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let's go to memphis in the cave to go. there actually. is a fake bus just months or east the we can tell you gaining ounce to you to feel. this it rose it has a secrets of its hope. this is from. sunshine and fresh. juice to win to resume beach state that was very well full exacts has been well listen to our minister from the beach which is about to rise to the very top of roads if they do this is stunning i mean a study where we were almost at peak level now i know you like to be hauling juvie
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to run do it now we're starting to see snow three hundred sixty degrees and. still we. see big trees hi. how about this for a place to push the confederation's cup for two thousand eight hundred twenty seven . let's go and get some snow got some nice people to make a decision to make the school so he's trying to be useful say very good you feel. a lot about. and this is one of those moments where you don't need any wood. coming out if they plan on cross stock breaks down de lay does that crisis gripping the middle.
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europe has the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to or come from countries all countries have the control of their borders books all come from so beautiful so as the rights to control its borders. here's what people have been saying about rejected in the us actually just pull on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is the really packs a punch at least yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight my president of the world bank so hate him but he doesn't really mean it
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seriously send us an e-mail. hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter labelle again on this edition of the program we focus on real news this time is the war in syria escalating if so who is driving it the latest in the qatar saudi arabia saga and so many have lived an extended version of the program. cross talking real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have alex kristof or he is to director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dmitri bobbitt she's
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a political analyst with sputnik international or a german cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and we're going to talk about real news here mark i want to go to syria i heard earlier on sputnik radio with brian becker fascinating interview you called what's going on in syria right now a war of maneuver what do you mean yeah it was important for everyone to understand about east syria right now is that isis is no offensive threat to everyone there folding their crumbling they've been doing this for a long time actually al qaeda is the biggest threat in syria but they're contained in it live for the moment isis is crumbling and it's a race between the syrian government in sao lies and the u.s. and its proxies to take territory from isis because then this is the new game that everyone that the rules of the game as they are right now are is that if you take territory you get to hold it at least for the time being right so they're racing along the roads and the oil fields the these important nodes it's a very spiritually populated desert these roads from baghdad to damascus. very
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important this once provincial capital darrow's or which has been held by the syrian government defending one hundred thousand citizens for four years against airlift keeps the airlift keeps them alive this is where the u.s. and its allies have repeatedly served as the air force defacto air force for isis accidentally bombing the syrian military while during or free emptying isis attacks on the city you know in looking at what's going with the u.s. involvement here i think it's very confused in my mind what they want to achieve it seems to me that the what the their goal is not to win but they don't want anyone else allow anyone else to win and that's a very shoddy policy of a policy at all because the we when you have a country government the damascus government under assad they're the ones who are carrying the water they're the ones really leading fighting isis and al qaeda in
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the united states continues to put barriers in front of the let's not forget that we can at this stage show the syrian aircraft which was. you know being the positions of the so-called islamic state so what i see is that this is not the only contradiction in u.s. foreign policy and look what just recently said that you know terrorists now we hear that saudi arabia is awful finance and terry which we all know somehow somehow . you know is already going to. trump is is selling weapons to both of these entities right so i mean if you want to find the logic here there's only one logic corneas we i think we see a rebirth of colonialism just the next six have changed now even before these were you know biological to develop human species now they're not up to the standards of democracy. or something and the united. states and the e.u.
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are present in the lives of democracy just like before there was this white man's burden and that guide in the lives of european culture and what it will look like there's a lot of. air of burden here but we'll talk about qatar and saudi arabia to say. you know the what's really important and should be paramount for everyone is that it seems to me that there are elements particularly in the cia in the in the intelligence community that want a conflict with russia they're baiting the russians in syria and the russians haven't taken the bait but you know there's the the war of words evolved into now this is. this maneuvering around and this the possibility of a mistake. i think everyone is maneuvering to get leverage when they do get to the negotiation table whenever that will be if that will be and you can kind of see that it's moving towards a division of syria and the big point here is that the vision of what's going to
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happen with the kurds because there you have turkey sitting on top of the kurds and we all know that turkey will never let a kurd is to not play or nice nice with anybody is seen as the real quick the media is also in on it because the narrative is so ridiculous everyone is outraged and upset that syrian jets are flying over saw a syrian territory in the us which is a legally there is shooting down syrian jets inside of syria and it's a serious fault. please note i think it's important that it will start for the published and that is just what will happen if the united states. call on the russian twenty five. americans i mean these are real private patients it's like what you just said that they get to more and more dangerous because it's not just a breach of serious sober and it's a direct relation for russian officials to actually when you start simulating war games that means it's thinkable mark yeah i wouldn't see there is definitely
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a strong neo con element. not only in the blog in the commentary it but within the administration fighting not necessarily for contract with russia what they say about russia is that it's a paper tiger and that it's in action in response to all of the lesions means that that putin will pull back what they will actually want is a conflict with iran this is how they're trying to frame this sell the trump admitted trump and the administration on this they've been doing this since he took office is the silly as stopping iranian influence according to c.n.n. this week ron not the u.s. not saudi arabia iran is inhibiting the fight against isis so there's there's two particular people there's a cold wet nick who is the director of intel on the national security council and there is derek harvey who is the top middle east advisor on the national security council this is according to for an article in foreign policy last week now supposedly opposed to them the one who is fighting for the u.s.
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to stay focused just on fighting isis is actually the secretary of defense mattis the chairman of the joint chiefs general brett mcgurk who is the u.s. ambassador to this so-called anti isis coalition so once just like the obama administration and cia pentagon battles between proxies in syria this administrating is divided and has no strategy it hasn't decided whether it's one word department mission or not it seems to me and the brookings idea of a few years back is that i'm convinced that once the u.s. creates a military footprint it just gets bigger and they don't believe that's at least the president obama so the word partition comes into play and given what marc said about iran i think partition is the new plan here. and you're absolutely right that once they get them to something the program is the congo at the out and we have seen at them to get all that they crossed for example you know when the. took place
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for a few weeks after that has been seen. fight and fight in isis now with the same story with again he's saying we're not fighting also well the terrorists are on the whole war and it's going to last me before two or three weeks you know just like with the law and it's lost and i think for about three or four weeks the problem is that the european union and then i just state have become ideological state ideological but i do you want to start what should it is which here's a little bit here we still have this. standoff here and the ultimatums are being mentioned deadlines. right look to the end everyone's scurrying around looking for allies and all this. this is the end of the gulf council as we know it if he continues to be there they came out with a list to kuwait which passed out to qatar thirteen points was to. close down. all the others and all the other networks cut off ties with iran to the restoration
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. ok there's not outrage but ok but mara i don't know mark let me get into this if they don't then what then what and they don't mean they won't they won't but we're not talking about that we're talking about the three pink ponies that the saudi new crown prince wants delivered from qatar of it they haven't even thought as far as what happens when they say no they're not there should we be worried about that actually i'm pretty excited about it tell you the truth i'm sitting back and i imagine russian a lot of other countries or watching this. this domestic squabble which is ruining operations in syria because now we've got and we've got saudi backed terrorists killing tory backed terrorists which is good it frees the syrian army up plus the gulf cooperation council is growing throwing turkey here because turkey is aligning itself with qatar this is better than house of cards go i am not very happy about it because whenever you have i mean we already have
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a tough call. every year if we add up you know. versus saudi arabia to saudi arabia versus iran is going to be a mess but look at the edge over the united states except where you know the united states it was a favorite if it's not a family affair between russians and ukrainians who have been living in the same state for four hundred years that is an international affair but you know i think the solution to it is colonialism because part of colonialism is not just disdain for that colonial ice nation it's when you allow all the local princess fight each other you know since they're separatists anyway let these separatists fight each other that's the attitude of the united states the poor weapons bought into qatar or at least i want to really know i mean you know they all say it's a really unfair the whole reason for the united states to be in the middle east is to ensure the free flow of oil here i mean when we're talking about this and you really see where i guess is the very center of it no. for me it's very simple ali
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it's just not fought out as usual it's not it's not that usually when you in a negotiation process when you make such a bad offer to your counterpart like saudi arabia qatar which is absolutely ridiculous sacks the military and they know so they know qatar cannot accept and even one term on that list you're looking to to bait that person to look at you're looking to escalate you're looking to get something moving towards conflict when you make such a ridiculous. claim on your part is i mean there's a reason for that list which is even more ridiculous about this is that could store has the largest u.s. military base in the middle east ten thousand troops central command which governs u.s. air power in syria iraq yemen the u.s. cannot allow there to be a saudi on could tory military conflict now a little bit of cool with no. i think it's forced regime change this is what they want they want and they want to new regime new family leader in yeah. exactly right
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gentlemen we're going to take a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on real news state party. feel. a. huge.
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role make this manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the right wing pluses and protect themselves. with the famous merry go round be the one. doing the whole middle of the room sick. during the real.
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welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter will melt. mind you we're discussing real news. ok mike you said you want to do yeah a little bit more about syria i want to jump on something dimitri said you talked about the u.s. being drawn entrapped into this is this is something that we've seen repeatedly in the us media narrative not only with the syria conflict although we're seeing it right now in east syria but in every conflict the u.s. according to the atlantic is getting sucked into the war in east syria it's sliding it's it's it's stumbling into it it's getting trapped into it's getting pulled into a quagmire it's not the fact that the u.s. greatest superpower in the world in world history is getting sucked in and it's not the u.s.'s fault that they spent a billion dollars a year just on a cia program to train up and illegally train up an arm and salary by the us
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taxpayers jihadi is the overthrow of the syrian government it's not that they're bombing syrian government troops and shooting down their airplanes over syrian territory they're a just a benevolent giant who always means well but is just a bumbling oaf who gets pulled in by everyone else's little squabbles and as a result just toss the bomb everyone into eternity one of the interesting things about this is that you know the mainstream media if they mention it at all i find it deplorable that they actually don't talk about any news anymore. is that the saudis are really putting a lot at risk here i mean they want to i think are all in agreement that they want to see some kind of forced regime change in qatar but considering their own domestic situation. their financial situation their budgetary situation their failed war in yemen their failed strategy of the syria i mean i have to wonder what's going on in the house of saud because this is the new crown prince is
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obviously not hinged and. i think he's just stirring up a lot of trouble everywhere you mentioned yemen obviously syria and now you have this squabble between qatar and saudi arabia which is like two mafia families you have you have literally going to trump is backing up this house of saud one hundred . percent he's backing them up but then every once in a while say something about saudi arabia but then it goes right back hitting qatar what is this what you found mohamed bin so ahmed on russia the quote that their source this morning was that he actually said that he could actually take out the russian military in syria in three days so he's going to stop being soft whereas i've heard him and i was from the day of the end to get another source of the saudi news agency but that was removed he who i guess it was russian hackers yes why did you say ok he wants to bring the war through a wrong though also exactly let me remind you that saudi arabia spends more on defense than russia saudi arabia spends and i'm going to give seven billion dollars
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a year russia sponsor often almost all the troops you know it's pretty well spent because you still can't count with it yet and it's going to when you think about the young grown prince don't forget the qatari in new york is also a young morning he was appointed by his father just i think two years ago so he's also a young going to be shows man but the problem is not that there are all the kings and you young crone princes the problem is that absolute lack of international legitimacy here i mean saudi arabia has no right to attack him by the way that they acted in it could nation with a few arab states and with the rain as well everybody's forgotten about all right so you know the russians they didn't you know when people say russia wants to attempt to some of these things and princess well russia is simply taken aback by the fact that nobody spain attention to international law that it will be interesting also here is that you know again mainstream media doesn't want to
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mention the real. axis. here and this please very much into israel's hands we have all of the arab squabbling each other divide in conquer this works very well and and again i mention the brookings institute there this is their agenda is well and the constantly churning the culture and then that's exactly what's doing that so we have to see who determine the benefits from all of those if i read it is that all those think tanks all over all all of the media companies are out of the back of the performed by qatar that is really in their interest if you want to call it kings doha argue with. the tanks that are there funded out of saudi arabia but i think you brought up an excellent point that all of this from saudi arabia from israel is all directed against iran this supposed specter of iranian influence the shield arc of influence that was created by the us knocking off saddam hussein but between what happened in libya what happened with with the muslim brotherhood in
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egypt what happened it's happening in yemen what's happening in syria this conflict with gets or everything that saudi arabia does to kurds hero iranian influence all of these grazes am i going to maybe i just really don't know the name for your act or if the radio you know someone in the middle east will winchell thing a country like saudi arabia could do to its benefit is do nothing ok well let me play devil's advocate for devil's advocate here for a second from the point of view or israeli security i'm going to pay attention to the fact that when these really bomb bricks attacked syrian tanks a few days ago they did it by territory from the golan heights despite the fact that the syrian syrians did not destroy a single building in israel did not kill a single person but ok let's talk about it from the position what was already security who has been is radius the more slim the division of muslim brotherhood in
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gaza you know. masi is a division of the muslim brotherhood in gaza irradiance killed it really just no there was not a single incident of that kind hezbollah has been resisting is radio over lebanon that's true but even in israel you know that the patient lebanon in one thousand nine hundred two it's called israeli vietnam you know it was recognized to be a mistake and to be cruelly ok with israel shoots itself in the foot all of the time because of its invasion of lebanon and hezbollah was created at the rehabilitate some of their aims to break up fatah created hamas i mean and now they're going to us and there's the origins of all their own problems ok ok switch gears here guys a certain ukrainian visited the white house it was an unscheduled is that it was called a drop in what was the drop in is it important what's the result of the book drop the pence and trump actually trump because i probably say dropped into that meeting
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because it was a really a scheduled meeting between what president to another so the truck was actually trying. to be honest it was to quote hillary clinton as one big nothing burger i mean was there was a g.'s i have to agree with her yeah. so there wasn't any any significance to it even though personally kind of course it is it's not as if i were a photo op let me use this expression here dropped in but made sure he was not going to pick up octopus because basically came for money and and support his idea of making russia change its foreign policy by applying more sanctions that was the aim of his visit and it was trumpet that in the ukrainian media it's a huge success you know like poroshenko may have drawn before porch and yes yes yes well put in is going to probably going to meet in july. again there is doubt about that which shows how much pressure the deep state is applying on trump i think it's
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an extraordinary situation they knew him. u.s. president contemplate what a russian what is extraordinary about this situation here is that with these this new call for sanctions against russia and iran first of all the europeans informed of it they were just given a message the germans and the austrians and other countries in the european union are very very resistant to this because it's going to hurt their own economy they're actually considering. you know what is it it's all worth it i mean the again the me every week you say that it's ideological and you're absolutely right here but i mean this ideological point of view is just damaging the foreign interests of your allies the american allies in europe it's not doing anything for ukraine because it's all. white noise who benefit from any of this here well i mean the anti russia class within the security class within the european bourses you think you know do you feel good they get paid. to instigate conflicts between
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russia this this visit with poor shango first of all there's no love lost between porsche and go on trump poor shango actively campaigning for hillary clinton politico has reported on ukrainian interference on behalf of hillary clinton in the u.s. election there's actually far more evidence that ukraine meddled in the u.s. election than there is so true basically at the last minute agreed to this meeting i'm sure ukraine spent millions of dollars on lobbyists to arrange it probably to get the neo-cons office back a little bit but the end result of it only was that the house republican house then at least temporarily blocked a new sanctions bill against iran and against more importantly amendment tacked on against russia and that was the result of poor shank those visit yeah he didn't get anything out of the interesting things of that in the senate did overwhelming i think it was what ninety two overwhelmingly voted for these sanctions here but it
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did get stopped at least temporary. and in congress and maybe the republicans actually are do i mean they have to be your options that's what diplomacy in politics or all about how being options is this we think this is where this is coming at me that the reason for pausing the sanctions and blocking them was what they described as procedural right so they didn't pass certain procedures and dancing financing and stuff and now you have you know the blowback from the european union from germany and austria who are saying these things that could hurt their business that's one option that gets immediately cut off with your allies you cause tension the real issue with the senate sanctions bill is constitutional they wanted to put new sanctions on ukraine and prevent the u.s. president from removing them that is an attack on the parag of executive powers on foreign policy trying would have had to veto this bill if it came across it was because it's an attack on the constitutional lawyer the republican nominee waking up that they have to respect the constitutional authority of the president of the
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united states at least in this particular incidence hoping to rewrite this bill yes they did it whether it was a favor of of that ryan did for trump or because i can't really believe that the house actually stepped up to protect the constitution and the executive they have been for at least in my lifetime i think we kind of mentioned it before there is an air quality institutional in the presidency in the next states and this is part of it you know what these senators want to do is there. would not be able to lift the sanctions and what he would have to ask you know that this kindly allowed him to remove these sanctions and talking about the sanctions i think it's a clear situation where russia and the e.u. are losing they have already lost several percent of their g.d.p. according to american a statement there tonight that states lost five percent over there we're going to tell you because of sanctions i want to never be lifted mark my words were brought out at a time many thanks to my guests here in moscow and thanks to our viewers for watching
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us here r.t. see you next time and remember. crosstalk. europe and the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to or come from countries all countries have the control of their border books all come through so beautiful so as the rights to control its borders. those issues little enough to post deficient girlfriends. i'll bet the law i still. hold.
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in a loop on both of those fellows if it gives. you a map. of chile the most that you can be. the barbecue for about the. cause i don't know that might go for the cell phone with a cell phone so. but do you investigate the police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs in the west end up in the presence here. calling people as you close.
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confirms israeli forces have once again targeted their positions in the disputed territory of the golan heights is the second such strike on the area in two days. for the british prime minister she faces calls to resign over her handling of the tragedy while it's asterisk tapes in the streets. and we now know the foreign teams through to the semifinalists of the confederation as many when and chile do enough to progress in there this sighting games will have a report from our special studio inside.


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