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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2017 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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russia's foreign minister demands an explanation from the u.s. over the recent shooting down of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow over whether washington has its own agenda in syria. i. hundreds are gathering in central london urging theresa made to step down following the grenfell tower disaster. and legendary filmmaker out of a stone whose just released the putin interviews documentary says his film gives a unique few of the west russia and. the west is very divided you know they would hate me i'm just a messenger i don't i don't take an opinion i don't take and i think the camera
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doesn't lie we do camera tells you things and body language body language. but you can't quite feel sometimes from just words. you're watching r.t. international live from moscow i'm kate partridge thank you for joining us. russia's foreign minister says he's waiting for an explanation from washington after a syrian military jet was shot down near the city of raka saturday lover also stressed the pentagon is still treating various terror groups differently. for. the facts we have sure that the u.s. is really targeting eisel but we don't recall america bombing so actively. so whatever it's called now it's constantly changing its name but it doesn't change its nature. well russia's now halted some cooperation with the u.s.
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over syria it's pulled out of the agreements to prevent collisions in syrian airspace meanwhile australia has announced it's temporarily suspending air operations in syria. well the u.s. led coalition claims the syrian jet was downed in self-defense however in the last month it's already targeted government forces five times well let's have a look at where these attacks have taken place the plane was shot down southwest of the syrian city of raca where the coalition is supporting kurdish troops in their fight against dies so the u.s. led coalition has also conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters here near the at times training base well the pentagon cited the same justification for each raid that pro assad forces had breached eight d. conflict zone well it's now it looks at how this military escalation may be reaching a boiling point. the u.s. shoots down syrian plane over syria in self-defense the only action that we have
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taken against pro regime forces in syria and they've been to specific incidents have been in self-defense let's imagine a random guy comes into your house with a gun and shoots your dog and then he's like it was just self-defense i wanted to make sure there was no why lence going on here d. as coalition speaking of deescalation after this self defense move the situation couldn't be worse russia now considers all u.s. led coalition planes in the area of potential targets and are tracking them all of this happened as both the u.s. and syrian government backed up by the russian air force were fighting isis in the stronghold of raka now washington and moscow have locked horns in syria again focus has shifted and isis is probably breathing a deep sigh of relief while watching syrian fighter jets crash in flames on the horizon good job superpowers you're not so super slick and questions are now
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being asked whether the fight against terror has changed to outright military intervention and even u.s. senators have joined those critical of the pentagon's policy in syria. this is illegal war at this point then there's a practical question the practical question is doing anything you want killing every perceived enemy in every perceived leader of chieftain of five people in some misbegotten village is it helping are we going to defeat an ideology by killing people the united states and the coalition are there without any permission without any i mean for the to be president and so when we when we not only do we enter syria and there are sovereign airspace. but now we have shot down a syrian jets we have been carrying out bombing attacks this is an act of
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war of aggression under under international law and jack came there looks at how comes promises to stop such a dimension is happening in. trump made it clear that defeating terrorism and putting an end to the trend of u.s. interventions in the middle east were top priorities so he opted for granting more power to the military what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world ok but if it helps eradicate eisel what's the problem well first we have the us training and giving arms to a bunch of anti-government forces one of them the new syrian army would really like to topple assad. then there's the syrian democratic forces largely consisting of kurds who would really love to grab more power from the government and eventually become independent remember the de confliction zones they're controlled by those forces
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supported by the us and the syrian government is not allowed there so once i finish we will have fully trained armed to the teeth forces controlling significant chunks of syrian territory partially hostile to the government what could possibly go wrong i don't see u.s. forces leaving in the short term did indicate that he wanted to lessen tensions with the russian federation that he wanted to focus u.s. military policy towards the elimination of the islamic state what we've seen however over the last five months since he was inaugurated is just the opposite so it seems in this effort to defeat beisel the u.s. could in fact be fanning new hotbed the tension if you like washington has a case of tunnel vision trying to solve only one problem without seeing the bigger picture sound familiar and show iraq anyone but history teaches us nothing clearly not even past tweets such as this one from donald trump to then president obama in
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two thousand and thirteen he warned that nothing good would come to the u.s. from attacking syria apparently hindsight isn't twenty twenty one to get to the white house. r.t. washington d.c. . we spoke to alexei pushkov head of the communications committee for russia's upper house he says washington should explain why its actions contradict its official position gives us a turk a syrian fighter in the syrian sky it means an act of war and the united states should give an explanation for this act of war the explanation that was given until now is definitely not sufficient i think that the united states want in this way to show that there are two serious one syria headed by the government in the us and the other syria which is comprised of the military opposition the armed opposition to president assad and some other forces that are
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supported by the united states but this is a very dangerous policy because basically it leads to. division of syria into parts of fishel of the united states recognize that they want to have a united syria syria that will keep its territorial integrity but if they deny a certain territory for the military activity of the syrian government it means that they want a divided syria the united states have their never criticized this until now and so their policy confronts their official position that's why we need clarity on this. now hundreds of protesters have gathered in central london with the hope of bringing down the government the process follows the grunfeld tower fire that claimed the lives of at least seventy nine people auntie's laura smith is at the
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protests for us live now. hi there laura it's been branded as a day of rage i mean can you tell us what's been happening so far. that's right there the bend in this day of rage and this is actually quite. oh it's march which is going all the way through central london but we don't see if you know london a tool in shepherd's bush which is that saw is miles away from where we are now and we're walking only way to westminster and it's testament to the dedication of these people that so many of them have been such a host today for a start also a working day of school on such a great that's what they see. they move they sit by the tragedy right well time. was a way to bring down the government and shut down nuns it would do pretty good job. one of you would deny the obvious she told me that. in the tradition of the civil rights movements like it's almost
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a six mile walk in blazing heat but we feel like it has to be done that this government can no longer have authority over people's lives because they always will put profit before people always it's been it's what they've done and we're not prepared to allow that to continue it's about a wider question it's about what grenfell tower represents and it's about it's about violence and murder that is being perpetrated against poor working class black an asian immigrant migrant communities in this country. they put loads of to morrow to take to the was there about five hundred we write that holding a. great job to the cranfield they say it was great in a. constructive from the friends of ours who way. that the money. i miss the food they. may not have any good.
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not for a peace. keeping that will float but. because later on when they get to parliament they will be telling me five hundred rules for exact. i might not have peace. in the night by the way i should tell you that there's a lot i don't even need. going on i know how to use numerous methods central london thank you. well meanwhile the legendary filmmaker all of us state has said his latest work as a documentary is the person interviews gives a view of russia which has never been shown by the mainstream media. how it can go live now to us he's paid to scott wilson paid to you money to ask a question his post conference. hello kate yes i certainly did so only bestowed he gave a talk on coding the truth in films here installments which is hold up by
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a press conference and displaced almost being dedicated to science in the arts politics dominates the press conference on the course his documentary about what do you make what's in my mind to ask oliver stone a question and i asked him if he has seen the documentary and what his thoughts on it were. as you know the stuff they never heard you know i love it when they say this is all boilerplate boilerplate like illegal but this is all boilerplate russian talk not even though this talk with you i've never seen that lead us to the explanation for mr putin's point of view of the crimea of ukraine i never see that so talk talk to me about boilerplate because anyway the west is very divided as though you know they would hate me i'm just a misanthrope that i don't take it you know experience i've been able enable to shoot the stars or interview those of my reputation because i do think we we had a good chance of
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a good thing that so i think over two years. and twenty hours of the interview took place quite a bit i think the camera does a lot of the became or tells you things and body language body language audience. point feel sometimes from just words so it's worth the really. so yes so christian and oliver stone how to dance together as he said he did a k. to two years of his life to make in the pre-teen interviews as he's called it is the series which in total loss for i was made up from an incredible twenty always a footage with the russian president it's already been released and president putin has been so titled so that viewers can hear the intonation in his voice a stone also said that the body language between the two in signs at times was just as interesting as the conversation. you can imagine that's going to scott thank you very much in day. well the u.s.
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appears to have flip flopped on its policy towards consomme more details on this after a short break. called the feeling of. every the world. and you get it on the old old. old according to josh. world cup i'm walking from the raw. data. the fact that prompted get elected with this series of bodies and distortions is
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a reflection of fact that the voting public could be convinced by that and what we really need to do when one of the reasons as a scientist i'm interested in this is we really need to get people to apply the same standards of politics that apply to science skeptical inquiry empirical testing and demand evidence for what your politicians tell you. welcome back the u.s. state department appears to have contradicted president trump's position on the gulf states only going to promote a crisis now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward qatar the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the
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u.a.e. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or they about the long simmering grievances between and among the g.c.c. countries. the time had come to call. on could two are to end its funding they have to end that fund. and its extremist. already ali g. in terms of fund the nation of qatar or unfortunately has historically been a funder of jurors. but even trump himself spain sending mixed messages is ministration approved selling twelve billion dollars worth of fighter jets to a country just days before the trunk claimed was a terrorist supporter. well let's discuss all of this with anthony kara's political science professor emeritus at not to dime university thank you very much
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indeed for joining us this afternoon what do you make of the conflicting signals from the u.s. with trump say one thing then the state department saying the opposite. yes it just looks for the simple you know reading it from a simple point of view they are contradictory i mean we have a contradiction over here we have the president trump is accusing or saying stating confirming that qatar is a terrorist supporter on the other hand we see that you know there are no proofs of such things as yet they have not been delivered who and what are the things and how qatar is supporting terrorism in addition to this he is selling to the qatari already approved the sale of about twelve billion u.s. dollars of material military material now we have to understand over here that the
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american foreign policy is not a policy that is really. non-flexible it's a policy that could change depending on so many actors there are plenty of actors and there are plenty of interest and the president has to please the people to these the congress has to be as his own party has to meet with the military lobby is all of those all of those or basically and he has to see the floor and his friends or his allies or his perhaps enemies or opponents so basically the president has to develop a certain policy but i am myself also really wondering why so far the troops have not been disclosed have but have not been brought out in the open ok i suppose but as you point out that minute above as i would concentrate upon professor kerry says move on to the second question that will present trampy
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prides himself as a businessman i mean she's think this took precedence when he came today to the big u.s. customer fighter jet deal. excuse me i didn't do the last part what do you think that the idea of. do you think that strong prides itself on a business when i know you i think do you think the big deal took precedence. i am not getting. i'm not getting i'm afraid that we've seem to have lost we lost contact there with anthony careers and we'll get back to him as soon as possible let's move on to the football then the twenty seventeen confederations cup is in full swing and let's get all the latest on the tournament and hand over to neil harvey and stan collymore are in our special moscow studio.
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very good afternoon kate if you mean by special studio you mean more than the top of a very tall building with the wind whipping its way around me with my feet if i skate . but you know we're willing to brave it because there's so much to talk about in terms of football stan collymore alongside me russia portugal biggest game of the tournament so far few minutes to kick off we have the team. cristiana rinaldo it's a very strong champions of europe are going to be flying in and put in some sort of conflicts with my sports fans is that russia had a very very bad european championships they drew the first game against england then lost against slovakia and were following the ball while the nation was feeling very long and very flux about its national team they have no qualification because they're host of the world cup next year so today is a real test match against
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a very good portuguese. as we suspected lined up to come from the three five two that have been playing in the to testify for one for the defense of being cautious rightly so what they want to be doing is. they want to see what portugal portugal will play in lots of cup with lots of confidence because their last game is against new zealand so perhaps they have a little bit of wiggle room to be able to leave plays and not follow potentially the likes of rinaldo if they were to get a positive result to die in advance of that new zealand i think it will be tense and cagey for the first twenty five minutes and it's going to be very interesting to see if the russian sporting public will be caught of looking through maybe two or three fingers thinking all gold we're playing against christiane of algo i think they can go into the sky with a lot of aggression a lot of confidence they've got some players that europe wolf. really know about we've already talked about polish for example it was very good in the first game against new zealand and quietly confident for the. national tour you would get a positive result tonight ok now we brought you into the team because we wanted to
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get like that independent perspective the football perspective and also the international perspective and also want to hear what the kind of local point of view is now and bring in sports journalist alan moore is also a radio host of in moscow on capital f.m. . within several football clubs in the country first of all though i want to talk to you about the fans who are coming next i know you've been with them and getting their thoughts what's the experience been like for them so far so far and it's been brilliant you know i knew when i spoke with today just one call to the prospect i met some chileans they're really enjoying this they said thankfully the weather has turned good as well i mean i hope it stays good it's good to get clarity right now they're enjoying it there's the australians that i know who were here before working and if they were marked on the absolute you know mike missing changes have been made within just the metro system where it's better signposts if it's legal english and russian announcements and so also just as another game it's
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a whole lot easier for me would you call me and so it is a pleasure to see these fans enjoying themselves and this sort of the energy brings me back to when the champs league finals here back in two thousand and eight when you mine united fans and chelsea fans meeting in the streets russian fans mixing with them swapping scarves and also it is kind of a kind of very festive atmosphere right now is going to be ten times better next year i would receive no problems here as an englishman and as a black englishman we've gone to all of the four cities the confederations cup and after about a ball there are going to be maybe four of ten fifteen twenty pairs of english men and women and lots of germans driving through. every scene croatians maybe if you were writing in funds. for people around the world what are you hoping for and what are you expecting from what you've seen with the security measures. issues and things like rice isn't very seriously. are you confident that this is going to be a very good not only confederations cup experience important world cup experience next
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year stand absolutely you know for one fee for never let it be enough to take control of very very well and to put the pressure on the government because it's such a huge investment to get it right and they will get it right that's just a fact take that to the bank it's like the world problem that you mentioned that you terry didn't mention as i did mention our response because we've been here and . we're going to make it a great let's that's the funny thing because the perception is everything and the perception is that all refunds are going to comb and they could be when they're killed for be dressed in green they get to drink in the beginning and then make clear up after themselves the english of course with a very different perception of do you think for english traveling as long as they behave as long as they get involved in the cultural life that's important in russia will be no problems in the us i mean we saw it here to manchester united fans who were over the last of the rastafarians and the fans in general you know lead. based initiatives basically embraced it much as get them blankets and said look this is
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football because football ok sport in general but football especially brings us all together it's what unites all saw that we can sit down at a bar and speak about it we can meet you can see someone i'm not no word of their language and what a scarf on and say all this so many times noise in the middle east with people who spoke no english and i spoke no rb got the time i went ahead with the marlins they go oh you know that so this was a nice language exactly you know i mean and it will bring us together and for english fans you know anyone who's worried about it do not hear russian people respect england a lot i mean you look at the biggest being spoken now in russian general thing as you were traveling in st petersburg they accept and acknowledge that the english workers here fan of football so there's this great deep history that if english fans tap into it the same way as our response has been to the. in america we tap into the roots and so on it will be
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a massive success and i agree if they engage with the local people if they enjoy themselves it will be awfully frightened of some woman left i just want to touch briefly on infrastructure because a lot of people watching are saying ok yeah moscow st petersburg big cities all the focus will be on everything being good there may have to be a different story to be more dangerous not so good when they go to. you know a bit about these places how are things progressing. there is in some of the cities there is quite a bit left the door or in your surrounds kaliningrad they are putting the finishing touches on trucked us to the program. you know i've lived and worked outside of moscow in verona. williams who is this very depressed city that people are worried about you know that they were waiting for racist incidents but i'll give you one quick example after the finale and simple birth of carson's anything where he was insulted by local fans they told us a joke it was an insult he did next gave me a place in the russian involved with. people away from us abrasiveness instead of
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war and the like make a good chance they made a festival of their voices with me and he's gone back there as well so this is my who is in sort of p. goes back so she would be ready and all these other smaller cities read them better than most of the fifty's but don't say i said alan thanks so much forgive me to spectate on this been a great. thing with the confederations cup coverage what half an hour to kickoff is going to a lot more to talk about next hour there's any early goal who will bring them to you stay with on stage. thank you neil and stand next to you on our t.v. from terror attacks to break crosstalk debates whether the u.k. is experiencing a crisis of leadership. people
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with stories to tell. the story i mean. they're here to speak are you there to hear.
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and welcome to cross talk for all things are considered i'm peter lavelle is the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the towers as well as the burning issue a break that many are asking if the ruling elites are out of touch. crosstalk in the u.k. i'm joined by my guest steve keen in london he is a professor of economics at kingston university london as well as the economic advisor to asymmetric return capital also in london we have marcus papadopoulos he is the editor of politics first magazine and in salford we cross to stephen fielding he is a professor of political history at the university of nottingham or a gentleman cross liberals in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate steve let me go to you first in london i oppose a very simple question at the top of this program.


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