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i. a disturbing video emerges online of what helmets rescue allegedly disposing of the bodies of beheaded syrian soldiers. an american professor receives death threats over a facebook post. the latest example of boiling racial tensions in the united states . saturday crunched a group a of the confederations cup football mexico. all looking to book a flight in next week's stay with us.
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welcome to us international live from moscow with me daniel holcomb's review our thanks for choosing us this. video emerged online from syria showing a member of the what helmets group allegedly handling the decapitated bodies of syrian soldiers warning you may find the following video disturbing a man can be seen wearing a t. shirt with the what helmets logo apparently moving the bodies into a skip the rescue group has distanced itself from the video however its actions have sparked controversy before the someone who has more. well since this graphic video was posted on twitter people online have been outraged by it and in fact i believe we can now show you the video a blurred version of it once again so it was reportedly filmed in the southern syrian province and in this video we properly see a man wearing the t. shirt with that white helmets logo and he's apparently helping a group of people remove a number of bodies off of the truck and judging on the uniforms on these bodies well they're most likely either syrian soldiers or pro-government fighters and in
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fact at the end of the video what we see is this man with a white helmets t. shirt holding a syrian flag that was pulled out from the bodies but since this video has emerged while the white helmets has distanced themselves from this incident confirming that this man although he was a white helmets member but he's since been fired because he's violated the code of conduct of the group referring specifically to this video that was posted well they say the man was acting independently and not in the capacity as a white helmets member but despite the ongoing criticism on what helmets the western mainstream media has been praising the white helmets as heroes and film documented there was even won an oscar earlier this year here's a sample to be nominated for a nobel peace prize one of the subject of a new documentary on netflix. also known as the syria's civil defense are a group of volunteers who were the first to arrive at the scene of an asteroid when the bombs fall a small group of volunteers called the white house myth run into a smoldering rubble and rescue trapped victims.
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there why. it's a. way from the reality of syria and what these mainstream media reports often omit is the fact that white helmets happen in cuba before repeatedly of the election ties to a terrorist group operating in syria and this latest video on twitter certainly is far from the only incident that the white house is has been criticized. i'm. so as you can see this video really is just the latest in
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a string of constructor see surrounding the white helmet script. let's discuss this with journalist vanessa bearly she's covered the syrian crisis on the ground multiple times throughout the conflict vanessa thanks for joining us the what helmets say the man in this video was actually of his own accord and nothing to do with the group so some would say he's not representative of them is that a view you share. never know if it's olam and this is not the first time that we've saying the white homeless being videoed participating and various atrocities in surrey and going back as far as two thousand and fifteen and the only reason that the white helmets have again put out a statement is of course because they've been caught out not let's just examine the incident it took place and that although it was an attack on this area an ira bomb aid the funding and advice on the old south to damascus highway not all over
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thought was there an arab army soldiers according to my sources on the grounds were killed during the a touch so they were not all killed in action many all thought i was there an arab army soldier is where mudded was slaughtered as prisoners of war that bodies with and clearly dismembered and mutilated and this white home an operative was seen clambering over the bodies of the syrian arab army soldiers this is not the first time that this is being seen and has been photographed and has been questioned as regards them moral and there is their ethics now let's look at the terrorist or the extremist factions that carried out the slaughter as they belong most likely to the southern front which is funded by the united states and ilo ice the white house let's of course is an organization that is funded primarily by the u.k. government and the us government the u.k. government on the boris johnson has put in at least sixty five million to this organization what we have seen happening here is
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a terrorist act whether it is carried out by the southern front or whether it was participated in and carried out by a member of the white house and that's where is the accountability the statement from the white helmet states that they have sucked this individual for violating that code of ethics where is the accountability of the u.s. and u.k. government funding organizations whether it is to stop them from or it is the white how much that i've potentially participated not only in this. water and dismemberment of syrian arab army soldier prisoners of war but i've done flyers previously and have been caught out doing so previously including one month ago where the white how much was seen chairing the extrajudicial execution of a prisoner by saying extremist organizations and. the one held it so they received a lot of coverage have a plane the mainstream media praiseful for the lives they say it was well why do you think there is such media saw it so i mean surely something as controversial as this should be hitting the headlines. there is such media silence right now because
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throughout the fearing conflict there has been absolutely universal media compliance with the law ice that have perpetuated externally waged war against syria and perpetuated the suffering of the syrian people and the white house and that is a major as i saw the u.k. u.s. gulf state funded new from that construct that subs to propagate. the syrian government and syrian army propaganda but also as has been proven via testimony from civilians in east aleppo in particular that were under terrorist siege for five years and so i witnessed the white helmet what king alongside most were from participating in executions participating in torture bicycling working as no threat from civil defense the media is complicit with these crimes i'm what i would like to ask boris johnson as matter of london he might the cutbacks to the
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london fire service that directly resulted in a high end number of deaths in the recent grenfell's how a tragedy while he is how to pull a poor thing in sixty five million british taxpayers' money into what is effectively al-qaeda civil defense group the white house that's right vanessa be to cover the syrian crisis on the grounds of multiple times throughout the conflict thanks for giving a syringe that i don't. racial tension in the united states is making headlines yet again a university professor from connecticut received death threats after you made a facebook post and it called for an end to white supremacy using an expletive laden version of the hash tag let them die post was meant as a comment on the shooting of a republican congressman just last week at the school of anger was so intense the campus was actually temporarily shut down professor fled the premises and since issued a public apology of the latest figures show
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a crime in the us is skyrocketing at least six big cities this type of crime soared double digit increase last year caleb open looks at how the racial tension is dividing society. reports of hate crimes have been surging across the u.s. headlines in recent months. the rise of racially motivated attacks has been a trend in the united states since the two thousand and sixteen presidential election new york city has seen a twenty four percent rise in hate crimes with twenty percent across the state cincinnati ohio has seen an increase of thirty eight percent while chicago has seen twenty percent and all of this comes as both the press and politicians have reveled in the race when it comes to picking a president ninety percent of the black vote is ninety percent over what black vote
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trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black communities in such insulting and ignorant terms i love the signs behind me blacks for trump i like those sign one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him president obama over the weekend delivering a roll ring and deeply personal appeal to black voters at times it seemed like the election was just all about race we heard about minorities who felt threatened by trial and angry white men who voted for him but if you look for such a narrative elsewhere you'd struggle france italy in the netherlands for example don't allow any collecting of statistics based on race or religion and it doesn't play any role in politics so are they right and america wrong we decided to ask people's opinions on the street i think it's a great thing to get but statistics on what people think about in like the different countries that way you can know what type of palaces need to be developed i think they're stirring people up to put one against the other and i believe that
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. assuming someone's economic or social or political standings based on their race is definitely. wrong i think it it opens up a. dialogue for people to start talking about what some of those issues might be to have some dated analyze so you should get collect statistics or ethnic or religious affiliations has always been used as a kind of path to power in the united states in terms of politics public in the democratic party really capitalize on divisions of all sorts and they use this as a wedge to drive. whatever the arguments or whatever the political agenda is. to really actively looking for that wedge issue in order to somehow stick to really to steer the public away from the really common issues which are affecting all aspects of society as with any controversy related to race it's quite apparent that
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americans don't see eye to eye. r.t. new york. now with less than a hundred days to go before the general election in germany. has literally been spelling out what the country stands for in this day and age just to give you a flavor of. that she's released. which means they tell me. it's all sun which is for made in germany plus muslims and a piece of the e.u. and nato along with the word for mushroom hunting is for the famous october festival with german order. this we took the liberty of grating our own alphabet. the theme here is buying among friends is not acceptable. then done
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i'm going to want to say thank you thank you for the good record you know and intensify libration. i have got special coverage for you of the twenty seven team football confederation's cup in just a couple of minutes here all the international. the
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recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with iran against saudi arabia the long running tensions between the sunni's. into the open wanted and cry jump into the fray instead of trying to pull the strings from a distance. now the twenty seventeen international football confederations cup is in full swing let's cross live to me all the in stand culpable for our special coverage live from sunny.
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yes welcome to the black sea resort of sochi alongside me as always stan collymore we're here for the action that's tomorrow of course that we're talking group a we're talking russia and mexico what is a huge game for both teams how do you think this will play out i think it should play out for church itself the russian manager is that the mistakes he made in the last game was that he was much too defensive against cristiana rinaldo as portugal in the first off of ply they got bodies behind the ball and they were reactive in the second off they were proactive they started to create more chances they were faster they were pressing i wrote the ph it's a learning curve it's people joining us don't perhaps understand the vagaries of qualification for a world cup tournament if you are the hosts you do not play any qualification games
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so there are very few tests every game you play you have to treat as i as a group match so he's learning everything about he's very young side it has to be said and they were much more positive in the second off of play against portugal than they were in the first if they translate that new york into this game against mexico mexico concede goals three in their two games they can win the games mexico tried twice in the way you describe it it sounds to me like to chess of kind of testing a new car that says russia now that we have to go full throttle to the thing he has to attack mexico only no attack as i understand so it does not mean goals today it does mexico go for three three four three three is a tradition a very attacking units you've got the likes of mention them teach at eight zero and toss and peralta that's some extremely talented players going forward but i'm not convinced about them defensively so if we have the likes of paulo's and small often push across the open the scoring against new zealand on the back of a very good move or three rewind new zealand guy it was russia's high pressie in the first. twenty minutes of the game that created that chance if they can do that
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against the mexicans today they can win the game just very briefly there is a chance russia could go through without the window that would be portugal to lease to new zealand can that happen not christiane rinaldo or would you imagine more about well less than an hour and a kickoff from both games already much in christiane a result will be on the bench coming on in an emergency new zealand credit to them the school the one goal the opening goal against the mexicans of course. they may well make want to change expect poor people to go through so it's down to mexico and russia going to go for the draw. to go through ok if you're watching and thinking why on earth are you in sunny so that she would not just on a bit of a hole the day we're here for the next football match to be plated out it's going to be germany against cameroon on sunday that will be the fish stadium just behind this is a stadium mission originally didn't even have its own pitch started of course as a winter olympic venue stan and i we went to check out is the fish ready for its new life as a football venue. and the racetrack over to our wallets the beautiful see the kids
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that flame and of course the fish died here in the background i don't know how the fish moved on develops new ways of proving itself poster lympics find out race yet . to make stumm this page looks beautiful but the stadium stuff they said can't go on we can't trust this law on the very protective understand i mean it's new the new chewing it but is it always this sensitive a situation that you can step over the line because it's new it's because the grains man loves the peach he sees them vibrate and it doesn't matter if we journalists trace only plays or relate to play on the speech. that he should achieve these days for a few reasons you just. mentioned paid to the details of scarcity and to be fooled
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just how safe is it to people when they come to a full two thousand cameras in the stadium and some tree that's moving in the city of sochi from fires insurance on a much tighter policing this is really a very size place to watch your foot. you can see these fantastic vantage points and the constant evolution of the modern stadium while the people who watch the philippic ceremony will be shocked to see the stands now with the ends of nothing that they for now drive down big screen across the side of the streets and there's a major change rooms going to come out and like that coming to the other end of all stands because if you look at the windows all that new restaurants are being built not a bad place to watch the game. if you see. see any joy to difference it makes having taken the rich full of hot sunshine. and also
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he's not mentioning to me sitting in a very very tough. to see all of the parts of the stadium some of the stadiums around the world told me closer look at the bleachers at the end to get into the sea breeze the sunshine can be fantastic. perfect breeze city in the sun sean penn the mall that's my favorite started here it is when the weather is like this there's no better place to be than up in the top tier ok let's get back to today's big game russia it's mexico taking place and standing up on to the cars on a rain is our correspondent you know neal you know the russia founds got into a recent poll but not by confident that things are going to progress you have a chance to catch up with some of them what are they saying. yeah coming into the
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chinaman neal there was no a whole lot of hope that their team was going to go well you know this is a confederations cup you've got the world champions you've got the six regional champions and then russia and a host so on paper there weren't expected to do very well now that altered a little bit by getting a win in the first game beating new zealand to nail and then not a bad performance despite a defeat against portugal rinaldo making a difference in the game but russia did play well so just talking to some russian fans here they seem to think that you know well why not give it a loss why not give it all now this game so that we can get into the semifinals and who knows what happens after that we could do something then of course you know this is a precursor to the world cup the team needs to gel now because in the years time that's when the real pressure comes the hosts need to do something next year so would be good to get a number of victories under their belt here and do something give the fans something to cheer about of course. you know all the many mexican
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fountains around cousins are going join the science in the sands of time stung. yeah they're all are. going into the stadium here i'm here to the arena they've been steadily going in all day enjoying you know the sights and signs some russian music playing in the background they have been dancing i was on the plane actually coming in from moscow there wasnt a lot of room for some barrows in their hand luggage compartments above their seats but they took them nevertheless they've been here the been down to be are in a confident. you know because they are thinking we've won this tournament before two thousand and nine we really want to do something and just some of the fun said to me quite interesting lee you know we wanted to come to this turn because we didn't think we'd get tickets for next year to the world cup or we might go as well but really it was a chance to go because they might be able to afford two trips in two years it's
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quite a long way away on the felt some of them saying that we might actually win this tournament we won't win the world cup but you know we want to take a strong team here they've got a good forward line. if he can get the goals that it would give them something that europe i see themselves as not only beating russia today perhaps having a good semifinal against either chile or portugal and then you know who knows what happens after that so it's all about hope at this stage for both fronts in the fight what half an hour's time we will know more that's been kicked off here by the way the studio six world cup games one more quarter final in confederations cup so the local fans really are trying to get their excitement off to as much as they can really here. i was coming in for the last few minutes here before kick off us and half an hour's time. you know wonderful stuff will speak to again next hour when the game's under way those who know the name of the arena standards one side that was wonderful it was imagining these sombreros being put. the security scanner and
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the not being able to get them through probably happened yes but the travel everywhere to support that same in the same pros are very much a part of eats now he's used to big sporting occasions of course there were the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen and it's home to the russian grown preach so like. school children are very excited at school children need and i couldn't wait to test the formula one circuit for us l's. so this is it the sochi or to join this is where the russian takes place as we are on a racetrack i think it be rude not to actually race. traffic and to race cars. or to draw. stacks. representing the united kingdom a piece of the ground. just seventy five centimeters done.
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so close but i'm pretty sure that was a big hurdle and as you can see barely a drop spilled. second experiment i want this to be about straight out flat line speed and they can go two hundred sixty kilometers now the suspect speeds to fancy your chances ok. three.
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it's called the new video replay i think. well done i have to hand it to you to officially more. than a top of the range sports i'm sure though was a great great. place. good . job it wasn't cold water that wasn't english to the people he certainly wasn't called to do appreciate the danger that i face for this channelise a fantastic two hundred kilometers an hour want to go again and maybe like to be. ok join us again next our football of course will talk a bit about that in. just half an hour until mexico coming up on all the international it's the cause report looking at whether the economy is heading for the dumps.
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going on in kim's illness does she don't consume jail you've been talking to her the whole jellyfish deal in the stand up on the person in that equal distances i mean what equals this tells me. this would all be done to tell him to live.
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with that devotional would he mean as this all is this is a downside to us at all to the sitting on.
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i am max kaiser this is the kaiser report the show that makes you ten feet tall sexy to everyone you me and infinitely rich that's right thank you and also very lucky because i believe this episode is k r one o eight episode one o eight and i know eight is a lucky number in china hopefully one zero eight is also lucky but out of a carrot after this i have to take it up placed it on read up it's all this is it all in macau no just like our backdrop is already right is our number red china macao eighty eight so happening to me bobby lee in china the crypto mogul we're going to go to macau he's going to take a like half a billion in bitcoin that he's got and it's a my forty seven dollars and we're going to put all the roulette wheel and we're going to go big now i want to turn to an article from james howard kunstler at consarn dot com.


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