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tv   Headline News  RT  June 23, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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political earthquake that was. over the future. of my family and. america's post liberation plans. the german secret service is granted the right to read encrypted messages. approved.
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life. has been exactly one year since the u.k. voted to leave the european union though the actual divorce talks have only just got underway the referendum result created a political earthquake which shocks are still being felt today. we want our borders but we want our country back by negotiation will need to begin under a new prime minister. pass on my thanks to his mom for their rigs i suppose i got a difficult moment this next it means. i've got
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a plan. doesn't have a clue i was really leaving. no one and no community left behind i. promise there's a reason my gambled and lost a parliamentary majority over the brakes issue he's put it work or takes us through twists and turns now of britain's rocky road to break up. it was a very changed the course of history the forty eight percent who voted to stay were outraged although the others they were delighted the show has risen. to become a national bank holiday we will call it a. night of firearms may have been jumping the gun his
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so-called independence day is still a distant prospect the referendum result killed the political career of david cameron and allowed home secretary to resume aid to step up to the plate in the run up to the vote she had been a quiet remain but the desire to lead post brags that britain forced her to reconsider her position. bricks it means bricks it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it a year down the line that sounds like something from an alternate universe considering that the reason may hold an election in order to strengthen her hand in the braggs it talks but ended up free falling in the polls and losing her parliamentary majority her atrocious result meant that politically her weakened
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government limped into negotiations with brussels earlier this week and bear in mind these talks were never going to be a walk in the park charm created. what. can be concluded quickly. threats against a question that's been issued by european politicians commission was trying to bully the british people arguments over whether the u.k. would pave the e.u.'s one hundred billion gregg's it bill guaranteeing the rights of he uses isn't. as in the u.k. and who would get custody of gibraltar what thorny issues but there is aroused took a back seat when britain was hit by a wave of terror for terror attacks in the space of just three months to be precise and many britons held to resume a directory responsible because she'd been head of the home office six years before
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becoming prime minister. and with all the security and political chaos few people even notice that earlier this week brings it negotiations officially kicked off but not in the way that london would have hoped the british government's already been accused of caving into brussels over the break that schedule and opinion polls now show that if the country got to vote again it would reject leaving you so just like two reason may the plan for braggs it went from strong and stable so weak and wobbly within the space of just one yeah. a special e.u. summit on brics it has entered its second day you know whoever the british prime minister and the european commission president both in attendance appeared to be talking at cross purposes. i was pleased to be able to search out what is
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a very very serious offer the e.u. citizens who are living in the united kingdom for you giving a clear idea of the kind of the u.k. government. while the british politicians of. given up hope that the divorce won't actually ever happen. release a. book deal. that's for everyone. if your governor decides to go by the press i'd. never be outside better than. someone big to have that illusion which is a waste of time before long we will begin to find out the extent to which breaks it is a gentle stroke not a smooth tom to
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a land of cake consumption. let's cross live to. live a counselor for tom green thanks for joining us at all to you today said it's been one year of course since britain voted to leave the e.u. what is the mood is now in brussels during those negotiation talks. yeah i think we're good. days you get over to see the details but we had the problem that the british particular wasn't prepared because they didn't expect that he predicts it and it was quite complex issue so stop it and especially having to deal with any problems for that particular time and no precedent secondly we have the she is. the result of that and
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the whole issue of europe has been dividing the country but also dividing the conservative party membership in particularly the in peace so there isn't a very easy way of phrasing a clear line for negotiations and the third issue now is that a month ago to resume the least. acceptance level of the people and that would give a couple political capital. if you like to the public or to make it acceptable to whatever deal she could reach. no it's not going so we heard earlier in the b two of a difficult situation that this moment in time the whole point of course of the general election the snap election rather apart from my charge of creating the majority was through the strength that i had for hard bricks that that was the purpose was that now she's lost that do you think the u.k. is having some second thoughts about where exactly it's heading. what we all
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obviously but fire that plan for what i do for reasons the implications are still we're working them up and you know if you like but all of the indication from the opinion polls that have happened since day nice that there has been a moshi the words a softer bricks it did rather than bricks it which might actually increase as the days passed by us with but nothing quite decisive yet within the consent of the party if. it does become an issue all. let's say and compromise for the main dish my particular so chances are that we are moving more towards a negotiating position based on a sofa but accepted rather than a victory but there's a said everything can happen at this moment in time at latest polls speaking of polls you mention them moving up and down there's just generally cool been is now
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actually more popular and the reason why as a candidate for prime minister not only is the labor party in general caught right up close that gap with the tories is that action showed. colbert it was really down to the dumps a few months ago is now polling the same if not more popular i mean how did that happen would that phenomenon come from. i think the basic thing is. the newly. the mainstream press. corps being and to me for that matter directly rather than by proxy just the way that the press. kind of did a fascination the vilification of court. and the glorification of terrorism and it was very very old viewers obviously biased so the election campaign and neighbor people to see them straight forward and there is no doubt which one of the two is far more trustworthy and far more able to write is doris thank you this
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labor council for total green thanks for joining us here on r.t. to thank you. the u.s. led coalition leading the fight saving the syrian city of raka is a quote everyone that's what locals have told auti is rightly video agency despite the coalition's insistence that it takes every civilian casualty seriously the grim situation on the ground does suggest otherwise but i knew little about i knew that if this would what they are given the guts of my family and human to fit the model to. assure you that actually i'm a little mad about that it's not as well it's not as nesmith good at it as that but you're the one you're the one who said that actually you anybody can do better than haven't read the book as has me and the dome that has you had the feel that that has become a hold on my digital clock. when it hasn't won as it was but i won't. be. usable. jim she.
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mocked a good. now the u.s. led coalition doesn't deny using phosphorus which we just heard mentioned that in its operations is an extremely toxic substance and is banned from being used as a weapon because it says it only uses phosphorus and permitted ways during battle for example to create a smoke screen however human rights watch has voiced concern saying the substance poses a high risk to civilians of the leading force fighting islamic state on the ground of the kurds who are being lobbed by the americans or of washington support for the kurdish fighters irritates its long term ally turkey kaleb open reports on how the u.s. is trying to get around this problem turkey was furious when it found out that the united states their longtime ally in nato partner was going into rock without them . we do not need terrorist organizations like that p y d n y p
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g and the rock operation let us work together to wipe out. america the coalition and turkey can join hands and turned into a graveyard for dash as the united states is aligned with two bitter enemies in syria the turkish government and the kurdish fighters it's got a tricky bit of maneuvering to do secretary of defense mattis says that the united states will eventually take back the weapons it's now supplying to the kurds after the defeat of isis and this is turning into no small matter at this point the united states is shipping in heavy machine guns mortars other small arms and even some armored vehicles it's totaling over one hundred million dollars worth of war toys a large portion of which are going to the kurds when it's all finished some five hundred u.s. military personnel will have the task of collecting it all in an area that's almost the size of pennsylvania maybe they'll knock on doors and say hey you know those
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weapons we let you yeah you're finished with them right and who knows what answer they might get the united states has promised to monitor the area and send out a monthly report that will include photographs this sounds like a great idea as the usa has already lost track of billions of dollars worth of weapons they sent to iraq and some of those weapons have ended up in the hands of terrorists there i think mattis made the news that letter which presumably was gone but it still knowing very well but it probably would not be believed and very well would not be carried out but he made it trying to locate the the u.s. is supplying the weapons for that the u.s. is old and. goals which seems to be to break off a part of syria to allow the u.s. to dominate a separate part of syria basically they want to go to syria. and in violation of
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syria and stubborn integrity a country is torn apart by civil war with different factions vying for power as civilians flee in chaos the pentagon has a brilliant idea sending. more weapons just so long as they promise to give them back up and archie new york. russia's defense ministry has already video showing missiles being launched from warships a submarine in the mediterranean targeting islamic state positions in syria. russian intelligence is tracking eisel fighters who've been trying to escape their stronghold in iraq through the so-called southern corridor that's pretty much their only way out as the city has been surrounded by u.s. led coalition forces for quite some time now for we understand the fighters have been trying to go from broccoli to palmira of the hamas profits and that's where they've been targeted in the latest series of air strikes from russia now as i
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still continue to lose ground a rocket this is certainly not the first time we've heard terrorists managed to escape the city in fact there have been reports last month of the kurds one of the main forces fighting isis opening up a chord or allowing the terrorists to leave the city of raka the kurds have the night this by the ministry of defense and russia have confirmed seeing the movement of large eisel convoy moving from towards palmira these latest images released it shows six cruise missiles being launched from two warships and a submarine currently located in the mediterranean and the strikes managed to destroy and i saw a command center and several i saw weapons stockpiles in the provinces while the turkish and israeli forces that are also operating in the area they have been informed about the strikes in advance but nothing is said about communicating with the coalition forces as on monday russia has halted the agreement of military cooperation in syrian air space with the u.s. after they downed a syrian government fighter jet near iraq on sunday. mornings few after the break
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including new surveillance laws passed by the job paula but do states you. it's seemed wrong. to me. to shape out just because the ticket and in detroit because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground the. twenty to the two of these. candidates so prime ministers of all of the european partners like them and the overall majority of the posts of coalition government the prime minister was held in holland just
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a few months ago the prime minister one was a mere twenty two percent of the vote. and he's still trying to put coalition government together that is so hypocritical the europeans to say may doesn't have enough to the majority in most cases they don't have the. germany's parliament has approved a law allowing the country secret services to monitor messaging platforms like what's up critics say the problem fringe of civil liberties piece all of this report from but a german parliament has adopted this law that would allow what's up messages or any other messaging service that using christian to be loved those messages that assent to be read by the authorities what they do is they intercept it before it's sent from one device to another where the encryption takes place. now this is a move that's been referred to by the interior minister here in germany thomas de
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amaziah is essential when it comes to the fight against terror we've also heard similar things coming from the. european union summit that's ongoing in brussels at the moment from the e.u. council president donald he said that authorities need access to this type of information if they are to try and stop future terrorist attacks. have also agreed on the need to cooperate closely with the online industry. we are calling on social media companies to do whatever is necessary to prevent the spread of terrorists not to yell on the internet. in practice this means developing new tools to detect and remove such materials automatically but we have heard this in the past if we look back to the united kingdom and the recent horrific terrorist attacks that took place in in manchester and in london we heard from the home secretary.
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from prime minister to reason may saying they needed access to this information if they were to try foil potential future attacks we want companies to develop tools to identify and remove harmful materials automatically i want to see them report this file contents to the or storage is and block the users who spread it there should be no place for terrorists to hide we need to make sure that organizations like whatsapp and there are plenty of others like that don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted whatsapp but critics of this move for our well many what we're seeing here in germany is the green party in particular mounting a resistance to this they want to see held up in the constitutional court for as long as possible they say that it gives far too much power to goes that hold the
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keys to allow them the potential for abuses. so in other news an eighty three year old woman has won a gender discrimination case against israel's national airline the court's decision was praised by activists and the main hero of the story really robin roberts joins us live here to give us her side of the story thanks for joining us on our two today just first of all briefly tell us what exactly happened when you were on the plane. well i see it first in business class as i. in the seat there was an animal seat next to me and after a while a ultra orthodox man kamens sat down there and short delay after he had very wits heard comes say
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sharon with the flight attendant we're not going to stay and what they were talking about al but the fly ten and asked me. to if i would like to move to a better is seat. i said sure if it is indeed better. please shall it may happen she did it he did say it was a man and down it was not a better seat as a matter of fact it was in a more crowded area so i went back to my seat i spoke with the man and an ass. told him
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i book is eighty one and he is old and what was his problem with my niece sitting next to him and he responded to a light lady that if it is said in the torah that man should not sit next to a woman. it's. that i did not think that was the case. that i knew some thing about the torah. he responded saying that had was right but in the interpret temptation of certain passages in that toa lead one. or all church or the tax man
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not to one of said next to one man rene if i can die for one second because i want oskar as many christians as i come i mean it will be what rights of you to to complain to the line about what happened but taking this to court suing them was quite a big deal wasn't i mean what made you feel so strongly about this that you decided to take legal action against. well. again late because there's type of in sudan has happened before. so i was not alone and second lee there is annoying kid in his say. that supported me and brought up last suit i did not i was the name playing
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but i did not add to my home and did you think you'd have a chance of winning this legal battle how long did it take you to get this result. well it took about a year and a half. we were actually fry is that the chimes who heard that is was willing to adjudicate we thought she would ask us to meet for conference sent try to settle our differences but she did not she rule that out. of it. were bidden to carry on help. i re good men. ask women so move now it would
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be except to far and to the requests that of woman but he no longer can be in our line personnel to help him. i mean this and if so. really just just want to ask you this case has really hit the headlines in that you've become quite a celebrity almost as a result of this i mean do you think your case will serve as an inspiration to others to take action against this sort of gender discrimination. yes that. i certainly hopes but i also hope that there's so a hip challenge is going to share well and as
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a reach cell of the ruling it will be difficult for a law or any out there line to solve this because it could mean do you see lights and that some prompt their current chest solved or what that was really robin of it's the plaintiff in that case against these really. the winner indeed in that case thanks so much really for your time today and have a great we can. thank you. well next up on the program it's what's in the hole do stay with us and i'll be with you again at the top of next hour. greetings and salutation i'm sure by now we've all of the old saying another day
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another dollar or as they say here in washington since the election of one hundred old jay trump as president another day another allegation for meddling into hacking the collusion to obstruction week after week day after day we witnessed a steady stream of allegations directed at the white house and russia but this week things have taken any rather intriguing turf as democrats in particular the democratic national committee has now found themselves in the crosshairs of the new favorite pastime on the potomac propagating russia gate forward the department of homeland security jay johnson ruffled some feathers during his testimony this week before the house intelligence committee when he declared that the d.n.c. refused refused to accept any help from the d.h.s.s. regarding those notorious hacks of last summer when representative peter king of new york asked if the d.n.c. reached out after they became aware of the hacks johnson stated to my
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disappointment not to my knowledge served the response i got was the f.b.i. had spoken to them they don't want our help they have crowd streak strike the cyber security firm but but but wait a minute i thought this was an attack on our very democracy i mean hillary clinton told us back in december that quote this is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation this is not just an attack on me in my campaign so why in the world would clinton and debbie wasserman schultz not go. the department of homeland security the f.b.i. and instead rely on a private firm like crowd strike well our girl debbie fired back at johnson's testimony declaring at no point during my tenure at the d.n.c. did anyone from the f.b.i. or any other government agency contact or communicate with me about.


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