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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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syria accuses israel of aiding terrorists after the i.d.f. bomb syrian troops for the second time in. damascus soldiers. just coming up to we hear from a u.s. democratic congresswoman who's pushing the washington. syria. each time we have these wars it has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups. and the political divide in the u.s. widens is california. texas so.
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the morning here in moscow. cover no we with you. around the world our top story this morning syria the conflict is taking a dangerous new to the israeli military bombing syrian government troops now for the second time in as many days. middle east correspondent paula has the latest from tel aviv well the tsunami has issued a statement in which it has accused the israelis of targeting syrian army positions on the side of the golan heights now the syrian army is currently fighting the terrorist group. and they say that the israeli attacks are only hoping. they have been to such israeli attacks since saturday as for the israeli side the israeli air force has acknowledged conducting those strikes it says that it is in response to projectiles that landed on the israeli side of the. golan heights of
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course the golan heights is disputed territory but the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu saying quite clearly at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting that they would be a price to pay even if such projectiles ever end and are not targeting israel but land on israeli territory by mistake. walked up policy is clear we will not tolerate any spillover or trickle whatsoever neither morse's nor rockets from any front we will respond strongly to any attack on our territory or our citizens. now talking to some people on the ground what is being expressed is the view that the syrian army needs to pay the price for whatever happens in the golan heights even if the syrian army is fighting terrorists israel still continues to hit their positions on at least correspondent tom foreman u.s. diplomat jim jet triss says the timing of the israeli strikes on the syrian military suspiciously things is one thing for the israelis to say that they will
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protect their border that's lead because side the question what the status of the golan is the bigger question is this is there is there something more behind this then just the israelis responding to what they meant as an errant lending of syrian missiles on their side of the border the anti-government forces in syria are on the ropes that the the basques government is making great gains that there has concerned these terrorist forces by as we know saudi arabia qatar and these other countries with the silent backing of israel and of course the participation of the united states are in big trouble and are these really what that means is and they are quite clear about this that they don't want to see forces allied with iran on their border particularly hizbollah and i think that's the real concern that they're expressing through this action whether it will grow into something major i don't know meantime the u.s. government's agenda in syria is coming under increasing scrutiny on capitol hill
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democratic lawmaker told see gabby is pushing a controversial bill through congress will try and do at least that would pressure washington to stop syrian rebels but also visited syria on a fact finding mission earlier this year but so far is only trying to the support of fourteen of us will make his. we must stop this madness we must stop arming terrorists i'm introducing the stop arming terrorist act today to prohibit taxpayer dollars from being used to support terrorists caught up with the u.s. congresswoman to a conference in new york i and many others are working hard to continue to build support for this legislation with the goal of getting it passed and ending this policy i think that there has been a concerted effort to both on the part of some in the media as well as many in politics and many in our foreign policy establishment who have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars really ignoring the fact of what has been
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the consequence of these wars in countries like iraq and libya and syria where each time we have these wars it has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like al qaeda or the creation of isis and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death from the people of these countries. you know the news this morning for the director of the cia has devoted a few minutes of his first interview on a national t.v. network in america to a familiar story. meddled in the u.s. presidential elections believes it was part of a decades long effort to undermine american democracy russia's always denied any interference. i can't talk about the details of the intelligence but we have the intelligence committee has said that this election was meddled with by the russians in a way that is frankly not particular original they've been doing this for an awfully
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long time and we are decades into the russians trying to undermine american democracy even if though the cia chief isn't the crowd it seems many americans are a newly released poll suggests that more than half of the people surveyed would like to see congress and the media focus on other issues like health care for example. we go to expert opinion on the allegations against russia from joel mcafee no less he's the guy that created the first commercial antivirus software and also worked for nasa in the past he says the u.s. elections could well mean. by anyone he thinks it was easy to do but i feel that russia has been seriously abused by america and certainly our american pop government and politicians over the false accusations of russia tried to hack our election i know for a fact that russia did not hack the d.n.c.
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source absolutely not yet all of our politicians all of them are going crazy about us the russians tried to hack us they tried to control us we had a report from homeland security here in america that actually included the malware the software that was used for the hack well myself and hundreds of other researchers have looked at that and discovered that it's a very common piece of malware called p a s web shell it was it was collected from a website that only asked for donations and it was six versions old and even the newest version only sells for fifty dollars now i ask you please people do you believe the. that the russian government cannot afford to pay even fifty dollars if they wanted to buy software that they would go to a donated site where you didn't have to pay anything it was some teenager
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a random teenager somewhere in the world that did this cyber security company symantec meantime has refused russia access to its source code for its security products russia wanted to use it to protect itself from hackers inside the rest of the company cited security concerns is john again they believe there was something else in the move. samantha i did this for purely political reasons i know this for a fact but i would have done it not for political reasons but for but for actual good sense for the company all of our politicians all of them are going crazy about us the russians tried to hack us they tried to control us and so so mantric not wanting to to offend our government is doing this to make them look like the good guys but that's foolish. six police officers have been injured in london after a protest against police brutality turned violent four people were arrested there.
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police they said rubbish bins alight the anger was over the death of a twenty five year old black man after what should have been a routine traffic stop in london the demonstrators claimed he was brutally beaten by offices he died six days later in hospital marches carried banners reading lives matter and they chanted slogans against racism in police ranks the police say they're investigating the incident. staying in the u.k. meantime next prime minister tree's a may is due to set a big day the rights of the u. citizens living in britain later on as she sees it anyway however some in europe already dissatisfied with what's potentially on offer after they're looking for a firm government tease for the future of millions of e.u. citizens in the u k. my first impression is that the u.k.
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so far is below expectations. that it's risks worsening the situation of cities. but before when they go to ally steel for line by line well should receive it on paper and threats of walking away from the deal are already coming from the top breaks in negotiating david davis this started with suggestions that will be a punishment deal you know that we would have to do worse outside we don't believe will do work and i believe will in course we'll take a couple of years we'll do significantly better with the global markets but we cannot have a certain size of the other sizes are going to punish you so if that happens then there's a walkway and we have to plan for that this day was also reiterated his eagerness to establish beneficial economic agreements such as free trade and customs treaties despite that some conditions still remain more uncertain than ever breaks it when we issues which the former european commission president jose manuel barroso has
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been discussing. the full interview is here later today. breck's it is a important issue it was a problem i was not happy with it but to be honest. britain great we did was always some kind except case in your opinion britain did not want to be a member of the euro and not want to be member of shingle there was what sometimes we called the british exceptionalism so it's true that it is a problem for us it seems like there is a wedge between the western because of the migrant quota situation and to us it also seems like work said in large part happened because of the migrants the aeration jane not feel like the migrant situation not crowding out of commission is a real problem. first of all for the migrants and for the refugees that's a real tragedy. i mean let's put things in context when some of my colleagues in europe say that we have a good big problem i say look our problem is nothing called bear with the problem
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of those people that are suffering and they are dying in the military the disease so we have to help these people so let's be straight as a problem for a year of sheedy's it is an issue that we have to settle but by the way it's now better than two years ago how how do you perceive it and how do you see it while they use rich countries continuously have to bail out the poor no there are differences differences among the member states until now it was possible to. to find solutions sometimes very difficult to read lot of pain and sacrifice. but once again the more pessimists were wrong and the cynics were wrong i was present of the commission when most people were telling me that this was going to be you know the market sentiment at the time from new york to london was this is going to be they were wrong reasons to remember and they believe it will remain i was just knowing athens. big names talk to us on this
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channel income. interview throughout the day various times coming up here closer to home encrypted messaging upset back in the spotlight over the use by terrorists is a new story out this morning as investigates is make a key find they say the same petersburg metro bombing probe will tell you all about it. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around corporate corporations from washington to washington media that. voters elected to business to run this country business it. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. the war hawks sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken
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hawks forcing you to fight the battle. for new socks for the tell you that every gossip and public works files of the reporters. tell me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with all will walk. again thanks choosing us today so since his twenty sixteen presidential campaign donald trump has been promising time and time again to bring the nation together. i say it is time for us to come together as one united people we may
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have our differences we are strongest when we are unified however the divisions appear to have deep in the since last year's election pitting not only political opponents but now even some us states against each other as. liberal california is unhappy with some of its conservative sister states its ban state sponsored travel to texas alabama south dakota and kentucky with north carolina mississippi kansas and tennessee already on the list these sanctions of sorts are bringing up some interesting historical memory. california says that it's taking this action in response to what it says is discrimination against lesbian gay bisexual and transgender people each of those states in the recent weeks have been acted legislation that may deprive some of the individuals of those states and individuals who visit those states of their
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constitutional rights there are consequences to discrimination restricting state sponsored travel is a consequence i think they're just trying to cause infighting in the u.s. i think be all to make goal of liberals in some kind of civil war and that's where that's their goal at least for the lone star state is fighting back texas to long with twelve other states is threatening to sue california for its climate change initiative which discloses companies investments in fossil fuels now the governor of california has announced that he is ready to fight against the republicans in d.c. . and other states and other provinces throughout the world will step up there's already been talk of a calyx or this liberal state behemoth breaking away from the rest of the country seem to be escalating right now in a war of words between the conservative forces in california california is more to the left of the truck with. so right now california is one of the more progressive
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states in this country and not to be outdone a few texans are now raising the idea of secession and raising the lone star flag once again or advocating for texas leaving the union we've been doing this now for well over a day and we've you know in this last legislative session we came closer and we've never come before there are going to be states that are going to be leaving the union and it's going to happen sooner rather than later if you pay attention to american politics it's pretty clear that folks don't see eye to eye but are we really getting back to civil war levels where we all can't be one country some folks certainly think so and the gap between the liberal and conservative states is only getting bigger. new york. it's about you know we stand divided. we got to get. democrat.
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one of the reasons i won the election. larry. developing story next for you investigators looking into the st petersburg metro bombing back in april say the attack and his accomplices used their controversial encrypted messaging service to plan and carry out the atrocities scott says repercussions for want to use this kind of thing that if a train has a cross it's morning and they would have the f.s.b. the security service here in russia said kevin i again well first of all we know that telegram is a messaging app that both outstanding levels of privacy whether it's encryption facilities where the secret chats now almost three months ago a suicide bomber. killed fifteen people in the st petersburg metro system and the
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investigation into that now got to the point when the russian federal security service are saying that on all stages for the preparation of this attack the man who carried it out and also anyone who supported him or aided him both in and abroad or using another thing government is saying is that all the encrypting features of telegram with all that. become the most widely used messaging app by the terrorist organizations in this country was probably going to face of. course is this big this story has been pretty big in britain as well with others and the worry that these things could be misused for terrorists. this is how you keep your privacy give up your privacy for security this is a big debate isn't it sure well of course there's the public who have got nothing to do with terrorists and they have genuinely praised this new level of privacy
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that these text messaging apps now have to offer but with the issue getting more attention grabbing more attention all around the world there could be a crackdown possibly looming on the horizon now this is of course going to cause a lot of concern when it comes to activists but if you look at the reports and the statistics that are that have come out at least two are going to that are researching this they have published reports some one hundred reports in the last year alone saying that there have been cases of telegram being used by terrorist organizations all around the world now there's of course other apps very popular one watts app they've been upgrading their encryption and the developers have been under fire after the terrorist assault in the u.k. as you were saying on a very high profile level. we want companies to develop tools to identify and remove harmful materials automatically i want to see them report this file contents
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to the or storage is and block the users who spread it there should be no place for terrorists to hide we need to make sure that organizations like whatsapp and there are plenty of others like that don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted whatsapp unfortunately the threat of more terrorist attacks is out there are so we are bound to hear more debate the usual thing security versus privacy again and again. development with one hundred subpoenas but the pressure. to change the tone no talk football the final two games the twenty seventeen confederations cup decided the last two seventy finalists chile and germany went through they're now going to face portugal and mexico in the last four years go up to speed on the tournament now will have been a stan collymore in the russian resort of sochi very nice.
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welcome to sort of the semifinal lineup is now complete let's cut to the chase is germany and it is chile complete the final four alongside me stan collymore you made some predictions earlier alongside nick come on come on let's let it go a little bit more it was paul the octopus back in germany in two thousand and six was very good. germany as we expected when the first game you both thought was going to happen was that yes we did germany three cameroon one very good camera work in the first half apply very aggressive very youthful but the german quality came through carrying very clear stuff annoying his first appearance of a conflict called first draw. watch out for this draw in the next twelve months he will be in the. for the world when the germans come back here peaceful two goals the first time a german high school two goals in the confederations cup and then of course it
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again chile against australia almost completely wrong to actually you would have these fairly comfortably very strong chilean soit against an australian side which is very useful for this exchange might be for the game and a really creditable draw from the australians let's just you know play some days here and you can bet when from last was on the cards for the first forty five minutes or so if i was a betting man and i'm not i would have german a still against chile following germany get steyn so they wanted to be pleased with that ok let's bring in now mon both of these former australian aston villa's so many of the chelsea seven of the teams he playful and you know what he's an old paolo team and you also let you speak to him first azar what's happening sung. good evening neil good evening stan good to hear from you mate great to hear from you you obviously watch the game you've been in russia for the last couple of days let's start with the football for us. very creditable australian performance today zaki their best performance today new manager for
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a very long time that was better than chile in the first half and they bet more and more the match them during the second half as well chile to be fair stepped up again second half and equalized but overall a strike and feel very very proud of their performance there for a while there it looked as though the great upset was on obviously a lot of people especially in the west of australia very very concerned about traveling anywhere these days and i was different to come in here but i was wonderfully surprised that i live here in moscow which is. absolutely mobbed the city the culture the architecture everything that bad is just first class but st petersburg i was there for nearly a week and that was absolutely outstanding as well and the main concerns obviously people asking me about industry is number one the security and security second set out it's absolutely world class the food has been fantastic the people have been very very helpful. and so many people are now in australia now dying to tell me for the world cup there's only one thing that i think is wrong is that taxi drivers drive too fast. let's just really allow you to appreciate what this
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place has to offer summer and winter destination if you want to go on holiday beautiful beaches at the same time will now need annoy the saudis to see how long it was going to try to get from the stadiums the arenas the sea level here wonderful sea level attractions to the olympic slopes over on my left and saw it we went by taxi we went by train and quite some shuras will call right. this is a ring work is it that's why i like it so much it's very walnuts and i think we've been in the sun a bit too much i was thinking when fans come here we should show them the whole experience what they can do something on the beach with you know the what's the football let's show them what it's like up in the mountains and even on sukhumvit freshens well it's different from. the grass roots here with the. price down going to go to the train station train
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station you speak english yes what's your name on a comedy. are you looking forward to you excited the looks of foreign people are going to come here people and fortune that they really like to do it it's a historical event they like. many people understands english guns legally speaking when they come and i think people understand it because. it's the olympic games i think it is them for let's go to our kids to go. here actually the pressure is. thank you that's just months or east. gaining altitude to feel.
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this it rose it has secrets of its. this is from. sunshine fresh. just when to resume beach. is very well. it's been well listen to out from the beach which is about to arrive at the very top of this is stunning i mean a study where we were almost at peak level. going to you tube. now we're starting to see snow three hundred sixty degrees and. see if she's high. how about this for a place to push the confederations cup. two thousand. let's go and get some snow. and ice to make it seem to make the school so he's
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trying to. do you feel. a lot about. and this is one of those moments where you don't need any. here's what people have been saying about redacted the night was you know i was
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actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know a lot of the really packs a punch to sleep yampa is the john oliver of hearty americans do the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you never heard of love back to the night my president of the world bank paid the woman to. send us an e-mail. who she was not coached the she should drop hints. the aha ha ha. oh oh. oh.


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