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constantly. is this regime's. proof trumps are only covering the story. tell you more about that. the latest u.s. threats to use military force against the assad government as provocative and unacceptable. is preparing to use chemical weapons in syria. more trouble for the british prime minister. billion pound deal with the. government as well. from brussels or the.
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one pm here in moscow this is out international. a producer from america's c.n.n. news channel has apparently been caught on camera saying the network's russia coverage is more about ratings instead of solid facts investigative journalism group project veritas has released a hidden camera video conversation here's a clip although it has to be said he's not yet able to verify its authenticity. the morning c.n.n. constantly like russia that's for sure that this is ratings because ratings are razor battle right now but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly that right now we don't have any. giant. proof
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you know we have that it would be. and so i think the president is probably right to say. look who are which to the c.e.o. of c.n.n. said in our internal meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate accords. but we're done with that let's get back to russia. we contacted c.n.n. and the people who released the video for their comments we've not heard back as yet since we do we'll let you know now earlier more guys they have jordan relayed to explain a bit more about this video and also crucially to the group behind it. well we should be cautious here careful even we've you know been trying to verify what we what we can there really is a stuff a called james bond feel a c.n.n. producer listed on their web site visually he certainly looks like the guy in the video ratings trump all that is what this video says according to him c.n.n.
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has now mentioned russia sixteen thousand times just since trump was elected c.n.n. has really beat at the forefront of all these russian shenanigans they've gone to breaking news that the mere mention of russia you know one of the reports near rumors that unverified sources good enough to talk about russia they've been trying to tie trump and russia as hard as they can for a very long time now you know the results that the people judge it is also salad cnn's relationship with the white house can you give us a question don't be rude you're not going to give you are not going to give you. you are fake do. our network i just want to ask you sir i'm changing from fake news though doesn't that under very fake to arch you. project there it ass and the guy behind it james o'keefe he's made
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a name for himself he shoots these candid recordings usually under cover where people are much more on this than they would be in front of the camera and he said you know from out of the democratic party in the united states he's targeted them a number of times and that has landed him in trouble because one company has sued him and now faces a million dollars lawsuit after infiltrating in alleged democratic consulting for posing as someone else and secretly secretly recording them he says that that is an intimidation tactic that they're trying to intimidate him and we've again we've contacted them trying to very. five story but as i said if this is true it certainly you know would certainly huge let's see how c.n.n. wriggled out of this one because if it doesn't than that very very fig new moniker that deserved itself is going to stick was so we'll wait for
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a comment by liz for you for british intelligence officer to whistleblower only masham hi annie would you think about this let's talk first of all about a project veritas is known for its undercover videos with you like the tactics or not what you think about it though is it fair or not well i think it certainly holds the media to account in a way that can otherwise be very difficult to do the media likes to turn its glare upon the victims but it doesn't like to have the bright light of transparency shown on how it works itself and i think this if it is true video really does confirm what many of us have already been saying about the fact that this fake russia gate is being built up in order to train and demonize donald trump to make it would difficult for him to build approach more a working relationship with russia which is one of his manifesto promises so it's fascinating of course we have to wait to see if this is a true video you know we got to hear this side of it because it will be some people are there going and saying well hang on this could be some sort of entrapment maybe the guy was led in you don't know what was behind the scenes up into that clip that
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we saw but as i say we've asked the people involved for their comment we've gone to c.n.n. direct to see what they've got to say about the say this is the supposed c.n.n. producer here we think he's the right guy it says the channel's rush of coverage taking at face value here is mostly about ratings what does it tell us about the editorial culture of big oh let's like that if all this starts up to be true. i think it shows very clearly that actually most of the mainstream media is all about the bottom line it's not about holding power to account or revealing truth to the people so they can be informed citizenry it's been a very bad week for c.n.n. because this isn't the only story that's broken as well of course only a couple of days ago three staffers had to resign because they had actually posted a fake news article about russia yes another one coming out to try and imply collusion between one of trump's team and russian bank and that had to be taken down and we're seeing this time time again it's not just about c.n.n.
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look what's happened with the washington post as well last year they printed to verifiably fake stories anti russian stories around the sort of russian hacking issue which they then had to retract but they did that in a very sort of minuscule and very shy way so actually what people remember for example is the fact that the russians were trying to hack the energy grid in america it turned out that there was one laptop with malware on it which was something to do with an employee from the birth of vermont energy grid and also the washington post published the prop or not blacklist which is a shadowy group of people nobody knows quite who they are who came up with a list of two hundred independent news outlets of which this was one saying that they were putin's useful idiots it was propaganda whereas in fact look at the reversing of the propaganda coming out of organizations like the washington post like c.n.n. i mean former f.b.i. director james comey say that many stories about alleged russia toys from unnamed sources were misleading you had his doubts but where is the line to be drawn here between a journalist protecting a source on one side or running with unattributed stories on the other.
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this is the problem and this is why they had to take down the the fake russian news piece earlier this week at c.n.n. because they only had one source which is against all journalistic protocol you need to back up a story before you can print it but i think what we are seeing is the sort of politicize ation earth once trusted news outlets and this is way people are pulling away from the old corporate media they want to read multiple sources they want to view multiple sources to try to make up their own minds people are not as gullible as the intelligence agencies who strongly manipulates these new sources and also the media corporations like to think it will be more of this throughout the day i mean i see it today at a motion for a british intelligence officer the whistleblower good to get your. another stories come in the new learned to sew developing story to tell you news just in russia says that the latest u.s. threat to use military force against the syrian government is an unacceptable provocation that we want this but for you the white house earlier claim today that
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the assad leadership is preparing to launch a chemical weapons attack in syria president tribe's press secretary says the u.s. will take action if that happened the united states as identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the side regime the united states is in syria to eliminate the slavic state of iraq and syria if however mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price. following on from up britain's defense secretary is pledging the u.k. support for any u.s. action to prevent another chemical attack in syria but michael fallen then went on to admit that he had mostly seen the intelligence that washington was basing its allegations on. more. they say that they've detected potential preparations there would likely result in mass civilian casualties they talk about the mass murder of innocent children and certainly in order to be able to sell
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a message as serious as this you need that kind of emotional pitch that talks about innocent children being killed the statement also referenced as potential preparations but it doesn't give any kind of details as to what those potential preparations involve so what does it mean other than that it is similar to what the u.s. detected before the last chemical attack back in april the statement also say is there any chemical attack in syria in the immediate future will be blamed on assad and his allies now this is without any kind of investigation without any kind of jew process just punishment it's worth looking at the timing of the statement as well as sad and his army now making major gains inside the country especially against terrorist groups such as islamic state. well the u.s. has come despite moscow's latest call for washington to stay clear of provocations in syria russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov made that comment in a phone conversation with his u.s. counterpart corporately was initiated by washington was the first time the
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diplomats have spoken face to face and put that way since the downing of a syrian military jet by the u.s. more than a week ago the two currently discussed the need to consolidate the cease fire in syria as well as suppressing attempts to use chemical weapons by any party in the conflict others mentioned mr lavrov stressed that the u.s. avoids provocations like shooting syria let's go live to havana with vs you have charlie and his thoughts on what might be here. so the white house claiming it has got intelligence pointing to a plan chemical attack by the syrian government must be said to mass what would damascus possibly going boy curry. on its own soil again we've asked this question so many times over the same obligations of the commode over the years again very valid why would it it do. it beats me given one thing you know intelligence the so-called intelligence that somebody can soften would vote as a pretext for dignity reaction has often been politicized or needs not necessarily
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very accurate i don't think they have access to the inside of the syrian regime to be dumb enough to have to find otoh are there determining it don't also have the intellect act and what it means they will use i am more concerned of this has been part of this turf war that's going on when you know the americans i'm going to use the trump organization is coming as i get more and more with saudi arabia and they want to would be our side that would you mind or extreme pressure and possibly be noble groups don't talk after the show and our base was at back in april again after him allegedly a chemical attack it was said that this was going to be a one off the need would not be to egypt but since then be trends have not been encouraging in the u.s. so far as is becoming more and more dangerous brought it on a cd and now it cost very simply they have been shooting don't know iranian made studion out of drones that are keeping an eye on isis they claim that the our
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democratic forces on the ground and that they will not you know each do you know are not syrian government forces are militias backed by them and so what we are seeing is in the pretext of the weapons are and a warning the syrian government what i've seen used and sent to the state i mean from our area and they want to carve all of these you can he has declared off it all and it's going to hold here and be as i do my goal is to break up soon and to have us soon need to stand out because there are many good idea about isis are by some form of sunni government that is eminently b.s.p. darts so in the name of chemical weapons what is going on these these you know they're sticking or go to each telling the syrians and the russians are good audience stay out of hours on end if you will come in then we will use chemical weapons for you to extend you and so i think these are very clear plan and what we have seen is not good because it mean. yes exactly division of stereotypes and also encouragement vices there are three lights on the disunity of all the different factions and use the word pretext the that's the worry isn't it the saying goes to
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the few if you say something enough mud sticks russian officials have been calling out the us for failing to investigate they say probably the previous chemical instant in syria back in april when you were talking about there in the worry is it doesn't look like it's going to need much for the us to use it as an excuse if it decides to bomb the syrian government forces again for some is not even planning on doing again a pretext and the more it said maybe the us will think more is going to be believed . well no i don't think the people of the world can believe this because the americans themselves have been named by the united nations that didn't even bombardment has caused massive civilian deaths and displacement that in another under a car and the us or as well as in iraq iran war civil so right now it's like a cancer of the heart the killer black because you have a situation where the coalition the western coalition forces are maximum human
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rights abuses on the ground by indiscriminate aerial bombardment under it's already been killed and possibly thousands so we've got a situation that the our war babies being gassed and on the other hand the aerial bombardment has been so interesting next and if you will spread the neck wider it's not just in syria and you know it's good ally saudi arabia as being the same in yemen and so if you count up all of those the atrocities are very severe on that side still so for them to now see if you will come in police you and stop you from using chemical weapons it's so ironic because the army in there was intact reports of them using banned chemical substances in the air you don't want to hear themselves so right in the western corner simply using chemical weapons as out there said before as an alibi to try and push the stadium steps from getting any control over isis concord it's such a complicated picture not all at all what it seems to be on the surface but on the say it is essentially them cheli are international affairs professor thanks for
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giving a sea of thoughts on the latest update coming up war news the qatari foreign minister is in washington as a saudi deadline looms for the gulf state of course those thirteen days cannondale the days condemn list thirteen points that they had to abide with we'll tell you more about that sco in right after this break. it's seemed wrong. to me. to shape out just to get the ticket and. because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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mexico the stock market has double speak us companies don't need employee g.'s companies don't wage earners the government doesn't need to tax the government by having the social banks money for itself the top one percent has access to the central bank the prince money for them at zero percent interest rates and their unlimited supply of money they call the interest rate of our time. for a minister is in washington to meet secretary of state rex tillerson the made efforts to try to resolve this big crisis that's enveloping the small gold state open in this county a blockade on the thirteen point list of demands owned from saudi arabia and other
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arab nations who cues it of supporting extremism there's also been the reaction in europe with one leading foreign minister describing the ultimatum is very provocative let's get the view from our correspondent peter all of us across this today either remind us is some of the demands on there were a big. what europe is planning to do to help diffuse what appears to be the goals worst diplomatic crisis in decades. yes this is certainly a deep deep crisis that the whole of that arabian gulf area find itself in at the moment diplomatically what we've seen is this thirteen point list of demands being put forward towards counter in order to have the boycott lifted upon the boycott that's being put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain in egypt among those points of things like the removal of a turkish air base from qatar risotto also the shutting down of the al-jazeera news network and all of its affiliates now that's prompted. the german foreign minister
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to come out and say that on these thirteen there are some points that are potentially negotiable however some of them are well very demanding indeed is how he put it the list of thirteen demands submitted by four arab states to could turn as a condition to lift their boycott on the gulf country is very provocative because some items challenge those sovereignty. it's interesting that mr gabrielle's words come shortly before he meets with gives a joint press conference with javid saudi for the foreign minister of iran he's in berlin for talks at the moment and what we are seeing at the moment though is particularly saudi arabia and iran facing off over this issue of qatar. there have been those who have suggested that the idea of putting this boycott on guitar was to isolate iran in the region and also bring kits are. being is.
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seeing. to be seen with. snuff. and get support to get over some of these demands of the. diplomatic and certainly not yet will be looking to hear what the. say. later on the soft yen or to. all of europe. in the central europe correspondent be sure that. you're in moscow to deliver it goes five men accused of killing a profile russian opposition politician soft back in twenty fifty a correspondent covering this to within a couple of let's cross to. the verdict is likely to go. well we did back to to hear that coming from the court later today as jury deliberations in the trial over the killing of
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a russian opposition politician by the stamps are currently under here in the capital now we could get out of the jury received instructions from the judge to twenty six questions connected to where they are so the lawyers earlier said that the act is highly likely to be delivered to this tuesday and now all five defendants are accused of. for high as part of been organized group now according to the russian investigative committee who do you know who is suspected of being the organizer of the had offered themselves to suspected killers around fifteen million rubles which is somewhere around two hundred fifty thousand dollars to carry out the moment and now all five defendants are from the russian north caucasus republic of chechnya and they really have found their innocence during closed remarks that took place last week now the killing of self took place on the
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night of february twenty eighth two thousand and fifteen he was a regional governor and pm under the president self but in early two thousand. became an opposition politician so many now in the western media portrayed his killing as a political case however he wasn't the key opposition figure and the country cheered opposition party part of nasa and he also held this seats in the legislature of central russia as the region from september two thousand and thirteen until his death did it will come but surely there when you get the more. it will be forthcoming thanks for the. focus on britain very little play for the british solution to propping up a government at the moment she's all to do that spending an extra one billion euro
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zone northern ireland soley in order to get the provinces do you put your party to support paula but this is the next report not with the damage control this is been hoping for. i was writing something there was. no you must go. instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard drugs it something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as well as previous links with violent military groups in northern ireland not a perfect life but attendee m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their support again with a hefty price tag of pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in
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addition to the previously announced five hundred million and funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayer has resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever is politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you be are delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which trust rather the last vestiges of credibility of this wicked prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at north an island whilst completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and as they say if you're going to party landed as
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a footnote speaking outside downing street the d.p. leader echoed series of may's claim that the agreement would bring stability to the entire country will continue to follow it meantime the u.k. problem this is also outlined a plan for citizens living in post bricks in britain after an unspecified cutoff date seems they'll be able to apply for permanent residency so the families quote won't be split up. i know there's been some anxiety about what would happen to citizens at the point we leave here. today i want to put to rest by the plant based harsh criticism. colbert the u.k. prime minister still insists she's the best person to get a good deal for britain. and believes is the best person to strike a deal with the very people she spent six months threatening but. the truth is this
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country needs a new approach breck see that a jury didn't simply deliver your reaction the german chancellor welcomed the offer for citizens in the u.k. is a good start she wanted to be many other issues to resolve the european commission president earlier described the plans as a first step but went on to say it won't be enough the dutch the belgian the austrian leaders dismissed series of may's offer is questionable and vague. so much reaction on the screen now come up watching the hawks off the break me to the restless hope in the ring for public office and why america's city dwellers rule residents just don't get each other. the other. the lot of.
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our own so nerd token family is allowed to be back later today or tomorrow so it's all good the balls are going to be thrown over. yahoo. with the barry i pad. the delegate i got paid. for the. girl is the dog or it would be one school and the people living your character does like your book. here's what people have been saying about rejected in that it was actually just full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch and leadership is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than food. and see people you've never heard of low down to the
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next president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an e-mail. welcome to another week in the swamp hawk watchers when it comes to the divide between rural and urban america nothing could spin the mind quite so much the perspective from each side is that one doesn't know what life is like for the other and the truth is they don't according to a washington post kaiser family foundation survey of seven hundred americans and rural areas and small towns they found that sixty seven percent of rural residents
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rated the job opportunities in their communities as fair or poor while urban residents were split fifty fifty between fair and excellent were american see so little hope for their communities that fifty nine percent of those surveyed said that young people should move away from their home towns and cities only forty one percent think young people should move away and not. of that may be the fault of perceptions city folk don't understand the struggle of country folk and country folk think everyone else has a better but we're american see the divide as cultural ryan loss in wisconsin native told with the washington post being from a rural area everyone looks out for each other people in my experience in cities are not as compassionate toward their neighbor as people in rural parts the poll also found that about four in ten that's forty two percent of rural residents say that immigrants are a burden on the country nearly three times the share of urban residents sixteen percent.


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