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tv   Headline News  RT  June 22, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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believe. and. hatred of the us is the name does a reason behind us down by get tired at michigan airport a terror investigation is now underway. the reason space off atrocities across europe has left politicians and citizens are like people guarding terror as a part of everyday reality. and. britain's prime ministers say is sorry for the handling of the deadly grenfell tower fire however it does little to stop the protests. but i think that it's too little it's unlikely why is the council getting away with this. to speak back all those people in the parliament the guts to get
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a part to play at the. arms of the un says it's horrified by the loss of civilian life in rucka as the u.s. led coalition makes a final push to force the islamic state out of the syrian city. hello and thank you for joining us you're watching r.t. international with me becky erin our top story this hour police in the u.s. have searched the home of the suspect in the stabbing of a police officer at michigan airport on wednesday the f.b.i. says the attacks could be being treated as terrorism and that the suspect has a clear hatred for america. we're investigating this incident as an act of terrorism we have just filed a complaint charging an individual by the name of a more two week he's a fifty year old resident of canada suffice it to say.
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the. very. building. they attack is stops the officer in the neck the policeman was taken to hospital and is now said to be in a stable condition moments before the attack the perpetrator geld gold is great in arabic suspects and more for two he has been taken into custody jennifer breeden an expert in extremism says the us has made itself an easy target for lone wolf attacks now you know there are a lot of countries where you don't see these kinds of things happening but you are seeing in the west the more liberal and democratic societies where we're trying carefully not to offend you know for the last eight years the united states we actually have policies that prohibited our law enforcement from looking into religious facets behind extremist attacks that means any kind of religious extremism wasn't even allowed to be investigated and so that's why it's
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particularly in the west they're wanting to export their extremism their violence to the united states and to europe they're wanting to exploit that and everything that they've called upon their adherents to do is to carry out these terrorist attacks in the west and to call on them to carry out these quote lone wolf type attacks on behalf of them and the west has made itself a very easy target specifically europe and the united states where i am by not really investigating our law itself to look at that there for fear of offending people or offending a religion. the michigan post is the latest incident being treated as an act of terror this year in just six months europe has seen eleven terror attacks with plots foiled on average every nine days they have left up to fifty people dead and over three hundred injured there are around sixty thousand potential suspects one of the latest incidents in europe occurred in paris where an attacker rammed a car full of weapons into a police van and he appeared to have had
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a gun permit despite being on a terror watch list but the french prime minister expressed little surprise over the odds. so sort of no one could be satisfied that someone who's been officially flagged can benefit from this authorization to carry arms certainly not me so the attacker who was on a terror watch list a permit to carry arms and the prime minister is not exactly happy that's that it seems that the terror threat is not causing so much shock nowadays becoming a rather common thing on average every nine days and twenty seventeen a terror attack was attempted across the e.u. while eighty four percent of brits now believe that the attack on british cities is a very likely that's not really surprising and after the mayor of london had this to say to the public. so what else is part and parcel of living in a big city well now that everybody's ok with the thought of another terrorist
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attack being imminent some businesses to the side to grab the opportunity to cash in like with anti terror insurance which has the potential to be a three billion dollar industry and isn't growing demand anything from a liability for businesses reputation which has suffered after an attack so the obvious def insurance payouts then there is more like an anti terror adjudication like they say you can't be too careful so perhaps taking one of these terrorism awareness courses could be of help here are just some of the things you will learn after completion recognizing unusual suspects of course identifying an explosive device and even their nukes on abbey taishan during catastrophic bleeding no time to take courses no problem take one of these pocket books with you while you're on a train or a bus there is a guide for grown ups and now a guide for kids not a big fan of reading no problem they got you covered so if he needs an up they can
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help you be more. open to create is a concern that people caught up in an attack may not be clear on how to respond in the immediate. aftermath when every second counts more bile apps for the whole family some are free like the citizen aid app while others will cost sure but the bottom line here is how ethical is it to charge for this stuff or even make an industry out of it i would probably go along the line that if we continue with our training with our support. and hands meant of our resilience to these scenarios she the fear factor of a terrorist assault becomes less we all have different modeling and how we create the product and what we want to try and do with our training is to trying roundoff out fear so what is not completely normal we actually accept it we deal with it in a robust manner and save lives two days number of terror suspects arrested in new has doubled since last year rising from third year in a row and it looks like the trend keeps gaining strength so it may be that
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everything terrorism related will most likely become a new business nish to invest in middle francis and jagow r t. i was in london now where clashes have been seen between protesters and police as hundreds of people took to the streets in a so-called day of rage. i. i. i. agree with you that is. right. you know protesters have demanded justice for the people affected by the grenfell tower fire which claimed dozens of lives it's a great as prime minister to resign may a week to admit the government had failed in its duty to provide help for them. the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings without roofs over their heads without even basic
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information about what happened what they should do that was a failure to stay. local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. do you write that terrible if she comes out here and says that maybe. they got to listen. when they lie and say little did i miss my life when they. live it says. i make choices but it was a little. thing after this massacre that i could just by people and everyone is going to shout serious say you know this is mean justice and he knows me to be trying. to have so getting away with this sort of. speech that. he was.
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really treated like that. to to reason my you should take all the blame for these. people in the house of parliament. a good part to play for his face march in reaction to brucellosis terrorists and these people see them and see immigrants attacks and of course the handling of the grunfeld how a disaster in which at least seventy nine people are known to have been to death although the death toll is expected to rise i was approached earlier by a quiet man who handed me a leaflet with a picture of a man as he said the man was his friend he had lived in granville tower he wasn't a protester he just wanted to know whether his friend was dead or alive and no information was coming he organizes that at the beginning of the day that that aim was to bring down the government and to shut down london well they've done an excellent job of shutting down london this government can no longer have authority
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over people's lives because they always will put profit before people people have been saying that they get no how. many people were living in grenfell towers a lot of them were possibly on undocumented immigrants and we possibly will never know how many people were killed. over to syria now where the u.s. led coalition is conducting a major offensive on the city of raka the defacto capital in syria of terror group islamic state the u.n. secretary general antonio good terrace has expressed deep confirmed though over the loss of civilian life during the operation he said that remained alarmed at the human suffering throughout the country warning civilians are being killed injured and displaced that's a quote terrifying rate for terrorism did that the situation in iraq are remains particularly grave with people trapped inside the city and facing threats from every direction the secretary general is particularly concerned about the perilous
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situation for civilians in iraq we're trapped and face threats from every direction the united nations and humanitarian partners are doing all they can stem the suffering and across syria often at great personal risk the secretary general made an urgent appeal to all those conducting military operations in syria to do everything in their power to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure as fighting continues in iraq and elsewhere well according to the u.n. estimates since march in iraq or alone at least three hundred civilians have lost their lives as a result of u.s. led coalition airstrikes independent watchdog air walls which monitors civilian casualties from international air strikes in iraq syria and libya puts the number of civilian deaths from coalition air strikes in iraq and syria as high as four thousand since twenty fourteen however the u.s. led coalition itself admits less than five hundred deaths it's reported that the coalition has seven full time investigators monitoring civilian casualties there
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from two earlier this year. he's caleb maupin took to the streets of new york to find out how much ordinary americans know about the plight of civilians in america . you live in america and you follow the news related to syria here's what you've probably been hearing lately you've heard that the u.s. led coalition downed a syrian government jet because it was moving into the deescalation zone of al tam why they say that this syrian jet was posing a threat russia is obviously not happy now what you probably haven't heard about is all the civilians who died as u.s. led coalition forces are moving and rocca you probably haven't even heard of rocca you heard about what's happening in iraq i know. now. you heard about civilian casualties in iraq oh. i can think i have heard something about we have
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a video someone talking about it here it is at the end of the battle when the war planes come they strike multi-storied buildings where the terrorists are but they're also civilians in that house how can the plane strike then more civilians died than terrorists so civilians were either helping eisel or being used as hostages or as protection against u.s. armed forces so that they wouldn't attack that house in order to get to ice so how are we supposed to take care of that and not kill innocent civilians if indeed they're innocent secretary of defense matters he says that two billion cattle thieves are a fact of life in this sort of situation do you agree with that oh no not at all you know all lifers precious no and nobody dies really but that's the line they use always and it's in reality there will always be some civilian casualty but it shouldn't be effected life you know for someone sitting in
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a desk chair in washington to say that it's very difficult. you know i think it's a very delicate bullet. the situation some of the reports that have come out say that more civilians have been killed and i still fighters but in surprise me at all especially because there is no they're wearing a badge says i'm. right and they're there they have their breasts like civilian so how can you always tell me who's who's who i mean it's been a big thing of the friends in the military tell me like you have no idea who it is until like they're shooting at you now that this is a price they say that as many as three hundred civilians according to the u.n. have died since march. oh yeah i mean if they see if there's ten airstrikes a day that's tricky expect it but again because i think they're making it a fact of life so it's become normal it has become part of life and once again like i said all life is precious and civilian life shouldn't have to perish for whatever
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the reasons were reasons be the hands of our government based on our conversations here in manhattan it seems that average americans aren't really aware of what the pentagon is up to now as u.s. coalition forces are moving in on the city of raka civilians are dying bombs are exploding but their plight remains largely under the radar cable mop and are seeing new york. iran is preparing to publish evidence that the us is supporting islamic state that's according to a media advisor to iran's islamic revolutionary government in an exclusive interview with r.t. . in the past whenever the americans wanted to ramp up pressure on iran impose new sanctions or pursue their agenda in the region they would accuse iran of backing terrorism but i think that today world public opinion no longer accepts this the
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world has come to realize that the us despite leading a coalition against dash in syria and iraq does not actually fight. terrorism and practice and is in fact supporting it like this. but asking that. there are plans to release documents revealing us support for dash however they are not documents like formal contracts or written texts but they cover activities in the field including locations where they provided help today they show evidence of arms a logistical and medical assistance which are all clues to american support for dash. us when they are the primary goal behind the recent announcement that iran fired missiles into syria both accurately detecting and hitting dash positions was to show our weapons capabilities in the past when these missiles were test fired in iran the u.s.
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and certain western countries said that iran was lying when it claimed successful launches. of them or. u.s. policies negatively affect the regional security the us is not as influential a player as it used to be and it can no longer manipulate regional politics it now has to partner with countries like saudi arabia whose dictatorship and role in supporting terrorism is known to everyone in the region now all the us can manage to do is pick up their check and leave well while iran that claims the us has lost its influence from theft changed its tune ever theory a thing it doesn't want to repeat the mistake that made in libya we've got our story and much more coming up after this short break stay with us. it's.
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in case you're new to the game this is how it works now the economy is built around corporations corporations run washington washington controls the media the media over voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power you must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before . people with stories to tell. also deserve to be heard. inside. it's still the new york city. builders polish you see and
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this is. they're here to speak for you there to hear. hello welcome back the french president among a crowd and says he doesn't want to see a repeat in syria of the mistakes made in libya the intervention there which france was a part of his wife we were guarded as having field global terrorism welcome our cross live to our to charlotte devinsky in paris to find out more about their solid good to see you what exactly did the french president have to say. well he had quite a lot to say about the conflict in libya the current conflict in syria and also about relationships with the united states and that's what i'm going to start making because what president mccollum said is that he almost gave a suggestion that there could be uncomfortable times ahead for the two countries
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the u.s. and france are chaffed been historically very strong allies he talked about the politics of donald trump saying it was unpredictable and that that was a source of discomfort and he also took a swipe at the current trumpet ministration when he talked about democracy being born in europe and said that while the u.s. love freedom it didn't love justice as much as europe did now he also looked at the historical conflicts that the u.s. and france have been involved in together particularly in libya where he actually said that the intervention of nato allies france and the u.s. alongside other. nato allies in two thousand and eleven which eventually helped lead to the removal of colonel gadhafi was actually wrong a mistake and he said that he doesn't want to make this same mistake in syria. france did not participate in the war in iraq and this was right but it was
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a mistake to enter the war in libya what are the result of these two invasions destroyed states in which terrorist groups thrive i do not want this to happen again in syria. you know one of the other big things that came out of that interview was his views on the syrian conflict at the moment and president said that he now believes the removal of bashar al assad which has been called for by france in the past by his predecessor. and that that is now not an absolute priority he says in fact that president assad is not a is not an enemy of france and actually what needs to happen now is that there needs to be a diplomatic solution he basically said that he's been given no evidence that there is a viable successor to ensure that syria doesn't become as what he describes a failed state as libya and he also said that the key now is to ensure that
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terrorism is the top priority and he's called again for this issue to be dealt with by a coalition of countries coming together and said dealing with terrorism because that he says is the most pressing issue in today's world ok thanks for that update charlotte that's an interesting turn around for france there about starting speaking to us live from paris. now leaked report by swedish police says the number of so-called vulnerable zones in the country has jumped to twenty three areas often described in swedish media as no go zones have sprung up across the country particularly in the largest cities there are port ads that are parallel social structure has emerged in those areas with police facing difficulty carrying out their duties they're partly blames islamic extremism for the problem.
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i am. because we were some service providers have even refused to enter certain areas in april mail provider post an old wooden and to stock homes ring the base that the citing security concerns going to be made headlines last year when police opened fire after a mob of around thirty people began attacking office says with rocks. in fact the national police commissioner says the number of no go zones is even higher than stated in the leaked report he also called for a change of approach but as we see developments in our country which are not to go in the right direction always we see we have more than sixty vulnerabilities in round the major cities so those are sweden and we see criminality there and we
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need to turn around development in those areas and we need assistance of. other parts of society aka sunday from the universe to have gotten things that would take much more than police efforts to tackle. the task police. crime that are crimes in the area but their roots of the drug calls for. some. more criminal. on that area and there are. criminal there are farmers or on the forum and. then there are a lot of. what needs to be increased. if you look at those eerie else all. areas. that are american standard.
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are considered wrong reward they're all we have sixty percent more people form barcroft so of course this is. black or black your problem. now russia's defense minister has had to encounter is with nato jets in just one day while flying over the neutral waters of the baltic sea this video was filmed by a journalist on board the plane with. flying to russia. city of college grads as you can see n.a.t.o.'s sixteen jets flying just me says from the wing tip of russian su twenty seven then squeezed between them to ward off the fighter a second and counter happened on the ministers way back an f. sixteen tell his plane without approaching one nato says it had no information that the russian defense minister was on board adding that it's jets were followed by
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following standard procedure commentator and historian a deal darwish believes that was a dangerous move by nato the baltics he and the russia is a country overlooking the baltic sea hope for that from america how would actually that derek and with if say for example the chinese have actually flew with military jets. yes maybe and sort of a lot of bugs fewer miles of the american coast with an american aircraft carrying an american official you know they probably would declare war i mean this is the whole seeing the action with the public opinion again this to america and we are on air i will actually need i mean there are much much bigger problems in the world actually than this kind of school playground bully it is the. continuation of demonizing russia for. political support
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a secret sumption internally the united states should not really reflect this kind because this gives are extremely extremely dangerous or ladies just clash between two pilots and then we're at war. next boom bust coming your way. the fact that trump to get elected was a series of lies and distortions is a reflection of the fact that the voting public could be convinced by that and what we really need to do when one of the reasons as a scientist i'm interested in this is we really need to get people to apply the same standards of politics that apply to science skeptical inquiry empirical testing to demand evidence for what your politicians tell you.
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welcome to maximize their financial survival guide. looking forward to your. yanks this is what happens to pensions in britain as you watch kaiser report. times three million dollars are you filling in for lindsay france or watching boom bust broadcasting around the world from right here in washington d.c. coming up tonight c.e.o. c. the ride sharing app uber is on the hunt for a new chief the founder resigned amid sexual harassment claims that the company and other complained and the shareholders revolted and business in the e.u. the queen has spoken now britain's prime minister is promising to listen more closely to business concerns about britain leaving the e.u.
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finally bitcoin moves on up the crypto currency surges back in a big way and it may have india to think that a whole lot more on boom bust it all starts right now. the ride is over for over founder and c.e.o. travis colonic who stepped down from his position late tuesday the new york times broke the story early wednesday morning after learning that several major investors delivered a letter to callan and demanding new leadership the embattled former chief executive founded the ride sharing service in two thousand and nine and in the past eight years he's grown the company from startup status to being valued at nearly seventy billion dollars.


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