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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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a distressing video of. helmets rescue are allegedly disposing of the bodies of beheaded. and an american professor received death threats over a facebook post. and the latest example of racial tensions boiling over in the united states. thank allah for not having the black sea resort of sochi today as we continue our coverage of the confederations cup christiane. cole mexico on the home. front next week semifinal stay with us.
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from moscow what's your team's national live with me thanks so much for joining us this. video has emerged from syria showing a member of the what helmets rescue group allegedly handling the decapitated bodies of executed syrian soldiers and warning you might find the video distressing a man can be seen wearing a t. shirt with the what helmets logo apparently moving the bodies into a skip the rescue group has distanced itself from the footage however its actions have sparked controversy before going to see who has more. well since this graphic video was posted on twitter people online have been outraged by it and in fact i believe we can now show you the video a blurred version of it once again so it was reportedly filmed in the southern syrian province and in this video we properly see a man wearing the t. shirt with that white helmets logo and he's apparently helping a group of people remove a number of bodies off of the truck and judging on the uniforms on these bodies
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well they're most likely either syrian soldiers or pro-government fighters and in fact at the end of the video what we see is this man with a white helmets t. shirt holding a syrian flag that was pulled out from the bodies but since this video has emerged while the white helmets has distanced themselves from this incident confirming that this man although he was a white helmets member but he's since been fired because he's violated the code of conduct of the group referring specifically to this video that was posted well they say the man was acting independently and not in the capacity as a white helmets member but despite the ongoing criticism on white helmet the western mainstream media has been praising the white helmets as heroes and film documented they were actually won an oscar earlier this year here's a sample be nominated for a nobel peace prize one of the subject of a new documentary on netflix. also known as the syria's civil defense are a group of volunteers who were the first to arrive at the scene of an asteroid when the bombs fall a small group of volunteers called the white house myth run into
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a smoldering rubble and rescue trapped victims. there why. it's a fairly routine way the reality of syria and what these mainstream media reports often omit is the fact that white house has happened in cuba before repeatedly of the election ties to a terrorist group operating in syria and this latest video on twitter certainly is far from the only incident that the white house has been criticized.
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i think so as you can see this video really is just the latest in a string of constructor see surrounding the white helmet script our neighboring iraq suicide bombers killed at least three people in mosul shopping district area was recaptured from i still just a few months ago the country's prime minister said the total liberation of the city will come within days but for the moment the heavy fighting there affecting thousands of civilians who remain trapped. because he wasn't. like that i was able. to get it but it's not you know now no i mean but i know you have a lot of coffee a lot of. helicopters in the hull of the. lawn but obviously.
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we've got a not yet. found it kind of joining. you in a god i mean. you couldn't go out of nowhere but out. i mean while the following reports of isolated. daddy responsible to the nation by russian air strike experts have been speculating over who could replace him if his death is considered confirmed. by god either who has a religious background two main contenders through place him have a very different story yet all of. your money both serve the security officials under saddam hussein and after the us led invasion of iraq in two thousand and three they threw in the city is part of which transformed into islamic state. well let's discuss this with jamal wakim professor of history and international
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relations at the lebanese university in beirut jamal thanks for joining us here at r.t. international what do you think of the prospect of saddam hussein's former operatives leading leisel. well i believe the this could be a probability especially that isis was in first infiltrate the actually by ford motor company saying regime elements especially after the fall of the regime because the. some bumpus and relied heavily. on consent related heavily on the tribes of western iraq and on the sudanese of. western iraq so after the fall of the regime there was that reshuffling all of the political structure in. iraq as to integrate mainly the shia on the kurds into the state. institutions
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and the americans dismantled the army. and in this month and all other institutions. that were dominated by the ba'ath regime this. coupled with the breaking up the spread it all of these people especially after they were captured and put in prisons and the humiliation they were subjected to like in the case of abuja for example in two thousand and three made them ripe for being invested in especially by saudi arabia and by radical groups coming from saudi arabia so that's why they got tried to colonize they adopted instead of being baathists and secularists they adopted radical islamic. ideology mainly affiliated with one hobby. in saudi arabia and they joined applied to actually lead to groups like isis and
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other groups and in two thousand and thirteen when i said was able to put a. control many of the germans whether in syria or in iraq. actually relied heavily on officers from the former saddam hussein to me when they needed all just showed me because in leading attacks certain drop if i can just jump in there i mean do you think the us led coalition do you think they would have full seen any of these coincidences off the two thousand and three invasion off to saddam hussein was overthrown could they imagine these events would have followed up well i believe that they had this in mind especially that they already invested in radical islamic groups since the one nine hundred eighty s. and maybe they had this in mind specially the united states and that allies so they
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are. all implicated in investing in these groups and we had lot of evidence circulated by western media itself so that's why i believe that they they had this in mind they used these groups at one point for their geopolitical objectives especially that i said served the american objective to drive a wedge between syria and iraq at one point right jamal wakim professor of history in international relations at lebanese university in beirut thanks for your insight today on auntie. the racial tension in the united states has been aggravated again a university professor from connect to receive death threats offer a controversial facebook post in it called for an end to what supremacy using an explosive laden version of the hash tag let him die in his post was meant as a comment on the shooting of a republican congressman just last week the storm of anger was so intense though
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that the cause actually had to shut down the entire campus after the incident the professor fled the premises and has since issued a public apology of the latest figures show that hate crime in america is skyrocketing in at least six big u.s. cities the type of crime clocked up by a double digit increase last year to live open looks at how racial tension is dividing american society reports of hate crimes have been surging across the u.s. headlines in recent months. the rise of racially motivated attacks has been a trend in the united states senate the two thousand and sixteen presidential election new york city has seen a twenty four percent rise in hate crimes with twenty percent across the state cincinnati ohio has seen an increase of thirty eight percent while chicago has seen
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twenty percent and all of this comes as both the press and politicians have reveled in the race when it comes to picking a president and ninety percent of the black vote is ninety percent of what black vote trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms i love the signs behind me blacks for trump i like those signs one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him president obama over the weekend delivering a roll ring and deeply personal appeal to a black voter. at times it seemed like the election was just all about race we heard about minorities who felt threatened by trump an angry white man who voted for him but if you look for such a narrative elsewhere you'd struggle france italy in the netherlands for example don't allow any collecting of statistics based on race or religion and it doesn't play any role in politics so are they right and america wrong we decided to ask people's opinions on the street i think it's
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a great thing to get but statistics on what people think about in my different countries that way you can know what type of palaces need to be developed i think they're stirring people up to put one against the other and i believe that. assuming someone's economic or social or political standings based on their race is that's really. wrong i think it it opens up a dialogue for people to start talking about what some of those issues might be to have some data down allies so you should could collect statistics or ethnic or religious affiliations has always been used as a kind of power the power in the united states in terms of politics public in the democratic party really capitalize on divisions of all sorts and they use this as a wedge to drive. whatever the arguments or whatever the political agenda is parties are really actively looking for that wedge issue in order to somehow stick to
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really to steer the public away from the really common issues which are affecting all aspects of society as with any controversy related to race it's quite apparent that americans don't see eye to eye. are seeing new york. with less than a hundred days to go before the general election in germany chancellor angela merkel has literally been spelling out what her country stands for in this day and age just to give you a flavor of a. she's released a. b. was a boom. which means. many muslims. along with the word for mushroom hunting and not content with this we took the liberty of creating our own alphabet.
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among friends is not acceptable. i want to say thank you you thank . now we've got our special coverage for you of the twenty seventeen football confederations cup on more news in just a couple of minutes. the recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with iran against saudi arabia the long running tensions between the sunni's. into the open wanted to encourage jump into the fray instead of trying to pull the strings from
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a distance. this is the time for the financial situation to implode to collapse i don't think these banks have another fifteen trillion dollars to create. the. bank of japan is a never ending fountain of free cash zero percent interest rate so this is a ways to go. twenty seventeen international football confederation's cup is in full swing across the. hall for our special coverage live from the russian city of such.
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a very warm welcome i really do mean warm to the black sea resort of sochi today a long time and kind of like two ice creams on the beach when the white suit to the panama hat it's very cold deserted day here in beautiful sochi most people there such as i think twenty fourteen winter olympics others might think that's where the russian grand prix is not formula one you're absolutely right now though we're talking confederations cup football in particular huge group a action today and most significantly i think it's russia it's mexico russia really need to win to understand yes they do and i think the approach that the russian team needs to take today of course again putting this in some sort of context russia are the only side that don't play any qualification games white because they're hosting next year's world court so every game is a taste every day is
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a school day and what they learned from the portugal game is when they see it's off they were quite poor they were defensive they were reactive but in the second offer of play when they showed a bit of passion a bit of heart a little bit of desire is that they actually created plenty of problems for the european champions so for me against a mexican side have chipped goals they have conceded goals in this tournament go for them go for the jugular binoy some positive i want to pick up on that is that a key for the manager to chess of to see look to go for the mexican weak points they had a couple of defensive mistakes that cost and they trailed in both the games of chess something. called play four three three a system that is notoriously attacking and the holes in their system were there for everybody to see so we formed thinking about. the likes of small off paul laws that both of us like you didn't start going he'll start to boil start to die is that what russia need to do is to be proactive take the game price for you they did it
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very well in the first twenty minutes. against new zealand and they got their reward with a call from the opening goal if they do the same today or believe that they could win the going now you talked about how for russia this is experimental it's a learning curve but also they will want to do well we heard back in favor the captain the goalkeeper saying that they feel that the building momentum getting the fans behind them it's very different for the mexico manager because his job could be on the line if they don't do well who's under the most pressure do you think without a doubt a sort of. known football fans you would know that brazil or a football crazy nation you would know spy in england germany italy a football crazy nations mexico to the list they've hosted two forty four world cups they fill their stadium as teka of course in mexico city with one hundred thousand fans a mess sports press written press the noise are right for a story out they need a good performance in this tournament to be able to make the mexican public as if
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they've got a chance of qualifying a top tier to they consider themselves top tier they shouldn't even when i was talked to but like england i haven't been competitive world level for a long long time that's the reality so perhaps the expectation doesn't match the reality of like some context during that new zealand game and when it was struggling a serial out was trending and not just shows i mean that the the public in the media are just waiting for an opportunity to have a lot of american broadcasters as friends of broadcast in the united states as well and they were given massive thought on twitter and social media when mexico went down against new zealand because they're the two big rivals in the central and lots of american region so the united states want to qualify they want to come here next year for the free for world cup and they'll be quite happy to see mexico struggle more i think then from everything we've said we could easily see both teams going for this but both teams really need to produce in some way and impress their fans let's cross then too because on the can sound arena where this game will be taking place a corresponding you know nearly just outside great to chat see you know. there was
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a poll conducted by one of the russian sports papers yesterday where he said that i think only a third of russian found think that their team will actually progress the fans around a bit more confident and i think russia will do well. it's fifty fifty neela tell you the truth i've just been walking in here streams of fans a lot more russians the mexicans but a lot of as well as many a spring break in county and i think today that i've seen. a lot of russians saying that you know this is d. day we really want to get through the qualifying stage we're at home. before one of the fans right here i suppose. it's kind of like today but really what we're waiting on here is what kind of team russia was saying is going to come is it going to be attacking team we saw against in glimpses against portugal second half was pretty decent the first game against. new zealand was
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a good win but today they're not sure what kind of formation mexico is going to bring so whether that's going to be an aspect or not i'm not sure but just speaking to some of the fans here they're optimistic that old cliche. but optimistic you know some of the things we're going to be seeing here whether they can get out in front when a win today or through to the qualifying or the stage the semifinals of this competition for the first time they've never been in this competition it would be a coup to make it there sixty third in the world now when you put that in context you get the likes of panama becky head of the mexico or a full forty three places in front of them so on paper this is a mismatch but you've got a lot of fans here it's going to be long you're going to have a coach. who has brought new confidence into this team whether that can be
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reproduced on the field to be seen. really want to get into this semifinal probably up against chile if they make it later in the week it's something that they really want to do the funds are confident and are in a huff ninety minutes or so to wait and see what goes on here right side kids on the ice all the play for. many thanks a correspondent you know neal they will be keeping across all the action when it gets under way now such as used to big sporting occasions of course the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen home to the russian grown pray as neal said so like excited school kids nearly couldn't white to test ourselves against the formula one circuit. so this is it the sochi or to join this is where the russian takes place as we are on a racetrack i think it be rude not to actually race. traffic cones and to race
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cars. or to draw. stacks. representing the united kingdom a piece of the ground. just seventy five centimeters done. so close but i'm pretty sure that was a big hurdle and as you can see barely a drop spilled. second experiment i want this to be about
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straight out flat line speed and they can go two hundred sixty kilometers an hour suspect speeds to fancy your chances ok. three. it's called the new video replay i think. well done i have to hand it to officially more. than a top of the range sports i'm sure though was a great great subversive. place. something about how hard the mexico plays in the russia players try today none of them going to be working harder than our make up girl because. the court does join us again about an hour with the latest from the confederations cup with mexico portugal and
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new zealand kick off the saturday action stay with us on our three. well we're back in just under thirty minutes time now though it's going underground with afshin rattansi. kids up until. the. time. little.
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does she don't consume don't jell you've been talking to her the whole joking dealing with the saying i'm done will soon enough that are equal to two inches my sons are what equals this tells me. don't be done to tell me i'm doing the we've got to those old wooden men as a sign this is the downside of us it all took the sitting on. europe and the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to all come from countries all countries have the control of their borders books all come through so beautiful so as the rights to control its borders.
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i'm after a time see where in north. ok sion of the grand atrocity this is going underground of the day u.k. opposition leader jeremy corbyn introduces hip hop to run the jewels of this he has glastonbury festival in the southwest of england coming up in the show. whether any of the streets. with guns can save amazing britain from british foreign policy and the next terror attack i'm just another london bloke is evacuated ten days after a mass killing at the tower amidst one of the poorest communities in one of the richest in the world we ask a question. of british governments guilty of deliberate and systematic social plans ing of british cities we speak to director about his new film dispossession the
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great social housing swindle. since the day of rage how the people are rising up against social cleansing of the u.k.'s working classes from alleged u.k. government cover ups to u.s. backed torture in yemen we uncover some of this week's news all this and more coming up in today's going underground but first the. catastrophe in london is becoming clearer coverage of the fire which left so many dead in the poorest community in one of the richest areas on earth initially included voices like this do i want to have i want to be a revolution in this country also the media the mainstream you don't deserve to be to. be campaigning but to the b.b.c. mouthpiece for this corrupt government people need a revolution in. any other country did it in a revolution the mainstream media responded to the two years you've hounded demonize them. and you said he was unelectable he can't be there's no possibility
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of this and you created that narrative that people actually believed for a while but what this election has done is shown that people on their we do you and the other billion in the media owners a. new. and that is the. journey. but also to use the. rapidly coverage return to this. good afternoon for. the queen and prince william visiting people affected by the terrible the. gulf. and then the charity single initiative going on the record conservative music mogul. it sounds beautiful absolutely beautiful the country will now have to wait for a public inquiry which will report.


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