
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normal it does seem like a very you know regular occurrence we're hearing it but. it's obviously it's becoming hard to keep track of all of them that they're helping with such frequency and there are so many similarities between the my experience in this particular case what we find out about it was you know under the read or did they know about him apparently the guy shops was all on the list he was known to french authorities be interested also because there does seem to be this connection between belgium and france attacks the for its attacks in november were carried out by a belgian cell phone and so there is this relationship between belgium and france when it comes to models. the scandal over london's grenfell tower fire is escalating after britain's opposition labor party raise concerns survivors are
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not getting enough help some are even being forced to sleep rough laura smith has the details but news is coming out every day not just about the number of victims of this terrible fire but also about the way that it's being handled on the ground and the newly elected opposition m.p. for the local area north kensington has been talking to the media and very strong to. about her concerns that survivors aren't being taken care of properly they're not getting the help they need and she says that in some cases they're actually sleeping rough that's what she had to say people have been sleeping in cars and in parks because they don't know where to go and they aren't being looked after the grand final response team which is now latterly coordinating the help that these people are getting on the ground say that they're not aware that any victims are sleeping rough but of course the political reaction to this is very much ongoing as is the disaster management prime minister theresa may has ordered
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a thorough inquiry into the tragedy and she's pledged five million pounds to be available to help these victims but jeremy colgan says it doesn't really matter it's not going to be enough anyway given the scale of the tragedy and the terrible fire has of course dealt another blow to the prime minister's failing popularity it came very shortly afterward after she failed to gain a majority in an election that she herself calls and her ratings have been suffering severe jaw drops since december in fact a recent hugo of poll shows that less than half of people are happy with her as premier and there is no let up today in the u.k. you'll be seeing pictures from us coming in all day because it's the day of rage and protesters are using that to shut down london is what they say they want to do shut down london take down what they're calling a rotten government now the grenfell tower victims have come out through various
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channels and said that they want the demonstrators to keep this peaceful but tempers are running very high so it's anybody's guess what's going to happen in london later today. let's discuss all of those issues with scottish national party m.p. angus macneil i'm going to thank you very much indeed for braving the heat to talk to us today i mean so the protesters have declared it the day of rage in this hot sun in the hope of bringing down the government. why the delay in any political really i think it will certainly have a lot of impact on the streets if you like and it sounds like it might not be the most pleasant of scenes but given we're giving you a report that hopefully good sense will prevail you know the demonstrators do a very legitimate concerns of the that they're eating but we'll see if it goes i mean what's your reaction to the claim from the from kensington's now labor m.p. that survivors aren't being helped enough and that some of being forced to sleep rough we what do you think of that. looks awful london is one of the world's
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richest cities in kensington and chelsea the royal no less of kensington and chelsea is one of the wealthy wealthiest parts of london but so not all and so selfish in their economic outlook and so much each man for himself and a lack of social care for the fellow man that people are living in awful community conditions after losing their host through what appears to be negligence and penny pinching in refurbishing the that of the flood block the flood of course seems would have been refurbished to give another visual impression to the richer residents nearby so it really looks appalling and it's really the way the u.k. has gone for quite a number of years of. being aware of the price of everything but absolute the value of nothing and a lot of critics i mean you probably heard the reports before sort of earlier in the day they've seized on reports that only five million pounds has been earmarked for for this particular disaster yet four hundred million pre-decided to renovate
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backing in paris but is that a fair comparison. of fear and fear of the reality is that the victims again photo are not good enough for the prime minister still talking but the money's been pledged will the money should there be start to be given to people and people that are seventy seven thousand to tell rooms of decent standard in london it's going to be before the several occasions and you know these should be made available to the people getting fertility of immediately available not having them sleep in. floor's. is the country we were not a nordic country we're not a country that the values each other citizens this is not but making but it didn't create for britain's a great britain is usually about flags and pomp and ceremony and circumstance it's not about killing for fellow britons unfortunately unlike the nordics it's more like times america not quite as bad of course but it's. heading that direction. at the government's response i mean as we can say hindsight is a wonderful things but how do you think the prime minister could have handled this disaster. well i think we saw the weaknesses of theories of me just probably
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capsulated in this. election campaign people share your she avoided having to face up to things and you know things that are guilty of kensington and chelsea had been handing back on the opponents of tax to wealthy residents well being negligent of the poor residents living in this book incidentally some of these brutal resited some were tragically lost their lives had been for quite a while of the safety of the would be threatened with legal action for bringing up the safety concerns that seems unbelievable but that's what happened. thank you very much indeed. thank you thank you. meanwhile the us the flip flopped on its policy towards cats more on the story after the break.
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brings peace to the chicken hawks the battle they. could use credit tell you the. public by. the. i would call make this manufacture consent to the public well. when the ruling classes can protect themselves. with the famous merry go round if suddenly the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news
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room. welcome back the u.s. state department appears to have contradicted president chimes position on count sancerre in the gulf states on going to pull out a crisis. now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward qatar the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or war they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries. the time had come to call. on could two
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are to end its funding. they have to end that fund. and its extremist. ideology in terms of funding the nation of qatar unfortunately has historically been a funder of terrorism. but even trump himself spain sending mixed messages his administration approved selling twelve billion dollars worth of fighter jets to the country trunk just days before claimed was a terrorist supporter a spokesperson for the bahrain freedom movement saeed chan harby believes the u.s. is simply trying to capitalize on the spots between the gulf states just seems to me they're trying to administration is there to be. a part of what. we've got. there we work out what it really and we're going to.
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be. here because nothing to do and we're going to do. it with more of your spirit or with more on the. right. to do with how much money can a car. go out. well accusations of sponsoring terror seem to have become common among middle east can countries the longest and loudest such blame game has been between two of the region's biggest players iran and saudi arabia well in january last year the society embassy in iran was set on fire amid violent protests after the arab state executed a prominent shia cleric accusing him of terrorism later that month iran said its embassy in yemen was hit by a saudi air strike iran and saudi arabia support opposing sides in the civil war there well iran also a.q.
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saudi arabia of being behind the deadly terror attacks that a killed eighteen people in terror on two weeks ago in saudi arabia denies the accusations and in the most recent development saadi arabia detained three iranian citizens claiming they're members of iran's armed forces something iran has denied only official rhetoric between the two states has also repeatedly intense. the iranian regime's aggressive policies in the region aims to undermine security and spread strife and wars saudi arabia is a country where i don't think the word election has any meaning they've never seen a ballot box saudis kill the children and destroy the houses infrastructure and national resources of yemen this is a serious crime we would welcome the opportunity. to see iran act like a normal country to be a peaceful country to not interfere in the affairs of the countries of the region and to not support terrorism. well to discuss this further we're joined by
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political analyst saeed mohammad marandi from tehran and also by adelaide him he's a retired commodore from the royal saudi ne gentlemen thank you very much indeed for joining us this morning if i can start with you sighing various countries have been accusing each other of supporting terrible how justified are these accusations . well the problem with the saudi regime is that it has been doing this since the early one nine hundred eighty s. when they were supporting extremist groups in afghanistan with u.s. support and the rise of what is something that came from saudi arabia was originally a very small obscurest set in but because of the oil wealth of the saudi regime it's been spreading across the world through the saudi government and we now see that regardless of what happened in yemen in syria and libya. we seen that ideologies like i says. all of them get their religious beliefs
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from the saudis there were hardly groups and it's now says that the saudis are supporting extremist groups in germany the deputy chancellor of germany also. the saudis are spreading extremism so traditional allies of the saudis they are now becoming more and more concerned about the spread of this extremism which we see manifesting itself in europe in the philippines in africa. well abdul aziz what do you think of that how do you respond to that. first of all hello everybody and first of all saudi arabia and saudis don't have anything against the iranian people and as a lot of pressure we think they are. iran is a. very rich in natural resources they have very rich heritage and they have very hardworking people and until nine hundred seventy nine things we had a fine between the two countries and it's really surprising after the iranian
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revolution when the late ayatollah khomeini took took power we expected him to be actually i mean his main purposes overthrowing the shah is to build iran and to make it say of several safe and prosperous for their own people but the first thing that the any means did in one nine hundred seventy nine was their declaration of. spreading and extending their revolution returning. to the arab world especially the gulf states and this is why most of the rain indicated are not into head on but they are in the united states and. canada and europe and when no one thing we have to go to we receive hundreds of thousands of iranians as a blogger image or every year and we have we have nothing it as they say that is the people it any other evolution it started with actually over overtaking the american embassy for four hundred forty four days in
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a move that is. a protected area that should be respected according to international law and they landed in the stop by that but they overtook they are actually the attacked. british embassy. i'm sorry i said please carry on it's absolutely obvious i would yes here i was standing and there are there are more than one even even western embassies we have to wait over taking an attack attack by our own also there are many cases not not not even in this area as far as argentina went in one thousand nine hundred there was a big explosion in one of the main places and boy assad is that claimed tens of thousands of lives so i don't know what to you know go back and forth accusing each other just as we all take all day but that we help we have facts that are being documented not only in saudi arabia but it would be international law with the international community ok so you don't have i could see that you were smiling and
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you were responding to some of those things and you came to get it so you can respond to that but also there's a key point here is iran interested in easing the tensions in g.'s think it's doing enough to raise them. i couldn't hear the question but let me. respond to what he said first of all i mean i think it's quite clear to your audience. where saudi arabia stands and where you run stands after the revolution the problem that a coup was created in between iran and saudi arabia is that the saudi arabian regime like other regimes they were face fearful of revolutions in their own country because they're dictatorships in iran we've had elections since the revolution. presidents the leaders elected through a council that's elected by the people the president the parliament councils so do a.b. is a dictatorship it's a family that doesn't even tolerate itself the crown prince was just kicked out of office today by the king and he put in the hippie put his son in this way i was
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away while away the old way out here it is now that i was cited and then in addition to that excuse me if i if you would allow me to continue this saudi regime supported saddam hussein after the revolution which invaded iran i think your your guest should look at history and then i think if we had a discussion that would go better we would move forward more easily because the facts are there for everyone to see we had eight years of war with saddam hussein he initiated the war the saudi regime provided him with up to two hundred billion dollars to help them obtain chemical weapons from western governments and that's a stated fact so in with regards to pilgrimage of course the saudis have a history of killing iranians just a year two years ago the saudis killed six hundred iranian pilgrims and never even expressed remorse or regret but most importantly.


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