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tv   Headline News  RT  June 21, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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many people as you. are to america hundreds gather in central london demanding the resignation of prime minister theresa may at the day of rage protests. last russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says he is still waiting for an explanation from washington after a syrian military jet was shot down at the city of raka. and u.s. military advisors in afghanistan are finding themselves increasingly under fire from the people they've been training in those stories coming up right now. it's wednesday june twenty first four pm in washington d.c.
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other types of sweets and you're watching artsy america we begin this hour with a major display of discontent across the u.k. following the devastating grunfeld terror tragedy today hundreds of protesters took to the streets blaming the government for its poor response to the deadly fire one week ago today the twenty four storey high rise caught fire killing dozens of people trapped inside many are still missing and for those lucky to survive now search for new homes british prime minister trista may apologize for the tragedy admitting the government failed in its duty to help those affected the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings without heads without even basic information about what had happened what they should do that was a failure of the state local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. and as prime minister i've taken
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responsibility for doing what we can to put things right. the massive fire broke out last wednesday and was only put out more than twenty four hours later and that toll currently stands at at least seventy nine people theresa may and her government to have been one of the criticized for not doing enough huge crowds gather in central london today demanding her resignation or smith is on the streets of london where she's been speaking with protesters we have a right to question we will ten kilometers from shepherd's bush those people are understandably quite tired but they have found the energy to keep on shouting and they are currently blocking off the main road that leads off to westminster bridge the westminster bridge off to the right as you're seeing on your screen and of course the house of parliament just behind me i'd say they've reached back a destination because of course the name the stated aim of the organizers of this protest is to take down the government they want to shut down london which they
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have done fairly effectively and take down the government cannot say what they had to say i'm going to turn them right turn is also hell and they sure to tell me if i'm old it was coming here. and not just there were the victims on one throw and hope for the one who wrote the people can hear us you know through the government will be able to do it in the tradition of the civil rights movements like it's almost a six mile walk in blazing heat but we feel like it has to be done that this government can no longer have authority over people's lives because they always will put profit before people are the primary emaciation for this protest as you heard that is to show people's discussed the tragedy that happened to grunfeld how the fire in which we understand that seventy nine people have been killed but the death toll could be a lot more and in fact i've just been handed this piece of paper by
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a very quiet man who said he's not here to protest he just wants to find his frightened she lived in grunfeld tower and. got to face crawford then that his name he started number he said he just wants to find him or to know whether he's dead or notes of course this protest has been motivated by oh so the fact that it's the queen's speech today the queen made opening of parliament earlier today which is approved a convenient date is protests is to come forward they told me earlier that the opening of parliament suggested that the theresa may it's business as usual but they said business as usual is cause racism and divisiveness and they don't want that to carry on any more very briefly turn slightly nonstate outside downing street a bit of a scuffle as people try to get to the gates but so far a very peaceful and well policed protest but we don't know if that will continue we understand that lots more people will be joining these ones roundabout now just
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a little bit later on so we'll have to see how it pans out the rest of the afternoon well this friday will mark one year since you came voted to leave the e.u. given. that because. america printed a special promise. and lindsey france this from four pm to six pm. time. for minister says he's waiting for explanation from washington after a syrian military down near the city of baka. also stressed the still present very differently but the good. sense we. don't actively. but it's got its name change nature is the enemy because. it's pulled out
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of the. air space because of the president. during the campaign to back off the u.s. interventionist policy jacqueline looks at trump's promises trump made it clear that defeating terrorism and putting an end to the trend of u.s. interventions in the middle east were top priorities so he opted for granting more power to the military what i do is i authorized by military we have the greatest military in the world ok but if it helps eradicate eisel what's the problem well first we have the us training and giving arms to a bunch of anti-government forces one of them the new syrian army would really like to topple assad. then there's the syrian democratic forces largely consisting of kurds who would really love to grab more power from the government and eventually become
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independent remember the de confliction zones they're controlled by those forces supported by the us and the fear in government is not allowed there so once i finish we will have fully trained armed to the teeth forces controlling significant chunks of syrian territory partially hostile to the government what could possibly go wrong i don't see u.s. forces leaving in the short term did indicate that he wanted. to lessen tensions with the russian federation that he wanted to focus u.s. military policy towards the elimination of the islamic state what we've seen however over the last five months since he was inaugurated is just the opposite so it seems in an effort to defeat arsal the u.s. could in fact be fanning new hotbed of tension if you like washington has a case of tunnel vision trying to solve only one problem without seeing the bigger picture sound familiar it should iraq anyone but history teaches us nothing clearly
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not even past week for just this one from donald trump to then president obama in two thousand and thirteen he warned that nothing good would come to the us from attacking syria apparently hindsight isn't twenty twenty one to get to the white house jochum guga r.t. washington d.c. tensions between the u.s. and russia are lot rapidly escalating whether it be the conflict in syria over u.s. sanctions against russia or vetoes latest encroachments on russia's borders how is that in aggressive posture toward russia f.-f. relations with the us to discuss this i was joined by danielle corvallis a professor of international human rights at the university of pittsburgh school of law and author of the plot to scapegoat russia how the cia and the deep state have conspired to vilify putin. well i think you're going to see that the holes so-called russia gate scandal is going to disappear because i think there is. scant evidence as you say that anything of substance actually happened. in
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terms of alleged russian hacking or meddling with the election so i think what you're going to see is a move instead towards investigation into whether trump obstructed justice by trying to somehow interfere with the investigation of the russia gate scandal if you can follow me on that you know so. and we only know that hillary clinton who as you know a lot that election she stated strongly that he thought rest and played a part in the election and trey gowdy this morning actually had a very interesting points and he said if clinton were the victim to a so-called crime then why not turn over the server the d.n.c. never turned over the server to law enforcement so do you think she really sees rest of the reason as to why she lost the election or is she merely using russia as her scapegoats well i do believe that she's using it as her scapegoat we actually know this from a book called shattered which came out by some folks written by some folks who
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worked on the clinton campaign in new and talked about the fact that she in her campaign concocted this whole russia gate idea after she lost the election in order to essentially you know deflect. attention from her own shortcomings as a candidate and in fact the interesting thing is right after the election right after it before she you know thought up this russia scheme she in a moment of candor said what really destroyed her campaign in the eleventh hour was the james komi letter three weeks before the election in which komi said he was still investing. seating her for her unsecured personal e-mail server if you recall that yes so much to unfold there i mean the whole political theme but we know back in april after a wreck tillerson said the u.s.
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and russia are at an all time low in the past two decades it seems as though relations between the two countries were on their way to a better place but again this so-called investigation washington has rather villainize russia even though again no evidence has been found so what's your take on the recent hostility over in syria between the u.s. and russia. well i'm very concerned as you say. it looked like there was some chance. in trump's administration for a repro show with russia something that i think is just makes common sense frankly . and now i do believe because of this rush to get the pushing of this russia gate scandal both by the democrats and by the media that it seems that the trumpet ministration now feels it's got to prove it didn't collude with russia by now being in tag is stick towards it so now you see that the plane was shot down the syrian plane was shot down by u.s.
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. forces over syria which really upset the russians you see today. u.s. fighter plane intercepted a plane which was flying the defense minister of russia somewhere over kaliningrad so you see the tensions are mounting and this is exactly what a lot of is fear that's why i've been speaking out against is why i wrote this book the plot to scapegoat russia because i fear that no matter what happens with the russia gate scandal again even if it disappears which i think it will this hostility that's been built up against russia will remain and i think it is pushing us closer to a confrontation that i don't think any of us want and to add to that i mean the u.s. has now brought it sanctions against russia now one hundred sixty individuals and more than four hundred companies are on it. russian foreign minister sergey lavrov reacted saying quote i can only express my regret at the pro session of argue with
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colleagues what should take do you think this is all merely political says trump has received so much backlash when he pressed for relations with russia since his campaign days. i think there's two things at least two things going on one is political one is the russia gate scandal which i think is pushing the white house into feeling a need to be more confrontational with russia there may be a more nefarious explanation as well which i fear and that is that there are some. there are some people in the government in the u.s. government who have wanted. a confrontational stance towards russia one to justify gross continued military buildup. i think there may be even some who want a military confrontation with russia. you know i mean the the economic system is in
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crisis and i fear there are some people who may think a war will get us out of it obviously i oppose such reasoning but i think you cannot count on the fact that there are people pushing in that direction and the tensions are mounting with i mean nato in general still just have to wait and see what happens danielle khalik the author and professor of international human rights at the university of pittsburgh school of law thank you so much for your time thank you so much but u.s. military advisors in afghanistan are finding themselves increasingly under fire from the people they've been training in two recent incidents alone three u.s. soldiers were killed and seven more injured artie's moran gas dia reports. that camp in a joint afghan and nato military base it's here that's a taliban infiltrator turned his gun on coalition troops injuring seven american soldiers everyone who knew him or was friends with him is now under investigation
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being question though the base itself is still operational and training continues what we can safely say is that from now on off the vicious latest incident american troops will be looking at that afghan allies with just that little bit more suspicion that the green on blue attacks when afghan forces either infiltrators will defect is but this belief of coalition troops it's been a taliban tactic for years this is an achievement for the mujahideen who have managed to create mistrust among the enemy forces such attacks peaked during the bomb as troops it's going to soup battle that the route the book on security. well. oh. no not that that our first american soldiers training afghans were assigned body gods then all coalition troops well ordered to
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have their weapons loaded at all times to afghan recruits were made to go through an eight step vetting process while an inquisition like nobody purged to anyone dragica yet here we are there some breaking news out of afghanistan three u.s. service members are dead a fourth wounded after a shooting reportedly carried out by a member of the afghan military seven u.s. army soldiers that have been wounded in northern afghanistan now this comes a week after three west army soldiers were killed in a similar incident to a deadly attack on american soldiers overseas two attacks and a spy novel really children was three soldiers killed seven wounded in an fire sure it's nothing like two thousand and twelve when green on blue violence killed or injured more than one hundred troops but the situation was different then there
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were fifteen times as many americans in afghanistan and the taliban was losing not so now i understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now the taliban is resurgent taking over vast swaths of afghanistan islamic state is also spreading across the country the afghan army the coalition a beset by challenges. for another troop surge. some additional forces from the united states to come to afghanistan to take part in training and advising our national forces if one hundred forty thousand troops couldn't win this war what difference will four thousand make all those things troops americans can all different i mean. no north. american troops in afghanistan people who get more frustrated in
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security will be trees afghans a pessimistic they've heard told the full on publishes of security victory at the end of the day how do you win a war when you can't even tell which of your allies is going to shoot you in the back. where. from kabul afghanistan. meanwhile a government watchdog agency is accusing the pentagon of way seemed twenty million dollars of taxpayers' money on what they're calling inappropriate uniforms for the afghan army the special inspector general for afghanistan reconstruction issued a seventeen page report on tuesday telling the so-called inappropriate force pattern camouflage uniforms despite the fact that force make up only two point one percent of ghana stands to rain snow as national climatic data center characterizes the country as mountainous experiencing both cold and snowy winters and hot and dry
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summers afghanistan is described as being within the desert climate classification according to the reports a former defense minister quotes like what he saw online while the uniforms uniforms rather were then chosen by the afghan defense ministry. and yemen is now experiencing what the un has described as the worst color out early outbreak on the planet more than one hundred seventy thousand people have been infected in two months and at least eleven hundred have died all that adds to the already dire situation in the country caused by saudi led war on who the rebels which is entirely manmade and also makes treaty in the epidemic much more difficult r.t. is alexy are reports. there is no good news coming out of yemen these days the country has plummeted by the saudi onslaught against the who the rebels which has left at least ten thousand people killed almost seven million yemenis many of them
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children are on the brink of starvation not only they have no access to food but clean water as well another ten million cannot even afford to buy food thanks to a sea and land blow kate instrumented by riyadh and now from bad to worse it's also as the outbreak of cholera described by the world health organization as unprecedented and the worst humanitarian crisis on earth numbers are also terrifying there at least one hundred seventy two thousand infected eleven hundred forty two people dead since april and a person is dying every hour from the disease that hit us of h w h o a spokesman said that if you look at the numbers we're talking close to two thousand suspected cases a day color isn't demick in yemen it's currently the largest color outbreak that we have in the world he continued by saying it is difficult in a situation where a country has a health system that is collapsing there is simply no money in the budget and
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health facilities are not having money to run their daily operations there's also the issue of waste collection that obviously affects the quality of water and access to clean water and of quote and water is definitely the biggest stumbling block here cholera is the kind of disease which could be easily treated by replacing lost fluids straight away and it's not patients can die within hours but it's not only the infected cannot get access to clean water it's part of the treatment koehler itself is being transmitted through contaminated water the w.h.o. said in a statement that to date it has helped to set up one hundred forty four diarrhea treatment centers two hundred six rehydration points along with more than nine hundred beds for the color of patients but admits it's not enough and that it's sixty six million dollars short of providing adequate health to the population the u.n. officials say that if the situation remains on a ten. that the number of infected might climb over three hundred thousand mark by the end of the summer and it's really hard to see where the hell could come from
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since the two year long saudi led war against the kuwaitis not only destroyed much of the health care system but also made sure the w.h.o. and humanitarian workers cannot get inside the country to provide help but despite numerous vocal outcries by human rights activists official u.n. bodies and a handful of pundits and commentators riad refuses to back down and let the rest of the world help preventing the seemingly inevitable collapse of yemen's twenty seven million population alexi russia s.q.r.t. reporting from washington d.c. new developments out of virginia where the gunman who opened fire at a republican baseball team reportedly had a storage locker with more than two hundred rounds of ammunition inside the gunman james hodgkinson allegedly visited the ammunition storage locker daily less than an hour before he shot over sixty rounds at the team members including congressman steve scalise last week a list of names was also found on hodgkinson. evidence collection thus far
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indicates that the shooter had been in alexandria area since march two thousand and seventeen on the morning of wednesday june fourteenth hodgkinson who was living in his vehicle in the parking lot of the y.m.c.a. at the east monroe avenue address is believed to have sex with his vehicle with two weapons one being an s k s seven point six two millimeter caliber rifle and a nine nine millimeter handgun for which he had a holster on his body. however an f.b.i. official declined to characterize the document as a hit list saying this was not an act of terror congressman's believes has and arrived several surgeries and is now listed in fair condition a staffer lobbyist and two of school leases security officers were also injured in the attack. and switching gears boom bust is coming up next right here on r.t. america some of the reserve filling in for nancy france a moment can we expect on today show that's right natasha lindsay france is in
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london covering it for us so i'm here today and coming up on boom the ride sharing our is on the hunt for a new chief the founder resigned amid sexual harassment claims that the company and other complains and the shareholders revolted also bit coin moves on up the cryptocurrency surges back in a big way and india may have something to do with it so we have that and a whole lot more coming up on boom bust be sure to tune in all right thanks so much well that does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america also check out our web site r t dot com board splashed america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's sweets question more. all the world's a stage and all the news companies nearly players but what kind of partners are
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anti american planes are to america offer much more american personnel. many ways to use landscape just like the real huge big city actors bad actors. you could never your own. parking. world the state of the world all the world's a stage we are. larry you are watching our of our forces during the war.
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robert muller is the special counsel that's in charge of handling the russia investigation and he's been adding members to his team like crazy and if you think this team is going to be impartial then just listen to this according to federal election commission filings as reported by numerous outlets including c.n.n. at least three members of mahler's special council team have made donations to democratic presidential campaigns including clinton's twenty sixteen campaign so the people mahler is assembling to take a look at russia's meddling to get trampled acted by the same people who gave thousands of dollars to hillary clinton to be trump now how impartial do you think they'll be one of them is james quarrel's was given nearly thirty three thousand dollars to political campaigns over the years by far that we did democrats in presidential campaigns he gave to michael dukakis al gore john kerry barack obama and yes hillary clinton he also gave more than ten grand to help democrats in congress to another of mahler's special team members as andrew waste of men who led
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the enron investigation and he gave a lot of dough to obama so you can only imagine how fair and impartial he feels toward trump but those two aren't the ones that made me go whoa the one that really made me go well was jeanne you read because the actual investigation team member read not only gave to democrats she maxed out her contributions to clinton in both twenty sixteen and twenty fifteen as well as giving a whole bunch to obama too but worse than that re a woman who was going to be. conducting a major investigation and should thus be neutral actually representing the clinton foundation in iraq and tearing up there and she actually represented clinton herself in a lawsuit over her private email so she not only donated to clinton she represented clinton and now she's going to be a member of the team and the rest of probe and we're supposed to believe she'll be impartial just like the probe itself which and this is the worst part to me has probably only just begun.
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i'm a trial lawyer i've spent countless hours poring through documents to tell the story about the ugly side of cauldron of. corporate media rich uses to talk about the carnage is coming i'm going to paint a clear picture about how disturbing alcool blood corporate conduct has become a mom these are stories that no one else can tell my parents or your host of americans question. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich. but you going to be prosperous like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. i should be more. global war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of. the new socks for the tell you that somebody gossips a couple of us files of the most important news today. off of advertising tell me you are not cool enough to fight their products. it's all the hawks that we along with all those watching.


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