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many thanks for trying to bring it to date with what those teams are up to back here to our studio stan collymore let's talk germany mexico now though because germany let's be fair they've been coasting and the been rotating their squad a lot mexico salvaged a draw against portugal who do things got better here the incredible thing is germany are always competitive there isn't a nation on the planet has got to more seven four and finals. the german national team brazil come close and they've won walk more world cups bring terms of consistency. in terms of bringing through younger players that then go on to be world superstars i watch the likes of mom while noir meza. toni kroos mario good get caps for the first time before the two thousand and ten world cup four years later they want to it will be exactly the same with the likes of team over in the two golds already but it's not one germany never won the confederations cup because they using this as a chance to blood play it is to me the most important thing for germany is to win the biggest prize of the mall and that's the world but i think that what will seize
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the big names come back to russia next year and there are places up for grabs particularly. very sharp in the last guy in a place like julian draxler the captain very young they've got basically twenty three twenty three the captain is twenty absolutely they're under twenty one's for example of playing england in the semifinal of the u.i. from the twenty one's tournament the month you want to see with those that come to russia next year so you don't give me a chance i give them a chance to fight to mexico quite an old so i mean you've got players. getting towards thirty but they've played a lot of games coming up to one hundred caps draw it's always one hundred thirty caps they haven't got the golden generation coming through perhaps like the germans often like other things like cameroon and russia or tried lots of younger players in the story in itself with maybe it's going to be a portugal and a germany far north and it be very very tough to pick a winner because you've got a very youthful german soil against that man christiane i rebelled out again how do
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incredible incredible two thousand and sixteen system as we've said before it is the top four rang to defeat the rankings they've made at least paper it should be very close no guarantees and you know red card could turn it anything could happen on the day all of the teams will want to win it because none of them with the greatest respect are going to win the world cup next year except for two. only that will bring back senior players you're looking at that might not even qualify you to brazil with name are you looking at things up front they are always there spying we haven't even mentioned yet so baseball teams this is a great opportunity to win a significant trophy ok let's get back to the khazan game more than forty thousand fans they'll be packed you will find an empty seat for this one of the cars on the arena tomorrow european champions portugal the copa america chile we went behind the scenes head of the class to take a look at the stadium it was like to just see everything works and it's up to
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scratch. and they let us do this amazingly on to the pitch. fun fantasy football stadium but so many more things besides this is where they want a home swimming pool amazing to believe that in three minutes after that little lights here. i mean concerts the different schools fencing will champs you basically this is how stadiums have to be as need to survive you have to adapt. to coventry and some of the media tribune commentry if you want to cool its name if you thought about giving country compound joeys fancied the idea. of going on to the. soviets in the final seconds here finally. time coming always good she. pointed to the.
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space for the other cut to the reaction of the fans to support. the referee. was going to take it in self sanction to keep police action the keypress was trying to move across this law in trying to strike a teacup. finally go usually also write something people will have all the know that when he got. done saying. people. see. the film to seven. inches of snow you don't see that i. stand tall and i was going to see. the trees get caught up in the bucket do you it's been great fun but we really have
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to go really to be enough. since in. order to drama queen bad illinois i thought with the idea of course a blight on the pitch but what about the beautiful city of because i look at the sunshine we took a stroll to look at all the architecture and the joie de vivre of this in chatham thing topped off if. you were walking around because i want to see strange monuments fulfill these freedoms to fight them and see what we try and come up with interpretations of. all i see i'm very famous goalkeeper knowing two hundred six william before he was a hundred and fifty two kilos see with me there was kind of this plenty of these monuments around because i'm sure we start with
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a selfie and go and find some of those. films this great. piece makes me think that the nine play of the song by the rising effect fancy call fans being pulled back on security home again. nineteen foodies ninety fifties stadium. little kids looking through the guy they call the school to get him he helps his friend cross into the stadium. it's a grandmother. people know the song but bush doesn't home you have to give her a little bit more room for looks fairly good for taishan roy it's all record and she's been here long enough to remember the last time that russia over england won a major tournament international level that's why she looks salutes time to listen to me i'm getting to them because tennis news on the bench he was told to come on the beach but then she she's like you kids you know you have to go on now and into the game when there's no point one.
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twenty year old stuff because. the looks of things. like. recruiting sound is a fantastic city very well you want to do something absolutely let's do it. right for around. us christiane. yes actually cosby faction he says love to have you around for dinner bring the other lads as well so actually this is genuine we are going to go and join him for a spot of dinner. report our findings the world's greatest player on all things you can like grab a hair off and. something. is he the greatest easy guess you can all tell you why
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very briefly every time i see scores two goals he's the greatest every time rinaldo scores two goals he's the greatest christan overall go came from portugal to munch just you know and he won the league with man just you know into the champions league with mantras you know even the different environment the world. does the same individual wards. the fact that he's done it in three. different environments to leave a message warm unfreeze international three make even champions of europe for me that makes him the best player in the world that's a very strong argument i think you've completely sold me on and you are definitely the greatest co-present of the world with here today in concern and something stanley great have you guys with us play more of this coming up next on. it's.
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manufactured consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the middle of the room sick.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the sixty's full on. the only show i go out of my way to launch you know the really packs a punch. is the john oliver of a party america is doing the same we are apparently better than. the c. people you've never heard of love back to the next president of the world bank so take. a serious look send us an e-mail.
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just go on seven forty pm here in moscow welcome back to the program this tuesday qatar's foreign minister is meeting with the u.s. secretary of state later today as part of efforts to resolve the diplomatic crisis on the arabian peninsula guitar is currently facing a blockade following accusations from saudi arabia on the number of al there are states that it is backing financing terrorism they have given a series of ultimatums that must meet for the embargo to be lifted including the distances itself from iran and iran's top diplomat also met with his german counterpart earlier to discuss the crisis get over has more details on the result of their meeting. the diplomatic snafu this taking place in the arabian gulf
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spreading over to europe in some senses we had heard from gabriele the german foreign minister saying that he felt that some of the demands being made from the saudi led group that includes saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt been placed on that they were far too harsh now he's been discussing they send other issues with the iranian foreign minister mr gabriele had said that so much of the points that have been put forward by the saudi side were negotiable however some of them went too far now what was included in this list of demands with things like the closure of an air base. a turkish air base that was located in kits are also the shutting down of the al jazeera news network and all of its affiliates mr gabriele saying that in the eyes of his government well this just goes too far in the list of points some of them of course.
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able to negotiate some other this would. be a challenge to the national serenity of the day the list is more or less group provocative this is difficult to answer has been suggested that the whole idea of this blockade backed by saudi arabia was to try and isolate iran in the region but also bring qatar under control bring it to heel well what it seems to have done is that it's well brought. together and it's also you see from what we've just heard from the german foreign minister that it's involved to europe or european nations on the side of against these demands that have been placed. there seems to be very little applause for the u.k. prime minister's solution to propping up her minority government is spending an
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extra one billion pounds on northern ireland in order to get the provinces democratic unionist party to support her in parliament unless the see a church in the reports and how it might not be the damage control the conservative party leader is hoping for. i know writing something down was very nice because you are. right instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard bracks it something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as well as previously inks with violent paramilitary groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but the attendee u.p.a. m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to pay their support came with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years
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that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million and funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayer has resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever is politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you be are delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which trust rather the last vestiges of credibility over this what can prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at north an island whilst completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together a solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away once they see a party landed on for the do you piece part speaking outside dunning straight the
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leader of the northern irish party echoed trees amazed claim that the agreement would bring stability to the entire country. the u.k. prime minister is also i climbed a plum for e.u. citizens living in post breaks in britain after specified cutoff date they will be able to apply for permanent residency so that families quote will be split up. i know there's been some anxiety about what would happen to citizens at the point we leave the european union. today i want to put that anxiety to rest. really sure and says the plan faced harsh criticism from opposition leader germany courtney will be asked by prime minister still insists she's the best person to get a good deal for britain. i try to. credibly believe she is the best clues and destroy i could do you know with
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the very people she spent the last six months threatening to make during the truth is this country needs a new approach to break see that a tory government simply cannot deliver. the german chancellor welcome the offer for e.u. citizens in the u.k. is a good start but she warned there would be many other issues to resolve the european commission president earlier described the plans as a first step but added that it will not be enough meanwhile the dutch belgian and austrian leaders the smiths trees and maize offer us question bill and they. let's return to our top story now of this extended news hour as the video was released by a group that looks to expose corruption apart and police showing a c.n.n. producer saying the network stories on trump and russia where to boost ratings without any for a fireball five let's discuss this now with john kerry former think unlist
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whistleblower thanks for making the time to join us this hour john how serious will it be for c.n.n. this on mainstream journalism as a whole if the video is authentic. well i think c.n.n. frankly is going to have to explain itself so many of us here in washington have been. excuse me have been saying essentially the same thing since this whole since this whole i'm going to use the word scandal began what we have is the f.b.i. and the cia and members of congress essentially telling us to just take their word for it we can't take their word for it we need some evidence and apparently even c.n.n. has not received any evidence the group who made the recording have come in for some criticism for using a hidden camera as it appeared like a private conversation was being held but is it justified if these revelations are
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proven to be true. well james o'keefe who is the one who set out to record this conversation is a very controversial figure he's got himself in trouble a couple of times by doing these these hidden camera. ambush interviews with that said if the information is true the american people have the right to know it. what can be taken away from the footage was there any new information for you when you actually watched it. no frankly frankly i didn't think there was any new information like i said so many of us formerly in the american intelligence community i'm talking about my colleagues in the the veteran intelligence professionals for sanity group have been saying both in television and radio interviews and in writing that we're just not seeing any evidence of collusion between president trump and the russian government or russian hackers or any
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russians at all and i think what's going to end up happening and i like to go on record early saying this i think that by the time director mueller's investigation is done i think multiple people will probably be facing felony charges but i'm going to say that none of those felony charges will have anything to do with russia i think we're going to see things like obstruction of justice making a false statement perhaps perjury throwaway charges but i'm just not seeing any evidence of russian involvement the video was quite eyeopening wasn't the language how direct it was in it the producer says that the channel's coverage c.n.n. is mostly about ratings is that although that media outlets are aiming for and it is a stressful environment the twenty four hour news but when it's something a series of international relations playing hard and fast with the truth ratings takes preference is not how you see it. oh yes yes the dirty little secret of the
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american media is that it's all corporatist it's all owned by gigantic companies and all they care about is the financial bottom line and the only way they can make more money is to sell more advertising the only way they can sell more advertising is to have higher ratings and to get those higher ratings they have to be more and more explosive in their stories and sometimes the truth gets lost in those stories but it seems of sorts somebody is being held to account any with this week because we also saw the resignation of three c.n.n. journalists over a faults russia related story do you think we and i've asked this question before it's been a false dawn that we might start seeing more caution when it comes to russia related stories in the media and. i hate to say it but i think probably not at least not yet you know there's this drumbeat here in washington that the only way to ruin president trump is to tie him to the russians and i think
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that that the mainstream media with the exception of course of fox news has has latched on to that and i think many many democrats on capitol hill have also done the same so we're going to need to have more. reporters resigning in protest we're going to have to have to have the courageous reporters coming out with the truth and then we need members of congress to demand the truth from the intelligence services including the f.b.i. because this is silliness that we should just take their word for it that the russians were involved it's just simply not acceptable so you don't think this could be the beginning of a more serious crackdown on fake news is that too much to hope for. i think we're not there yet i think that that the likes of c.n.n. and m.s.n. b.c. and some of the others are just not quite ready to take on their corporate masters
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just. about the actual organizers the people in the video project veritas they're already facing a one million dollar lawsuit how do you think people are going to react in light of this is it going to be very much a line between left and right or will it make perhaps more people open their eyes to what's to what's going on to what's happening here well james o'keefe is such a controversial figure and veritas is such a controversial organization that i think that that people on the left have already made up their minds and people on the right have already made up their minds and so the battle is going to be for just that a handful of people in the center those are the people that we need to convince to look at the facts and get to the bottom of this issue very interesting getting your take on this we've been speaking to john kerry aku former cia. whistleblower john thanks for taking the time to speak to us this hour almost enjoy your company this
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is r.t. international more of our top stories coming in a few moments time including what we have just been speaking about the reaction to the project of video claiming that see in russia stories are to boost its ratings will swing back in kids on with neil talking about the confederations cup it's up to semifinal stage the knockout stages so do stay with our international i'll be back in a few minutes time. if
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you should. post this isn't your friends. i'll. do the law i. told. him to leave. so i'll give it to you. if you. just. have to leave the last that you can really do the barbecue at the bar. was i don't know that my model of the board itself was based on but so. buddy investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs on the web and i'll bet a presence here. calling people as you close.
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economic development is all about nobody really or isn't this quarter we are modern six morning. but what do we know about the other figures.
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when i think about the fact that our c.e.o. mike du made over twenty million dollars last year more than one thousand times the average wal-mart is says he had. with all due respect i have to say i don't think that's right. is that just how a free market would. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly devoid society. the part of the government try to do both at nestle. markham a few things worse. i say this is not work this is all culpable islam goes hopelessly disastrously wrong. about your sudden passing i
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phone lee just learned. and taken your last turn. it up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about more like it were. still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and are secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with this one. speech because there are no other takers. that mainstream media has met its maker.
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the little. fellow whether. you'll. have a lot of. our own sonar calling families elaborate today or tomorrow so it's all good the balls are going to be drawn over.
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yahoo. news it's out there on the delegate a. girl is the dog everybody wants school and the people here living you are those lego board. here's what people have been saying about rejected and this is a full on. the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than the blue. sea people you've never heard of love back to the night president of the world bank so very. seriously send us an
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e-mail that was. nothing. more it's constantly like. this ratings. america's c.n.n. news is apparently caught on camera saying that most of the channels coverage is on substantiated but appeals to view as. a huge cyber attack hits firms around the globe with russia and ukraine bearing the brunt and russia. threatens me with force against the assad government saying it is unacceptable it comes off to the white house claims damascus is preparing to chemical weapons in syria.


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