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tv   Headline News  RT  June 26, 2017 4:00pm-4:30pm EDT

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oh oh oh. oh oh oh. the fine arts in america c.n.n. retracts a story connecting president trying to russia saying it did not meet the company's editorial standards legal and media analyst lionel tells us why this is a big deal. to supreme court reinstates president from travel ban at least temporarily banning visitors from six muslim countries. and a list of demands that's what qatar was presented with in exchange for the sanctions against that country demand includes shutting down al-jazeera that story and more coming up right now.
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it's monday june twenty sixth corp him in washington d.c. i'm in touch sweet and you're watching r.t. america our top story this hour is a major mistake at c.n.n. the cable news network has been forced to retract what was considered a potentially bombshell story the president trying to rush saying it did not meet the company's editorial standards or to a correspondent on your part tells us why the story fell flat and how c.n.n. is responding the most trusted name in news is on the defensive as of friday night when what was sold as an explosive report linking president trump to russian investment bankers was replaced with this editor's note on june twenty second twenty seventeen c.n.n. dot com published a story connecting anthony's car mucci with investigations into the russian direct investment fund that story did not meet c.n.n. editorial standards and has been retracted links to the story have been disabled c.n.n. apologizes to mr karr mucci. the story was concerning this man and the scary mucci
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and american finance heir who served as an advisor to the trump presidential campaign and sat on the trump transition team it alleged the senate intelligence committee was investigating scar mucci for a meeting he held with kiro dimitry of the c.e.o. of the russian jew wrecked investment fund four days before trump's inauguration all based on an anonymous gresham will source the report written by a twenty twelve q a surprise finalist said the russian direct investment fund is overseen by this day state run the e.b. bank currently sanctioned by the us government and that the meeting could have included a conversation about the lifting of sanctions on the fund there's just one problem the fund is not in fact operated by the state run bank as a spokesperson for the r a d i have told sputnik the russian direct investment fund our d.i.'s became an independent sovereign fund in two thousand and sixteen
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consequently our d.i.'s is not a part of the bank and its operations are wholly independent of the bank the meeting in fact took place at the davos economic forum on january sixteenth and was confirmed by scar mucci to c.n.n. who said dimitri of have come over rather had come over to say hi to him at a restaurant and that he responded quarterly scar mucci told bloomberg at the time quote what i said to him last night in my capacity inside the administration i would certainly reach out to some people to help and the idea was many months ago to have more outreach with russia but also other countries not just russia china other countries of course the whole purpose of the world economic forum in davos is for banking he leads to mingle and several other world billionaires met with the r d i s this year as well meanwhile scar mucci says he except c n n's apology. the
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end is moving on on saturday c n n money executive branch bar-b. arie set out an e-mail demanding quote no one published any content involving russia without coming to me and jason farkas a c n n vice president implying stricter guidelines for russian reporting may be in order in washington on your part and hill r.t. . for more analysis we're joined by legal and media analyst lionel of lionel media thank you so much for joining us today and well as we just heard in a news report c.n.n.'s investigative reporter thomas frank we're not talking about a commentator here but investigative journalist wrote a report now retracted at the senate committee was looking into a ten billion dollar russian direct investment fund as part of its investigation into russian connections of trump's son in law and it buys richard question or so we all know that buzz feed noticed the story that it was deleted and then they contacted c.n.n. about it so the editor then released a statement at the story did not meet c.n.n. at a trail standards and has been retracted and i know the editor's note didn't say which
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part of the story failed to meet the company's standards so wrong because the deal is this and why the story was told. well what's fascinating is that this is c.n.n. who has been accused by many many people who are watching their coverage and repour job for a long time of showing incredible bias remember this is the same c.n.n. who's donna brazil was basically feeding questions no problem with that no need for any special statement about that i think of all of the accusations all of the instances where people have said you're showing incredible bias or or misrepresentation of what have you no mention but all of a sudden the ten or the specifics of this this certitude this the absolute glaring clarity and you bring up
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a very very good point what journalistic i said is almost comically what journalist or what editorial policies are you even talking about much less this there's a bigger story that's behind i think this not just this particular story the death of the rushing story itself d.n.c. higher ups operatives strategy folks have said we have exhausted this there's nothing there anymore i think there is you know our air there are only tired of hearing about it every time you turn on c.n.n. that's that's all they talk about but quickly ran out of time let's talk you have these new restrictions for c.n.n. so an internal e-mail circulated on saturday advising employees to let all future articles eventually just go through to people and they also include social media so does this hurt c n n's credibility and do you expect to see any changes in their coverage. well to those individuals who already know about c.n.n.
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including i think me and anybody with two neurons this just confirms their their their slapdash way of doing new what they're how they're going to spin this is that see you see what we do what we're what how we handle this what we're informed that we might have been less than accurate this is the type of arduous standards so they're going to spend it accordingly they're going to need to do something but think about this when you see this amount of attention it calls a glaring a judge or do something that you and i i think have already known the whole time and most fascinating we're out of time unfortunately but always the great and say thank you so much line of lionel media thank you thank you i'm president from going battle with the end goes way back before he was elected into office well the network is making headlines after his public rant demanding for greater transparency from the white house or t.h.o.t. chavez has the story president trump has been in office for only five months but it's felt like a lifetime when you take into consideration his public battles with the mainstream
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media has the most of us relationship with some of the major news networks has played out on social media mainly twitter where he continues to publicly shame them on numerous occasions mr trump has referred to them as fake news and the enemy to american people he has specifically targeted c.n.n. at a recent white house briefing where the media was prohibited from recording video or audio c.n.n.'s jim acosta went on a rant accusing the white house of stonewalling him and suppressing information so the white house press secretary is getting to a point brooke where he's just kind of useless you know if he can't come out and answer the questions and they're just not going to do this on camera audio why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place i don't know why everybody is going along with this it just doesn't make any sense to me and it just feels like we're we're sort of slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country. were the present the united states was allowed to insulate himself from answering hard question former c.n.n.
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moderator and now fox news chief national correspondent ed henry considers jim acosta a friend but acknowledged his former colleague overreacted in his criticism of the white house he compared the white house to this week this is not the soviet union and if you're going to be a reporter going to be a correspondent these opinions are now no longer coming from pundits it's coming from white house correspondents and he had another tweet saying that this is about the constitution of the united states of america there's nothing in the constitution that says the white house has to have a televised briefing every day having said that as a journalist i of course believe in the principle that jim acosta and others do which is that wake up sean spicer this is twenty seventeen the american people expect transparency but this isn't the first time c.n.n. has had run ins with the white house and early june comedian kathy griffin who also co-host of c.n.n.'s new year's eve program was fired for her controversial social media post of her standing holding
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a replica of donald trump bloodied decapitated head something she says has ruined her life for ever what's happening to me has never happened ever in the history of this great country we shouldn a sitting president of the united states and his grown children and the first lady . are personally i feel personally trying to really find thank you for ever i don't think i will have a career after this i think he i think he i think he i'm going to be honest he broke the broken. and the right way to try to thank. me for if you've earned the aggression apologize for the disturbing image saying that she crossed the line and made a mistake c.n.n. terminated the comedian twenty six hours later reporting in new york trinity chavez r.t. us to. court has revamped president trump travel ban previously overturned by the
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lower courts the nine to zero unanimous decision by the justices will mean that the ban on visitors from six muslim countries will take effect within seventy two hours although with certain limitations the trump administration came out with a statement describing the supreme court's ruling as a clear victory for national security that the suspension well become largely effective and that it was an important tool to protect the nation. reports the travel ban has been one of the most controversial decisions controversial promises made during the campaign maybe along with the promise to build the wall on the mexican border and. try to implement the travel ban just weeks after he officially became president he faced a lot of backlash she faced a lot of protests and legal action in fact this all went into the courts in march he had to revise the travel ban to accommodate you know all the things that the protesters and those protesting the ban have been saying but basically everybody
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was against it activists in the streets the media and of course itself of the two federal courts overturned that ban and now the supreme court bar chile allows this to happen saying that visitors from six predominantly muslim countries like iran libya somalia sudan syria and yemen the ban on them could be enforced as long as they lack a credible claim of bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the united states and also the one hundred twenty day long ban on refugees will also be partially implemented now trump all along has been saying that the decision to protest this ban of hears and to fight this in court was cause not by legal reasons the chief political decision to the world to do so you believe the judges need a situation. of their country. and it's a very serious situation so we look forward. it's a decision that will be. in my opinion. on the job or second the supreme court will
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convene again to review the cases after the limited ban takes effect. in a seventy two ruling the u.s. supreme court also found the state of missouri unlawfully denied the trinity lutheran church access to a state grant program today all the program provides funding for nonprofit groups who want to purchase reprimand tiriel for playground equipment missouri cited its constitution in denying the church's bid for funds saying quote any church sect or denomination of religion is barred from receiving state money critics say this ruling enables religious entities who want to seek out funding from government programs and diminishes the separation of church and state proponents however the decision helps to protect guaranteed religious freedoms meanwhile the u.s. supreme court sent a case involving the family of a slain mexican boy back to a lower court today fifteen year old sergio hernandez was allegedly shot from
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across the u.s. border by a u.s. border patrol agent back in two thousand and ten. coming up on r.c. guitar is presented with a list of demands in exchange for removing sanctions what's on the list that story coming up right after the break. down tonight they are sold it is not saying whether. we can go after the global race since it just lawyer lives profit over people. or death it's not for me it's like medicine it's like the antidote for all the stress that the news the wonder redacted tonight is a show where you can go to cry from laughing about the stuff that's going on in the world as opposed to just regular crying we're going to find out what the corporate
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mainstream media is not telling you about how we're going to filter it through some satirical comedic lenses to make it more digestible that's what we do every week targeting radical comedy news like redacted so night is where it's out. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not. me it's built around current operations from washington washington post media the media. and voters elected businessmen to run this country business because. last it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before.
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the arab states on the outs with guitar issues the country a list of demands to meet in order to drop its blockade guitar confirmed last friday it received a list artie's simone there was aria were ports on one of those demands is sending shock waves through media and human rights communities. saudi arabia egypt the united arab emirates and bahrain recently cut off qatar accusing it of funding terrorism in the region now in order to lift the diplomatic and economic sanctions the gulf states gave the country a list of thirteen demands from scaling down diplomatic ties with iran to kicking
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turkey's military out of the country to severing ties with the likes of the muslim brotherhood dyess al qaida and hezbollah the four arab states say all of these demands must be met within ten days but two in particular are sparking outcry among media members and human rights activists the countries have ordered qatar to shut down the state funded al-jazeera network and its affiliates and close all other news outlets funded either directly or indirectly by the state al-jazeera first launched in one thousand nine hundred six in arabic and ten years later at al-jazeera english according to its website the network broadcasts in more than one hundred countries and employs more than three thousand people from seventy nationalities with media first released this list of demands al-jazeera responded saying any call for closing down al-jazeera is nothing but an attempt to silence the freedom of expression in the region and to suppress people's right to information and the right to be heard others came to the networks defends the
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committee to protect journalists executive director joel simon saying it condemns the use of news outlets as a bargaining chip and calls on all countries involved in this dispute to stop holding media hostage to political disputes adding the gulf region needs a vibrant free press and news outlets based there must be allowed to report freely and it's not just journalists human rights watch said the move punishes the millions of arabs in the region from important news coverage calling it cowardly censorship warning it will fail it will be hard to convince other countries that the demand to close media outlets like al-jazeera has anything to do with countering terrorism u.s. state secretary rex tillerson even said some of the elements will be very difficult for qatar to meet and urges. both sides to sit together and continue the conversation and until the conflict is resolved it looks like the u.s. will block all foreign military sales to members of the gulf cooperation council senate foreign relations chair bob corker telling tillerson monday that instead of
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working together to fight terrorism these gulf states decided to devolve into more conflict that only hurts those efforts corker is the top republican on the senate foreign relations committee and no arms sales goes to congress for formal approval without the informal approval from the top democrat republican on both house and senate foreign relations committees in washington for million dollars ario r.t. . british prime minister teresa mayes conservative party has reached a deal with northern ireland's democratic unionist party to support her minority government well the tory government has promised to that an additional one billion pounds in northern ireland there grima it will also see to reduce them a backtrack on a number of election pledges including reforms to pensions and benefits and as to see a turk media reports it's been over two weeks now since this crash and burn snap election cold by theresa may that took place on june eighth leaving the country with an unexpected hung parliament and now it looks like we do indeed have
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a deal between teresa mayes conservative party and the democratic unionists of northern ireland in terms of what specifically has been agreed we do know that the g.o.p. have been promised one billion pounds within the next several years of financial support and one stepping stone that's been quite important to watch since we do know that the g.o.p. have been quite insistent on being huge fans of a hard brags that we have heard now that they have agreed that an exit from the e.u. will benefit all parts of the u.k.'s documents that they have released doesn't get into very much detail this is an agreement that so-called can feel confidence and supply which is a bit of a different format and even with the way that the statements have been made on how this deal was reached we did see the g.o.p. leaders speak separately there was no joint press conference so certainly we're just going to be waiting for theresa may to address this deal later on. six police
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officers were injured in london on sunday after a protest against police brutality turned violent the rally was held following the death of a black man after a traffic stop while the boy go has the details. no there. at all star said last night but it carried on into the early hours of the morning and protested headway during the race not just police station they were throwing it at big bottles as well and they were trying to pass the bill day the reason they were so angry was they were demonstrating over the death of a twenty five year old local black man his name was federico the whole story lately
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he was known as ed said he was a comic candidate he was pulled a the by police when he was in his car earlier this month and campaign is saying he was brutally beaten and some reports even that he may have died as a result of his neck being broken and he died in hospital six days off of that initial incident with the police so the protesters that were here last night saying that all they want to know is how mr de costa died to take a lesson broken we just want also if we can people also has a moment their family members will cry mobile cry you should live. with a laugh you're taking away. everyone's going to buy if you don't think the police should have called me and you will get infected by somebody before they want to take you into their own hands so many people are police the police cover up the corruption who will prosecute you nobody so really interview can you blame the
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public for being angry and upset but obviously this is a sensitive issue because we know that these things are happening on the cover you know behind closed doors and many people are not getting to hear what's actually going on on the street the people say well you know it doesn't happen anymore that racism is not like it was in the you know back in the day it's still going on it's happening just behind close. well the metropolitan police have said in a statement that as he was being detained mr dick mccabe well they've also confirmed that no police officer has been suspended and every result of this incident with mr to call the police what stalled here in the u.k. is investigating what led to his death it's the independent police complaints commission and they've already said that in the initial post mortem carried out on mr de costa hasn't indicated that he died from spinal injuries well boom
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bust is coming up next right here on r.t. america ellen de france joins us for a preview of what's ahead lindsey hey there japanese airbag manufacturer mired in a deadly recall scandal files for bankruptcy protection also coal is on the rise and the fight for fifteen debate rages on with surprising results from one of the first testing ground in the nation that's coming right up all right thanks so much . and that does it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash or to america also check out our web site r t dot com towards the and of course you can probably on twitter at natasha's tweet question more. all the world. and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are anti american play r t america offer much more r t america personally.
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and many ways to use the landscape just like you really you should be good actors bad actors and in the end you could never own your own. so much park and all the world's a stage all the world all the world's a stage we all are you. i don't identify as a liberal and i don't identify as a conservative i identify as just a meek individual with a complex set of beliefs that doesn't fit into one box or another but still i can relate to this story which comes to us from fox news they recently posted an
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article entitled conservative in hollywood to be a democrat publicly industries that affect any article is all about how if you're a conservative you better keep your opinions to yourself if you want to work in tinseltown and boy can i relate to that again not because i'm conservative and i don't live in tinseltown but just because i know how oppressive the other side can peavy don't agree because i live in new york city in new york city and a lot like hollywood the hollywood people that fox he talks to in the article only spoke on the condition of and i know this is how worried they are about being outed as conservatives fox news quotes one of them as saying i often tell friends getting into the beers from this day forward you were a democrat publicly and others said it's toxic if you have any leanings toward donald trump or the republican party another says you keep quiet because you don't know if that's going to set someone off who could hire you and that is a unique scenario because you won't be punished if you are a liberal really to all of bad big time even though i don't identify as
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a conservative i also identify big time with what another said in the article which is that people often get so flipped out even if you question their view that is so true rate as a new yorker if you dare to say anything against them. you could actually find yourself in a fight you could actually find yourself being shunned by brands and yeah even potential employers i can only imagine how much worth it and how it worked one person actually did have the audacity to go on record for the article. and that when actress mary birdsong was on a show called nine one one of course she was quick to add the disclaimer that she's no trump fan but she did manage to agree that there was a lack of give and take in political discourse now and the president considering that the rest of the people in the article had to remain anonymous i think that's putting it lightly as birds on so there's that what is the good in free speech if we only get to use it with people we agree with and that this independent thinker couldn't agree more.
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with the whole existence to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want. to go right to the press this is what before three of the more people. interested in the waters at the. if you want to know what the old expediential street looks like the tales of the tributes would be analyzed it came from the bottom of it. with
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me like you not i got. the point. that this. limits our luck. i'm going to do just that and you're watching hard to. wash. all the feeling of knowing something. everyone in the world should experience. and you'll get it on the old roll in. the last.


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