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tv   World Apart With Oxana Boyko  RT  June 25, 2017 10:30pm-11:01pm EDT

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love a guy i know right behind you to the ground. now we're starting to see snow three hundred sixty degrees and. we. see this is high. home all this for a place to push the confederate since the. tree thousands are pretty subdued. and it's going get some snow. on ice people to make it into mainstream school sunshine beautiful scenery how do you feel. a lot about ginni in sochi and this is one of those moments where you don't need any words. now sonoran international intrigue is former president talks with the worlds apart about the latest tensions and the region.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart the middle east was never short on crisis but the recent spat between the gulf states has and if you have another front line to be already has to battle for regional dominance turkey opel is siding with the chart and iran against saudi arabia the long running sunni town chance have various drive into the open why did turkey decide to jump into the fray robin trying to pull the strings from the distance to discuss that i'm now joined by former president of turkey. mr president such a great honor talking to you thank you very much for your time you were still present and. decided to take a more active role in the syrian crisis and many believe that may have not have turned out for the best interest of your country why do you think. decided to
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take such an active stance in the dispute between saudi arabia and. qatar was it a prudent decision for the forestall. if there. are nine through borders with their current. if the. crew on the two. so you have to deal with this threat. perception. has proved to us that more than three people. i think. so what do you wish to see those the so through. the for both of. you want to see if you pull. the whole. welfare we don't have that about
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syria or. iraq neighboring countries we don't have total problem with we don't have a conflict of interest with them just we wish to see that there are help there are not problem for mr president turkey we believe this is the only country that doesn't have conflict of interest with its neighbors because everybody else in the russia has so many conflicts of interest with its neighbors you maybe they like exception but i guess my point was that the way the means that the cherokee chose to intervene in the syrian crisis may have long been. the most efficient means because as you pointed out there have three million refugees that you have to deal with it's a big burden on the budgets certainly not all your goals have been achieved and but we have to remember of the beginning of the problem it was not the turkey it was the syrian people the demand that legitimate clients demand more of them
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saw they made the most crucial for this unfortunate regime. and. sold them as an enemy and sent the army against them you know before the problem we had really good relationship with the regime and we were halting them. and then me. to engage them. although there was pressure on us from some of us in france but really prefer to engage me to ask them to. transform their dream in the. regime could not. see why this was ridiculed it we were told. to remember rishta changed. but the probe.
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can only kill millions of syrians. askew. we have an otherwise. good reason to create the problem. this should. push through. to come at the beginning we have a different position. with russia. is. unfortunate you can come to get the beginning to have a common policy so for the. people suffer but i think as you pointed out there have been some success in bringing a political event solution your country is working on that with russia with iran but i want to ask you about another. growing regional crisis and this is qatar you
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mentioned that. the turkish leadership used to have a very good relationship with the syrian government it also has a very good relationship with the qatar in leadership and it decided to intervene intervene in the gulf crisis that is still ongoing not only by standing humanitarian aid but also by by sending troops and a small number but still troops do you think that was a wise decision. the gulf. region we have france and all of. this is through the shooting for. us we don't know but before this. started we brought heavy security. through also. agreements with all of. our men. agreed. and also.
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present. these are not just specific to her side one of. the students as you said trying to make no difference. at all thought absolutely can be friends with all of them but obviously there are some tensions but between the two of them because saudi arabia openly accuses qatar of aiding terrorist organizations it is no secret that turkey and qatar all fun and quite openly coordinate their foreign policy said do you agree with those accusations made by saudi arabia that qatar indeed is supporting terrorist groups around. the government. very little cell phone. you know
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the. i want to say. this. really is going relationship with them. personal friend. if you don't want to side against those now turkish media has reported recently that the saudis are threatening to support kurdish groups in syria if it continues to back qatar do you think those reports should be taken seriously is that and the evidence of how friendly the relationship is well. first of all this should be. against the kurds kurds. or many times that you protect the. kurds in syria yet you can sue or do you. mean the kurdish. sure and if.
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so what we are opposing. some kurdish groups affiliated to peak. expanding the. the control and by force change to the middle of the region so this is not acceptable of course this route create there's ever. feelings the time to comment the reverence the region be. the hotel again so if you don't want to see this otherwise if you can be to see kurds happy in the camp. welfare we don't see them as a threat but what we see as a threat is very conscious one of the church group is moving. and crew and now the region within serbia this is against the.
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unity of syria this what we are now it's not only the syrian kurds that have been in the news a lot lately also the iraqi kurds have been announced that intention to hold an independence referendum in september and. i know this is something that the government and the government in teheran the government in damascus and the government in baghdad oppose do you think that could be some sort of basis for a fragile regional concern so i think the russian and united states also they don't prefer. this so again the problem is this. because the people. that come. to help you on. are they have full full rights. so to fulfill all the
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right but the independence the breaking of the country is not good for the region and for good for them. should remain as one country if the suppression of or are. they really have the same in future than the us than the war in the region instead of this we wish to see old groups all the population. this is well it's. less likely is the more they're not understanding all the whys look at the immigration. look at the. many. differences all. right to have.
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mass so this one. sport but you know it's not the right of separation but the right of self-determination and it is granted by charter i want to quote you something since you spoke about the privacy i want to quote you something that the chief advisor to the iraqi kurdish leader massoud barzani said just last week and he compared the. referendum to the recent constitutional vote and he said the us people in turkey are voting for their constitutional reform exercise their own democratic ride so we are exercising our democratic right to see what the people of who just want doesn't he have a point that they have the right to hold this vote and see what their people prefer but i don't want to. go there i don't know the. you know bull. they have
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to be they have to be. rights. with the old ups if there are. those. but. as a run country so if the. if they claim to be. different . so this is the legitimacy for the suppression than in other companies in russia in america in other companies in china that are in many different ethnicities that this stuff to claim so they can justify its so i am not a. mother against the cars. i always had a good relationship with. cards. it was
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a great pressure. not to have sympathy are you embarrassed. this is something else my concern is the division of the regional support it should overcome. not bringing peace to the region well mr president let me stop you for a second we need to take a very short break but we will be back in just a few moments stay tuned.
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welcome back to on the part that we're talking to former president of turkey up to like you mr president a few years ago you call turkey a european country with a muslim population is that still the case but turkey is a huge opium comes through and she also argue that in terms of how it's interpreted is that you're a strong. located you know you new place and it's not all so loud joe when you know the story also when you write your. target is a part of that fight is the european union is concerned yes you are negotiating with the european union. although the negotiation process is not going. but it is life on the political side. for as many problems
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on the technical side the relationship is going well. you know we are the full member of the european custom union so we hope that the negotiation process at that but does this mean that turkey really become the full member of the europe you have to print european union maybe turkish people did not wish this may be the france. some e.u. countries that they all the declare that they are going to have a referendum on the membership of told q so they may see that turkey is not good for them and their man refused this bot. fix them that's what i can. do the legal system is good for us old farts that's great to hear has specially from you let me ask you specifically about
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the diplomatic and democratic rather. legal standards because in many of your interviews three or four years ago you used to stress the separation of powers as a key save guard of democracy and over the last few months we have seen. executive . fire sometimes detain about a third of its judges this chimes of the executive has also been significantly increased do you think the separation of powers. and aspiration for the current turkish leadership. is for the support issue paula it is important not only for us for all of us. for what to. the. problem in future may be to be. through everything but. there will be support.
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time stability. support. so for this important close third term. per do sometimes. problems with these issues. you know we have this russian saying that nothing is more permanent than temporary unfortunately they have this piece is has been proven by our own history of what started as temporary often leads to disaster as consequences for example the stalin era is a good example in russia. going back to turkey most of those judges as well as teachers as well as policemen were arrested on allegations that they were sympathetic to or part of the so-called his math moment. she's being accused by the current government of orchestrating the last years cool. we are talking about tens
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of thousands of people have been either detained or whole lost their job because of some suspicions clearly they couldn't have been part of the all of them do you think your country is treating them fairly you talked about the legal standards do they deserve deserve the kind of treatment that they are getting from from their state right now. for. you know. all their faults. this h. . having. incarceration. can not be acceptable and no one will have sympathy at this time for truth is people they are there to do this so it is well known and many
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people they have lost their lives. the trauma for me from the political climate and with all of us. this was a short for us because no one imagine that there will be any. apparently mr president that is everything is so precious housewarming what's happening of course i mean. some murderers being taken by the authorities but. can that be must punishment. affords to clear who hold who. it's so difficult for it of course the case is that of course i mean really.
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well mr president you know that russia was one of the first countries that sided with turkey when the call happened but i know personally turkish families here in russia whose kids as young as five had that passports canceled who were denied consular services because the turkish state has some suspicions about their parents do you think children are a fair game when being in the state wants to go after parents but i understand their difficulties aren't. that of course. all balls there are three at the wrong. of course there shouldn't be. though of course. if someone is. also. having problems so this is not. going to correct that and i understand that this is
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an extremely difficult question for you and i really appreciate your honesty and being willing to answer those questions but who do you think will protect these people now because from my understanding being you know be calling somebody guillen is the worst thing you can do in turkey right now what but what does it even mean to be a gillan is there any legal standard north grows i mean are. you must punish me. the sort of pull that you're off the. shore. of course we have to get off this car. because many people. difficulties are you know. if i'm not mistaken from your own advisor i show you must was that arrested twice accused of some links of
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with the feds a moment can i just the last question on this topic do you think there is any legal standard that the prosecution has to comply with do they have to prove the involvement in the criminal activity rather than just accusing somebody of sympathies with the teachings of some clerics well. it's. proved for the current. illegal communication system. is that a crime in itself communicating with somebody the. charge off to. the side all these things. must punishment.
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to. be should be also on this through. of cause if you know some people are suffering this should be. ok you were one of those politicians who spearheaded turkey's. accession reform we mentioned some of that already it's clearly no longer a priority but some european experts i've talked to believe that if the e.u. were a little bit more forthcoming and accommodating to turkey. a few years back that. these tightening of the screws in turkey wouldn't have happened do you agree with that that perhaps this whole situation in turkey could have been avoided well i mean. of course that the most with strong doubts. about the critics. on the one. that. many issues that if you have all the time dots.
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you could. skip from some programs. but. this group is against the speech. they explore some democrats rights. so if. maybe they're a little to do this so. many problems. can i ask you the last question and it would be a historical one because turkey is following father's including stuff i came up with that sort of made the case and that memoirs that turkey's entanglements in the
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middle east. verily and well and that's was part of he's argument that turkey has to be a problem secular republic i don't know if you agree with him on the secular part but do you think turkey fifteen twenty years from now will remain. where is the drafting doesn't see it doesn't still see itself as a bridge between the east and west or is it jeff to more in the direction of the east both. mostly. europe turkey's eurasia occur. so what's important is the democracy in for democracy in fact the time to see. a lot of news. the. rule of law. of course for the north koreans so.
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strong made. about this in the past and these are the direction of torque you saw. relation with russia because of your leaving from europe you are having a story to make your relationship with. this is an indication that you are living from europe north korea. will have its long relationship with europe differently be reversed. russia. if you think you've been hurt us shipped the war these are not against each although these are not to be charged but mr president it's been a great honor at talking to you thank you very much for your candid answers i really appreciate them of yours please share your comments now twitter facebook and you pay interest and i hope to see you again same place same time here on all the
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part of. our.
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the syrian army confirms israeli forces have once again targeted their positions and the disputed territory of the golan heights as the second such strike on the area in two days. a tough week for the british prime minister as c. faces calls to resign over her handling of the grenfell tower tragedy led to drugs that protesters take to the streets. and we now know the foreign teams through to the semifinals of the confederations cup as germany when you do and enough to progress and they're deciding games we'll have a report from our special studio in saute.


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