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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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an american professor received death threats over facebook posts prompting a campus lockdown and the latest example of racial tensions boiling over in the u.s. . close with fewer than a hundred days to go before she fights a general election chancellor angela merkel publishes her personal aide to the little things german. and some of the u.s. intelligence is best minds get fired after it's revealed they happened to building machines to deal snacks we report on how our love of junk food can ruin your career .
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hello and a very good morning to you from all of us here in moscow unlikely erin you're watching r.t. international. the racial tension in the u.s. has been aggravated again a university professor from connected received death threats after a controversial facebook post in it he calls for an end to white supremacies using an expensive laden version of the hash tag let them die now his post was meant as a comment on the shooting of a republican congressman just last week while the storm of anger was so intense that the college will forat least temporarily shut down the campus and the professor fled the premises anderson's issued a public apology now the latest figures show that hate crime in america is skyrocketing in at least six that big u.s. cities this type of crime clocked up a double digit increase last year hellebore pin looks now at how racial tension is
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dividing american society. reports of hate crimes have been surging across the u.s. headlines in recent months. the rise of racially motivated attacks has been a trend in the united states since the two thousand and sixteen presidential election new york city has seen a twenty four percent rise in hate crimes with twenty percent across the state cincinnati ohio has seen an increase of thirty eight percent while chicago has seen twenty percent and all of this comes as both the press and politicians have reveled in the race when it comes to picking a president ninety percent of the black vote is ninety percent over what black vote trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms i love the signs behind me
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blacks for trump i like those sign one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him president obama over the weekend delivering a roll ring and deeply personal appeal to black voters at times it seemed like the election was just all about race we heard about minorities who felt threatened by trial and angry white men who voted for him but if you look for such a narrative elsewhere you'd struggle france italy in the netherlands for example don't allow any collecting of statistics based on race or religion and it doesn't play any role in politics so are they right and america wrong we decided to ask people's opinions on the street i think it's a great thing to get but statistics on what people think about and like in different countries that way you can know what type of palace these need to be developed i think they're stirring people up to foot one against the other and i believe that. assuming someone's economic or social or political standings based on
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their races that's really. wrong i think it it opens up a. dialogues people start talking about what some of those issues might be to have some data down allies so you should get collect statistics or ethnic or religious affiliations has always been used as a kind of path to power in the united states in terms of politics public in the democratic party really capitalize on divisions of all sorts and they use this as a wedge to drive. whatever the arguments or whatever the political agenda is parties are really actively looking for that wedge issue in order to somehow stick to really to steer the public away from the really common issues which are affecting all such aspects of society as with any controversy related to race it's quite apparent that americans don't see eye to eye. party new york.
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with fewer than a hundred days to go before the general election in germany chancellor angela merkel has described her country using words starting with the letters from a to z. well in her post a.b.c. herby words this fit which means state army and german brought a sandwich and is the made in germany plus muslims pay it stuns the patna of the e.u. and nato along with the german for mushroom hunting and as is security for israel but also toy railway with artie's pizza all of a found out where the people in lynch said her definition of to me. i'm going to merkel is that thought a list of words that the chancellor believes it to mice is german this so if you know your article i of the german constitution from your care to him your order from your valise allayed then your props on the same page as angle of merkel but we came out onto the streets of berlin and right in front of the bundestag to ask
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people here what would they associate with germany if i say germany to you what all the five words you associate with germany the five. rushed. out. favorites it's me to kiss on time and and. i also think perfect with germany for me to neighbors filmmaking didn't understand mrs merkel the parliament has a chance to respond to the motorway of the old that's also very good in germany still it's leash. priority order punctuality those are only three but those are the most important things we also asked them exactly what they thought of a glimmer list this is part of us there's of involved oh yeah there's broad i was
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astonished it's not bad it's all volunteer fire department it's freedom of the press sports club. broadband but on forced. but no crowded moves. we are proud nation we don't identify ourselves with the german army the federal union democracy but we do identify ourselves with the rest of the words. ok being german army is ok sport for the handicapped. tough questions are we ready to face that we have lost limbs are welcome as long as. the freedom of the press i am really one thousand percent for that matter what happened. in the nato. trains those are wonderful ultimately this is a list of what angola merkel thinks makes germany great and it comes out three months before there's an election here and which german voters will decide whether they want to keep her as their leader angle or merkel's determined to show that
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german values a thai did with her own peter all of a girl and inspired by the german chancellor as a.b.c. of all things german we decided to come up with our own alphabet of all things merkel. that is buying among friends is not acceptable. i'm going to say thank you thank you for a good record and intensive elaboration of. stars a fellow gold states over what it sees as an attempt to limit its sovereignty on foreign policy and off they present to doha which they accuse of sponsoring
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terrorism with a list of demands the countries recently cut diplomatic and trade ties with the shakedown men say the demands must be met if well ations are to be restored all middle east correspondent paula sleep has more time has been presented with a list of demands from saudi arabia the united arab emirates but wade and egypt for nations that qatar or trade and diplomatic ties with the country now this came after the u.s. state department questioned the motives of the gulf states now that it's been more than two weeks since the embargo started we are mystified that the gulf states have not released to the public nor to the qataris the details about the claims that they are making toward. the more the time goes by the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by saudi arabia and the us. at this point we are left with one simple question were the actions really about their concerns regarding cutter's alleged support for terrorism or the about the long simmering grievances between
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and among the g.c.c. countries now the next day the us secretary of state rex tillerson issued a statement saying that a list of such demands has been prepared he added that he hoped that the demands would be reasonable and actionable saying that we understand that this list is being prepared it's being coordinated by the saudis the end of artie's each option is and the bahrainis and we hope that it will be presented to qatar with and will be treated as reasonable and actionable now the list includes thirteen demands in total here are some of them first and foremost to curb all diplomatic ties with iran the list and trade and commerce with iran that complies with the u.s. and international sanctions will be permitted now the two states share the biggest natural gas field so that could be a problem as well it calls on shutting down al-jazeera and all qatar funded news outlets to terminate to military presence in qatar to any joint military
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cooperation with turkey that is taking place inside of qatar the list says that there needs to be agreement to all demands within ten days or the list becomes invalid now the document does not specify what the countries will do if qatar refuses to comply so of course it remains to be seen whether qatar will view these demands as either reasonable or actionable meanwhile the white house has weighed in on the spot calling it a family affair that the full states should resolve it by themselves political commentators fired most of them thinks the gulf states are doing their best to strip cats are of influence. they have raise some maximum demands in order to empty the hands of qatar from the merits and winning races that it had that maybe. we wait like its ties with the muslim brotherhood like its ties
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strong ties with hamas gave him a say in the middle east peace in the palestinian these really should also use the strong ties with iran that made it a player a good actor in the region that could play both ways also. they care a lot for al-jazeera network and they know how strong and powerful it is in promoting cathars views so they have raised all these demands in order to empty the hands of those from the winning races that have and made a powerful actor on the southern rooms of the persian goals. after america's defense secretary admitted u.s. failings in afghanistan last week the pentagon seems to have been looking for somebody to blame and it's found someone and it's first reported to congress since the election the pentagon named pakistan as the single greatest external factor
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hindering u.s. actions the report of flows to what it calls support of afghan insurgents by the pakistani government during sixteen years of its involvement in afghanistan washington has given a range of reasons why it's outgunned campaign wasn't going to plan. iran is reportedly arming and funding the taleban corruption is a huge challenge in afghanistan that russia is now meddling in afghanistan it's very difficult to succeed on the battlefield when your enemy enjoys external support and safe haven we had the. overt legitimacy lent to the taliban by the russians the problem that the us has in trying to carry out the occupation and subdue the population and i mean the real answer here is the u.s. has to get out of afghanistan they claim that they would have resolved everything and they would have won the war if only it wasn't for pakistan or only or if it
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only wasn't for something else but there are always looking because they aren't able to succeed the. problem that they have in a war that has lasted longer than any other u.s. war in history almost sixteen years now is the fact that the people do not wish to accept the patient. america's attempts to settle the afghan crisis has seen several surprising methods being used in the past. we're not winning in afghanistan right now. going for it. looks like you're on a cruise to the shall see thank you. page six million dollars to. mail a tire you can go to kill be
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a bomb in call now the pentagon doesn't even know where to go that might have been eat. any justification for twenty million dollars of afghan firewood when my auditors ask for documentation of we're basically told quote unquote we don't have the records we just spend the money. at least one hundred forty one people are missing in the southwest of china after a long flight ripped through a village some forty houses were buried and hundreds of rescue is also looking for people still trapped one family of three house already being pulled from the rubble and taken to hospital the long slide was caused by torrential rain. talking scandals broken out of the cia and it's all to do with junk food to find out what happened after the break.
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i would hope to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and you. want. to go on to be press this is what before three of the more people. interested in the water. you. should. read that this is the time for the financial sation bubble to to implode to collapse i don't think it's time to get these banks out another fifteen trillion dollars to create the european central bank but of the five trillion dollars easily bank of japan is a never ending fountain of free cash zero percent interest rate so this is a ways to go.
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now your love of junk food could co see your job at least if you push it to thaw out a lesson to be learned from a recent scandal this works the cia. explains. big news say contractors couldn't steal snacks without getting caught the contractors were working for the cia developed a special payment method to steal thirty thousand more for vending machine junk food and were doing it for about six months until they got busted all in the scheme was quite elaborate going to eat the classified office of the inspector general report they unplug the machines from the net and use special blank prepaid cards to retrieve the snacks for free wow so
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a cia contractor was annual salary ranges from about sixty thousand to one hundred sixty thousand dollars had the desire to go to such lengths putting their careers on the line all to eat free junk food at the office the social media couldn't resist.
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and the funny thing here is once the perpetrators were caught gave their badges in and were taken to jail the department of justice was not hungry enough for justice and did not press charges perhaps feeling sympathy for starving staff you'll pass until you go r.t. . it's canada now where a christian school is worried about its freedom of religion after being told to stop teaching verses of the bible could be deemed offensive the local authorities say passages in the bible that denigrate or vilify one's sexual orientation should not be studied in class the school disagrees however saying the ban would violate its constitutional rights the authorities of standing their ground insisting that the potentially offensive passages should not be a part of the curriculum where we got differing reactions to the issue. point of the whole you know you know education system is to have discussions and to be able to say that this is this is text that is that is said here let's discuss it in
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a open forums i am a religious man who's who's muslim and when i hear things that boat people taking things away from from any type of holy text it does kind of bother me in a way but at the same time there's there's the talk about you know we want to teach our kids how to be inclusive and how to teach your kids to respect different types of races cultures sexualities to the school board used is the word offense they said you need to get rid of all offensive texts from the bible and stop teaching this and when it comes to that word it can be interpreted in any way i could be offended by the whole bible hence why some people in history burned the entire book because they found the entire thing offensive instead of responding to censorship with more censorship we should respond with more free speech and we should be teaching things about inclusive as well as things about creationism and evolution just bring more education instead of trying to deny the opportunity to understand
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these texts of the children there's no way that we would be able to have these conversations if things were cut out or if we had herself from things. you're putting you know we want to put the people back in the closet you also put a religion back in the closet as well there's absolutely nothing wrong with challenging these verses and questioning it in fact i find it quite interesting that speaking with the muslim gay man because that is a big question we're dealing with right now you have countries where they have imposed things like shari'a law is a strict islamic law where gay people are thrown off right now and we need to talk about that we're not going to be able to do that without free speech on the issue on both gender issues and religious issues. to reason mase responds to the recent terror attacks in britain is widely thought to have damaged to a performance in the general election on he's going underground speaks to after all a load west the terrorism experts who about the security challenges now facing the u.k. let's take a look at some of what he had to say. i think it is the right way of combating it
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doesn't mean you don't need some policeman with weapons doesn't need you mean you don't need some sort of surveillance but i think doing that see what you don't want it means that all of these various terrorists or various persuasions of one if we come that sort of society and i certainly don't want to live in a country like that one of the things i love about this country is that most of the policemen don't carry weapons that is very unusual. the construction of one of the two turkish stream pipeline like deep sea state with the pipes now being installed on the seabed another project aims to connect russia and turkey with a pipeline pumping russian natural gas across the black sea. was on board the gigantic construction vessel. so.
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i hear there's this. truck pulled up to see if. anything that happens with pioneering spirit gets controlled and this. be it's the force of the vehicle or the welding of the pipe that's a steering wheel if you like nothing like the regular device let's see if we can
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talk to the captain. to give us a little bit of inside of was going to. pull the control system off the vessel prejudice here differently than the little mr big so we need to know what's going on at all the places and you see. this a position to see where you are off position exactly zero point zero meters how exclusive is this machine nothing there's nothing that can be compared with the capacity and capability of the vessel. which is also defined by the people. over there you can see the pipe that's how they're stored or. into the welding factory and right now i'm going to show you what happens to them right after they come out of there the pipes go straight under the water and at one point they will get as deep as two point two kilometers below sea level.
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natural gas delivery as efficient as it gets a green concerns well plain white ones like this caused harm to be avoided let's hope we can count on them and all the technology that. you're watching on c.n.n. to national coming up next boom bust takes a look at the latest business at sundown and stay tuned for that.
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kid. kind. of the little. does she don't consume don't jell you've been talking to the edge a deal in the sand on the mobile phone in that are equal to two inches muslim and what equals this tells me. this would all be done still named lol. to those would be mean is this and this is a downside to all. be on the she need filling in for lindsay for a very special edition of boom bust broadcasting. around the world from washington
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d.c. today's episode is dedicated to the one year anniversary of it and our coverage includes the voter months after the election voter perceptions of polaroids learning how to move forward with negotiations the british economy where does the article to you leave the thousands of businesses that are based in the region and what financial burdens that they face and we have interviews with our correspondents around the world giving their input on this very critical moment in the u.k. is due to stand by him but starts right now. it's officially been one year since the united kingdom voted to leave the european union and the highly anticipated that referendum the final result was
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a close fifty two to forty eight vote and u.k. citizens still remain divided on how they feel about it a recent poll shows less than half of the population thinks parliament should continue to negotiate their exit in the same manner meanwhile about a quarter of citizens one british prime minister theresa may to push for a soft on the rest one either a second referendum or to abandon the referendum entirely now that may has lost her majority in parliament following this month's snap election her plan for leaving is in question and if the queen's speech is any indication it seems like the government is preparing for a horrid brock's it ultimately it's unclear which way it will go in the end and even with the internal dysfunction the u.k. government is still moving forward with talks the only thing that is certain is the way the e.u. feels about it which is not very positive if the e.u. has its way the u.k. will be paying billions of euros in committee. made as a member nation. speaking of euros the fact that the u.k.
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didn't completely adopt the formal currency of the e.u. has worked in its favor after joining the block the u.k. kept its original pound in sterling which will make the transition now much smoother but that doesn't mean the british economy has suffered post breck's it might not have contracted as some analysts initially warned that the economy only grew by zero point two percent in the first quarter of this year that's compared to zero point six percent during the first three months of two thousand and sixteen the culprit is a fall in consumer spending which was triggered by rising inflation weakening wages because of the impact so far prime minister may recently promised to pay more attention to the concerns of businesses in fact she made those comments shortly after we learned that london's role as the financial capital of the world was at risk some of the biggest u.s. based investment banks like morgan stanley and citi group are allegedly contemplating a move to frankfurt or other rival hubs.


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