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tv   Documentary  RT  June 22, 2017 12:29am-1:01am EDT

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the hawks that we want. the truth. come. the. kids. will freeze how long it is how our creator. we can young. each change some young or some. just from the. middle. so don't johnswort says i had a document for you on. the cosima she will. have
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up. there and i thought he don't you know it's not a paddle board i thought. i said i. wasn't funny. it was you. blue. lotus.
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failed. across. the tunnels figured. out needed to.
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heat it up and i know. that. is a. good market. for here in the north pole for your son at the bottom were good for your heart is a. load. all over. our.
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i don't see it is so. how you see beyond the family while going up to go home going to answer touches you will not get a cut as you seem to get to tonight. you'll recall what is will guys in the young to a new terror pose i saw. a minor law in a book in finland when you go in my kitchen i threw this load toward you need to use you i knew what it would not do for me. is a tell you a sister of the j a lot of nice books they've done tons of the times i think. the pledge was in the.
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us not.
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young children need to julia to nation don't tell it how to tell it you know it will not want you to buy into a strange will not be dismissed. you can should see the jewels that i did leave nozzle tools it was obvious i would up. it will change a lot of our girls will will attend school to teach it in this dog you will absolutely how many classes you can get from god up it is strange you want to stop i should base it on how we don't do colby we don't want to do like to tell him don't do that up by me. econo leave a good google search to the shallows powell you will find it will get all.
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how old you want it still to some day once it gets all presidents of the top wanted to get all of this mess up. just those people sit this you'll always. see us those years old it was an excellent way to heal you mean to leave you to new to the couple used to be done still to some there was a good solution to all of this look how good they are all it was. sure that they did so we did all. she was the people. had no right to take you can't eat it will take you to you while we're looking you love that you get to does all the positive good losing has rules all we need all the holidays she does all the follow or delusional the order mom. gets
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to. hold. colby you know you need to go sit in utah. i don't see where you didn't use old moms or should the laws in. on the street. judea which we consume to secure soup each new clue to the chinese which it was assumed is legal to hit the us if you want to do g b you should usually be google images who didn't sell to the jury until we got all these kids who change doesn't little because she will has to be julian it should we do that which is who choose it you'll see to the didn't. want to change it was a musical
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a young so in a sense you know it is in all the did you know all the little you you him when a little too dream was his and the obvious he was it was in your me when i didn't change your shoes you cause a missile to murder him wishing you all well know that in. our audience. the deed would be one of its users in the guise of the gay community where you are the only gives all moms all those you go on there was a new. power comes up to me. she says it is who does a community where you can do this in the group on the sea can you do the thing is i was i mean. he was alone. with you so he's in the hospital and you guys at the un sit down with and.
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only as we are as was is all those of us off. who says i was a bunch of old as it was overall a lot of us at the time not have always enjoyed enjoyed all the smoke it is all. or else i start us on our own or in the long. hall i was not all there was all the other coast close no go feel sorry they will. tell you how many people with us love. your t.v. movie. we did. see
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the. scene. you didn't. see.
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can you can you're in jones are you really wanting to or not on chill call who's going go for a long row by journalists no. yes. thank . god. for them on the wrong. channel to sold on those at all. can you. show.
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the fact that trump to get elected with a series of maist and distortions is a reflection of fact that the voting public could be convinced by that and what we really need to do when one of the reasons as a scientist i'm interested in this is we really need to get people to apply the same standards of politics that applied to science skeptical inquiry empirical testing and demand evidence for your politicians. who she is old enough to post this isn't just didn't show. how. the law is still back home. in a loop in a dose of windows is it good that. you. just
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. have to leave the last a few somebody. took a barbecue what about the i. was i don't know that might i don't want to sell for what they sell but oh. but the investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs on the web and presence here. calling people as you close. oh oh oh oh oh oh.
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oh oh. oh oh oh oh rudy giuliani you're loving the you so you don't you were it was over to the you're the slow. evolution. the only. elites. thank you thank you ok thanks thank you. thank you wouldn't. you when we would all turn out on you've gone i don't want to put up with more this need i wanted. was
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a house of their own we just don't get so was it would be either is out what's wrong with. my game that i own dishes to go to the ruby thought ok a compliment is like a on that i thought it all good decision is a good how yes i'm worse how you cope but i guess they don't. get you and we will talk to me i was you told to go on and off while i was little i guess kind of wasn't much cause of your problems that are. in time when working with the old poster to my to my me those are just awful to my own long and too much. to hope that that will. also have it all i can tell women what i suppose it would mean the guy you money i'm going to snow was one of the. they want it to one case they so much so watch them so well to going to what i was hearing. i was like you need a thousand of that sample i got it here so we can get it was he just look to it now
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was it your money. it's a wonder if i was thinking that much is going on in this we're going to dispose of people who doesn't as a pick as opposed to. tell me they're going to come down as one source or all elderly it's one guy so it's not going to turn.
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it. over. it it it. through.
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readouts you know we in kind of say well as a closer to home peck possible so we can use a lot of that is what shows me that hey i gave you a new one that i don't care about it topical cut us off with a life without a wife and i get i'm. totally up for this that's turning on them once in among us there are ten to post. from. me and participate and toss and turn to don't have prevention or hume's i see some happening tonight as a smirk at their. wedding and you will have been going through all those stories all. other ordinary members are so. kind and i was in one of those are your numbers if you don't know if you go by or not to his articles are some of the. things out
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there you see on a. couple of the month or so you know we don't put a smug didn't tell you that on wasn't just. the name and long the money now that i know. clearly condone was wrong but i'm purpose was to conclude. you consider writing a tissue artist and that's. all you tell us only so so. to all. and i only. indorser humility i'm going with a head on should have learned that in and that's. federal judge in the old order same in that it had i'm going to was in him up on go on go would have handed
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us already made out. oh my gosh it got out wasn't behind me that. was just how i wanted us to do it for those that believe that this is. all to. hell this is all the big. cities are going to lose. you. can't believe.
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it's just usually. leave it to. you to. look over. your. little. bill to get you to would agree with me because they get to get their money on a little ball i know how to but i told her don't we persecute me to. the police or the lawyer for the legal . that's.
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because of the thing is having that doesn't mean that angle is just. as inside his eye as a cause and he does sit on that and pull his eyes handle guns and under the table it is cynical what hangal and then i'm mad about the paranoia so says. the bag
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lead player. playing a layered. a. be a. serious me a bag a low blow a. good. man
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little. if i look a little bit out i leave that sad balance but i guess below you got a better idea and you know. i mean why don't just make it a layer cake of. our own so nerd calling time is a lab will be recreated today or tomorrow just so although diabolical got to be true in every. jago. credited with the.
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girl is the daughter the one school and the people here living your creator does lego. pieces. like my. dream. potential just something on. the line of. this new extra time briefly. the security just sit. around and. want to get. a suitcase it's a few seconds the crew holds its breath. like
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. the market is expanding under a billion and growing growing by leaps and bounds as we've been talking about for years now this lot going on here and it's mutating and morphing and things are happening the buzzword of the week was one of the mob as i see initial coin for a. social environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made everyday life easier but at what cost this is syria is exceptionally sick. no wonder it's confidential. sist says the years old industrial giants reap the benefit. by chemical production. as if these
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people are. just experimental animals decades later the toxic environment continues to poison lives and we found these astronomically high levels of backs and levels of my staff to think maybe some of the highest levels ever on in the united states for almost thirty years this very serious problem had not actually been addressed will lead investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed . this despicable. the earth there's a. good deal. of their. careers it was a business they just look at it. we're.
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going to go whoa whoa whoa. whoa whoa whoa whoa. that's terror investigation has been launched into an attack of michigan and forced on wednesday. the police officer in the next guy says hatred for the us is one reason behind the attack. a space of terror across the world has seen some trying to profit from it with a variety of pay phone apps designed to help deal with next time. hundreds demanded british prime minister to resign may resign as she admits the government failed to help the victims of the grenfell design. always will put profit before pete.


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