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tv   Going Underground  RT  June 26, 2017 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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degrading treatment or punishment thirty years ago today but torture allegations have been rife in recent years here is britain's bricks and negotiated david davis unsatisfied with responses given by david miliband then corbin new labor foreign secretary i asked for david miliband today to come to the house of commons make a statement we've heard no sign of doing so i'll ask again tomorrow he ought to explain to the house of commons firstly what the situation is i hope that the government is not complicit in torture and when torture allegations against the british government are raised some cases just end in failure with the judiciary citing potential damage to british interests the man who says he was sent by britain to libya to be tortured with his wife speaking for the first time on t.v. about what happened. they are angry at today's decision that no one will face criminal charges but of course there were torture cases before the u.k.
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invaded afghanistan iraq libya and syria u.k. government mandated torture that acted as a recruiting sergeant for the ira. helicopters took them away fourteen men out of hundreds of nationals who were interned they were singled out for special treatment taken to secret locations they were subjected to what was called deep in turkey. these handmade models on a private museum alert illustrate what happened the member who did me to listen to constant large study music deprived of sleep food and water forced to stand and what was called the stress position unbeaten and they fell and yet so-called legacy issues of torture in the north of ireland look said not to be investigated especially given the drays of may only holds power in the u.k. thanks to this woman my position and it's very clear that camino equivalence between terrorism and those people he stood between. those of us and. he were
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living through that. the security forces who were protecting people i'm terrorists who were going out in the dark and i to murder people no equivalence in other words violence done to catholics by u.k. security services is privileged over violence done by the ira the question is now where the u.k. state mandated torture now costs a long shadow over the present u.k. government while it lasts we caught up with the u.k. is full of an island minister and one of jeremy corbin shutter sectors a state by governor outside the british parliament thanks for coming back on going underground so given the democratic unionist party alliance with to raise a may do you expect no investigations now into what british security forces did to catholics as part of any investigation in legacy issues of torture i think it's absolutely clear that whenever it comes to any abuse of human rights any torture whatsoever there has to be absolute transparency about what government has done in
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the past and there has to be absolute equality with respect to to whom so ever they may have done and i i hope that there is nothing to reveal. but what ever the government must show that it is absolutely even handed in pursuing any evidence whatsoever of torture ok but you were more than i was direct rule enterprise minister in the two thousand why are you calling on the audit office to investigate the enterprise agency there the business development agency look very simply i was approached by one of your colleagues in the b.b.c. who was doing a lot of colleagues should it go on one of your competitors i should have said in the b.b.c. who was doing an exposé on invest northern ireland and the p.f. i initiative around the commission to go. of that building their headquarters
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building they made certain allegations they asked what i knew about the. contract to be concluded at the time. i didn't know a great deal about the contract that had been concluded at the time i don't recall ever the secretary bringing the details of that contract to me but certainly on the basis of what they suggested were on reasonable costs i have now written to the controller in order to general and i have suggested that they should look into the basis of the contract to see whether it was a good deal for the public and if not to find out why not ok you are mr jerry goldman is appointed as right wing you liberals him by many who inspired us to the shadow cabinet representing. your wise move germy go into appoint him as a very unfair characterization. you will know that against jeremy for the leadership only a year or so ago. but actually earlier this month he made after the general
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election he made what i thought was actually a very gracious speech saying look i accept jeremy got it right i got it wrong i take my hat off to him and i'm willing to serve in any capacity whatsoever now what you didn't say is that owen also was the the. deploy. political advisor to poll murphy when paul was the secretary of state for north of ireland in two thousand and four two thousand and five and beyond. and actually only somebody who has the highest level had contact with the knows all the players in northern ireland he will be an extremely effective voice for northern ireland and in. the sort of negotiations to take place he's a very good person to be able to communicate with all the parties he had the confidence of those parties a decade ago he's maintained those calm. contacts and i'm sure that now that he is
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working as a full member of the of jeremy shadow cabinet having you know given his allegiance to jeremy i think we can see a great deal that he can achieve for us in that role are there are any signs that those who support him in the leadership battle against your recall we will shut up of this women a general election again i think we've already seen. the party solidifying and coming together not not only since the general election but actually before it as well i'm since then many many people at the parliamentary labor party and indeed outside of the confines of that meeting have been saying look we called it wrong got this right clearly the way in which we conducted this election we didn't get into government that's a problem but what happened there was a historic achievement and if you look back it's difficult to recall any time since
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one thousand nine hundred forty five where government from opposition has achieved such a huge increase in its share of the vote and the reversal in the polls from being twenty four twenty five points behind to coming up to actually a larger share of the of the vote in the election than labor got in two thousand and five when when it was. just a. former northern ireland minister and one of jeremy corbin shadow sectors the state party garden of all the dangers of our government making a deal with the do people who were previously allied to paramilitaries were joined by nigel evans former vice chair of the conservative party who said the only thing missing from the meanspirited manifesto the last to raise them a a majority in the british parliament was compulsory euthanasia for the over seventy's keeping up for the next. war is what is going on i mean is that. going to go for the leadership of. no quite happy with the
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reason mary there don't forget she did get forty three percent of the vote she got two point three million more votes at this election than david cameron got just a couple of years ago so i'm very pleased with you know the fact we've got so much more support but of course the polarization of that election meant that you either vote you conservative or labor and the labor party did much better than anybody anticipated including their own m.p.'s who were busily trying to get rid of jeremy corbyn up until the general election and i will of a sudden the labor party hits forty percent the real victims are you kip they're not going to have a new leader and the liberal democrats they went down half a percent on the day and they're not going to have any leader as well so it was the polarization that affected our result when tony blair got one percent more than what we got at the general election he got a landslide victory the way it goes and what about the fact that tourism may suddenly announces i saw it only has runs for president news flash millions of e.u. citizens can stay in britain after all why no mention of this at the queen's speech way no mention of it in parliament millions of people in this country don't know
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whether they're going to be delighted i did actually intervene on the prime minister and i did say to give the guarantee before the negotiations finish in a couple of years time and the fact is she said that it would be a priority but i didn't realise is the next day she would be in brussels and putting it as a priority it's the first thing that we're discussing we recognise there are three and a half million people from the european union who work live contribute to our economy and to our culture we want them to stay we've got over a million britons living in the european union and we want them to stay too it's a no brainer quite frankly and i do hope that both sides are able to get together to be able to get an agreement so that everybody can say the bargaining chip is well it's only million it isn't the number of years this is relying on he said you know in britain regular she doesn't tell british business is here in britain she goes to brussels i mentioned the bargain. because part of the problem and it really
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is an issue for me too is why doesn't donald tusk who's polish and we've got a lot of polish people living and working in the united kingdom why doesn't he say ok it seems sensible to me three and a half million e.u. citizens stay live and work in the u.k. i will accept the same in the european union why doesn't it i mean it always seems as if everybody is turning on the british government and saying why are you using citizens as pawns and yet that's exactly what donald tusk is doing and i think it's an absolute despicable shame that they do that very quickly we heard from brother the subject of ireland. you are a poet he's only in government because of the deal with the dia b. is the good friday agreement over the good friday agreement is not over and the government is not passing was it is i don't know. the fact is we are reliant on ten d u p members there's a lot of synergy between the t u p and the conservative party we are the conservative and unionist party we believe in the united kingdom so do the
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guarantee to be impartial of the good friday yes the secretary of state james brokenshire for northern ireland has already made that absolutely clear but there is enough areas of common interest number one being they don't want jeremy corbyn as prime minister of our country and also that he won't press it as well they want to ensure that we leave the european union so we've got enough in their interest to do a deal and it was a. family planning doesn't matter really that's not even on the agenda and the brutal reality is in two thousand and ten when david cameron was looking to form a coalition with the lib dems gordon brown was looking to do a coalition with a d u p so let's not have any hypocrisy from the labor party about they were prepared to do a deal with them in order to stay in power and the brutal reality is we now need the support of other members of parliament in the to actually make the fip nigel evans thank you after the break for the zapatistas jeremy call when we trace the roots of elite class shock about the power of street protest to shake the world and
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drug abuse depression and violence we speak to the creators and stars of the new film dying laughing about why we need comedians to say the things that politicians weren't told the civil coming up about to going on the ground. what politicians to. put themselves on the line they did accept or reject. so when you want to be president. i want to press. him to go to press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested in the waters in the. question. again on this edition of the program we focus on real news this time is the war in
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syria escalating if so who's driving it the latest in the qatar saudi arabia saga and so many have like an extended version of the program. i mean let him. alone so. today or tomorrow their balls are going to be thrown over. there with the. girl is the target the one school and the people here.
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welcome back more than one hundred thousand people have signed up as interested in the u.k. facebook event this friday entitled to raise amazing leaving drinks anticipating the imminent resignation of the u.k. prime minister meanwhile saturday sees the no one day more march in london starting side the state mandated broke out of the b.b.c. and finishing in parliament square the power of street protest from bernie sanders demonstrations in the usa to momentum for jeremy corbin marches in the u.k. has shocked the elite classes in nature nations a new book the mosque and the flag populism citizen ism and global protest highlights the power which is shaken the world we recently caught up with its author dr pollack about a director of the center for digital culture at king's college london welcome to going underground people in america are probably worried that donald trump's wall is creating antagonism which means that mexico mexico may go left. next year's
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elections. appraising in the mountains of mexico what does that have to do with the arab spring colby saunders all these. different movements that have been particular for that you have led in your book and if you think about that about this uprising in ninety four you can be seen as one of the first signs of global discontent about new anybodies that is then developing a number of different movements first making today's in the antibodies nation movement to be and to corporate brought to us the guess that the b.t.o. against the war back against the international monetary fund and then is then developed more recently in another way by this movements the so-called movements of the squares of two thousand and eleven the arab spring the spanish indignados going to his mania i was thinking the us i mean in a way you can see him as somebody surprising d. or e. jean of d's a twenty year or longer more wave of unrest that is being sweeping that ward and
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which demonstrates how many people are not happy at all we need to compete that he sees them as if he's going to do to globally because of the huge injustice and inequality it creates pound central is the twenty eight western economic crisis the failure of failing banks the bankruptcies of the banks by fiji's the root cause of many of these folks overseas not the only goes and also because the crises was just the moderation the moment of climax of a long standing problem but it was the moment where these injustices these chaos of the computer the system was more spectacularly revealed and steal we don't see a new settlement a new global order a new solution to the bottom see the problems that there were revealed but back then and that goes a long way to say how. elites in new liberal elites the people who have been governing the war for the last thirty thirty five years not crew of on how to manned the system that is so broken but how central is democracy that to all these wounds these are occurring in some towns and villages which have democracy after
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all look the ones in the spring obviously just look at france most recently the most socially spark its collapse we know month or so the clarion death cation as become in reference to pasok to the socially spy. greece crises everywhere social democratic forces are facing a situation of crisis and he's basically because they. became indistinguishable from one another because you pick for her and so that's my girl the centrist. liberal that has been elected mckown demonstrates the new stuff is not going to surrender any time soon because their interests are so huge and the interests of finance and the rest of the super rich are there and they're going to defend it. peter and the book is called the muscular flag was britain has a place in the mosque to remind us why people rally around the world of adults at the mosque of the catholic revolutionary guy fawkes yeah it is a very cool use kayser cultural appropriation of cultural transformation we got
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folks revolutionary figure in their history of britain and as you say that counts only subversive we actually following quite a reactionary. right but then become some mild the seem bull of somebody was standing against the state against them what's going to reactionary el torito aryan soul of the state and therefore easing away reclaim by on its movements as the symbol of state anti-police rebellion right there is where the mosque that is you know he. was a city we are a more famous comic the that is the place it comes from that acquires these global status it becomes an meme much beef and yet much like paper the frog is becoming meme for trump's campaign it becomes you seem bold at ease in a way to contextualize and he's using very different context when i was in cairo in egypt research and teaching there it was quite remarkable to see that you could see
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these mosque in very different demonstrations there was actually were very secular already clearly lefties and they were stations by islamic groups. such as one of the member one in front of the u.s. embassy who were protesting against the bus tour across the pasta in the u.s. . very very in the koran and there was a guy with a guy fawkes mask so you were thinking about how call me in any way connected with the club the show the least islamic agenda little graven image. visit. just finally i know there's a huge section on social media in this book any movement that wants to pivot patriotism in a progressive direction we also need traditional media what is the power of say television we're a t.v. station the u.s. government is blaming even this program for changing the united states election what is the power to you i mean it suited to years a huge power for example for them was in spain publicly as the beautiful there was as fame was that the media are now are the central bottle feed for politics yeah
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even more important than actual street organization why is that because the media are the place where in a way society represents itself where all are pointed where all people are watching us with the article sort of an addition of what is going on it is an enormous power enormous what if i were more stated in social media in a way also social media many times are circulating or commenting on content that is being produced by television news why so important for police movements actually to and to television and to have a say to shape the discourse that takes place there because it is there that you can win the battle for again one that you can insert new wards in the vocabulary that you can fight for a new idea that you can establish you common sense to use the terms of your much theory until your ground that he's done going in a way to reshape society in one direction or another. thank you.
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the muscular flag is out now it could only be comedic irony the britain's defense secretary so michael phelan is today speaking about western intervention of a u.k. intelligence services thing. ten years to the eve of the resignation of tony blair . still hangs over the recent attacks in europe nato intervention in libya and a continued war in syria modern politics. with laughable politicians that speak fiction and some comedian speaking fact that politicians what some of those comedians are in a new film dying laughing. spoke to the director and some of the. difficult to know whether to laugh or cry in a time when the u.s. president a man in control of one of the world's biggest nuclear weapons stockpiles. in the middle of the night and a british prime minister who oversaw the cutting twenty thousand police offices thinks the north. is running through fields of wheat. i'm crying is the subject of
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a new film the brings together the biggest names in standup to examine the power of comedy. moments in politics culture and everyday life dying laughing directed by lloyd stanton the comedian such as jerry seinfeld steve coogan chris rock about the creative process and psychology of making people love. the prince charles cinema. some of the stars and the director of the film comedians john thompson. about the differing. political power of comedy i think politics and comedy very very well because if you think about it. it's going to be over the wall that i can think of where you can actually say whatever you like as. the establishment.
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and specifically did. emerge in. the dying embers of the weimar republic before the nazis emerged. and he said draw your own conclusions but. it didn't stop the law it is never going to visit he did this film volman the death of stalin and one thing only if there is time to end this disastrous democratic experiment we can't let the people be thawed what they want you need a stalling or so humfrey yes many that's for you they hate the ship sailing serenely through turbulent waters if you've got the balls you could get up there and you can't change things things can't be cherry look at sean picking up all these impersonations over him i mean strong soap box you know a freedom of speech you can say anything you want boy i said i'll think of a moral obligation i'll follow hugo genuinely i mean i would personally want to
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fight one of my for something that said i asked directly to pull to good lloyd stunt and how they brought the biggest names in comedy together for the new film a see this is a film about the art form of stand up comedy and it's very much a love letter to standup comedy i think it's true to say that once we go in ivory wayans and then i think we started to get some really decent people after that and then when we got jerry seinfeld to be in the film then it snowballed so all of the people who did notice said oh that film with love to do that here was some really interesting names that some people would respond to and so kevin hall for instance we didn't know it was a big fan of bill economy and so when we had billy connolly on board kevin hart said if he's in need i want to be in it and then he can own it and then obviously that helped a lot of other people come on as well there was a hundred and thirty nine interviews with comedians and club and us and i think we use fifty in the final for. lots of people who did amazing interviews and gave us
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great contributions that we just physically couldn't get into that we have to make decisions about the narrative that we decided to broadly speaking make you do about it rather than about me so there's less toots. our graphic story is really it's about why there's a quality across all the comedian so whether it was the biggest megastar in the world or someone who was just starting out there was the same equality in the way they were filmed and the way the interview was done they were approached to it so that gave it the sense of what they said was important not who they were. good medias just want to laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh laugh i like laugh. laugh comedians say something if they leave a didactic residue off the last thing then there is this thing where they have spoken about something that we can all understand i maybe learn because we listen to politicians all. truly truly do preachers you know i maybe there is something there that we can all learn and how to deal with stuff and maybe that is the some
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of the stuff like they questioned everything they look at the world slightly differently to meet instead of comedians particularly and so maybe there's something in that that we can all take which is that we will need to question stuff a bit more look at the world differently and suddenly a lot of things not take ourselves too seriously as we find all the time of comedians getting in trouble you know in the news every week and it's like there is a thing if there is this is a joke and there is an intention behind the joke and the intention is to make you think about this it isn't to shock you necessarily or just make you angry but that seems to be how people react to it rather than going comedy is allowed to do this it is supposed to talk very. does that richard pryor definitely made some impact on how people think about racism and homosexuality not simply important he was the first comedian that ever stood up on stage and talked with love about having such a relationship with a man no man is remembered for obvious that your relationships with men by the way are progressive the roles i offer while these ideas become normalized and it took
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a long time but you know when great people speak up about difficult things and by the way he struggled to make it for me a lot of the time he really did. but he tried town. comedy to comment on politics i think the comedians have to find get back to the funny bit and so there's that when the initial reactions particularly trump where everyone was just shouting. slogans and it wasn't funny and it was getting the crowd worked its you mean it was in a. crowd generally dividing the crowd you know what they need to get to that point where they start to find interesting ways to make that's what sometimes brilliant if you're laughing and haven't realized that someone's just some trophy system was just slipped you the truth i mean even you know a sort of old fashioned pub joke there is something about the characters and if it's a good joke and it resonates it is what it is always doing it is always commenting on some parts of the human condition even if it is well buried in the subtext and
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so that's that is the job of comedy and that's why that's why it's existence as old as existed and we just in the film we're just trying to show a little bit about some of these practitioners who spend a lot of time making sure that you just love and don't think about it but then maybe there's a seed just left in your back of your gums when you go home to confess to. just about you're back in there with the directors and stars of dying laughing the film is in u.k. cinemas live a little on i tunes and amazon now that's it for the show. and former m.p. till then keep in touch via social media we'll see on monday sixty seven years to the day that the u.k. u.s. backed south korean government killed up to two hundred thousand men women and children in the border to go before the usa killed twenty percent of the entire korean population.
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armstrong collymore nilo. we're going to be your hopes for the two thousand and seventeen confederations cup here in russia we're going to be busy. in the most cities or sultry on some creatures good moscow is going to be great in its old include pools also posting something pretty much becoming every topic the fans need to know about the head of the month so don't forget to join us on field it's going to be full and full of you know. who she is old enough to post this is an adult friends. the law elizabeth hospital. told me. in a live in a dose of the public is that you know. you. just
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. have to leave the last a few somebody who took a barbecue at the bar. was i don't know that my father bought the ford itself it was based off i think so. but the investigate the police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs in the west against the presence here. calling people as you close. the local wal-mart selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce talks for the tell you that will be gossip and probably by itself the most important news today.
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while i'm off the bat has been telling me you are not cool enough to buy their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will want. britain's ruling conservative party secures its minority government safety net signing up with the northern irish. prime minister's election after weaker in parliament. also ahead this hour you saw that syria accuses israel of aiding terrorists after the i.d.f. syrian troops for the second time in two days the muskets soldiers awful with journalists. plus we hear from a us democratic congresswoman who's pushing to stop washington arming militants in syria. each time we have waged these wars it has resulted in.


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