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tv   Headline News  RT  June 25, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i am am. the syrian army confirms israeli forces have once again targeted their positions in the disputed territory of the golan heights it's the second such strike on the area in two days. a tough week for the british prime minister as she faces calls to resign over her handling of the ground fell tower tragedy while the protesters take to the streets. and we now know the four teams through to the semifinals of the confederations cup as germany win and chile do enough to progress in their deciding games we'll have a report from our special studio in sourcery. you're
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watching the weekend here on r.t. international thank you for joining us. here's an update on our breaking news story from colombia a tourist boat with one hundred fifty people on board has sunk on a reservoir near the town of pay in the northwest of the country there is still no official word on casualties but some of those rescue told the local newspapers that the boat was overloaded and no one had life jackets for search and rescue operation is now under way we'll bring you more details on this breaking story as we get them . syria says its army positions in the golan heights have once again come under fire from israel it's the second strike in the area in two days artie's middle east correspondent point to slip as more. well the tsunami has issued a statement in which it has accused the israelis of targeting syrian army positions on the side of the golan heights now the syrian army is currently fighting the
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terrorist group. and they say that the israeli attacks are only hoping. they have been to such israeli attacks since saturday as for the israeli side the israeli air force has acknowledged conducting those strikes it says that it is in response to projectiles that landed on the israeli side of the golan heights of course the golan heights is disputed territory but the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying quite clearly at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting that they would be a price to pay even if such projectiles and and are not targeting israel but land on israeli territory by mistake. walk up policy is clear we will not tolerate any spillover or trickle whatsoever neither morse's nor rockets from any front we will respond strongly to any attack on our territory our citizens.
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now talking to some people on the ground here what is being expressed as the view that the syrian army needs to pay the price for whatever happens in the golan heights even if the syrian army is fighting terrorists israel still continues to hit their positions. but to discuss this issue further i'm now joined live by paul vali u.s. army retired general paul thank you very much indeed for joining us so late this evening well syria says it's fine to you guys just terrorists in the golan heights and that ever and missiles hit israel so therefore do you think the israeli response is acceptable and reasonable. well it's going to the situation you know. just across the border from israel you have to rocket want your jewelry rock or longer. and they fired shells that landed in israel now who are the brigade here of the israeli defense forces is very well defended with then tirade or so evidently they picked up those
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launches and then they returned fire against those artillery rocket launcher trucks . and several i guess syrian soldiers were killed but interesting that the israelis don't also fire on the terrorist elements there that's a tough one to figure out from my viewpoint but let's also look at the response and as you said the implication is that i mean the syrian missiles as they came in these errant missiles didn't kill or injure anyone as far as we know and yet the israeli response is alleged to have killed as we said two syrian soldiers to think by definition that israel is being heavy handed. well here's what happens when your military commander cade on the ground over there you have incoming shells landing in your territory you are going to respond because you don't know whether just their initial fires there's more to come and of course those multiple rocket launcher until you can launch it anywhere from a twenty up to forty rockets and so sitting on me is really so i'm not defending
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them per se but once the rockets are launched into your area you're going to return fire and i think that's exactly what happened well let's look at the potential here and perhaps escalation even if i mean israel to stay the launch on the sidelines of the syrians have a walkout do you think that these would tell you a three strikes could lead to something something bigger do you think that could lead to more escalation more involvement. well i don't think necessarily there will be escalation from the israelis there they're more in the defensive mode and again countering any kind of enemy fire or troop activity that crosses into israeli territory so i don't think that's going to happen it's more going to happen between when you have the arab air powers up or the air forces fighting each other as we had with the russia drones in the air and u.s. air force you've got the syrian air force that's likely where things will escalate
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more than the even on the ground but they need to take out these terrorist groups inside syria and that will help everybody at least going to mediate some kind of of a ceasefire for the entire syrian country well it's also look at recent history the u.s. a stepped up its fight against the syrian armed forces you think that israel perhaps has felt emboldened by that. well again knowing israel and how they prepare i would think they're not looking for risky lation because there's worries of the war inside of syria today and i know i don't think is really wants to be a part of that in terms of fighting within syria you know it's a matter of protection of your borders shells landed in syria i mean and inside israel and they took action against those launchers so i think that's all it is it does not i would make more out of the than it is and when you get that full volley
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u.s. army retired general thank you very much and if your time thank you. well syria's also recently been hit by the u.s. on monday moscow said it was holding cooperation with washington over syria after the coalition shut down a syrian fighter plane the day before the pentagon earlier claimed its had shot down the syrian jet in self-defense after it bombed u.s. backed militants but damascus says its plane was attacking islamic state while the syrian jets was dad near the iso held city of rock which is under siege by u.s. backed local troops it's not the first time the u.s. led coalition has targeted pro sound forces in the war zone last month in southern syria the coalition also bombed pro-government forces several times after accusing them of violating so-called de confliction zions and is an alley takes a closer look and the latest round. the u.s. shoots down a syrian plane over syria in self-defense the only action that we have taken
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against pro regime forces in syria and they've been to specific incidents have been in self-defense let's imagine a random guy comes into your house with a gun and shoots your dog and then he's like it was just self-defense i wanted to make sure there was no why lynds going on here d. as coalition speaking of deescalation after this self defense move the situation couldn't be worse russia now considers all u.s. led coalition planes in the area of potential targets and are tracking them all of this happened as both the u.s. and syrian government backed up by the russian air force were fighting isis in the stronghold of raka now washington and moscow have locked horns in syria again focus has shifted and isis is probably breathing a deep sigh of relief while watching syrian fighter jets crash in flames on the horizon good job superpowers you're not so super slick. well tensions flared
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even further on choose day after the u.s. led coalition shot down another syrian aircraft and i'm none troyan the pentagon claims the armed drone had been advancing on u.s. backed forces in southern syria once again the coalition said the downing of the aircraft was motivated by self defense analysts warn that washington is playing a dangerous game. did the americans react to syrian threats as a source or were they trying to assert sovereignty over syria if you think about it really ever since the early one thousand nine hundred ninety s. have been used to it being able to patrol what they regard as enemy skies with impunity and feel threatened but also the allies on the ground are threatened brygada are we going towards you know more suspension of cooperation i think that's what some people in the u.s. administration actually won so they don't meaning they don't want to have cooperation between the u.s. and russia maybe not necessarily trump himself but i think you do have figures who
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are very anti russian in the administration i think we are heading towards a more suspension of cooperation and more hostility between moscow and washington which could mean some very bleak scenarios for the future. hundreds of people in london have been evacuated from their tower block homes amid fears of a repeat of the grenfell tower disaster more than thirty blocks have failed to fire safety tests across the country the ground felt our disaster britain's deadliest fire in over a century claimed at least seventy nine lives the fire was only put out more than twenty four hours later and prime minister to resign may admit it had government hadn't done enough to respond to the disaster but her apology didn't stop hundreds of protesters from across the u.k. demanding justice for the victims the support on the ground for families in the initial hours was not good enough people were left without belongings without roofs over their heads without even basic information about what happened what they
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should do that was a failure of the state local and national to help people when they needed it most as prime minister i apologize for that failure and as prime minister i've taken responsibility for doing what we can to put things right but i think that it's a little late here how is to layoff. and you know. when they lie in jeans a little bit i miss marlay when they buy an overseas in europe i make sure it was what it was a lot because. i was. to think after this massacre that i could just buy people and everyone's going to hash out serious say you know this is me justice and laws need to be turning to me why is the house ok in a way that this should. be fact the the the reason. the it was treated like was due to to reason
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murray should take all the blame for this we all introduce remote through all those people in the house of parliament the goods to get a part to play for us. or victims of the ground fault our players may have been exposed not only to smoke and fire but also to a highly toxic gas that's according to expert analysis of the tragedy hospital report said they were treating as free people from cyanide poisoning one of the most dangerous forms an expert has claimed the ensure lation boards used on the tower produce a deadly gas when burned and the clouding which was highly flammable material used on the outside of the building is also under scrutiny well this week the u.k. also marked one year since it voted to leave the european union though the actual divorce talks about me just got under way the referendum results caused a political earthquake the aftershocks of which are still being felt today. i will move a motion in the house of commons calling for
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a general election to be held on the eighth of june driesum a wanted to strengthen her hand embrace of negotiations with european leaders she needed a mandate for her standing in the divorce from the e.u. breaks it corrects it for treason by breaks it means giving up access to the e.u. single market and customs union seeking full control of u.k. borders and no compromise on the free movement of people but instead of a mandate to reason may go to hung parliament criticism of her breaks that position no deal for britain is better than a. no deal would be a very very bad out for now will britain needs to work out a new breakthrough plan which is not easy but the divided parliament the democratic unionist party which may hope to form a majority with opposes heartbreaks it well the u.k. position leaves more questions than answers some fear the negotiations which have
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already started will bring little progress so we wait for second breaks that referendum not likely even labor are resigned to this breakup except respects the result of the referendum in both me off you know come leaving. the conditions of the divorce agreements and now even more uncertain than ever and things you should go from the normal messy to fix. well the process officially started when brussels received a letter from theresa may finally declaring the intention to leave the bloc many british citizens still strongly oppose the decision and some once again express that anger on friday. takes us through the twists and turns of britain's rocky road to the break. it was a very that changed the course of history the forty eight percent who voted to stay outraged although the other. as they were delighted to show me his resume.
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to become a national bank holiday we will call it a. night of firearms may have been jumping the gun his so-called independence day is still a distant prospect the referendum result killed the political career of david cameron and allowed home secretary to resume aid to step up to the plate in the run up to the vote she had been a quiet remain but the desire to lead post brags that britain forced her to reconsider her position bricks it means bricks and we're going to make a success of it a year down the line that sounds like something from an alternate universe considering that reason may hold an election in order to strengthen her hand in the braggs it talks but ended up refueling in the polls and losing her parliamentary
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majority her atrocious result meant that politically her weakened government limped into negotiations with brussels earlier this week and bear in mind these talks were never going to be a walk in the park. but it. can be concluded quickly. threats against question has been issued by european politicians commission was trying to bully the british people arguments over whether the u.k. would pave the e.u. one hundred billion gregg's it bill guaranteeing the rights of citizens in the u.k. and who would get custody of gibraltar what thorny issues but there is aroused took a back seat when britain was hit by a wave of terror for terror attacks in the space of just three months to be precise
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and many britons held to reason may directly responsible because she'd been head of the home office for six years before becoming prime minister. and with all the security and political chaos few people even notice that earlier this week briggs it negotiations officially kicked off but not in the way that london would have hoped the british government's already been accused of caving into brussels over the braggs its schedule and opinion polls now show that if the country got to vote again it would reject leaving the u. so just like to raise that may the plan for braggs it went from strong and stable so weak and wobbly within the space of just one and yeah. the cia's chief has accused russia of working to undermine american democracy for
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decades more details on this story after this short break. the recent spat between the gulf states has highlighted yet another middle eastern conflict while turkey is siding with qatar and iran against saudi arabia the long
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running tensions between the sunni's. into the open wanted and craig jump into the fray instead of trying to play. the strings from the distance. welcome back cia director mike pump a.o. claims russian meddling in the us presidential elections was just a part of a decades long efforts to undermine american democracy while russia has always denied any interference while pompei a statement comes in his first interview after taking up the post of cia director in january can't talk about the details of the intelligence but we have the intelligence committee has said that this election was meddled with by the russians in a way that is frankly not particular original they've been doing this for an awfully
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long time and we are decades into the russians trying to undermine american democracy i think a lot of actors try to exercise influence in the in the election i don't know the specifics of what russia may or may not have done and what other nations may or may not have done i think the facts are clear in the public domain that the democratic national committee try it may well have rigged the primary for hillary and did their level best to tip the scales in the elections to bigger issue is the degree to which the obama administration seems likely to have tried to tip the hand heavily in the favor of installing hillary clinton as a successor to barack obama that's something that really needs to be investigated. now the final two group games of the twenty seventeen confederations cup have decided the last two semifinalists chile and germany went through a lot of face portugal and mexico in the last four and more here's neil harvey and stan collymore in sochi.
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well to sort to the semifinal lineup is now complete let's cut to the chase is germany and it is chile who will complete the final four alongside me stan collymore you made some predictions earlier alongside nick come on come on let's let's see how we did because paul the octopus back in germany in two thousand and six was very good to the buried in germany as we expected when the first game hugo thought i was going to happen was that yesterday germany three cameroon one very good camera work in the first half and fly very aggressive very youthful but the german quality came through caring very clear stuff annoying his first appearance of a conflict called first goal. watch out for the story in the next twelve months he will be in the germany squad. for the world cup when the germans come back here for two goals the first time
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a german high school two goals in the confederations cup and then of course it again chile against australia almost completely wrong to actually would have this fairly comfortably a very strong chile and saw it against an australian side which is very useful for this exchange maybe for the game and a really creditable draw from the australians let's just you know play some do cynical bear went from australia which was on the cards for the first forty five minutes so if i was a betting man and i'm not out of germany still against chile following germany get to stay in sochi which is what they wanted to be pleased with that it's being chilly no west philly today baking hot and such and i think it's quite warm in moscow as well isn't it emily says our correspondent at the spartak arena it was an intense and exciting game and the results are in one one draw between chile and australia and this means chile we're now at vannes to the semifinals and just like in sochi moscow been blessed with great weather today and here despite tax t.d.m. the atmosphere really couldn't be any better right before the game started in the
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entrances. also the engines the stadium behind me it was literally jam packed with fans from both teams out there is music playing and drum beats are playing also and fans are just waving the flags and cheering on both teams and as far as when the sand there is as many as two thousand fans who flew all the way from chile right here in russia to be a part of the twenty seven thousand confederations cup so they can cheer on their national team and looks like their predictions came true before the game started they told me they think chile would go straight to the semifinals no doubt here's what they told me. yes. we are both for now the two the national team and we have a very nice team. going to win on justified to the semifinals that's how. i know. it. so the semifinal matches will take place on the twenty eighth and twenty ninth in sochi in cars on and it will be portugal
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against chile and germany against mexico and for sure here in r.t. will be keeping a close eye on those matches ok let's bring in now mon both of these former australia aston villa's so many of the chelsea some of the teams he playful and you know what he's an old polo team as you also let you speak to him first balls are what's happening sung. good evening meal good evening stan good to hear from me mate. great to hear from you your we should watch the guy you may have been in russia for the last couple of days that start with a football for us all would dare say a very creditable australian performance that i saw give you their best performance on the today new manager for a very long time that was better than chile in the first half. but more more the match them during the second half as well chile to be fair stepped up a gear second half and equalized through rodriguez but overall a strike and feel very very proud of their performance there for a while there it looked as though the great upset was on obviously
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a lot of people. she in the west of australia very very concerned about traveling anywhere these days and i was different to coming here but i was wonderfully surprised that i live here in moscow which is. absolutely mobbed the city the culture the architecture everything good bad is just first class but st petersburg i was there for nearly a week and that was absolutely outstanding as well and the main concerns that obviously people ask me about it australia is number one the security and security second set out it's absolutely world class the food has been fantastic the people have been very very helpful and so many people are now in this train now dying to tell me of the world cup there's only one thing that i think is wrong is that the taxi drivers drive too fast. now let's return to our breaking news story from colombia a tourist boat with one hundred fifty people on board has sunk on a reservoir knew the time to pay in the northwest of the country according to the head of the country's police three people have died in the accident and thirty i'm
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missing some of those rescue told local newspapers that the boat was overloaded and no one had lifejackets search and rescue operation is underway and more updates on the story as they come in. next outing international turkeys former president tells once a part about the latest tensions in the region. here's what people have been saying about rejecting the sixty's full on awesome power of the only show i go out of my way to talk to you know what it is that really packs a punch please yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue. sea people you've never heard of love redacted tonight president of the world bank page because he really meant it seriously he sent us an
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email let's talk about blackness in the blues of being black. and always well in a big house down at least that's what i've been told but it was simply that we in remains as such because we simply forgot. the scene we've allowed them to rearrange their paint you've told us the sickness of trusting the enemy we came to face. that's what i call a lack of blackness or understanding the blues of being black. she blues of being black should mandate that we attack knowing how when and what to do to come the simple in his national is be black simply tat the feeling blue is black and blue. europe and the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the
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same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to or come from countries all countries have the control of their borders looks all countries so beautiful so as the rights to control its board. let's. go and welcome to worlds apart the middle east was never short on crisis but the recent spat between the gulf states has out of yet another frontline to the already just a battle for regional dominance but turkey openly siding with could chart and iran
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against saudi arabia the long running sunni town chance have various drive into the open why did turkey decide to jump into the fray robin trying to pull the strings from a distance to discuss that i'm now joined by former president of turkey of the good mr president such a great honor talking to you thank you very much for your time you were still president when he decided to take a more active role in in the syrian crisis and many believe that that may have not have turned out for the best interest of your country why do you think the decided to take such an active stance in the dispute between saudi arabia and. qatar was it a prudent decision for the forestall. if there. are. too many through border with their current. if the.


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