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yeah. marvin in washington d.c. and here's what's coming up tonight on the big picture with the trumpet ministration preparing to send even more troops to afghanistan as a time to rethink america's longest war last ask jim case in just a moment and poll after poll shows that america is
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a democratic socialist country so why did democrats like fail georgia congressional candidate john asaf continue to run on a republican lite message that and more with houllier a veteran charles sour in tonight's lono robel. america's longest war is about to get even longer the pentagon is expected to announce any day now that it's sending four thousand additional troops to afghanistan in the washington post the purpose of this mini troop surge is to break a stalemate in a war that has now passed to the third u.s. commander in chief but can we ever really win in afghanistan joining me now is jim caisson associate general secretary for strategic advocacy at the friends committee on national legislation jim welcome back thank you tom it's great had to be yours thank you so what is the current situation at. well the us has been at war in
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afghanistan for over fifteen years now and we've had one hundred thousand troops and we've got a little less than ten thousand troops al-qaeda the taliban all these forces are operating there the taliban by some estimates controls forty percent of the territory by some estimates controls ninety percent of the territory outside of the cities so i think one would have to say that the u.s. and the u.s. allies are not countries are not bringing peace to afghanistan you know afghanistan was this as i recall the second poorest country in the world after burkina faso i think in you know when we first started bombing them they had an annual g.d.p. of two billion dollars you know we're spending two billion dollars every day it seems i mean we did you know we spent a trillion dollars there if we could have just poured money on them which george w. bush actually did in the first six months of his presidency when he went to mullah omar and said we'll give you twenty million dollars if you are thirty or forty was
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in somewhere in the neighborhood if you'll burn the opium poppies which they did you know it's like and then and then after nine eleven well all maher offered to arrest bin ladin and send him to a third country for trial and bush said no i would rather bomb your country how how out of. proportion is all of this well you're reminded that the vice president at the time said you could make the rubble balance ignore when the u.s. was talking about invading afghanistan that the enormity of the problems that the u.s. has created in afghanistan is hard to describe at this point to talk about throwing money at a problem there were literally times when the u.s. was flying in big airplanes with just stacks of cash and then the cia was handing them over in an attempt to buy different parts of the countries by warlords in different parts of the country kole law so mistakes about dams that are built
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that are not that are not used or don't function ways in which the u.s. occupied parts of the country and then had to withdraw and tried to retake those parts of the country it really is just simply a failure and you don't have to believe a quaker lobbyist you can look at the inspector general for the department of defense and some of the reports that they've done of just the big failures in this whole occupation but i think there's a bigger picture here and the bigger picture is we keep thinking as a country that if we send more military troops that's going to somehow being bring peace to afghanistan and despite all of the evidence despite more than fifteen years of evidence that that hasn't brought peace that hasn't brought stability and mostly the tragedy is for the people of afghanistan that's resulted in more people dying more more children more women more men suffering in terrible ways we know someone in afghanistan right now who's got his whole family in the capital and when a bombing happens like happened
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a few weeks ago he's got to wonder why are my kids what is going to happen that's what's happening every day to families in afghanistan and i think the tragedy of this notion that the u.s. military is going to send four thousand more troops and that somehow going to solve a problem that the u.s. hasn't solved with one hundred thousand. troops or any other level of troops just awful i guess i would want to add a couple of other points to this though i think it's really a problem in our country when the commander in chief donald trump just delegates that authority for how many troops go into afghanistan to the military without any oversight and then that problem is compounded because our congress has really basically thrown up its hands and say we're not going to fulfill our constitutional authority as you know in two thousand and one congress passed a small authorization for the use of military force that every president george
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bush barack obama and now donald trump has used to launch whatever wars they want whatever military escalation that's specifically named to go after al qaeda and the perpetrators of nine eleven was that that is exactly right and yet it's been used for rock it's been used for afghanistan it's been used in libyans syria and in syria the u.s. is using it to both go after groups that say they're allied with al qaeda and groups that say they're mortal enemies about qaeda so it is. congress and i think there are members of congress that are looking at this and understanding this there were hearings this week in the senate foreign relations committee exactly to the point of whether or not congress should get back in the game and retake back its constitutional authority and certainly we as a quaker lobby would like to see that happen now quakers don't believe that war is a good idea any time where the people who have the war is not the answer sign on the front of our building across from the u.s.
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senate but you don't have to be a quaker to look at what's happening in afghanistan and say more troops are not the answer this is in effect doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result very einsteins definition of insanity. world war two ended when we took down the german government and we took down the japanese government if that's the definition of the end of a war and then we went into you know rebuilding the marshall plan and all that kind of stuff if that's the definition of the end of the war arguably the war in afghanistan ended after a couple of weeks the internet the war in iraq ended at the most after a month and what has been going on in both those countries ever since is not a war it's an occupation and. throwing more and more troops into an occupation i mean it didn't even work for the british i mean gandhi threw them out of india not to mention you know uganda just goes on or not it's the same the french there and the dutch and and then the belgians you know in the congo and.
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how do we get people to kind of recalibrate their understanding of this that this is an occupation and not a war that you can't win an occupation that there has to be a completely different strategy to rebuild a country and bring them back into you know the norms of civilization as opposed to simply dropping depleted uranium on them and contaminating their their country and i think that's a perfectly. good question and and you know from the point of view of people in afghanistan they see the u.s. as an occupying force in their own country and the the reality is that the that the u.s. has not successfully been able to create in another country a political system that is going to meet the needs of the afghanistan people and the afghan people but i think one of the ways that we make that case is actually to
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listen to the military themselves the commander of africa u.s. forces in africa said in a hearing in march i think it was of this year that the u.s. could eliminate al qaeda and vocal haraam the insurgent group in nigeria this afternoon and by friday there would be new groups taking their place and then he ended the comment by saying the u.s. can't kill its way to victory now quakers might not use that exact language but i think that's a very forceful point that you can't go in there with guns and solve problems that are political the political inclusion problems of jobs of economic growth as you said a small country and you can't just throw money at something without figuring out the political structures and without figuring out what's what's going on and yet in two thousand and it was two thousand and seven or thereabouts i was in new york talk radio convention talkers conference and general stanley mcchrystal was there
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is giving a speech and we talked for a while in the hall and i said you know what are we going to do or do we go with this and he said well we can't kill our way out of this or words to that effect that was ten years ago i mean you know and this was the guy in charge of afghanistan as i recall the time and. why has you know why has that message not. filtered through why why is what what break down is happening here in the united states that we're that we're trying to behave like the british empire in the nineteenth century but i think there are several things one is that as a country we often think we can solve every problem in other parts of the world and the reality is we can't do this is not something where the u.s. just goes in and makes everything good i think the second problem is we're not really willing to deal with the x. turtle actors that are having an influence on this conflict right now it's fashionable in washington and to attack one part of the one country or iran that
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it's pouring arms and troops troops but insurgent forces into iraq and syria but not to criticize saudi arabia these are essentially wars that are being fueled by other countries as well as being fueled by tensions in these countries and if the u.s. doesn't if the u.s. wants to be an honest broker to bring all of these people together to some kind of regional conference as they tried to do in europe as you remember in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight the new us actually has to make sure that all the parties are there and they cut off the external on arm flows they begin to be bring people into negotiations because that's a part of the problem and then internally the u.s. can't solve the political problems in afghanistan with what i think we now know can't solve this with billions or tens of billions of dollars and tens of billions of bullets that's just not going to work and i think as
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a country we're not comfortable with that and sometimes our political leaders are manipulating us we're very critical of what our president right now is doing president trump my sense is in our sense is that he is escalating the war not just in afghanistan with these four thousand troops but also in syria where for. the first time as i'm sure you've reported for the first time i think that since one thousand nine hundred ninety nine the us shot down another aircraft in the air that the u.s. is now shooting down drones over there is fueling saudi military action in yemen and again i'm not saying the u.s. should side with one country or another i'm just saying it's us wants to be an honest broker and bring people together and try and figure out how to bring peace to these regions you can't do it by just sending in military troops and adding more fuel to that fire jim qassem thanks so much for being with us tom thanks for having
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us coming up now that they've seen the damage because steel dash cam video or conservatives finally ready to admit that this country has a police violence problem we'll find out tonight along local rubble with julio rivera and charles sour right after the break. the american middle class has been railroaded by washington politics. big. boy that's how it is the culture in this country now that's where i come in. i'll make sure you don't get railroaded you'll get the straight talk in the break. you're watching our team.
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basically everything that you think you know about civil society has broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be in this. thing. we don't need people that think like this. this is an incredibly situation. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties aren t. american play. more american first led in many ways the news landscape is just like the future real news big news good actors bad actors and in the end you could never hear all. the parking all the world's all the world's all the world's a stage we are definitely
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a place. after those special election laws is a time for democrats to move left. when they first set eyes rumble our holy aura vera editorial director of reactionary times and columnist for newsmax and charles our economist and president of the market institute thank you both for being with us here tonight thanks for you so much stuff sure let's get started ok after last night's disappointing loss in the special runoff election for the sick sister to georgia democrats are looking for answers ideas vary on where to go next but the general thinking as new york congressman joe crowley pointed out is the democrats need to find
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a coherent national message typically in this district a republican wins by twenty plus points at last night's win for them was incredibly much more narrow that it has in the past as a same in the race in south carolina but we will need to do to continue to do is to focus on the issues that will go to help elect democrats nationally. basically i ran as a republican like he ran against single payer health care he was against wasteful spending and he ran against washington when you've been better off running as a real progress when democrats as a whole be better off if they ran progressives america is a country no it's not a socialist country and the usa will tell you something tom no it no it isn't and let me tell you something he they spent more money on that race than any other congressional race in history and you have a main and so there you go because they continually attacks president trump and
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they still lost so i think that the if the democrats want to listen they need to change their platform america does not want to be socialist that's why you guys got your you know what's handed to you in twenty ten twenty fourteen in this last election where you julio this is the way that the left does math though what tom is saying is that he should have run and made a smaller base for him self what os off was trying to do was expand his base look he was in a republican plus twenty district and he was trying to grab some of the republican voters to come his way if everybody just goes and runs into their corner it just gets their own base that's not good for the country and it's not good going to be good for the democrats in the long run so maybe maybe the left should run further left ok let's let's examine let's let's talk reality here for just a minute guys a recent poll from the progressive change institute found that americans overwhelmingly you say were not a socialist country overwhelmingly supported bernie sanders style democratic
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socialist policies seventy five percent of americans that's republicans and democrats seventy five percent support fairtrade to protect american workers the environment jobs seventy one percent support giving all students access to a debt free college tuition seventy one percent support a massive infrastructure spending program aimed at rebuilding our broken roads bridges and putting people back to work seventy one percent support expanding social security fifty nine percent. support raising taxes on the wealthy so that millions multimillionaires pay the same seventy four percent rate in taxes as they did in one thousand eight hundred fifty one percent support single payer health care this is the united states is a majority democratic so just percent of those people have no idea how to pay for all of that we have your a do over twenty trillion dollars go that we go back you know in there in the eisenhower illustration when you have so much money you could tax every billionaire in this country at ninety percent and you still wouldn't come you could easily cover all that if you did that julio you wouldn't if you did that julio you would
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easily cover that we've got more billionaires than any other country and there you have enough money yes we would listen during the eisenhower administration corporate taxes paid for a third of the cover of the a third of the in income to the federal government right now it's eleven percent we were in the depression it was a different time oh i'm talking that eisenhower administration wasn't a depression it was the time of the great as well as our history united states and the top tax rate was ninety one per cent both you and julio might want to tax the billionaires until they don't have any money but the fact is that the left shouldn't like those polls that you just mentioned this is the progressive institute doing their own poll this is like polling the charlie sour fan club it only getting seventy third interested people it was an independent polling group i forget the which one but it was a credible independent and started look at f.d.r. i got confused as you always talk about f.d.r. i always do i always do anyhow just do just days right let's let's move along just days after officer juran i'm oh ya nose was acquitted on all charges relating to
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his death police have released dash cam video of the shooting that killed philander because steele it is damning take a look in just a warning what you're about to see is pretty disturbing. everyone concerned. about the firearm ok don't reach for it then we'll pull it out. don't pull it off. should this be a wake up call to conservatives that we have a real problem with police violence in this country that this dash cam video shows falana because steele doing everything right when interacting with officer young really was also as i said it's gone are the clips that i don't want that you got to see inside of the car and he is something you guys say is supposed to protect us
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from the tyranny of the state but his girlfriend was live streaming this thing and by the way go over to red state dot com a conservative website and you can read you know articles by conservative saying the philander can steal. event killing was a tragedy it's something that we all need to get behind saying no no more i mean why is it a wash impose four hundred fifty two people have been killed in the united states by police in the first six months of this year one hundred twelve of them black and if you look at probably all of europe few fewer than five people have been killed by police this year i mean typically typically the u.k. goes a whole year without any police killings so what's really sad about this is that the n.r.a. hasn't stood up and come to philander fields defense the way that they should that's disturbing but real realistically well we don't need to come up like yeah like the n.r.a. should get a good seal carry permit the n.r.a.
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should be lined up. trumpeting this and boycotting the police and having that they would be well i mean that i have to say i think that that's a problem in this case but really we come back to police unions being the problem that once that cop fired on blando castillo. in some states in california they're not allowed to question him for thirty days the police unions have to get out of the way so that this can actually be dealt with are seriously going to try to turn this into an anti-union rant charles really. if the unit and i don't agree i agree with charles on that one but at the same time to we don't know exactly what happened that day ask that dash cam video. it was somewhat inconclusive at the same time police are not infallible and at the same time you love to point out statistics all the time we have over a million law enforcement officers in this country that did not kill anyone yesterday so if you look at it by percentages it's very few and far between
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whenever these types of incidents occur the large majority and i'm talking ninety nine point nine nine nine nine nine percent of police officers do a spectacular job and they keep the citizen safe there are some things that we look for better percentages than that on the show and plane flights trains transportation i think we should hold our nine to a higher than four hundred euro you're going to have instances where things like that happen and listen they were looking for a suspect of mass description at the time so if you did reach or if you made a movement which was not shown on that video that could have been enough to trigger the cop to do it as well as we didn't was not and we do know that with the evidence not enough to convict him we do know with a jury of his own peers that's our system and he was innocent we do know from the police report itself the final casea when he was killed had his hand on his wallet he was trying to present the officer with his concealed carry permit it's what he
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told the officer he was doing well he didn't ask for that he asked for his license and his is police. information and if we look at. first permit then he was told not to clear no he was told not to reach for his gun and he said i'm not a how was the cop supposed to know that he was reaching for his permit really tom so do i again if he had to know somehow threw off most if he had been why do you have any gun seriously seriously who were do you think did it or does it even get on there if this hip if this had been a forty year old white guy in a suit do you think the did the results would have been different hey the statistics show that the majority. people that get shot by white police officers or white men that's a little bit of that but they're already unstable in the united states or locked in a black guy the majority of people are still bigger than the statistic that you just showed earlier what was it four hundred fifty two deaths with one hundred fifteen of them under twenty eight luck be one hundred twelve of them black that
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that isn't that's a difference in the current population statistics which would be more more more non blacks being shot than what they are in the population but that's beyond the point look this police officer made a bad made a bad call the n.r.a. should be here because what he did in that car sounds like the way that he should have acted with his concealed carry permit and the police officer got scared and fire fired his weapon that is not what even in the know he was reaching for that he how was he supposed to know that he was going to pull out a concealed carry permit he was reaching for his band aid i was obviously as you was it struck to maybe we should be living in a country where people are not carrying concealed weapons maybe that's and let me move along we only have a minute half left despite trumpeting himself as the savior american industry and donald trump has stayed curiously silent the wake of ford's announcement this week that the going to move production of the ford focus to china twenty nineteen focus
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is currently building a factory outside of detroit when michigan i thought trump was going to keep things like this from happening why is he failed listen listen supposedly ford is saving one billion dollars by doing this if congress would get off of their brats and support their president's agenda and we had the fifteen percent corporate tax rate i'm pretty sure ford would have saved a lot more than that i'm out by keeping the production in michigan this is a failure by congress not a failure of the president's agenda in the same time all just second julio no seriously charles we have a we have a full minute here i'll give you a chance to read the you know the president. donald trump insisted you know that i mean yes yes you can say that all you want i had to put an asterisk at the end of it because he lost by three million votes but in any case. this guy yeah he was going to vote he was going to bring manufacturing back to the united states you
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know he stopped originally they were going to move it to mexico and trump trump trashed them and they lost hundreds of millions of dollars paul in that factory xico now they're moving it to try to give me what they're saying to donald trump see gimmicks that trump is used to keep factories here so far don't work the gimmicks that he's talked about using don't work for the commie what julio said is right is congress needs to get off their duffs and change the policies so that for doesn't stand to save a billion dollars by moving their factory on we need to be competitive that actually i think we can all agree julio rivera charles our thank you thank you and that's the way it is tonight and don't forget democracy is not a spectator sport get out there get active take your.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around quite. preparations from washington to washington post media the media. voters elect who is meant to run this country business because. you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. if. you
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have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those for. your wife or. what's your biggest fear a little bit on the hayride when the last time you read a book you say if you ever met the best quarterback. that's one topic that doesn't belong in the piece now. question more. called the feeling of freedom. every the world should experience. and you get the old. the old according to just. the modern world come along for the.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were yourself and taken your last wrong turn. to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each point. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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the new scenario u.s. and chinese officials meet to discuss north korea amid reports of new weapons testing and in two weeks two officers have been acquitted in police shootings from a summer filled with nationwide protests and disease is now spreading across the war torn country of yemen adding to the staggering death toll and famine created by civil war i'm going to chance sitting in for adults reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching r.t. america. last summer saw multiple protests and riots across american cities over the police
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really. deaths of steel near st paul minnesota and civil smith in milwaukee wisconsin and in the past few days the officers involved in these deadly encounters were both acquitted of all charges to discuss these cases we're being joined now by a legal analyst lionel of light old media hello my friend thanks for being with me tonight first can we talk about the smith case over in milwaukee now i was personally there on the ground covering the riots in the aftermath clearly a community that was hurt and suffering already from preexisting conditions primarily from economic conditions there and then this shooting death here happens officer dominique he can brown was just acquitted of first degree reckless homicide in the in this shooting what could possibly lead a jury to a path of acquittal when body cam footage clearly shows that smith was already on the ground after one round hit him.


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