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together we do we're the rebuild the city we can prove the money for. katrina could not nag his dad. it took a man to come here with a board dollars in magadan.
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i was born in one nine hundred fifty nine. ok my mother was accurate number. i was one years old so i can see all my life that i come from this area has seen the changes. beauty i'm in real beauty. you might not see it but i can see the building is the. i can elicit the. it only. really got. if
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people would sit out. there we would hang out on the porch is here you got a bam right here going to see it so you see the point of ports it is the number three does you know hit me a. kick in the breeze. making planes that you know a watch in a sports game some girls play ball is that. we sit here. we planning. this is home this will always be home. i'm just told that me because i know when the.
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republican congressman from louisiana said about katrina god did in one weekend what we've been trying to do for twenty years in terms of public housing so god was able to close public housing in one weekend while there are many people who have been trying to do that for decades and that's sort of a theme in the response to katrina is privatization public housing was privatized private developers were given the land private developers came in and demolished the good units that were there and private developers put up other apartment complexes on those spots which look nice and are beautiful to look at but. of the thousands of families that lived in public housing before katrina hit the numbers look like roughly ten percent have been able to get back into. there are
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neighborhoods where they weren't before so the government destroyed people's housing turn it over to private developers gave them billions of dollars of subsidies and contracts to be able to do it and then kick the people out who had been there and those individuals those families who lived in public housing who were nearly one hundred percent african-american were not welcome back it was very clear that the official response on the federal level the state level the local level was you all really should go someplace else we don't really want. this one when. you might see there. because it is a wonder. you know what.
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we want. we know it's only out only to get we have to use. people gays names believe in. that we helped you know one way out is to come together find ways to support each other in these difficult times so we're not going away we're going to find a way to live in this is that it's. helping.
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and like the liberalism on steroids. and that is part i think of the disaster capitalism it's also part of a conscious decision. local government state government federal government because
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it wasn't just let the market decide it was let the market decide plus we'll give all this public money to accelerate what the market wants to do and these longstanding patterns of racial discrimination and economic security those are still there and they have helped mold the response to katrina and they've helped side who are the winners and who are the losers as to control. the really new. and chose me so once through me and because we wanted to be
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a part of the rebuild about the renaissance of this town so i moved in two thousand age the expectation that i had was to join another start a company that was going to be able to walk into a new situation and do what i do well which is help companies grow. there were no situations like that so people always ask what's the big idea you have for starting a company the big idea was i had to if i was going to do what i do i was could have to create the environment for that from scratch so loose it is only six years old but we've been growing very very quickly. we want to become the largest market research platform on the planet and we're trying to grow as quickly as we possibly can.
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there are a lot of tax credits this state of louisiana has gone out of its way to establish what we were colleges the digital media tax credit what that means historically thirty five percent of every dollar spent on development technology development engineering and you think technical software development wise could be. would be given back to you by the state so essentially. develop it only cost sixty five percent on every dollar which is a huge benefit to a group company. or we're going to very similar experience on a much larger scale in new york new york now is seen as a entrepreneurship startup technical center. but twenty years ago it wasn't in my goal was to have similar outcomes for new ones as for your son the new orleans in twenty years will be seen as the epicenter of entrepreneurship in the
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south. we're trying to be more as the next version of itself. is really that this is the time for the financial sation bubble to to implode to collapse i don't think it's time to have these banks add another fifteen trillion dollars to create the european central bank to leverage this up but of the five trillion dollars easily bank of japan is a never ending fountain of free cash at zero percent interest rate so this is a ways to go. and that. tough. kid the.
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kind of. those who don't consume don't jell you've been talking to the whole joking the on the stand on the most news in that are equal in its own systems and only fools are still small for the managing don't see don't we don't see don't improve move up to those old wooden missiles assume downside acid all to. europe and the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to all come from countries all countries. all come through so you. as the rights to.
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sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles of the stone. the new socks credit tell you that what we gossip the. most important day. off the bad guys i'm telling you on the cool enough and that's to fight their prophet. these are the hawks that we along with our loved ones.
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what this is they're saying is does this is to say oh no one has come back oh are the same as i want to so we'll both know no one has got the money and oh to fly and write. you know i am angry at this point we are again going to. see this in a whole new war use because that's where these. are all. huge challenges in oil and in terms of ensuring that people that lived
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here before katrina were able to return to the city when it comes to homeowners their own home program which was the government's response to help homeowners was having discriminatory effects on people that were applying for grants. your grant was based on either priest or value in your house and so because of historic policies. that were in place in new orleans and many other places around the united states homes in african-american neighborhoods here were worth less than homes in white neighborhoods here and what that meant in concrete terms is. that we would have clients home in an african-american neighborhood that would be receiving. sometimes as low as fifteen hundred dollars to rebuild their house and then you would have a family in a white neighborhood that experienced some level of damage that we get the fall grants from our account which was one hundred and the house not going to do. the.
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same to me was. you know i didn't know it correctly everybody moved through the three of us. so. it wasn't any problem it was able to fix the house right you get the funding that being funny how he wasn't able to pay taxes big wasn't able to sustain that he had been people from other states came in and bought up the properties predominate it is not. people who've been here for years is new people people from other states also to people as good a job and they can't afford to come back because. they have they had to with a problem. to come back to what they had lost to how to. build the houses back right away i mean.
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to help. try to get to trying to get it to get. to our road home plea that you know because they appear to be. to give you the money to give you your money hey i got a. bad. dream i want to bet. trying to figure out why. she of the future wants to make sure. why do i. a dam got that with a so evidently they had a love for months ago so i'm still waiting for an answer but i still warmly named gave you not that we do it and here come rooms on the whole we over pages you oh yes that's right well i stan had a problem with whether the contract that they raise my house i came in the twenty
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six thousand eleven the date and the stop put all the stuff out illegally. so i stuck with that. how to make you feel when and changing when you know helping the here ma'am hearing all i can only be here in this league and not come. in it is that same. thing as they didn't lose the after the hurricanes of five years when i came back it's like a. maniac in the state in the afternoon so most i am in. it is that is a real. difference. and
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. each are. jane the street. below. right next to the stands of my. town and there is no. chance.
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the so. i. say. why eat.
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when katrina hit the president bush. and his allies along with some foundations across the country and people in louisiana said this is a great opportunity for us to try an experiment and charge arise the whole public school system sensually have a public school it's a given to a private company and the private company gets the public money to run it but the private company decides who's going to be the teachers what are they going to have bus service what the cricket. going to be and all that so how that happened was within two weeks the louisiana legislature at the request of the governor and with the support of the president had a special law passed the just applied to the city of new orleans and it was a takeover literally a legal takeover of. two
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thousand and five when act thirty five was winding its way through the legislature many of us were still living in other places i was living in texas trying to rebuild my life and then i was coming back and forth once i was allowed back in the war islands trying to get contractors and electricians and plumbers to help me put my house back together i knew many of the people who are not in any kind of position still fight the takeover of our school. within the first month they decided that they were going to dissolve the union which is one of the biggest union in the state of louisiana. over eight thousand people lost jobs in the school system union jobs really good jobs in the new
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orleans area the teachers fought in court they lost there were the louisiana supreme court said no you're not entitled to your job parents and you're looking for an excellent school for your side tech academy is back in session our schools have some of the highest growth scores on the reef in the city of new york side tech academy is a perfect fit for scoring high and academics winning championships and tackle football and volleyball and working hard every day to get into the city's best high schools and colleges we provide a laptop for every child side tech academy is located a charter schools or businesses let's just be clear about that and what does a business still a biz. us wants to maximize its profits and reduce its cost that means high cost students who need more resources to learn more of a lot billy for those schools so it cost less to educate a higher performing student than to educate a student and have a lot of meaning and they get to have autonomy to discriminate and we see that in
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the data. we begin to see a lot of the titles change there were many people who had had no experience running schools they may have been business people who will now become the c.e.o. as they try their hand at operating a school day. so i started working at ash at the end of my six months i knew i wasn't going to retire and. i knew it wasn't a place where i would become the kind of teacher that i want to be. yeah yeah.
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so these three are the first grade class or close to the end of the hallway and i was right in the middle of. the hall from kindergarten. posters everywhere the walls are covered. generational thanks test. the student achievement on the test was a big focus the more students who tested well makes the school look successful. school is successful then they can apply for different grants and government funding schools with very low scores considered failing schools sometimes can be shut down or taken over by the state from my experience and understanding it kind of comes down to a money issue. test scores were displayed everywhere in the
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classrooms and outside on the walls we had daily meetings and scores were brought up we would be shown. graphs and data from the different schools and discuss what we need to do to to raise those scores. and for the students there was one particular test that they were taking in first grade they were shown their previous score and then on the other side they were shown their goal what we wanted them to get to to show that they were improving getting closer to on level. and said like oh right this is where you are now this is where you need to be and. we were. bribed with stickers and candy and parties if you do well since you like on the reading
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tests if they stepped up to the next reading level they would be brought pizza and cake to have in the classroom with all the over students they're watching these kids getting rewarded with and there's not. much.
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you should look old enough to post you should go to. zero. do ya little bit i see. told. you only go so go to hell if you do. you. just. have to leave the most of the really. good barbecue for about the bar. was i don't know that might. want to sell for what they sell but then so. but he investigated a police officer's behavior as well. i'll take drugs and what.
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how many people as you close. the recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with qatar and iran against saudi arabia the long running tensions between the sunni's bust into the open why did and cry jump into the fray instead of trying to pull the strings from a distance. a
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batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last bang turn. to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath . but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arcade and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not. pleasance funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one. speech as there are no other takers. aimed at mainstream media has met its make.
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up. our own persona calling families with. very little. girl is the daughter the one school and the people you're living your. book.
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an american professor receives death threats over a facebook post promising a campus in lockdown and the latest example of racial tensions boiling over in the us. and with fewer than one hundred days to go before she finds a general election. publishes her personal a tizzy of all things.


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