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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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many people as you. know. i. the british prime minister has apologized for the government's response to the grand fell time disaster the hundreds of protesters gathered in central london urging theresa may to step down. russia's foreign minister demands an explanation from the usa with the recent shooting down of a syrian fighter jet as concerns grow up or whether washington has its own agenda and syria. and legendary filmmaker only bestowed his just released the interviews documentary says his film gives a unique view of the west russia and its leader. the west is very divided as well
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with you know they would hate me i'm just a messenger i don't i don't take an opinion i don't actually think the camera doesn't lie to the camera tells you things in a body of work. body language use but you can't quite feel sometimes just words. thank you for watching us here at r.t. international life from moscow i'm kate partridge. british prime minister to resign may has apologized over the grenfell town disaster a week after the tragedy she also admitted the government failed in its duty to help those affected the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings without reaves over their heads without even basic information about what happened what they should do that was a failure of the state local and national to help people when they needed it most
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as prime minister i apologize for that failure and as prime minister i've taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right. a massive fire broke out last wednesday and was only put out more than twenty four hours later the death toll car is currently stands at least seventy nine people to reason may antigovernment topping why he criticized for not doing enough huge crowds gathered in central london today demanding her resignation or smith has been speaking to some of the protesters. have a right you didn't westminster we wrote ten kilometers from shepherd's bush those people are understandably quite tired but they have found the energy to keep on shouting and they are currently blocking off the main road that leads off to westminster bridge the westminster bridge off to the right as you're seeing on your screen and of course the houses of parliament just behind me i'd say they've reached that key destination because of course the aim the stated aim of the
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organizers of this protest is to take down the government they want to shut down london which they have done fairly effectively and take down government do not say what they had to say trying to turn them right turn a source for help and they drove to tell me of mold that was coming here. not just the victims on one throw and hope for the one who wrote the people can hear us it over the government will be able to do it in the tradition of the civil rights movements like it's almost a six mile walk in blazing heat but we feel like it has to be done that this government can no longer have authority over people's lives because they always will put profit before people are the primary maze of ation for this protest as you heard that is true show people's discussed the tragedy that happened to graeme felt our the fire in which we understand that seventy nine people have been killed but
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the death toll could be a lot more and in fact i've just been handed this piece of paper by a very quiet man who said he's not here to protest he just wants to find his frightened she lived in grunfeld tower it's got a photograph of them that it's a day. when he started number he said he just wants to find him or to know whether he's dead or not and of course this protest has been motivated by also the fact that it's the queen's speech today the queen made her opening of parliament here earlier today which is proved a convenient date it is protesters to come forward they told me earlier that the opening of parliament suggested that that's the reason maybe it's business as usual but they said business as usual is cart's racism and divisiveness and they don't want that to carry on any more very briefly turned slightly nasty outside downing street a bit of a scuffle as people try to get to the gates but so far a very peaceful and well policed protest but we don't know if that will continue we
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understand that lots more people will be joining these ones roundabout now just a little bit later on so we'll have to see how it pans out the rest of the afternoon. meanwhile russia's foreign minister says he's waiting for an explanation from washington after a syrian military jet was shot down near the city of raka so to get over also stress the pentagon still treating various terror groups differently for. the french we have to show that the u.s. is really targeting i suppose it's what we don't recall america bombing so actively . so whatever it's called knows but it's constantly changing its name but it doesn't change its nature of the mean because well russia is now holton some cooperation with the u.s. over syria has pulled out of the agreement to prevent collisions in syrian airspace meanwhile australia has announced it's temporarily suspending air operations in syria. well u.s.
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led coalition trains the syrian jets was downed in self-defense however in the last month they too already targeted government forces five times well let's have a look at where the attacks have taken place the plane was shot down southwest of the syrian city of raka where the coalition supporting kurdish troops in their fight against eisel well the u.s. led coalition has also conducted several bombing raids against pro-government fighters here near the ats town of training base well the pentagon cited the same justification for each rage that assad forces had breached a conflict zone and it's now a look now at how this military escalation may be reaching a boiling point the u.s. shoots down a syrian plane over syria in self-defense the only action that we have taken against pro regime forces in syria and they've been to specific incidents have been in self-defense let's imagine a random guy comes into your house with a gun and shoots your dog and then he's like it was just self-defense i wanted to
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make sure there was no why lynds going on here d. as coalition speaking of deescalation after this self defense move the situation couldn't be worse russia and now considers all u.s. led coalition planes in the area of potential targets and are tracking them all of this happened as both the u.s. and syrian government backed up by the russian air force were fighting isis in the stronghold of iraq are now washington and moscow have locked horns in syria again focus has shifted and isis is probably breathing a deep sigh of relief while watching syrian fighter jets crash in flames on the horizon good job superpowers you're not so super slick. questions are now being asked whether the fight against terror has changed to outright military intervention and even u.s. senators have joined those critical of the pentagon's policy in syria. this is
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illegal war at this point then there's a practical question the practical question is doing anything you want killing every perceived enemy and every perceived leader of chieftain of five people in some misbegotten village is it helping are we going to defeat an ideology by killing people the united states and the coalition are there without any permission without any i mean for the president and so when we when we not only do we enter syria and there are sovereign airspace. but now we have shot down a syrian jets we have been carrying out bombing attacks this is an act of civil war of aggression. under international law. and tackling looks at how trumps promises to stop such interventions happening but can. trump
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made it clear that defeating terrorism and putting an end to the trend of u.s. interventions in the middle east were top priorities so he opted for granting more power to the military what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world ok but if it helps eradicate eisel what's the problem well first we have the us training and giving arms to a bunch of anti-government forces one of them the new syrian army would really like to topple assad. then there's the syrian democratic forces largely consisting of kurds who would really love to grab more power from the government and eventually become independent remember the de confliction zones they're controlled by those forces supported by the us and the syrian government is not allowed there so once i finish we will have fully trained armed to the teeth forces controlling significant chunks of syrian territory partially hostile to the government what could possibly go
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wrong i don't see u.s. forces leaving in the short term did indicate that he wanted to lessen tensions with the russian federation that he wanted to focus our u.s. military policy towards the elimination of the islamic state what we've seen however over the last five months since he was inaugurated is just the opposite so it seems in this effort to defeat beisel the u.s. could in fact be fanning new hotbed of tension if you like washington has a case of tunnel vision trying to solve only one problem without seeing the bigger picture sound familiar and show iraq anyone but history teaches us nothing clearly not even past tweets such as this one from donald trump to then president obama in two thousand thirteen he warned that nothing good would come to the u.s. from attacking syria apparently hindsight isn't twenty twenty one to get to the white house. r.t. washington d.c. . now legendary filmmaker all of
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a stone says his latest documentary the putin interviews gives a beautiful russia which has never been seen by the mainstream media. reports of a stone he gave it told the truth in films here installments which is hold up by a press conference and displaced on a screen dedicated to science in the arts politics dominates the press conference on the course his documentary about what he made putin i myself have a stone a question resilience your your documentary has putin seen and he's given a feedback on a commons quite a bit quite a bit yeah as you know in america they're hearing stuff they never heard you know i love it when they say this is all boilerplate boilerplate like a legal but this is all boilerplate russian talk they don't even know this talk i've never seen it in the us an explanation from mr putin's point of view of the crimea of ukraine i've never seen it so don't talk to me about boilerplate this is
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anyway the west is very divided as they would hate me i'm just a messenger i don't i don't take an opinion i don't take stands i'm i'm i'm able enable to shoot this documentary because of my reputation because i do think we we had a good dance we had a good day and i think over two years. and twenty hours of interview time that's quite a bit and i think the camera doesn't lie i think the camera tells you things in body language body language i guess that you can't quite feel sometimes from just words so yes christian and oliver stone how did guns together as he said he did a k. to two years of his life to make him departing interviews as he's called it is the series which in total loss for always made up from an incredible twenty always of footage with the russian president it's already been released and president putin has been so titled so that viewers can hear the intonation in his voice and still and also said that the body language between the two in signs at times was just as
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. interesting as the conversation goes why all of a stone was freaking cheering the start of us international festival in norway that occasion to astronomy space exploration arts and science and stephen hawking was also one of the guests me because he warned that mankind must leave the earth will face extinction so for the earth is there coming true for us is typical resources are being created. rising temperatures. polar ice caps deforestation and decimation of animals disease it is time to explore other solar systems spreading out maybe the only thing that saves us from ourselves. is humans egil leaves earth. and coming up after this short break it's aspirational coverage of the twenty seventeen confederations cup.
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level blocks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the second or forcing you to fight the battles they're going. to do socks credit tell you that every gossip the tabloids were to. block as much as they tell you think you are not cool enough and looks like. these are the hawks that we all want to go watch. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. when the final merry go round. we can all middle of the room.
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welcome back now the second group matches the twenty seventeen confederations cup festival of football are underway and let's get all the latest from neil harvey and stan collymore are in our special rooftop moscow studio. good evening to everybody watching at home and thanks very much kate for in moscow of course now i'm joined by stan collymore we've been talking a little bit about today's big match the first of two is russia portugal russia are trailing while no less take everybody through that goal that we've had so far. as
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good left for cross boyd and who else but christiane with the finish ahead a back across a go i can fire i have to say dominated most of the guys in portugal this is a real test for russia this is the kind of dying they need to get right from the world cup it's the not playing qualification games of course being the host of the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup and two thousand and three for world calls so this kind of test against the world's best rebelde always the world's best is absolutely what the doctor ordered i think this is an important moment for chess a funny wednesday with the defense information thinking it was the european champions it was rinaldo well nailed down what do you do in the situation do you throw a bit of caution to the wind and try and get a result or do you risk losing four five mil and suddenly everyone's on your back the expectation next season we're already privy to where the russian national team are going to play they're going to play three great games next year in the world one of the one of the some places burglary no one in somalia the expectation is
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going to be hard and then you have to think quickly you have to think all my free if they want to get one side the expectation is for them to go through at least in the group so be a little bit more proactive a little bit more talking maybe want to substitutions is the order of the day for churches so they will be hoping to turn this around a still you know the still time i still believe that the russian team is good enough to get something out of this but they definitely up against at the spacek stadium full capacity crowd. now that we had a look around ourselves on a quiet today beautiful place what only three years since it was opened we had a chance to also speak to a former sponsor legend he played for the soviet union he played for russia many years for spots at moscow themselves read not decide. ok so this is the spot hank stadium is going to be hosting federations cup games
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will kill games amazing thing about spartacus these to be like kind of hobos used to play other people stage a long time did of their own ground now they've got it on the living ninety five years confederations cup no bad way to celebrate when i think spartacus was thinking it's the people's republic call it i think a woman not to say a play pretty much is in time to really catch the count know that you like a mama huge amount we're going to speak. it's mind spiration to play football for england it was the ninety nine seats we will call special was that tournament move was the idea when i. sit in the us and one of the room where you are the origins of our story those. guys because it's a piece of news for the first of all i want to take you back to ninety eighty eight were in england my friends and i would go to the pod like most kids apply football
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now my friends would pretend to be the great english plays of the time i would be. did you know that there were a lot of people in the west it was looking at people like you for their inspiration pretending to be you. see old souls. the more you were above the age you see on the other oceans are british. somebody needs to deal so why your yeah so i over about as good mr stories like you yeah that's i yelled. at the national treasure my cover that broke i'll believe you for that a how exciting is it that the confederations cup and the next year the fifa world cup is going to be in russia. but in the washington steam well . they should go for a while east on money you can bet if you have them the one used to mean is that i was sure it was the three notes would you please only to shine at will bowl.
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not much else to see but nationally in s.q. the only pushing for you know that you know is that this is a series. that wasn't only famous for all of the signed up all book there were all tastes and politicians as well you know one of the most famous in this country got the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov to sign it we caught up with him last month we had a chat about the expectations around the confederations cup and plenty. of nations. people. said to me. so you can only play until we receive your solution there it was with. the bullets over here. the boy over. there with.
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the swiss is going for the first time for the russian government the world cup we're going to be russia. sure sure. consumers would never assume this. and quad play. and so sergey lavrov i wouldn't want to be the ones i. know we won't go there ok let's go to the gulf of mexico new zealand new zealand have to get something and i'm going to be the underdog some gang mentality is difficult going for. the narrative for new zealanders to qualify for a world there in a quite appalled zone in on it because australia moved from the region and they went into the asian federation and wanted to she's well stranger here as well so
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there isn't a lot of quality opposition from new zealand supply just the same as i remember last time there will come nothing they do every every game so they can compete and that's why things like the confederations cup and an expanded world very important to get teams like new zealand played against better opposition but mexico play in front of a hundred thousand people in front of the. place what giovanni dos santos and formerly of munches you know i did know of. course they used to the pressure and the expectation of the mexican nation to win that's going to be a victory for me no achilles the can i just looking forward little bit talk about tendencies we know that this match today russia portugal was sold out in advance it's been like twenty thirty thousand some of the games so far which is quite typical for confederation but ticket price is important isn't it without a doubt for me to look at the difference between the confederations cup teams in the tournament to a world cup where there's thirty two teams and thirty two teams bring into the
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tournament bringing in lots of funds germany haven't done that australia haven't done that cameroon haven't done that also fairly young saw it's so frequent do need to look again in terms of the two strands one is the russian support some people it's about hong kong traffic not a disappointing european championships and the other one he's in the confederations cup for the last ten or twelve years old it is not. tournament as the world calls so therefore less supporters looking at the the entirety of the tournament will come back next year when the real person and stalls and just very quickly this is the start of the road to the world companies need people to have a lot about legacy what russia wants after will kill place not that lots of money was made i'm sure people want but all you want people in russia to be embracing football youngsters to be looking at that as a male name in south africa in two thousand and ten and the wonderful idea with an
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amazing view. in the middle of the. england plight in brazil a lot of those stadiums in south africa and brazil now all completely. american all pitch lots of seats machine missing this is the merican all one of the stadiums the one finger by the russian legacy we've already seen a lot of the stadiums are going to be used ballclub so it's in the russian premier league in the champions league in the europa league there will be a legacy at this point looking at all the teams around the world who would you say your favorite because they respond. to many in this tournament because quite simply they've got the strongest soit that we're champions of south america brought in with portugal have brought their team with them with christiane a. german a we don't know it's very much an experimental side because they've left the really big names that we're going to be expecting to stall and ask rings next
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year on this one and the twenty one european tournament so it's the play is in between but they still managed to beat australia three goals to a school the most goals in one game in germany always gets a finals never back against all male we should know about is englishman yeah i'm saying but he gets her sister lucy i'm not going in there i thought i'd get back and school and get a draw to die having seen the dummy i should have in for. first off a great result for this would be a classic game to have the first look at an equalizer we will say this time yet many thanks donna thanks to you guys over staying with our coverage of the confederations cup. thank you dale and stan next up on the international is the u.s. at war with the syrian government with a talking point for watching the hawks. is
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the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the grenfell tower as well as the burning issue of breaks that many are asking if the ruling elite. the u.k. in crisis after a series of deadly terrorist attacks a hung parliament and the horrific human tragedy of the grenfell tower as well as
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the burning issue of breaks that many are asking if the ruling elites. greetings and salutation while many on capitol hill quaking in shipper with rage and fear over the mere mention of the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential elections and russian acking it appears that the real threat to our voting public may not be from nefarious hidden foreign hackers but from our own two political parties are ongoing blunders and their thirst for power case in point this week it was revealed that a republican to contract a data mining firm accidentally exposed the personal information of just about every single registered voter in the united states of america. i wish i was
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actually making this up but sadly i am not discovered by upcard cyber security researcher christa vickery the leak contains the sensitive personal data of over one hundred ninety eight million u.s. voters that was compiled and categorized by deep root analytics according to analysis by the intercept this week it includes a mix of private information and data gleaned from public voter rolls the voters date of birth home and mailing addresses phone number or registered party you self reported racial demographic voter registration status as well as a computer modeled speculation about each person's race and religion who predictably deep deep roots analytics as this is a suring us that everything is ok that that they were not hacked that this is this this unprotected information leak was was all due to an unexpected side effect from
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a settings change and that the information was only exposed in the cloud for like you know just it's two weeks that's all just two weeks now and no big deal look the other way keep moving forward however vicary told the washington post that in the wrong hands this info could easily be abused saying quote with this data you can target neighborhoods individuals people of all sorts of persuasions i could give you the home address of every person the r. and c. believes voted for trump remember remember it's the russians that we need to be really afraid of not not that our political parties are hiring private contractors to data mine sensitive private details of almost every registered voter in the united states to use for god knows what new new it's the evil russians who are the threat to our security yeah that's the ticket and let's start watching the hawks.


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