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here's what people have been saying about rejecting the night with you i suspect it's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of marty americans do the same we are apparently better than blue things but i see people you've never heard of love redacted the night my president of the world bank so paid under the rug any serious look send us an e-mail. to show the most another post you should drop since. i'll get the law i. told. you to leave the boat so i will give it to you. if you.
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just. have to leave the few that really. took a barbecue at the bar. was i don't know that might buy the thing before they sell for what they sell but so. what do you investigate police officers behave here as well. i'll take drugs in the west end up a presence here. calling people as you close. the. testing in the way that testing is being ules is a really big part of the problem because it has actually now. the curriculum for
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children no longer are children getting a broad rich curriculum they're being taught what's on the test because the test scores matter so much test scores are life and death for a school the school can be closed down that business can be shut down if the test scores don't come out right so schools do all kinds of things to game the system including manipulating their own moment. here. everything was just purchased and handed to us in the first grade team there are three classrooms one person. would write the lessons for all three classrooms so that we were all doing the same thing at the same time the day was to the minute scheduled because the administrators wanted to know exactly like if they walked into our room what they would be observing at that point.
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they're all tried to be modeled these acts same way like you would a business like you would a. not to fully equate to a restaurant chain right now that's what comes to mind. same roles same procedures same policies across the board. that's why it starts to feel. corporate unlike a business. called bullies. do not want to. return to some of the worst schools in the fall they should. have to. run a substance to police. i really worry about the kind of child that becomes an adult after years
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in this kind of environment so if you survive being in compliance being all kind of adult will you become well you become an adult who would question when something is going wrong which become adults who just comply. school reform should be about uplifting an entire group of people but in ten years you could not produce an elevated populace. your model has failed. and the evidence is the fifty two percent black male unemployment rate the evidence is the thirty nine percent child poverty rate in the evidence is the twenty six thousand young people between the ages of sixteen and twenty four who when that work and who are not in school.
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i am. not the arms around so like me and change are fundamental institutions without empathy it's not tomorrow our people come and take their public education system try or all the teachers and give away the schools to private. not monogamous. living. and they are dispersed by disaster and prevented from returning property given to private developers in the same thing in health care. and
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then government chantel a lot of anti-discrimination laws to cancel a lot of the union laws that cancel a lot of prevailing wage laws by after katrina so the workers who desperately need it they can also be exploited by the process. and those decisions were not made in an election decisions were made as a result disaster those decisions were made.
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by exams so if they were made. to mixing your right why can't you do right now is just open up. really budget which one i'm honored. nobody. that we as well try to get out. so we set out. to. sit on it. you know this bill. says you know. not a couple more a day in. mosul we do more we. can actually yeah. you can we can we don't like.
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it don't matter. you know really. just do just one thing. so you never know when you go into some sort of liking to see them on a work is such a i mean because they make you know when you call for it is a one call a certain time is not a call it depends on the job because you know certain just officers in times like the job to do. six o'clock so we set up like we. did we set up about not a. full day no one to. see something so open that you know different times you got to get to a point on. that day to get up in buying those. who can't come the day to get up and buy the shingles.
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kind of had to put them a got to get up. so they would be to get us to. the you know. mind you know when you mean me how much. this is what out me to do you. know you didn't see right forty seven. at seven o. seven hours a would force him. almost it is a. blow to sell. or to be. on the board if he. ordered or ate sand seven is fifty six right the crew at the taste in the. air you know the guy added to the.
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dad is slavery. a woman on a back. you know because you know when you have to go into a temp service as a slave master woman you're back out there no same you know. seven dollars. when a slave master means you had to morrow at a certain time of last and i'm going to put money so gave me a son. and then. we select is that a new come over you would. you know it is the saying dang. blacks you know it's a temp service. in order and pick the best man man in the cinema or he. he peered into money or no money at all. i mean was different the name has
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changed but the game still missing. is. you know who is king them for the poor people's campaign what kind am campaign is does we find that . the people who make seven out of a bank in was making two thousand down and that was the c.d.c. this is two thousand and sixteen you know we made it from one. dalin summed it up into seven down as the. campaign that would change. the. believe. the key.
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to this is your group's recent. capital of. the city. or capital think any country. is nearly five times your ears and in times true with. our neighbors and our very profitable business a one hundred eighty two million dollar industry. people point to. me i. like how much. i love to go back out the street and it's hard hard hard shot farming do what i need to do and then when i get a job i'm not getting paid enough. but that her father showered you all say i need to feed my kids you want to know there was a right suzanne so make it possible for me to do so right.
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out on the street so. using your help knowing. i mean if you put me despite that it is because you want me back on the street and you tell me they not afford. let well me you ain't got nothing will go you know i will see you soon in a couple weeks. it's enough and not enough. and. anything you see need to deal. let me define it so you go in megara was a boy king newport's is the hamburger and you get outside on the side you want to pickles or onion as own a hamburger and you discover death but you don't do it interest gay might be walking you discovered on the street you go to deal for the people who have went to jail for the. deaths while we got there hasn't cause a race meet more because of things maids. and having the housing
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costs raise rates everybody knew only got some kind of comics so now you came home you came to jab a king in a house only it doesn't go away you have to take for life. the recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with katon iran against saudi arabia the long running tensions between the sunni's into the open why did ankara jump into the fray instead of trying to pull the strings from a distance. social
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environment. right. chemical discoveries over the last century made everyday life easier but at what cost this is syria is exceptionally sick. industrial giants reap the benefit. by chemical production. as if these people are just experimental animals. the toxic environment continues to poison the lives of these astronomically high levels of dioxin levels that my staff think maybe some of the highest levels in the united states almost thirty years this very serious problem have not actually been
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addressed. investigation into the chemical industry secrets revealed. for. the earth there's. a new one. that i did not have that. i. live
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now we're looking for the love from the rosie concern among other communities are looking to reinvent themselves or to vision themselves in the future. so the world's became a laboratory for innovation entrepreneurship and change and new thinking which attracted a whole new generation of individuals and capital but also local leaders emerging so the world is it in a way is a startup city where we're ten years since katrina we're rebuilding not what we were what we share then but also reimagining what is a great american city and making sure we grow the city for everybody but also preserving our great culture.
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i'm proud that my folks are from the wall and i'm happy that they will culture it rich and i'm glad that they passed on every bit of it but i'm thankful because my city feeds me this culture and grew up in our own any you know i don't just dance because i've seen a dance on soul train no doubt was a while i was dancing i dance because that's in the days at the second i was assigned and the gas was crisscrossing the fenians been going around and ridge doing a jab you know monkeys and it gotten up and having
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a good time but that's why i had days you know and some people in a world as wild reasons but in a wall as we dance the dance of death spirit we never bangle to pray but on. that's such a chore feel free spirit for and love and joy garner with you katie. this is a special. i don't think we've been doing day we've got the most ellison's now we had louis before that city the birthplace of jazz and we're about one hundred percent of the culture of the jazz music so we've been producing as old as ten but i would've
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meccan deafened do straight immunizations why don't we invest in american great musicians why don't we invest in the navy was where to go from. the respect for the go how long do we expect to mardi gras indians and second man is a brass band if they keep we have a noise ordinance telling little boys and little girls we have seen their causes friends uncles grandmothers and grandfathers play. unease bands that decay to come outside and blow to hone because they're disturbed somebody who come from wyoming some down where their lives in the waltons we're going to lose our culture we're gonna lose what made the culture young i'm in young people grown owned the corners anyone who are just trying to play a one second and. we gonna loose and gonna lose them within the next hundred years we've been off the mall. but we don't believe and what we're telling the people
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around the world to come see and as a government we don't believe in it all sales it's all it's invested. we only want to use those people in the waltons as a shield as to pete dana captures it's less it captures the audience they have no other use for us. at a desk like saying at the gate to come on in for fall but i'll collect all the money in the tickets and then we find fulfillment a guy that gave is going. to still hold. still for a musical sphere to play music because we love to still play music because that's all we know how to do.
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this tell a lot of blankness and. can we bring it back. x. . one hundred thirty seven years ago we were in the cotton fields we will who in
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the land strictly by hand even called the mean. always well in a big house down and east as not until it was simply dead we in the maze as such because we simply got out of the. scene we've allowed them to rearrange our pain and taught us to trust our enemy we can do. as recollect a blackness or understand in the blues being black. she to blue is a beanbag should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do become a symbol it is national is be blank. it's black and blue.
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you know but. it is really a knife. it is a movie that women in. it is really life is really a movie. and when i heard that. in. a similar it is a movie in the best actors get paid. the best ag is survived. so history some movie and we only acting. as we just daughter movie. because i don't see as main in this movie. in the movies bank as always dad missing by with good faith. and with
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as good people so. it seems as we move. into this.
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he let him. alone so.
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today or tomorrow so all the balls are going to be thrown over. yahoo. or. google is the target everybody wants for and the people here are creator does lego book. play must. treat. attention to the. leaking. of the final. time and replace.
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the security system. to get. the suit. against the criminals is pretty cool so. this isn't just. the law i see. coming. in a little. bit. you. just. have to leave the most of them really.
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i don't know. what the board itself was based on but. but the investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll just drugs on the web. presence here. let me people as you. please. please. please. please.
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please call me in the middle georgia i. a tough week for the british prime minister she faces calls to resign over her handling of the grenfell tower tragedy for which she's apologized as well as mounting bracket protests. moscow demands an explanation from washington over downing of a syrian fighter jets the instance let the russian military to start tracking u.s. and coalition aircraft in syria as potential targets. and muslims around the world mark the end of the holy month of ramadan we report on the celebrations in moscow.


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