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it. was. was was. was . constantly you like. this regime. a c.n.n. producer is called on camera saying the channel doesn't have proof from russia are only covering this story. the latest u.s. threat to use military force against the assad government. all that comes after the white house claims that because it is preparing to use chemical weapons in syria.
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more trouble for the british prime minister gets short shrift over her billion pound deal with a minor party to prop up her government as well as a shrug from brussels. for the use of this interim. coach of the world based international my names you know neal good to have your company top story this hour our producer for america's c.n.n. news channel has apparently been caught on camera saying the network's russia coverage is more about ratings than offering solid facts investigative journalism group project released a hidden camera video conversation here's a clip although artie's not yet able to verify its authenticity. the morning c.n.n.
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constantly like russia that's for sure that this is ratings this ratings raiser credible right now but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly right now we don't have any. john. proof feeling they don't really have that they want to keep doing. and so i think president is probably right to say. look who are we trying to to the c.e.o. of c.n.n. said in our internal meeting he said good job everybody covering the climate accords. but we're down with the let's get back to russia. we've contacted c.n.n. the people who released the video to get their comments we'll let you know as soon as we hear about iraq as the of explains more about what's in the video and the group behind it. well we should be cautious here careful even we've you know been
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trying to verify what we what we can there really is a stuff a called james bond a field a c.n.n. producer listed on their web site visually he certainly looks like the guy in the video ratings trump all that is what this video says according to him c.n.n. has now mentioned russia sixteen thousand times just since trump was elected c.n.n. has really beat at the forefront of all these russian shenanigans they've gone to breaking news that the mere mention of russia you know one of the reports near rumors that unverified sources good enough to talk about russia they've been trying to tie trump and russia as hard as they can for a very long time now you know the results well that the people judge it is also salad c.n.n.'s relationship with the white house can you give us
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a question. you know if you're not going to give you a question you speak out if you are shake doos back in our network i just want to ask you sir i'm changing from fake news though doesn't that under very fake arch you. project there it ass and the guy behind it james o'keefe he's made a name for himself he shoots these candid recordings usually under cover where people are much more on this than they would be in front of the camera and he said you know five of the democratic party in the united states targeted them a number of times and that has landed him in trouble because one company has sued him and now faces a million dollars lawsuit after infiltrating in alleged democratic consulting for posing as someone else and secretly secretly recording them he says that that is an intimidation tactic that they're trying to intimidate him and we've again we've contacted them trying to very. by this story but this as i said if this is true it
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certainly you know would certainly huge let's see how c.n.n. wriggles out of this one because if it doesn't than that very very think new moniker that. itself is going to stick. in another development three journalists from c.n.n. have resigned over the retraction of a rush related story from its website the network say was found to be in violation of its standard editorial processes donald trump has reacted to the news once again accusing c.n.n. of publishing fake news. there seems to be very little applause for the british prime minister solution to propping up her weak government spending an extra one billion pounds on northern ireland in order to get the promises democratic unionist party to support her in
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parliament to see a church in their reports and how it might not be the damage control mrs may's hoping it will be. i know right or something i will say no because you are. right because instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard bracks it something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as well as previously inks with violent paramilitary groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but the attendee u.p.a. m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their support came with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million and funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer
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taxpayer has resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever is politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you be are delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which trust rather the last vestiges of credibility over this what can prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at north an island whilst completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and party funded. now speaking side dining street the do you peel leader eco trees of maize claim that the
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agreement would bring stability to the entire country. a return to our top story now a producer for america's c.n.n. news channel has apparently been caught on camera saying the network's russia coverage is more about ratings than offering solid facts investigative journalist group project veritas has released a hidden camera video conversation to talk more in this at let's go live now to martin somers who is an independent journalist or thor martin good to have your company. martin what do you make of the tactics used by the group does a hidden camera recording violate journalism ethics just to get your thoughts on the methods employed before we delve into the actual story at hand i think it's justified when the story justifies it i mean if it's used for just collecting salacious gossip about people then it wouldn't be justified but i think there's a real public interest here if a c.n.n.
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producer is actually admitting in private he believes these are products is rubbish i think the public interest in the and therefore the hidden cameras are justified but not if you were just trying to investigate somebodies misdemeanors a person with misdemeanors it wouldn't be just a pawn in the video the supposed c.n.n. producer sees the channel's russia coverage is mostly about ratings what does that suggest i suppose about the editorial culture in big i'd let's like is it the bottom line just to get viewers watching whatever the cost well i think i'm not sure it is just about ratings the c.n.n. i think there is a political aspect to this as well. i suppose you can argue that the people who watch c.n.n. tend to be anti trump voters so they want to see n.z. material but they're whoever you are and whatever your political views the facts are sacred and if you deliberately manipulating the facts then i think not some
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great concern. we mentioned that c.n.n. had to retract one of its stories on russia how much pressure martin is there. on the media to click bait before a thorough checking of twenty four hour news cetera is it just one of those things that is not going to go away or is it something that really needs to be checked dealt with. well i think there is a question of ratings and in a way trying to get ratings is justifiable as long as it's done in a in a responsible way but it's not just about ratings there's also political agendas people are you know people some people are very unhappy with trump selection as president let's face it. given the u.s. electoral system and what the russian electoral system the person with less votes wins through the electoral college you can understand why people are unhappy with that but that's always been the system in the u.s. it's not really democratically can understand why some people don't like it and
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therefore those who are opposed to trim looking for any kind of means to to get at him and i think there's plenty of things to say about trump's policies which of justifiable and and they should be criticized to try and make still thought in order to get people out of office as is wrong that also if you think about what's happening this whole idea that trumps a puppet for russia and so on and so forth it's in order to try and make relations between the u.s. and russia as difficult as possible so that the neo conservatives and so on can push for war and in many ways they've succeeded they've succeeded in creating about atmosphere by using these tactics as you say i suppose there is a lot to be picked apart by trump's policies without entering not the so-called fake news paradigm isn't there we know that former f.b.i. director james comey he even said many stories about alleged trump russia ties from all names sources are misleading it begs the question where is the line between
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a journalist protecting a no one source and then running with unattributed stories. well i think what we what we can see and what this little incident shows is the bad faith of those working in some western media outlets i can understand why the different media outlets russia today for example al-jazeera have different points of view and everybody recognizes that when they switch on the television the people who are deliberately manipulating the facts i think that's going to be called out and we can't have a serious discussion of serious matters if this kind of tactic is tolerated and i think it's very important this is coming out and hopefully it will have some effect on the kind of coverage that sinan does in the future always good to get your take out to martin somers independent journalist or thanks for joining us this hour. russia sees the latest u.s. threat to use military force against the syrian government is on acceptable the
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white house earlier claimed the assad leadership is preparing to launch a chemical weapons attack president trumps press secretary says the u.s. will take action if that happens the united states as identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the side regime the united states is in syria to eliminate the slum extent of iraq and syria if however mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price our middle east correspondent paula slee were joins us now with more details the international reaction to these claims hi there paula yes so what else is the white house saying about this chemical attack supposedly being planned by damascus. well the white house a statement on the threat of a new chemical attack as you say that it claims will be carried out by the syrian government is interesting indeed let's first look at the wording the statement says that they've detected potential preparations that would likely result in mass
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civilian casualties particularly innocent children are that's quite emotive language obviously used to garner support for such a statement the statement also talks about potential preparations but what exactly does this mean there are no details given other than that it is similar or seemingly similar to what the u.s. detected before the last chemical attack back in april the statement also says any chemical attack in syria in the immediate future will be blamed on this side and his allies now there is no investigation no due process just punishment and of course we have to ask the question about the timing of the statement side is making major gains in syria's especially against terrorist groups like islamic state so why issue a statement like that now now the kremlin has responded saying that it is familiar with the statement but it is not aware of its basis a criminal spokesperson say that they categorically disagree with the wording and now the attack stressing that damascus cannot be held liable for the last attack
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because despite all of russia's demands an unbiased international investigation has still not been carried out moscow also says that it considers any threats to the legitimate need to ship off syria unacceptable to damascus government goes they've denied the white house allegations that they may be preparing for a new chemical attack they insist again that they've never used such arms at the same time we're hearing from several state department officials who are typically involved in coordinating such announcements and they say that they were caught completely off guard by the warning which didn't appear to be discussed in advance with any other kind of national security agencies and then the united kingdom is weighing in it says that it will back u.s. action against syria despite seeing no evidence of this. and made to attack even being paid. parties middle east correspondent paula slayer bring this the very latest thank you for that well international affairs professors from chile i think the latest allegations from the white house should be taken with
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a pinch of salt you know intelligence the so-called intelligence that many consultant will dote as a pretext for dignity action has also be politicized or news not necessarily very accurate i don't think they have access to the inside of the syrian regime to be dumb enough to find otoh are there determining you don't also we have been looked at and what needs to be you offered the show you know this was it i believe through again often manage to get me going back for a second piece was going to be a one off thing and not really but since then the trends have not been encouraging it was on as you said becoming more and more dangerous and we have brought it on cd and now you can ask for recent be there we should be no no you don't hear me you're not a problems that if you know i am i see this so in the name of chemical weapons what is going on these days you know they're sticking ok to each telling the city on sunday russians are viewed audience studio i want to own anything i mean then we've
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used chemical weapons. well the u.s. allegations come despite moscow's latest call for washington to stay clear of provocations in syria russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov made not comment in a phone conversation with his u.s. counterpart the call was initiated by washington and was the first time the diplomats have spoken since the dunning of a syrian military chaired by the us more than a week ago the to discuss the need to consolidate the cease fire in syria as well as suppressing attempts to use chemical weapons by any party in the conflict and as mentioned mr lavrov stressed the u.s. avoids provocations like shooting down syrian are crossed. the qatari foreign minister is in washington as a saudi deadline looms for the gulf states we have more on what all that means in about ninety seconds.
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me. in case you're new to the game this is how. the economy is built around. washington washington. voters elected to businessman to run this country business if. you must it's
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not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. one thousand minutes into the program welcome back qatar's foreign minister is in washington to meet secretary of state rex tillerson i made efforts to resolve the crisis and loping the small gulf state there's currently a blockade on a thirteen point list of demands until half from saudi arabia and other are of nations who accuse it of supporting extremism ortiz peter all of areas across the story for us this is certainly a deep deep crisis that the whole of that arabian gulf area finds itself in at the moment diplomatically what we've seen is this thirteen point list of demands being put forward towards counter in order to have the boycott lifted upon the boycott that's being put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain in egypt
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among those points of things like the removal of a turkish air base from qatar risotto also the shutting down of the al-jazeera news network and all of its affiliates now that's prompted. the german foreign minister to come out and say that on these thirteen there are some points that are potentially negotiable however some of them well very demanding indeed is how he put it. the list of thirteen demands submitted by four arab states to could tar as a condition to lift their boycott on the gulf country is very provocative because some items challenge those sovereignty european nations as we've seen with getting involved in this food that we're seeing and giving their support to get over some of these demands that have been based on it this diplomatic incident certainly not over yet will be looking to hear what the iranian foreign minister has to say here in berlin later on this afternoon. a jury in moscow is jus to deliver its
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verdicts against five men accused of killing high profile russian opposition politician parsnips off in twenty fifteen r.t.s. medina caution of a as more. over a week ago the jury received instructions from the judge to answer twenty six questions connected with them and lawyers say that the verdict is highly likely to be delivered this tuesday now all of five defendants are accused of murder for hire as part of an organized group according to the russian investigative committee these suspected killers. were offered at least fifteen million rubles which is somewhere around two hundred fifty thousand dollars to carry out the mud now the killing of bodies took place on the night of february twenty eighth two thousand and fifteen he was the regional governor and a deputy pm under the president but he's yeltsin and. back in two thousand
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but he became an opposition politician so many in the western media now portray his killing as a political case however he was not the key opposition figure in the country he called the opposition party part of nasa and he also held seats in the legislature of the central russia region from september two thousand and thirteen up until his death. though ahead of next month's g. twenty summit in germany the country's foreign ministry is warning the turkish president not to bring his bodyguards would go giago looks at why about might be. president arrow on is planning to appear in germany next month for the annual g. twenty summit and it looks like the red carpet won't be rolled out for the turkish leader apparently the incident with his security detail during his recent washington visit as put e.u.
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officials on alert saying please don't bring your bodyguards. i have reason to expect that these people who be incriminated by the american criminal justice system will not step on the german soul in the forseeable future including during the g twenty summit and nother no no on the list for president on rallies major venue so far have declined to host a direct leader the reasons were quite interesting and ranged from renovations to sorry already booked imagine the u.s. president coming to germany and failing to find a place to appear not very likely but then again should we be surprised tensions between germany and turkey have been building up for months now starting with germany pulling its military from turkey is airbase and sending it to jordan after ankara denied german officials a visit to the big house on the other hand you've got turkey angry with germany for granting asylum to turkish citizens who allegedly took part in the failed coup of
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twenty sixteen and of course you're alone also stepped in to stop turkish rallies in germany to support or want to push for broader powers in a referendum back in april germany you have no notion of democracy your practices are no different from the nazi practices of the past my comment that the nazi comparisons in turkey's part must and is valid without ifs or buts and fortunately we see that this comparisons haven't stopped and we are not going to allow it. they would revive gas chambers in concentration camps if they weren't ashamed this is their mentality they are disturbed when we say that this is not semen. well it's no easy task piecing back together relations that have completely fallen apart once. i will have to likely admit its mistakes and at this point it doesn't look my germany or turkey are ready to do that because francis and thiago r.t. or we've got expert opinion on where german turkish relations stand right this
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moment but everyone can see so weeks ago exactly these lifeguards misbehaved badly and this is exactly will generally don't want to see on its own territory ok in turkey we have some you know mistakes related to democracy and some shortages but they should how to improve it better than to you know to push turkey towards the east if you look at germany politics what's tricky over the last few years in germany has accepted every. impoliteness and every the relations of the church sux. and this has gone too far and a lot of germany tries to set limits europeans the champions of democracy on whom arise when we speak about the middle east but then when
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speaking about the home or eyes on a number ites in europe they are you know of some kind of double standards and hypocrisy as the strongest economy in the world of the strongest military power i guess that those europe and the us have. to react in a proper way or to sit and to see should to chookie. we want to be part of you accept the rules if you don't accept rules you have to accept that did we are a little bit harder to use if the elections are coming in germany and they try to use you know this as some kind of islamophobia or to go for b. or xenophobia that's a very famous in order to you're seeing jorma of these kind of things and they start at the again i think it will carry on up to the next election in elections in germany for i think autumn then. the relations soon will
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be normal after that. you're watching r t international coming up next the kinds your report travels to mexico city zooming in on the country's inflation on the trip to currency morning stay with us. chad value whether. that will be and you know. i mean lot of. our own soner thousand families are led to be evacuated today or tomorrow so it's all good dogs are going to be thrown over.
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there with but i. got the delegate i got. a new. girl is the dog everybody wants school and the people here living your creator does like your book. called the future we don't need. everyone in the world of experience. and you can get it on the open. the old according to just. look at the modern world come along for the ride.
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i am as kaiser this is the kaiser report behind me you can see the festivities yes this is the gay pride parade in mexico city to honor this event i'm wearing fuchsia colored underwear right now and i've been told i can't show that to you on camera sadly i was hoping i could do a little dance make a little love get down tonight.


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