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coming up on r.t. america the deadly greenfeld tower fire that killed seventy nine experts now say victims and residents were exposed to highly toxic gases. prime minister theresa may continues to take heat for the green bell incident that's on the eve of the one year anniversary of the wreck that were on the ground in london with that story. and with acquittals this week for the police officers who killed the land-o. conceal and civil smith will discuss why this is becoming a pattern. it's thursday june twenty second four pm in washington d.c.
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i'm actually banks and you're watching r t america we begin today with a major milestone approaching in the u.k. tomorrow marks one year since britain vote it to exit the european union brecht's it as it's now known and while that political shift and impending separation are still taking shape talks began this week as scheduled to prepare for brags that a change that will affect not just europe but the rest of the world just a year ago british voters cast their ballots and determine the future for the u.k. and the end the results revealed a very divided kingdom but one that would leave the twenty eight member states known as the european union on june twenty third two thousand and sixteen and in england fifty three point four percent of the population voted for brags that while forty six point six percent voted to remain wells also voted in favor of breck's it fifty two point five percent to forty seven point five percent scotland voted to remain in the union of voting sixty two per. sent to thirty eight percent and
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northern ireland voted in favor of remaining fifty five point eight percent to forty four point two percent prime minister theresa may was against brags that however now she supports it saying it's what the british people want and exiting the e.u. will take two years experts say the most pressing issue will be the post of bragg's that trade deal as a number of european national and regional parliaments me possibly want to hold referendums to discuss this further i spoke with ed schultz host of the news with a troll two who is in london england right now i asked him what the political environment was like in the u.k. one year after the brags and foot well i'll tell you actually it's more than interesting there's a tremendous amount of curiosity about what's going to happen next amongst the citizens here that i've talked to and also apprehension they're not quite confident that this is going to be smooth and and work itself out but i should point out that
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about three hours from london in bristol there's going to be a big party in celebration tomorrow night by those who have advocated for bracks said and they're pretty sure that the country is headed in the right direction they're not sure about the future of theresa may and that is really one of the big questions at this first year anniversary of brecht's that now at the end your opinion will prime minister theresa may be able to survive and remain as the prime minister. well she's just not viewed as the future right now and if she can put together a consensus government it will be almost a political miracle boris johnson i don't believe is the answer either he gave an interview on the b.b.c. and was terribly disorganized. wasn't focused lost the confidence of a lot of people so i think he's finding out and brits are finding out that the foreign minister is a long way from being the prime minister so
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a name that keeps popping up is david davis he is involved in the brics at negotiations he has a tremendous amount of credibility with a lot of conservatives although he is a moderate conservative he has lost elections in the past but he has a strong security background and knowledge of it because he's ex-military and many people think that david davis is the man that's going to be able to put together a coalition government to move forward to address all the issues of brecht's it and he's right in the thick of it so that is one named as being tossed around but the confidence surrounding to rescind a right now is very shaky wobbly is the word that the brits use to describe to rescind a right now and also her health is in question she has diabetes and she's also taking injections some five times a day it's a very tough job there's a lot of pressure in those who don't believe that she should stay on as prime minister and gone so far as to question her health and that's why i'm bringing it
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up because it has circulated in political circles right out let's talk about the theory that of terrorist attacks that have happened in the u.k. does security play a big political role there. certainly does and there's no question that terrorism is viewed much differently today than what it was v how it was viewed a year ago when the bricks of vote took place i believe from the reporting that we've done on the ground here over the last year that the real crux of this vote was immigration and labor and austerity those things made the perfect storm for them to come up with the brics a vote and get it the way they got it a year ago now it plays even further into those dynamics now because of the most recent terror attacks that have taken place here in the united kingdom theresa may has a credibility gap right now with with the public she cut law enforcement some twenty
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thousand personnel she said enough is enough. the measures security measures that have taken place are somewhat visible they put barricades up on the bridges crossing the tames river there is more of a security presence but they need more personnel and that is the general consensus of the folks here but security does play a role they want someone that's going to come out and be very strong or knit and i do believe that that's a political factor already i knew tex on this earlier but if it's not prime minister theresa may who do you think will replace her. well as i mentioned david davis is a name jeremy corben. you know after the election the snap election his name was tossed a lot of there was a lot of confidence but time and space does does not bode well for him in that regard and i've had several political operatives tell me that they're concerned
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about his age that you know if he continues to be the leader that he is he's sixty eight right now the next election would have put him into his seventy's and there are some folks that just think that that he may have aged himself out of that position he would be the oldest prime minister all the way back to churchill if that were to take place so. corben is in a strong political position i'm not convinced that he is in a position to be the next prime minister and so the tories they're the ones to watch right now will they distance themselves from the staff election and work hard for theresa may to get some type of consensus government as the queen stated as her goal the other day to address the issues of independence from the european union so their path as is very well defined is just how they're going to get there is the big question ari thank you so much add we look forward to your special
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report tomorrow on bragg said to that with that child's close with the news with that chokes out of london think that. r.t. america will bring you that special report live from london hosted by ed schultz larry king and lynsey france don't miss it that's tomorrow from four pm to six pm eastern standard time. thing in london where victims of last week's delhi high rise inferno may have been exposed not only to smoke and flames but also highly toxic gas that's according to the latest expert analysis of the tragedy at the ground felt how are his artie's polly boyko with the story from the british capital. fire night is one of the deadliest poisons there is and apparently the insulation boards on the building on how it could have been letting off cyanide as the building was burning and we know this because the hospitals treating some of the victims of the fire one of the hospitals as said that they have treated three people for cyanide poisoning bear in mind the building's management were telling people will stay in
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their apartments until help arrived the other part of this scandal that rackety growing is the cladding so the material used on the outside of the building which turned out to be extremely flammable the government's been checking to see whether it's been used anywhere else in buildings in the u.k. that cheap and very combustible material which according to the chancellor here in the u.k. philip hammond is actually illegal to use take a lesson the cloud that was used to run just like a rocket is but across most european countries is burned to the united states my understanding is that the clotting in question this flammable client which is banned in europe in the u.s. is also banned here just after a week after the tragedy the first official head has rolled the c.e.o. of kensington and chelsea council nicholas holgate he's the highest or he was the
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highest on the elected official at the council he's been called to resign by the government and to even may said that's a good thing that he's lost his job the reason may has already apologized for the way that the government handled the aftermath of the fire and also the failings that brought it about but a lot of people here it's been calling on treason made to resign the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings with. without even basic information about what had happened what they should do that was a failure of the state. local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that. she comes out here and maybe. i think. when they lie and. when they.
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make showing. off to this massacre they could just buy things and everyone's going to shout serious say you know this is mean justice and lois needs to be turning. has so getting away with this sort of. speaks. to to reason. for the. people in the house of parliament the good part to play. it's being called america's most toxic plays santa crumbling infrastructure a top energy department official is sounding the alarm at the hand for nuclear reservation and warns of future accidental leaks of immediate action is it taken now they hampered say consider the largest u.s. site of waste from nuclear weapons production is located in the state of washington not far from populated cities like seattle portland and spokane artie's alexy has been covering the story extensively and brings us the latest developments the
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hanford nuclear facility in washington state is often described as america's the most toxic place and now it's crumbling and more dangerous incidents are likely such as the dam in conclusion of a top energy department official working on the site speaking to associated press last week doug schultz said that the universe structure was not going to last long enough for the cleanup and talking about the deadline for the completion of two hundred sixty he said some facilities were not going to withstand that time he continued by saying we're sending people into environments no one was expected to go to is there a potential for more alarms absolutely. quote now they had four nuclear side produced up to seventy percent of plutonium for the us nuclear arsenal including material for the bomb dropped on japan in one hundred forty five but after the cold war was over the facility became irrelevant and the cleanup operation of all the toxic waste kicked off in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine currently the five hundred eighty square mile area houses a hundred and seventy seven underground shelton's which store fifty four million
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gallons of highly radioactive waste the annual budget for the cleanup was two point three billion dollars but the energy department estimates that the overall budget for the cleanup would hit one hundred billion dollars mark the estimated completion is again the year twenty sixty that's of course and this is something admitted by sure if the facility last this long we extensively reported on a string of incidents in april and may last year when at least forty two hanford workers were exposed to toxic fumes and sought medical attention on may ninth this year hundreds of them were evacuated when the roof of a one hundred fifty stunnel storing contaminated waste collapsed and months later on june eighth radiation was released during a demolition work at a plutonium plant and three hundred fifty workers were told to take cover all the levels of radiation detected later were deemed safe enough if that doesn't show clear enough that the facility is becoming a serious problem nothing probably will and unlike a year ago when we reported on hanford amid relative silence from the media and
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officials now at least it's sparking concerns and making some noise starting with measures to protect hanford workers from exposure to a call from a number of lawmakers to review how the cleanup work is being conducted but it still remains unclear as to how exactly the vicious cycle of america's most toxic place could be fixed and whether throwing even more money at it could provide any result but for the time being though president trumps proposed budget for next year includes a hundred and twenty million dollars cut from hanford budget alexi rush s.q.r.t. report. from washington d.c. new details are emerging from yesterday's attack at a michigan airport investigators in flint have identified the suspect as forty nine year old or more for two way of montreal when a safer two we shouted allah akbar right before stabbing an officer in the neck officials say he also referenced the u.s. military involvement in the middle east and described the weapon used in the attack
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but a knife was about a twelve inch knife with an eight inch separated blade as you will see in the complaint when the subject went up to the officer and stabbed him he can continue to exclaim and he made a statement something to the effect of you have killed people in syria iraq and afghanistan and we are all going to die and in a criminal complaint for two we asked the officer who restrained him why that officer didn't kill him authorities are investigating the attack as an act of terrorism and don't believe he was part of a wider plot. a small community near denver colorado is taking aim at preventing school shootings and they're starting in the classroom that summer seventeen well county school teachers and staff will be trained to use guns once they complete the three day training they'll be allowed to carry firearms on campus and fire back in the event of a school shooting the educators are being trained by a group called faster which was founded following the twenty twelve sandy hook
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school shooting under colorado law school staff can legally carry guns so long as they have permits and are deemed security officers by the school. police killings are increasing in the united states as an armed minorities are fatally shot by police in unprovoked encounters early do police involved in homicides get convicted even if the deadly encounter is caught on video how does a nationwide epidemic of police of violence impact the black community to discuss this someone i am now joined by reverend greenland's god he queer senior minister of plymouth congressional you know. it church of christ and washington d.c. thank you so much for joining us reverend now geronimo yon as the officer who shot and killed philander can still you was acquitted last week and officer who killed a young man in milwaukee was acquitted just yesterday of any wrong doing and today the jury is entering day four of deliberations and the rate tenzing trial the
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officer who shot and killed sam depose and ohio back in twenty fifth you know in your opinion reverend why do we continue to see this time and time again well one of the things is that i don't believe there's a increase in the kinds of police killing that is going on i think there's a there's there's more scrutiny and therefore there's there's a better reporting in terms of the numbers of folks who were killed at the hands of police officers i mean it's a historical pattern that is happening united states of america but the police will use firearms and deadly force against people of color more readily than they will use deadly force against those who are white that's just a pattern that exists because of the history history of racism in this country we just cannot get around it i mean when you think about it no police officers are really going to be prosecuted for killing and that's also what police officers feel right when you have to me arise to me arise. who's the cop who kills them loses job but doesn't lose his job because he killed to me arise he loses
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a job because he didn't practice full disclosure on an employment application from a source things like that over and over again that continues to resolve but none of these folks end up going to jail we saw the videotape. of. the killing for example we do have josh cam video that was just like a split second obviously the officer was more afraid than listening to what was being so because then he clearly said you know i. have a link i'm not pulling out a firearm exciter excited and he put seven bullets into a moment source instant fear and i saw another part of it is that is that police officers. really operate in communities of color with fear and so and so their reaction for me often is or is a reaction of deadly force of the predicate of the many times upon factual. upon emotions and that's how people are too and like you said earlier on a good point it doesn't seem like there is an increase in that these killings it's more so that we have the technology to be able to record these things and to
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publish them so it may appear as if these killings are increasing but this has been happening for ever for a very long time for the longest of us there was no centralized place where data was even collected on the number of people that were killed by law enforcement right and still basically up to the states to to supply that information and so what happens is that you have a breakdown in the reporting so we really do even though the magnitude of what has existed in this country historically right now it's a really good point now back to you a philanderer kid steal to run a million as like i said he was acquitted of manslaughter last friday however the city of st anthony and minnesota said that they were going to dismiss a yawn as from their department basically saying he wasn't equipped to be an officer and he wanted to be returning to active duty but this isn't enough obviously to stop that cycle by just getting rid of this one man from that city's law enforcement but how can officers be held accountable for their actions because
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the on as he killed of well i think that's the problem with them up show is that officers generally are not held accountable we don't have we don't have more we have or the political system doesn't have an interest in putting in place the kinds of things that actually hold law enforcement accountable because law enforcement role has basically want to protect property and they'll tell you i'm a menace to protect property and so it's really the sort of keep the bad elements and suppress all press what they consider the bad elements which is usually something that is built upon racial stereotyping for example racial profiling so they look at the. simply black and dark faces with the air of criminality and it doesn't even it doesn't even matter where you grew up you can just be in a place and somebody sees you and your brown face your dark face and suspect that you potential shoplifters that you're a potential assault or that you're a potential robber of all those types of things that go that's what gives in to the psychic of law enforcement in this country when they look at people of color now i
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want to read you a quote the associated press just released a report today from experts saying that in three years since fatal police shooting of unarmed black people launched the black lives matter movement few officers have been charged and none have been convicted by juries and the highest profile deaths now experts believe this to be the case because jurors are reluctant to reject the accounts of these police officers and even find themselves placing themselves in the shoes of the officer saying if i were an opera dick you meant then i would of course as you did now do you think this is one of the reasons why these officers aren't convicted or of course i mean that's one of the reasons why baltimore you bottle for example what baltimore did was they had put together legal strategy that they simply went and were tried before the judge and each one of them or acquitted because the judge basically is dependent upon the d.a.'s office and the law enforcement and a lot of the brain in order to bring charges and all to prosecute a case so this all the information was not to convict them the inclination when it
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comes down to even a drawer one person can hire a jury one person who refuses to change their opinion can hang a jury and so all these and so when they go before a jury trial law enforcement basically combined the somebody in there or this to people when there are three people in there that are clearly sympathetic to law enforcement and in fact you know there's there's a pattern where you grew up in this culture this officer friendly except in the black community is generally officer run you run from the officer because that you know is nothing good is going to come out and so this two different route of radically different perspective when it comes to the white committed. well communities of color in terms of the way we see law enforcement generally. and so what happens is that the go to a jury trial the law enforcement bias that you at least got a warm person but a scorecard of the jury thank you so much looks like we ran out of time that was reverend grail and scott hagler senior minister of plymouth the congressional united church of christ once again thank you so much for joining us and we hope to have you on again. and iraq mosul's famed el nori mosque was destroyed today the
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attack was allegedly carried out by militants who detonated explosives place inside the structure late last night that's according to iraq's ministry of defense iraqi and american officials blame the self-proclaimed islam extent for the attack but the iraqi prime minister calling the bombing form formal declaration of their defeat the site was the illogical heart of the terrorist organization and were a blue book karl of baghdad the first declared a caliphate caliphate in two thousand and fourteen. in june two thousand and fourteen mosul a city of nearly two million people failed to isis and its leader abu bakr of baghdad he declared a caliphate from the mosque the grand mosque of el nori in those old city and late yesterday as iraqi security forces closed in on that mosque about a hundred meters away. isis blew it up while the terrorist group released
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a statement online blaming the destruction of the mosque on the u.s. this incident took place during one of the holiest nights of the year for muslims also known as the night of power well that does it for now for more on the story as we cover to go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america also check out our web site r t dot com forward slash america you can also follow me on twitter at actually banks underscore our team and don't forget to question him or. your wanting to our team america special report that it. has but that's. basically everything that you think you know about civil society have broken down. there's always going to be somebody else one step ahead of the game. we should not be. normalizing. we don't need people that think like this on our planet. this is an incredibly situation.
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larry you're watching our america for students. to. feed and just did an article entitled when trump is violent on twitter it says a lot in the article the writer actually. those other times president trump hasn't tweeted so now not only is the end covering everything tweets but everything he doesn't tweet to this is where we're at the article is pretty lengthy considering all it does is talk about the president's tweets or rather the tweets that are missing from his timeline the writer talks about how on monday trumpet only tweeted once as of noon even though the wrist so much going on there was the u.s.
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ship that collided with a merchant vessel near japan there were seven service members wounded in afghanistan there was a deadly attack on muslims in london and there was the news that the u.s. shut down a warplane in syria lots of news going on and the president wasn't tweeting about those things which is so important apparently that the writer wrote over nine hundred words dissecting how the president didn't tweet on those issues he goes to great lengths to talk about how important all those news items were and i agree they were all very big news that does deserve attention they were all so much more important than you know twitter account but by this article you think that trump's twitter timeline was the only place we can possibly get official statements from the president and therefore that the new the writer doesn't even seem to consider the fact that those are touchy news items that the president maybe should take a little time to think through before issuing
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a statement especially on the venerated twitter which knows by now that c.n.n. is reading like a bible seriously first they complain that tweets too much and that it's embarrassing and we must look at it and now they're complaining that he doesn't tweet enough and then the writer and the article for a on these matters of life and death war and peace then some kind of tweet from the president might be welcome and sue so dramatic to talk about embarrassing twitter is the distraction people it's not policy it's not legislation. it's not even official it's a family website with it that we name and c.n.n. is taking it so seriously so either they're too thinly themselves to not realize it's just a distraction or are they do realize that and are just an embracing their role and it is the of it all either way there have session with trans tweets are way way way more embarrassing than the tweet and.
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most people think just stand out in this is this you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand the news business you just need to ask the right questions and the right answers. question.
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rejected tonight is a common goal is it not defect by the corporate media. would you go after the corporations that just lawyer live profit over people at every turn. redact it's not for me it's like medicine it's like a cancer joke from all the stress that the news but still under redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week hard hitting radical.


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