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tv   News with Ed  RT  June 21, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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he shows us that and trump has used the social you don't release or the story goes it's garbage real sure you see. news tonight u.s. and chinese officials meet to discuss north korea amid reports of new weapons testing and in two weeks two officers have been acquitted in police shootings from a summer filled with nationwide protests and disease is now spreading across the war torn country of yemen adding to the staggering death toll and famine created by civil war i'm going to chant sitting in for ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america. last summer saw multiple protests and riots across american cities over the police
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related shooting deaths of steel near st paul minnesota and civil smith in milwaukee wisconsin and in the past few days the officers involved in these deadly encounters were both acquitted of all charges to discuss these cases we're being joined now by a legal analyst lionel of light all media hello my friend thanks for being with me tonight first can we talk about the smith case over in milwaukee now i was personally there on the ground covering the riots in the aftermath clearly a community that was hurt and suffering already from preexisting conditions primarily from economic conditions there and then this shooting death here happens officer dominique he can brown was just acquitted of first degree reckless homicide in the in this shooting what could possibly lead a jury to a path of acquittal when body cam footage clearly shows that smith was already on the ground after one round him in the arm the second shot was to the chest when
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smith was already on the ground ok you're ready first these are criminal charges. the prosecutor has to prove be on and to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt not the preponderance of the evidence which is used in a civil lawsuit that's kind of easy that's number one number two first degree reckless homicide that's the issue next expert testimony somebody coming in and say dispense had one point six nine seconds to act then you have a pro pinder and of this new theme and with all due respect to police and we have to say this they do a great job this is not a blanket indictment we weren't there in the courtroom ok i got that out of the way but you know there's this added to that says you don't understand this fog of war
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you don't need seal team six to be out there to be a cop but we are more often than not. absolutely removing any responsibility look my question this is do you train these people are they trained when you are trained does this situation come up why is it there we're seeing time after time of a police officer basically freaking out now sometimes is warranted i think in the next case were dog about it really exaggerate but in this particular case come another remember if you are a juror if i have a defense lawyer and i am trying to create one. time i need doubt for you to hang a not guilty i just want one longer fear is a maybe that's not guilty now in a civil case sky's the limit million dollars federal might be a little different but sometimes the charges are so strong and the burning is so
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that's one factor so the credit the fact that this was a criminal case do you see that there's any chance of the family might bring a civil case against ok i guess this officer. i don't know offhand but if they don't i mean i can't believe it because you have a whole host of issues for example failure to train negligent supervision because remember it's a lower standard instead of a reasonable doubt is it more likely than not that this officer didn't take into account all of the circumstances and was negligent no flange ok still very it's a different story that's no one where i i mean i don't understand absolute really that what kind of training is involved. obviously that was shocking moving video footage his girlfriend streamed it on her facebook live feed who can forget that that officer too of course acquitted just on friday but now all of this
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video footage is being released cop dash cams ongoing video from his girlfriend's cell phone that was previously never seen before why is all of this unfolding publicly after the fact this is the part i remember these cannot be a court these cannot be appealed you cannot appeal an acquittal under the new criminal case that that really absolutely fits the memory can i do a double jeopardy cannot do this no unless you're brilliant i know their charge and a federal case maybe but that's not going to happen but here here's the part that i am surprised about when this this young man said officer i have a weapon how many people who are going to do harm to a police officer announced by the way i've got a weapon and it's licensed and i'm going for it now that should have our eyes say the least change the tenor of the police officer with add another officer around the back to back up coming around the back of the car and again we're second
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guessing but when somebody in manila tells you i have a weapon i have and i am giving you the bit of the doubt and i am doing this when you see how fast. i mean he he's doing it he didn't say put your hand on the wheel go low he said ok go for your weapon or you're got to work with your wallet but right do so but don't freak me out in the meantime i mean that was the most telling now remember he was charged with manslaughter and the reckless endangerment of the four year old child raise in the car who was going to be permanently traumatized that civil case all story is going to have to be heard as well but that was the one and also i don't want to bring race into this look i'm not trying to do that i'm not doing that but when you or a group of people in this country and use see this time after time remember the
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last white insurance agent that was killed remember that no i don't either say the cops are racist but this is what happens when you see this over and over again it's hard to miss the tragic implication lionel thank you so much for always coming in with your legal expertise lytle of line of media in new york thank you sir thank you. and investigators are now calling the stabbing of a police officer at the flint michigan airport and act of terror and according to local media the suspect is a fifty year old canadian citizen initial reports claim the suspect yelled out far just before the attack this morning flint airport officer lieutenant jeff neville was stabbed in the neck right now the f.b.i. is still calling it an isolated incident and says the suspect is now in custody in michigan state police say officer neville is currently in stable condition. in
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another dispute between nato allies this time germany has voted to pull troops and aircraft from turkey's in syria air base the base is a key hub for coalition forces in the fight against isis in syria and. rock berlin's move comes after uncle refused to let members of the bundestag visit the base turkey is still demanding germany extradite several turkish army officers accused of taking part in last year's attempted coup germany is expected to begin moving out troops in jets over the next few weeks to a new site over in jordan. and protesters took to the streets across the u.k. upset at the government's response to the devastating grunfeld tower tragedy now granted tower being what we here in the us call public assisted housing a week ago today the twenty four storey high rise caught fire killing dozens and dozens of people trapped inside british prime minister theresa may apologize for the tragedy admitting the government has failed to do enough for those affected the
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support on the ground for families in the initial was not good enough people were left without belongings. without even basic information about what had happened what they should do that was a failure of the state local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. as prime minister i've taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right. the death toll currently stands at least at seventy nine people that is expected to rise or smith has more we have a right. we tend to limit those from shepherd's bush those people are understandably quite tired but they have found the energy to keep on shouting and they are currently blocking off the main road that leads off to westminster bridge the westminster bridge off to the right as you're seeing on your screen and of course the house of parliament just behind me they say they've reached back
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a destination because the coolest aim the stated aim of the organizers of this protest is to take down the government they want to shut down london which they have done fairly effectively and take down. government didn't say what they had to say. to ten m. right turn a source for help and they sure did tell me of mold it was coming here. and not just the victim's own words so. hopefully someone who wrote the people can hear us and actually the governor will be able to verify that in the tradition of the civil rights movements like it's almost a six mile walk in blazing heat but we feel like it has to be done that this government can no longer have authority over people's lives because they always will put profit before people cry every major patient for this protest as you heard that is to show people discuss the tragedy that happened to graham felt our the
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fire in which we understand that seventy nine people have been killed but the death toll could be a lot more and in fact i've just been handed this piece of paper by a very quiet man who said he's not here to protest he just wants to find his friend who lived in grunfeld tower it's got a face across and that his name he started number he said he just wants to find him or to know whether he's dead or not it's of course his protest has been motivated by oh so the fact that it's the queen's speech today the queen made opening of parliament earlier today which is approved a convenient date is protests is to come forward they told me earlier that the opening of parliament suggested that the theresa may it's business as usual but they said business as usual is cause racism and divisiveness and they don't want that to carry on any more very briefly turn slightly nonstate outside downing street a bit of a scuffle as people try to get to the gates but so far
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a very peaceful and well policed protest but we don't know if that will continue we understand that lots more people will be joining these ones round about now just a little bit later on so we'll have to see how it pans out the rest of the afternoon. and this friday will mark one year since the u.k. voted to leave the e.u. and because of this very historic event r.t. america will be bringing you a special report from london hosted by our own ed schultz larry king and lindsey france don't miss that this friday from four pm to six pm eastern standard time. and a u.s. military advisers in afghanistan are finding themselves increasingly under fire from the people they've just been training earlier this month three soldiers were killed and seven more were injured in two separate so-called insider attacks. has the report. that camp shane joint afghan and nato military
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base it's here that the taliban infiltrator turned his gun on coalition troops injuring seven american soldiers everyone who knew him or was friends with him is now under investigation being questioned though the base itself is still operational and training continues what we can safely say is that from now on off the vase latest incident american troops will be looking at that afghan allies with just that little bit more suspicion that the green on blue attacks when afghan forces either infiltrators will defect is purposely fire on coalition troops it's been a taliban tactic for years this is an achievement for the mujahideen who have managed to create mistrust among the enemy forces such attacks peaked during a bomb as troops it's going to soup bad that the rewrote the book on security.
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oh. no not that that the. first american soldiers training afghans were assigned body gods then all coalition troops well ordered to have their weapons looted at all times afghan recruits were made to go through an eight step vetting process while an inquisition like nobody purged to anyone dragica yet here we are. some breaking news out of afghanistan three u.s. service members are dead a fourth wounded after a shooting reportedly carried out by a member of the afghan military terrorist seven u.s. army soldiers that have been wounded in northern afghanistan now this comes a week after three u.s. army soldiers were killed in a similar incident to a deadly at. back on american soldiers over two attacks and never will be children with three soldiers killed seven wounded in
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a fire sure it's nothing like two thousand and twelve when green on blue violence killed or injured more than one hundred troops but the situation was different then there were fifteen times as many americans in afghanistan and the taliban was losing not so now i understand it's my responsibility we're not winning in afghanistan right now the taliban is resurgent taking over vast swaths of afghanistan islamic state is also spreading across the country the afghan army the coalition a beset by challenges. for another troop surge has. some additional forces from the united states who come to afghanistan to take part in training and advising our national forces if one hundred and forty thousand troops couldn't win this war what difference will four thousand make would be one thousand
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troops americans cannot defeat and that's hardly been in afghanistan they just want to fight and. they can achieve their goals. with more american troops in afghanistan people will get more frustrated and insecurity will increase afghans a pessimistic they've heard it all before the public says of security victory at the end of the day how do you win a war when you can't even tell which of your allies is going to shoot you in the back. where do you see from kabul afghanistan. optimistic statements from secretary of state rex tillerson who said today china and the u.s. are both committed to the goal of denuclearizing the korean peninsula tillerson and defense secretary james mattis met their chinese counterparts today to discuss north korea and cooperation in the region. threaten the region.
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we call for complete. zation of the korean. however what did not come out of that meeting is what exactly china will do to put more pressure on the hermit kingdom about ninety percent of north korea's trade is expected to go through china this comes just a day after president donald trump took to twitter frustrated at the lack of progress on north korea saying what chinese president xi has done just hasn't been enough so china's foreign ministry spokesman gang schwanke fired back saying that beijing's role in resolving the issue is indispensable and added that quote the crux and the focal point of contention of the korean peninsula nuclear issue does not lie with the chinese side settling the peninsula nuclear issue calls for collective wisdom and concerted efforts tensions escalated even further when north
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korea following the death of american student on a warm beer and new reports of weapons testing so joining me now to dig a little deeper into president trump's foreign policy are john jordan former intelligence officer and g.o.p. strategist and david grasso anchor of for bold t.v. gentlemen thanks for joining us this evening. guys first do you think auto war mirrors death played a role on the sentiment today and furthermore the idea of disarming kim jong un is is great but how are we going to do that the u.s. and its allies have been hollering this for years and years now nothing has changed john over to you first. john hold hold that thought one second we're having a little bit of audio let me go to david david for his thoughts and we'll come right back to you. good evening manilla i think it definitely had.
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a role in the way we're thinking about north korea right now i think many previous administrations have wanted peace with north korea but china is in a very awkward spot and obviously the death of otto warm beer doesn't help in establishing peace and denuclearizing north korea china is a country that has instituted many capitalist reforms and they would rather as we learned during the week you leak scandal many years ago that north korea be a capitalist society the problem is is how do we get there we don't really want to unified north korea and south korea under chinese interests because that would put that theoretical country allied with the united states instead of china so china is that a very sensitive spot because they don't want to nuclear north korea but they don't want to unified north korea either. yeah that definitely puts it in a sticky situation but but do you think some of this is going to be heightened
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because of auto warm beers death do you think this is this might be that the camel that breaks. the the backs of north korea. i mean definitely otto's death was a shocker to everyone i mean the charges that he faced for ripping down a poster were shocking and his parents didn't hear from any news about him for over a year only to learn that he was in a coma and then he was shipped back to cincinnati where two or three days later he died so obviously that's very disconcerting and goes against the the idea that we had that north korea would be softer in some ways on on westerners you know dennis rodman's basketball diplomacy we've all some people have said you know that would help things but it seems like we have a situation where you know we want to work with north korea everyone wants to see a denuclearized north korea china would like to see it as we learned today but it's not easy to get there as this administration is learning and as previous
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administrations learn the hard way you know we're going to try to bring john back here we're fixing some audio issues here john we were able to hear any of that what are your thoughts on otto warm years death playing a role and if if any of this is going to raise tensions. well i think played a role but i think more significantly the chinese and north koreans understand that the era of strategic patience is over and the united states is genuinely frightened there was an interesting development today that didn't get much play and i guess we're going to talk about it first on our t.v. is that the north korean ambassador to india said of something remarkable on indian television today and that was that north korea was open to a moratorium on both testing of nuclear delivery systems as well as nuclear weapons themselves in exchange for a. sation a reduction in the u.s. north korean exercise is not so obvious of the. so it's very interesting that maybe
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maybe the combination of chinese pressure and the realisation that north korea is the number one national security threat for the united states that concept may be taking hold not only in beijing but in pyongyang and people are really there they're really willing to actually think about about cooling this off now. ok guys i'm sorry we're having a lot of audio issues tonight we'll see if we can resolve that and have you back on guys thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this so far. or a yemen is now experiencing what the u.n. has called the worst cholera outbreak on the planet more than one hundred seventy thousand people have been infected in just two months and at least eleven hundred people have died so far that's in addition to the already dire situation of the country's civil war artie's alexy are chefs he has the report. there is no good
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news coming out of yemen these days the country has plummeted by the saudi onslaught against the who with the rebels which has left at least ten thousand people killed almost seven million yemenis many of them children are on the brink of starvation not only they have no access to food but clean water as well another ten million cannot even afford to buy food thanks to air sea and land bilocate instrumented. and now from bad to worse it's also as the outbreak of cholera described by the world health organization as unprecedented and the worst humanitarian crisis on earth numbers are also terrifying there at least one hundred seventy two thousand infected eleven hundred forty two people dead since april and a person is dying every hour from the disease that you get out of h w h o a spokesman said that if you look at the numbers we're talking close to two thousand suspected cases a day color isn't demick in yemen it's currently the largest color outbreak that we
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have in the world he continued by saying it is difficult at a situation where a country has a health system that is collapsing there is simply no money in the budget and health facilities are not having money to run their daily operations there's also the issue of waste collection that obviously affects the quality of water and access to clean water and of quote and water is definitely the biggest stumbling block here koehler is the kind of disease which could be easily treated by replacing lost fluids straight away and if not patients can die within hours but if not only the infected cannot get access to clean water a spot of the treatment koehler itself is being transmitted through contaminated water the w.h.o. said in a statement that to date it has helped to set up one hundred forty four diarrhea treatment centers two hundred six rehydration points along with more than one thousand five hundred beds for the color of patients but admits it's not enough and that it's sixty six million dollars short of providing adequate help to the population the u.n. officials say that if the situation remains under ten. that the number of infected
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might climb over three hundred thousand mark by the end of the summer and it's really hard to see where the help would come from since the two year long saudi led war against the kuwaitis not only destroyed much of the health care system but also made sure the w.h.o. and humanitarian workers can get inside the country to provide help but despite numerous vocal outcries by human rights activists official u.n. bodies and a handful of pundits and commentators refuses to back down and let the rest of the world help preventing the seemingly inevitable collapse. of a million population. reporting from washington d.c. . for science and arts is underway in norway stephen hawking joined other scientists to talk about the threats we face here on earth and why we must find a home on another planet artie's trending chavez has that story. annual star most festival is underway in norway where renowned scientist stephen hawking says the
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human race could risk dying if we don't colonise on a new planet earth is there coming true. the resources are being. alert but this isn't the first time that hawking has cautioned that a disaster happening to the planet is near he explained that we run the chance of extinction from numerous different threats spanning from climate change to genetically engineered viruses it was just last month that he warned mankind we only have one hundred years left on earth we have never let it go disastrous. temperatures. deforestation and decimation as animals. it is. there are similar systems. i don't mean to be the only system. the fourth star mistrustful celebrates astronomy in space exploration chemistry physics art and medicine artie's larry king host of the
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iconic a band to discuss the topics he owes at a panel of discussions with various notable professionals all leading in their field including famed film director and producer all of our stone and renowned astrophysicist neil de grasse tyson who just became the first american to receive the stephen hawking medal ties and share his thoughts on the future so you turn to for mars which we've turned it into earth and then you go to mars and but here's the problem if you have the power of july engineering to turn mars into earth then you have the power to turn earth back into earth. for no matter what you do to thank. you maybe the journey of which you speak is not a journey of distance into space it's a journey in wisdom of how to become better shepherds of our civilization but it wasn't all serious talk larry king joked with us panelists and had the problem
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laughing when he asked throughout the movie director oliver stone about how technology has impacted the movie industry in movies that made him better in the thirty's. has and the technology made movie nothing changes it's all both talking about facade fashion interests internet life you know the world is not getting smaller if you make it get smaller it will but when you're putting yourself in a tighter hole i think it should get bigger. as in technology as in technology improves a film that's what they say. as in technology improves the film business yes it's a house. thank you all those sounds like a contradiction but you have to understand though hawking is another kid of searching for habitat on another planet he did however admit that there are some
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arrests of the kind of space exploration that he is calling for and we don't know what or who we will find when we get there reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. . r e that is the news tonight follow me on twitter at manila chan i am manila chance sitting in for ed charles reporting tonight from washington member the question more i'll be back and see it tomorrow.


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