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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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britain's ruling conservative party secures its minority government safety net signing up with the north. after the prime minister's election. in part of. syria accuses israel of aiding terrorists to the i.d.f. syrian troops for the second time in two days. plus we hear from a us democratic congresswoman who is pushing to stop washington arming militants in syria. each time we have these wars it has resulted in the strengthening. russian investigators say the perpetrators of the simply. did messaging service.
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and. this is are to international coming live from your company i'm only we begin with breaking news from london british prime minister trees i'm a conservative party has reached a deal with north democratic unionist party to support her minority government. we have reached an agreement with the conservative party on support for government and parliament this agreement will operate to deliver a stable government in the united kingdom's national interest at this vital time. was needed to shore up the government after the tories lost their parliamentary majority in a snap general election earlier this month let's cross live now to our to see
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a church in the in the pritish capital for more information on this nazi after weeks of what will they won't they lots of opposition of course the deal is going ahead what do we know about it at this stage. well you know you're right it's been over two weeks now since this crash and burn snap election called by theresa may that took place on june eighth leaving the country with an unexpected hung parliament and now it looks like we do indeed have a deal between to reset may's conservative party and the democratic unionists of northern ireland like you said there's been much debate about whether or not this is going to be a good idea whether or not it's going to work what exactly it will mean moving forward but what we can tell you for now is the deal has been secured because the reason this actually even had to take place is that a recent mail me field to gain enough seats in parliament for a majority so these ten p. m.p.'s are going to at least make it possible for the conservatives to pass
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legislation now in terms of what specifically has been agreed we do know that the g.o.p. have been promised one billion pounds within the next several years of financial support and one steppingstone that's been quite important to watch since we do know that the g p have been quite insistent on not being huge fans of the hard wrecks that we have heard now that they have agreed that an exit from the e.u. will benefit all parts of the u.k. and we haven't heard very many more specifics in terms of what exactly this will entail moving forward given the documents that they have released containing the details is not very doesn't get into very much detail but we are expecting to receive may to also be addressing this deal later on throughout the day so we'll be sure to bring you more commentary on what she says and we have to keep in mind that this is not a coalition government the likes of which we have seen previously in twenty ten where the conservatives form
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a coalition with the liberal democrats this is an agreement that so-called can for confidence and supply which is a bit of a different format and even with the way that statements have been made on how this deal was reached we did see the do you peel leader. speak separately there was no joint press conference so certainly we're just going to be waiting for theresa may to address this deal later on throughout the day to bring you more you can be sure they're going to be opposition from other regions of the u.k. to that money billion to a billion and a half going to northern ireland and a c. ter here from london thank you for that. well that the deals even be agreed is a surprise to many he was just saying given the two parties divergent views on a whole host of issues let's take a look at some of them the thorny central issue for instance of leaving the e.u. many conservatives want to heartbreaks it but the d u p wants a softer divorce from brussels the parties are also don't see eye to eye on pensions or winter fuel payment for the elderly and there's been a furious reaction from national governments in other parts of the u.k.
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as we're just talking about in wales the first minister called it quote great power bribe that northern ireland will get a cash boost wheedles expense and that it kills the idea of her funding. moving on to other news the conflict in syria has taken a dangerous new turn with the israeli military syrian government troops for the second time in as many days are mideast correspondent paula slee reports now from tel aviv. israelis claim that the strikes are in retaliation for cross border shelling from the syrian military earlier this morning monday they were again reports that idea of tanks had fired across the border after another round of mortar fire from syria landed in the israeli side of the golan heights but the israeli army has since said that these reports of foles however regarding the earlier two incidents of syrian shells landing in israel there's been no proof that in fact it was the syrian military that fired those shells damascus has said that
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its forces are currently battling terrorists in the area so there's no way to pinpoint exactly who fired the shells damascus has now accused israel of effectively providing cover for the terrorists by bombing the syrian military is one of course has been illegally according to the international community occupying the golan heights since one thousand nine hundred sixty seven israel's bombing of the syrian government forces comes just a week after the u.s. u.s. led coalition shot down as syrian military jet and an manned drone that u.s. officials often say that they like to lead by example and in this case that seems to apply to what israel is not doing when the united states and its allies target the syrian military with. that of course stands a signal to other countries that they might be able to get away with the same kind of thing and as i mentioned the syrian government is fighting it out on the street terrorist near the border because well well this might just be another example
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noting because russia has recently accused the u.s. of failing to target this very same terrorist group. we're still seeing a case of double standards from what we've seen in the fight against terrorism in syria were under the impression that these so-called. you know whatever it's called now is being speared on every occasion by the u.s. led coalition and its allies now russia hold to its military cooperation in syria with a u.s. led coalition after the downing of that syrian fighter jet last week a. this latest escalation from israel's bombing of the syrian military is a slippery slope for this truly international conflict which is being fought on so . we've been getting reaction to this including from former u.s. diplomat jim. the timing of the israeli strikes on the syrian military is suspicious it's one thing for the israelis to say that they will protect their border that's lead because the question what the status of the golan is the bigger
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question is this is there is there something more behind this then just the israelis responding to what they admit is an errant lending of syrian missiles on their side of the border the anti-government forces in syria are on the ropes that the basques government is making great gains but there has concerned these terrorist forces by as we know saudi arabia qatar and these other countries with the silent backing of israel and of course the participation of the united states are in big trouble and are these really what that means is that they are quite clear about this that they don't want to see forces allied with particularly hizbollah and i think that's the real concern that they're expressing through this action whether it will grow into something major i don't know now the u.s. government's agenda in syria is coming under increasing scrutiny on capitol hill democratic lawmakers is pushing a controversial bill through congress that would pressure washington to stop arming
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syrian rebels also visited syria on a fact finding mission earlier this year so far her draft has only attracted the support of fourteen other u.s. lawmakers. we must stop this madness we must stop arming terrorists i'm introducing the stop arming terrorist act today to prohibit taxpayer dollars for being used to support terrorists or to the u.s. congresswoman a question of how she views the situation not an anti terror conference in new york i and many others are working hard to continue to build support for this legislation with the goal of getting it passed and ending this policy i think that there has been a concerted effort to both on the part of some in the media as well as many in politics and many in our foreign policy establishment who have been advocating for a continuance of these regime change wars really ignoring the fact of what has been
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the consequence of these wars in countries like iraq and libya and syria where each time we have these wars it has resulted in the strengthening of terrorist groups like al qaeda or the creation of isis and it has resulted in a tremendous amount of suffering and death from the people of these countries. ok back to the u.k. number six police officers have been injured in london for a protest against police brutality turned violent four people were arrested with the details here is paulie boy go. i. don't know where. it will stall said
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last night but it carried on into the early hours of the morning and protests today when really great. they said they would be able as well and they were trying to. yes the building the reason they were so angry was they were demonstrating over the death of a twenty five year old local black man his name was. the whole story locally he was known as ed said he was a comic cannick he was pulled over by police when he was in his car earlier this month and campaigners say he was brutally beaten some reports even that he may have died as a result of his neck being broken and he died in hospital six days off of that initial incident with the police so the protesters that we had last night saying that all they want to know is how mr de costa died take a listen. also if we can give you also lose. their family members.
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more will cry you. that's a lot. to continue to be. trying to bring you through to get where you are the metropolitan police have said in a statement that as he was being detained mr dick became well they've also been found that no police offices have been suspended and that every result of this incident with mr de costa the police sportstalk here in the u.k. is investigating what led to his death the independent police complaints commission and they've already said that in the initial post mortem carried out on mr de costa hasn't indicated that he died from spinal injuries. further into the story join british radio talk show host on. going to the program hi there yes so
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there were the victim's family saying the plane's his neck was broken and he suffered head injuries but we've got the other side the independent police complaints commission saying a preliminary examination failed to establish that the police at the time the met said that he had swallowed a quantity of drugs a lot of differing information here why did the script and see do you think. there often is discrepancy in often the complaint is that the i.p.c.c. don't report quickly enough the tottenham riots we had a few years ago when mark duggan di people complained in the roy started because there was an information given to the family the family being told in no uncertain terms he has no spinal injuries and his neck was broken the i.p.c.a. of make this unprecedented comment because they want to calm the situation down so they're asking the family to tell other people including that mass ferg you just
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had on who seems intent on causing trouble when britain is under attack as we are at the moment and of course following on the tragedy from grenfell tower the police don't really need to have to cope with this well this is no a case of. a south central or black logs this is pretty poor just jumping on the death this unfortunate death of this man and we'll have to wait for the full coroner's report on air how he died but the idea that it was please brutality is completely i will absolutely ridiculous how difficult it is for the police to actually stay on the right side of reasonable force are we talking about better training be needed here or is it just a case of this is what's going to happen when when such things happen in london. well no i doubt i think the police are very well trained this probably maybe this man was difficult to apprehend the stories of the police and the i.p.c.c. that he swallowed a quantity drop of drugs as they tried to arrest him i mean we don't know we
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haven't got any video evidence of this this essay is not complete shooting in america oh please brutality with this clear dash cam evidence of the scale again so we need to be a little bit careful in our language and i we're really going to take the so-called evidence of a man who won't even show his face and not just on new reports but on other reports as well this man has no spot on the limb injuries the i.p.c.c. is completely independent of the british police service a lot of people wanted them that's what they've got and there's released a statement everybody should calm down the police do not need this on top of everything else having to cope with well if you are hearing it's yeah the moment we are hearing chants you're saying it's not like at les etc but we are hearing chants of blocked lives mater saying expletives the police that seems to be answering more here. well we certainly haven't they shouts of black. and
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a swear word beginning with f. ending. the police which is what they were chanting last night we certainly saw your buddies last night attacked two police cars all rubbish being burnt on the streets but let's keep this in perspective these are common criminals who are doing this or at the best elin full and friends of the dead man i would appeal for calm i would suggest people listen to the family and i would suggest the family now make it clear unequivocal statement of what the initially inquest has said that this man has not died from spawn of injuries or indeed from a broken back ok where are we on more information on this case john galt radio host and columnist for your time and thoughts this hour thank you if you are interested messaging apps are back in the spotlight over their use by terrorists investigators make a key find in the sim petersburg metro bombing probe the details right after this.
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one else seemed wrong. but don't blow just don't call. me. yet to shape out this day become active. and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the feeling of. every the world experience.
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and you get the old the old. the old according to just. come along for the ride. welcome back to the program investigators are looking into the sim petersburg metro bombing in april say the attacker and his accomplices used the controversial encrypted messaging service to plan and carry out the atrocity kevin only got more details earlier from correspondent in the a patrik. the telegram messaging app is famous for its outstanding levels of privacy with all the encryption but the secret chats just to remind you almost three months ago a suicide bomber killed fifteen people in the st petersburg metro and the
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investigation into that got to the point when the russian federal security service are saying that at all stages of the preparation both the attacker and whoever assisted him in russia and abroad were using telegram another thing that they are saying is that telegram with all its encryption features has become the most widely used app by terrorist organizations in russia when it comes to messaging now just a little earlier russia's communications regulator ross called zoar said that it could be days away from blocking telegram russian authorities have demanded that the telegram team provide access to the chats and their crypto keys when and if needed to which the founder of said no and he also added that the privacy and the people's right to it is more important than the fear
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of terrorism the course is not just telegram there are others as well that a guest could conceivably be used by terrorists as well there's the general public that's got nothing to do with terrorism and genuinely really praised all the new features that these take this thing out so now like telegram are offering with the new levels of privacy but the authorities are on high alert and they're absolutely not happy with these loopholes and perhaps that is justified because two research organizations have published at least one hundred reports of the hottest organizations using telegram in the past you were saying that there are other apps that are grading their encryption facilities like watson app developers of that got on. under fire in the u.k. after the terrorist attacks in britain and that was criticism on a very high profile level we want companies to develop tools to identify and remove harmful materials automatically i want to see them report this file contents to the
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or storage is and block the users who spread it there should be no place for terrorists to hide we need to make sure that organizations like whatsapp and there are plenty of others like that don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other we need to make sure that our intelligence services have the ability to get into situations like encrypted what's up seven but the great threat is still out there and since the number of terrorist attacks in europe has only been increasing i guess it is fair to say that the authorities failed to contain it and now they are saying that the only way for them to do it is get access to the chats and group talkies so in the near future we are bound to hear more debate on that the usual thing security versus progress. at least center right parties delivered a blow to the center left government willing more than half of the my world elections in twenty five provincial capitals i spoke with r.t. charlotte on it earlier this looks like
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a resoundingly victory for the center right parties and a big blow to the ruling democratic party which is the center left coalition now what we've seen in this is that many of the winners who were from center right parties were actually backed by a former prime minister silvio berlusconi very famous a man who was ousted from parliament back in two thousand and thirteen over tax fraud conviction now what people are suggesting is that these results could see an overwhelming call for the center right parties to really unite into one party to be a force at that general election which must take place before may of twenty eighteen now that comes after many voters say that they are disaffected and unhappy with the current government. which is led by the democratic party that center left party and that's because of three main issues one of them is the migration of. thousands of migrants coming into it sure was mainly on areas like the island of
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lampedusa with people arriving from north africa and if you're struggling to deal with that it's also been struggling to do one of the for many years it has a high rate of unemployment currently at around eleven or twelve percent and more than that its banking sector has been in dire straits for many years bad debts in the banking center account for around the total debt in the eurozone that's three hundred fifty billion euros and just that the banks have to be bailed out yet again through to the tune of more billions of euros and many people are unhappy about that so the suggestion is if somebody like silvio berlusconi can overturn his ban be able to run again for public office can reunite sort of the center right parties then we could see a dramatic shift in politics before the next year is over which the in italy because italian police fired tear gas dozens of refugees who were trying to cross the border into fronts the clashes happened near the city of ventimiglia on sunday
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night after a confrontation some migrants took to a river in an attempt to bypass a police record the refugee crisis is the issues which former european commission president jose manuel barroso has been discussing with sophie shevardnadze the full interview airs here later today. it seems like there is a wedge between the west because of the migrant quota situation to us it also seems like work said in large part happened because of the migrant situation jane not feel like the migrant situation no gravity. problem. first of all for the migrants and for the refugees that's a real treasure that. i mean let's put things in context when some of my colleagues in europe say that we have a problem i say look our problem is nothing called bear we do promote people that are suffering and they are dying into the disease so we have to help these people
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so let's begin to see it as a problem for a year of sheedy's it isn't the issue that we have to settle but by the way it's now better than two years ago. and far reaching interview that aired later here in r.t.e. in the day next though the vigilante death squads terrifying the people of the philippines as a result of the president's war on drugs on air in britain and ireland though its talk show renegade.
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i would need to make this manufacture consent to stand to the public well. when the ruling classes to protect themselves. when the primary go around lifts only the one percent told. us to ignore middle of the room signal. to lose million real news. the world. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself and taken your last turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never
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got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. europe has the capacity to integrate. the refugees at the same time we cannot accept everybody that comes to or come from countries it's true i mean all countries have the control of their board looks come through so you it also has the
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rights to go on trial in support of those. well. you know. i've a lot of. our own sonar closing time these elaborate today or tomorrow. are going to be true in every. dog or the one school and the people here living you are triggered.
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a new law i. completely. believe though so you know it was. ok with her the letter was. actually the last few but really. we're going to.


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