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tv   Headline News  RT  June 24, 2017 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a disturbing video emerges online of what helmets rescue allegedly disposing of the bodies of the head of syrian soldiers. an american professor received death threats over a facebook post. is the latest example of boiling racial tensions in the united states. and russia against mexico is just getting underway will the host nation be on the way out. special coverage of the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup.
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thanks for joining us on all things national live from moscow. welcome to the program the video has emerged from syria showing a member of the what helmets rescue group allegedly handling the decapitated bodies of syrian soldiers and warning you may find the following video disturbing a man can be seen wearing a t. shirt with the what helmets logo apparently moving the bodies into a skip the rescue group has distanced itself from the footage however its actions have sparked controversy before the reports. well since this graphic video was posted on twitter people online have been outraged by it and in fact i believe we can now show you the video a blurred version of it once again so it was reportedly filmed in the southern syrian province and in this video we properly see a man wearing the t.
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shirt with that white helmets logo and he's apparently helping a group of people remove a number of bodies off of the truck and judging on the uniforms on these bodies well they're most likely either syrian soldiers or pro-government fighters and in fact at the end of the video what we see is this man with a white helmets t. shirt holding a syrian flag that was pulled out from the bodies but since this video has emerged while the white helmets has distanced themselves from this incident confirming that this man although he was a white helmets member but he's since been fired because he's violated the code of conduct of the group referring specifically to this video that was posted well they say the man was acting independently and not in the capacity as a white helmets member but despite the ongoing criticism on white helmets the western mainstream media has been praising the white helmets as heroes and film documented there was even an oscar earlier this year here's a sample to be nominated for a nobel peace prize one of the subject of a new documentary on netflix. also known as the syria's civil defense are
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a group of volunteers who were the first to arrive at the scene of an asteroid when the bombs fall a small group of volunteers called the white house minutes run into a smoldering rubble and rescue trapped victims. you know why. it's a fairly routine way in the reality of syria and what these mainstream media reports often omit is the fact that white helmets happening before repeated alleged ties to a terrorist group. and this latest video on twitter certainly is far from the only incident that the white house is has been criticized.
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let. the as you can see this video really is just the latest in a string of constructor see surrounding the white helmet script a journalist for niece of belief who covered the syrian crisis on the ground multiple times throughout the conflict says the video once again demonstrates the group's questionable. this is not the first time that we've seen the way home it's being videoed participating and various atrocities in syria going back as far as two thousand and fifteen and the only reason that the white helmets have again put out a statement is of course because they've been caught out now let's just examine they said they said incident it took place and it was an attack on the syrian arab army defending an ad based on the old to damascus highway not all over there
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and arab army soldiers according to my sources on the ground were killed during the attack so they were not all killed in action many all of the syrian arab army soldiers were murdered were slaughtered as prisoners of war their bodies were then clearly dismembered and mutilated and they swiped helmet operate so it was seen clambering over the bodies of the syrian arab army soldiers this is not the first time that this is being seen and has been for you to grow up and has been questioned as regards them moral and their their ethics. i would neighboring iraq suicide bombers have killed at least three people in mosul shopping district area was recaptured from eisel several months ago the country's prime minister said the total liberation of the city will come just within days but for the moment the heavy fighting there is affecting thousands of civilians who remain trapped.
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because he doesn't. have a. good sunday on. t.v. but i know. that hamas. find it kind of joining. you in a god only. god. meanwhile following reports of arson lead to abu bakar old bag that is possible lumination by a russian airstrike experts have been speculating over who could replace him if his death is confirmed by the saudi who had a religious background to main contenders through place and have a very different history yet. to miley both served as security officials under
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saddam hussein after the u.s. led invasion of iraq in two thousand and three they both joined the sunni insurgency part of which later transformed into islamic state let's to discuss this with military analyst. thanks for joining us to use the good to have you with us what do you think the prospect of saddam hussein's former operatives leading also. i mean from a very tactical perspective it could make sense as you said earlier a new introduction when the army of saddam was disbanded a lot of the baath is for disgruntled to join the sunni insurgency it is use forces and also against iranian backed militias a lot of them are not ideological supporters of vices or radical islam but they're feeling aggrieved that they're out of the iraqi government u.s. was very heavy handed again to sunni tribes so they could make sense somebody could
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fill the void after both daddy but a lot of the scene near tactical fighters have always been. and members of saddam's former republican guard looking back at two thousand and three and the the crisis that the chaos that ensued after the iraq invasion that the coalition could really foresee the consequences well they overthrew saddam hussein and dismantle the iraqi security apparatus. i think certainly the united states and united kingdom ignored all the advice given to them about dismantling the iraqi state specially the iraqi military and security forces it was one thing getting rid of destroyed iraqi state systematically. including paul brennan you know. it was led to this disaster ignored the advice including of calling powell the secretary of state at the time. just speaking of water policy here i mean after what we saw in iraq syria libya etc could we see are you really by the way short of
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policies by. regime change in the region. that's certainly something president trump was talking about in his campaign in the run up to becoming president he very clearly said he does not believe in regime change and in forcing american values in other countries. dismissing what happened in iraq and afghanistan but since he's taken over. seems to have changed the u.s. in sending more troops to afghanistan more troops to syria so. french president as you saw just announced that removing the syrian state and saying president bashar lawson is no longer a priority because. it makes no sense so there are some quarters in europe and america saying regime change doesn't happen the middle east brings more chaos and it's not going to help moving a stable strong military. thanks for joining us here at all.
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london is seeing yet another day of protests members of the english defense league took to the streets to vent their anger at a speech of islam. but they were met with the fascist groups who organized the counter-rally showed a slogan saying refugees are welcome in the country as a large police presence but i will choose the risk with reports to the tension. another day another protest at least that's how we see the pair in london at the moment these are two small but very rough demonstrations here we're standing with the english defense league they have come out today in response to the number of terrorist attacks that we have had here in the u.k. just over the past couple of months that saying enough is enough but we need to go up islamic fundamentalism because it's all for the reason that every i'm going about it as i say of no number of people very very emotional and it being very very
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heavy believe that you know you may come around and see just a little bit on the other side and i think the police keep them very well apart but the un chief actually did say that unite against them and all that affiliates agree on they all have incredibly rocky that's about forty fifty on the last count but they're very noisy and that's saying these people the english defense league have no place on the streets of britain they want to prevent them from marching that everything. well we take you with you the people who. go and. get the rise. for viet fascism in the u.k. words can't describe how much i take. every thing they. see fit and this by placing them in society. for our freedom. no more surely lower in this country. all right there is
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a difference. because all one christian values does it might mean right. demonstrations pretty much a regular occurrence with another one on the street at a couple of months ago and even if they know their own destruction there are hundreds of police. helicopter up in the i just a. very small. demonstration. no racial tension in the united states is making headlines yet again a university professor from connected to receive death threats made a facebook post in it called for an end to what supremacy used an expletive laden version of the hash tag let them die now his post was meant as a comment on the shooting of a republican congressman just last week the storm was so intense the campus was actually temporarily closed and the professor fled the premises and later issued a full public apology latest figures show hate crime in the u.s.
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is skyrocketing and at least six big cities this type of crime soared double digit increase last year caleb orpen looks at how racial tension is dividing society. courts of hate crimes have been surging across us headlines in recent months. the rise of racially motivated attacks has been a trend in the united states sends the twenty sixteen presidential election new york city has seen a twenty four percent rise in hate crimes with twenty percent across the state cincinnati ohio has seen an increase of thirty eight percent while chicago has seen twenty percent and all of this comes as both the press and politicians have reveled in race when it comes to picking a president and ninety percent of the black vote is ninety percent over what black vote trump has stood up in front of largely white audiences and described black
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communities in such insulting and ignorant terms i love the signs behind me blacks for trump i like those sign one thing he does know is how to get angry white men to vote for him president obama over the weekend delivering a roll ring and deeply personal appeal to black voters at times it seemed like the election was just all about race we heard about minorities who felt threatened by trial and angry white men who voted for him but if you look for such a narrative elsewhere you'd struggle france italy in the netherlands for example don't allow any collecting of statistics based on race or religion and it doesn't play any role in politics so are they right and america wrong we decided to ask people's opinions on the street i think it's a great thing to get but statistics on what people think about and like in different countries that way you can know what type of policies need to be developed i think they're stirring people up to foot one against the other and i believe that. assuming someone's economic or social or political standings based on
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their race is definitely. wrong i think it it opens up a dial. people start talking about what some of those issues might be to have some dated analyze so you should get collect statistics or ethnic or religious affiliations has always been used as a kind of path to power in the united states in terms of politics public in the democratic party really capitalize on divisions of all sorts and they use this as a wedge to drive. whatever the arguments or whatever the political agenda is already a really actively looking for that wedge issue in order to somehow state that really to steer the public away from the really common issues which are affecting all spastics of society as with any controversy related to race it's quite apparent that americans don't see eye to eye. party new york. now we've got
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special coverage for you of the twenty seventeen foot will confederations cup in just a couple of minutes. the recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with cretonne iran against saudi arabia the long running tensions between the sunni's. into the open why did encourage jump into the fray instead of trying to pull the strings from a distance. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around
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corporate corporations run washington washington controls the media the media. and voters elected businessman to run this country business equals power boom bust it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. the twenty seventeen international football confederations cup is in full swing let's cross to neil harvey and started more for our special coverage live from sochi. welcome to salt you which is of course going to host four host cities for the
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confederations cup alongside me as always collymore that we're following the group a action big game in particular russia mexico opening few minutes you've been following the action what if you thought they're still nail. on the front for as we suggested russia in the second half of play against portugal were adventurous they were started the game against mexico a must win game if they want to get to the semifinals next week of course next meet wake your is your cough involved in the action he drove into the penalty box d'oh eve was until the referee didn't give the penalty and then two or three minutes later the same player was given a yellow card for a challenge so it's been a very very interesting in ten or fifteen minutes for the for the old warrior you raise your calls that you can't hold his commitment whatever you think of it i just want to say something about the selection my favorite polish on the polish on the bench again alexander because he's a big burly old style center forward would think about why that is you have a big strong sense of who to hold the ball so the same as me on me to ninety to six foot four if you are from the u.k.
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all comes into your hole the all the way to three four seconds and then you drag your talking midfield your white men into the ply because well she was so adventurous in the second off the ball wasn't sticky as well book out of his coming to the side for ok so they're going for the big centerfold pollers i think we'll see him if things don't go to plan now if you're into why we're in such a that's because there's a game coming up here tomorrow that will be germany against cameroon it's the group b. action on sunday that will be at the fish stadium you can see just behind us beautiful place didn't even have a full picture so originally when it was built to be a winter olympic venue stan and i don't couldn't resist we want to check out whether the fish he's ready for his new life as a football venue. now on the racetrack over to our wallets the beautiful see the kids and the flame and of course the fish started here in the background i don't know cause the fish moved on develops new ways of proving itself poster lympics find out race yet.
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to make stumm this page looks beautiful the stadium stuff they said can't go on we can't trust this lot the very protective understand i mean it's new the new chewing it but is it always this sensitive a situation that you please step over the line because it's new it's because the grains man loves the peach he sees them vibrate and it doesn't matter if we journalists trace only plays or relate to play on the speech. that he should choose the deceased a strong reason to just change should be paid to the details of security and to be fooled just how safe is it to the people when they come to a full two thousand cameras in the stadium and some that's moving the city of sochi from fires insurance on a much tighter policing this is really a very size place to watch your foot. you can see these fantastic vantage
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points and the constant evolution of the modern stadium while the people who want to be here live pictures that are many will be shocked to see the stands now with the ends of nothing that they for now life big screen across the side of the street there's a major change roofs going to come out and like that coming to the other end of all stands of course if you look at the windows all that new restaurants are being built not a bad place to watch the game. if you see. see any joy to difference it makes having taken the river full of sunshine. and also this not to mention it sitting at the very top. to see all of the parts of the stadium some of the stadiums around the world tumbling closer look the bleachers at the end to get into the sea breeze the sunshine can be fantastic.
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ok stand big picture now world cup which of course is part of the confed cup is easier preparation for the world cup used to be twenty four teams in the finals and they decided to expand it thirty to the talking about forty eight that means more teams like using like australia some of some of the less and less it sort of ranked footballing nation said a good thing or a bad thing i mean it's a good thing and the reason why a lot of detractors would say you've gone from twenty four to forty eight within maybe a decade or so watered down the quality of the teams if you look at new zealand their royce's been spectacular billionaire competitive in world football and the reason why that is because they're playing the likes of cristiana rinaldo in big stadiums in big sporting events essentially they had no chance of getting to the world cup finals ten fifteen twenty years ago so it's thirty two at the moment of
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course i teams in the confederations cup so the world could be ten times bigger from a bigger than the olympics and when it gets to forty eight teams it's going to be a serious party every single four years and i'm a huge fan of the smaller nations getting a taste of the big environment and dragging the level of new zealand certainly but they can't qualify that it's certainly not disgrace themselves and indeed nearly pulled off the big shock at the tournament so far so my question to you would be is that how small it is actually get to challenge the begin by getting the chance to play them more often is that how you change the kind of the pyramid structure of willful absolutely. see it in your wife or for example she brought and dora lichtenstein look some bird things like about bought plane russia against germany against spain the standard goes up some people don't like it some people are very snotty very much snobs in terms of the way that they look at tournament's they
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think it should be all of the big teams in the big clubs like the champions league surely that also is what they will do that will produce what favorable terms to expand the game of football if those country can better football it's going to create more interest within chile absolutely and that's what we should be looking to do spread in the world spreading the gospel of international football. is used to big sporting occasions of course there were the winter olympics in two thousand and fourteen and it's the home to the russian grown prate so like excited school kids need to know i couldn't whites to test the formula once a few for us selves. so this is it the song she also drove this is where the russian takes place as we are on a racetrack i think it be rude not to actually race. traffic cones to race car. or to draw. stacks. representing the united kingdom
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a piece of the ground. just seventy five centimeters done. so close but i'm pretty sure that was a big hurdle and as you can see barely a drop spilled. second experiment i want this to be about straight out flat line speed and they can go two hundred sixty kilometers an hour suspend speeds to fancy your chances ok.
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three. it's called the new video replay i think. studly well done i have to hand it to you to officially more. than a top of the range sports i'm sure though was a great great. place. to no man beats machine now you have exceptional hearing mr hall because you just jumped the studio maybe what happened i heard that sound they can become a stake in the rural football fans in a pub in the distance it could only be a goal for russia or it was made of well no russia of the mexico host nation breathe again. we're completely impartial jurors from all.
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brought up that also it's about a look at the economic and social problems in new orleans of the most violent storm in the history of the united states. with this manufacture consent to step into the public well. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round lifts only the one percent. we can all middle of the room six. million real news.
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