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tv   Keiser Report  RT  June 27, 2017 3:29pm-4:01pm EDT

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european champions chile the copa america victims so see it seems that a bottle holiday and they go both got much whenas it's a tough one to cool isn't it it's a syringe and i was going for two to win the tournament was because the champions of south america that means they were better than the likes of you know my series argentina and i'm always brazil you have to be a very good thing to do that in this tournament they've been a little bit flat and played a hell of a lot of football over the last twelve months continually i'm shown that when the one great guy in the confederations cup so paul point you know i thought i mean christian over now that was the peter pan the four hole he plays going here you hear right fifty go fifty five goals he schooled in people guy and he's still the fastest player on the pitch outside without today and for me he's already won for a lot of the match awards in the three games that he's played two goals again and i believe he will be the difference that he will take portugal to the fall you know let's catch up with a bit of team use hopefully now because our correspondent in to trying to raise
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close bond to that is on the radio he was attending some of the press conferences good evening to you from the event of said his honoring all behind me well as you guys were saying tuesday is the day when the head coaches and some of the players say their final words to the journalists before the game now first we heard from chile and definitely these guys are going to have a cleese one advantage because at the press conference their manager at one and tony o.p.c. has confirmed that all twenty three chilean footballers will be fit for the game on wednesday portugal doe is a completely different story pepe is suspended too many yellow cards for one of portugal's lineup stars and real madrid defender besides this at least one injury maybe that's been made clear at the press conference by the portugal head coach for a nano song too but that doesn't mean team portugal are down there super glad to be back here and cazan. this is something that they told the fans about on twitter
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important thing they did that in russian and that is perhaps a great trick to win the hearts of the local crowd well why not and when at the press conference i asked adrian silva about it whether that meant that team portugal like playing in cars on most here's what he told me so post all of the stuff. we didn't have much time to see the actual cities most of it we spent at the stadiums and all of them were magnificent in the three cities we visited but hopefully off the wednesday's game i'll be able to say that this one is my favorite . well in any case both teams i can tell you are hungry for the final and then of course they're hungry for the conversations call itself and all of us here. can't wait till that semifinal kickoff which is now about twenty four hours away. to me unless they've been coasting and the been rotating the squad
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a lot mexico salvaged a draw against portugal who do things got better here the incredible thing is germany are always competitive there isn't a nation on the planet earth has got to more so i mean falling as follows. the german national team brazil come close and the more well copes bring terms of consistency. in terms of bringing through younger players that then go on to be world super stalls i watch the likes of mom while noir meza. toni kroos mario good get caps for the first time before the two thousand and ten world cup four years like today warning it will be exactly the same with the likes of team over in a two golds already but it's not like germany never won the confederations cup because they using this as a chance to blood play it seems to me the most important thing for germany is to win the biggest prize of them all and that's the goal cook for may it's going to be a portugal and in germany for you know i think be very very tough to pick a winner because you've got a very youthful german soil against that man christiane i would all doubt is again
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how do incredible incredible two thousand and six things just as we've said before it is the top four running to defeat the rankings they've made it this fall so paper it should be very close no guarantees and you know red card could turn it anything could happen. here's what people have been saying about reject. the only show i go out of my way to find you know the really packed a punch oh yeah it's the john oliver of party americans do the same. apparently better than. see people you've never heard of. jack tonight. president of the world bank take. me seriously send us an e-mail.
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i am as kaiser this is the kaiser report by me you can see the festivities yes this is the gay pride parade in mexico city to honor this event i'm wearing fuchsia colored underwear right now and i've been told i can't show that to you on camera so i was hoping i could do a little dance make a little love get down tonight but that's not going to happen i guess not stacey yes we are in mexico city in case you weren't aware that because there is an angel
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over max's shoulder that is the famous angel in the past say oh they love reform so where in mexico city so we're going to talk about mexico we're going to talk about the mexican economy moving countered many people here we've had a public events meet ups we've met hundreds of people and we're going to talk about mexico we get a regarding the russia gate stuff i have had at least a dozen people here in mexico ask me what is going on with america they seem crazy they sound like chavez because i guess if you go chavez had a lot quite a lot of conspiracy theories and i thought it sounded like that but in terms of the economy here everybody looks happy out behind us of course but some of the headlines would suggest that it's not so good for some people what we've encountered of course in mexico city is you know a lot of it seems like prosperous and booming compared to even two and a half years ago when we're here but mexico's economy reels from a blast from the past green gold that's
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a new name mexicans have given to. staple foods and most important agricultural exports like real gold the price of green gold is soaring having more than doubled in the last year alone to reach an average price of seventy one point four pesos in mexico city according to data from mexico's nash. institute of statistics and geography known as in the eggy so at that point when this article is written it was three thousand and eighty five cents is coming down a little bit in terms of the exchange rate because the peso has increased a little bit yes funny that they compare to golden color green gold gold is not really what you want to compare it to because gold itself is spent in a bear market for four years five years price has been stagnant i think you might have to call green bitcoin to give people an understanding of the price appreciation otherwise sounds like the price is dead yes i'm gonna prices are zooming because of its terms in america. no toast at twelve dollars a pop and there's
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a lot of articles in america encouraging if there's not the owner of a cutoff because it's a waste of their savings they should put that money to work in something like apple stock or something like that but i say you know what have all the avocados you want because enough people in mexico and mexico people need the help they need the economic support because the culture here is rich and lots of other stuff we have a lot of avocados there guacamole with grasshoppers on top. no i think those outstanding the grasshopper guacamole was a standout performer on the menu at the stroke and eggs real ant eggs with some mamak and eggs with awful kauto basically otto makes everything taste better it's and makes life better. i have a cow the prices are soaring for a whole variety of reasons including rising global demand mexico's the world's biggest export of accounting for just under half of the global market and that market is growing by the day particularly in the us europe and china but there's another reason why the price of gold is rising in mexico and as much closer to home inflation and you mention gold real gold gold gold and that hasn't acted in the
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past few years anyway as a better hedge to inflation than of a cot whose have apparently because they've doubled in price right well unfortunately because of a store of value you can't afford as a protection against inflation and you can't buy gold or silver because are being manipulated by central bankers that's why there's a russian typically rather cryptic cards like max coin and others because it is a store of value against banking mis carriages of economic justice and inflation that they are park to cure the debt ridden economy with that in fact just impoverishes the billions at the expense of or the enrichment of a few i also will note that behind us at the pride parade i do notice i'm not taking much pride in the environment because all those helium balloons are flying past and that's a no no no no we have noticed a lot of pride here in mexico itself and the heritage and the culture of mexico which is quite remarkable there are so many there's something like fifty three
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languages spoken here the only other country with more languages spoken in their nation is china fifty three languages many of them indigenous native american native to the area before the cookie source arrived all those languages most of the food is derived from their cultures including grasshoppers and and eggs. or even long ago. now back to avocado prices and the inflation however here after decades of trying to tame the tempest of rising prices with a reasonable degree of success mexico's inflation rate soared to six point one seven percent and may as measured by the i am p.c. the c.p.i. version used by and maggie it was fueled largely by the rising cost of food and energy after the government hiked gasoline prices by almost one fifth at the beginning of the year is the highest inflation rate since april two thousand and nine and over double the bank of mexico's benchmark rate of three percent and they know that is the speed at which inflation is taking off last year at this time is
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two point six percent now it's almost six point two percent of course when donald trump was elected president that day the peso sank by seven point seven percent it's recovered most of that but you know trump is a bit of a volatile making their currency a little bit volatile right the inflation according to that definition in mexico is tied to a falling peso and i think people in the united kingdom should take note because as the british sterling pound drops to banks it breaks it chaos pretty much this is the kind of inflation rate they're going to be expecting soon six percent seven percent that'll wipe out a huge an enormous amount of the population economically speaking a second thing to keep in mind here is that this definition of inflation is interesting because it excludes wages in the old days like thirty years ago they used to put wages into the basket to calculate inflation but because they want to get rid of people's wages or replace or but it's robots they remove wages from
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their calculation of inflation and they include stuff that they hope to guide them into financial policies from the central banks in this case bank of mexico that will exacerbate and exaggerate the walls that income gap and the upward drift of wealth to the top one tenth of one percent to mexico as many a few. oligarchs carlos slim of course is often in the top three or two or one richest person in the world we also have to because of the low prices of many things including food staples and their low value the currency against other currencies the middle class here i think can kind of live quite well compared to the best of the world but it's the bottom fifty percent who are earning minimum wage which is quite remarkable and why this obvious caudal price matters so member i said avocado price the average avocado costs seventy one point four pesos so i'm going to tell you the figure for the daily minimum wage here in mexico city because
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we get on sarah the chief of government of mexico city just called for short term hike of the country's minimum daily wage to ninety two pesos with a view to reason in the medium term to one hundred twenty pesos so that's about five dollars a day for the minimum wage share ninety two pesos an avocado cost seventy one point four pesos so this also puts into context the situation with the united states and trump and immigration that was happening for all those years it comes mostly from the bottom because if you're working a ten hour day here and making five dollars or you can go to america and work a ten hour day and make sixty dollars or seventy dollars eighty dollars of course you're going to go do that right and of course here in mexico the stock market has double yes because companies don't need employees companies don't need wage earners the government doesn't need taxes the government can fund itself by having the
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social bank print money for itself the top one tenth of one percent has access to social bank who prints money for them at zero percent interest rates and they have unlimited supply of money and i call this interest rate apartheid so the bantustans if you will the pockets of severe poverty here in mexico are engineering created by the central bank and the elites working together to abuse economics of monetary policy. somehow justify what is essentially economic apartheid while the after hasn't improved the bottom fifty percent who are on five dollars a day i also want to say that the average of inflation from today back to one nine hundred seventy s. here and mexico is twenty five percent annual inflation so six percent looks quite good compared to that and that's because if you look in the one nine hundred eighty s. it hit one hundred eighty percent at one point and then they got it a bit under control and then in the one nine hundred ninety s. you have the tequila crisis where the currency devalued by fifty percent overnight when they let the the peso float but i also want to say regarding the government
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and the government expenses well they're far from a they're they're not in deficit they don't have a deficit and we can see why for now that the cover of their newspaper here and by the way while we're here we're going to talk to one of their columnists but basically it's saying that eight out of ten people here in mexico who apply for their pension their state pension like social security in america eight out of ten are denied and it's mostly because of. basically small clerical errors you make one little you forget across a tier dot and i and they will basically reject your application for your social security so it says that many people are therefore turning to criminal gangs in order to get loans and sustain themselves and those criminal gangs then apparently then collect your social security for you so this is an example of financial terrorism of which the mexican government is guilty you know this is
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a government that was only with h.s.b.c. to launder right behind us right away the building back there hundreds of billions of illicit drug cartel money was altering in tens of thousands of beheadings and murders in mexico that the government h.s.b.c. the bankers their lead here now but depriving a lot of ten people from their pension money that's financial terrorism but this is that you know we you and i have talked. this over the years said that that they rigged the c.p.i. index in order to avoid having to pay out that increases to social security payments in the united states and the united kingdom in europe to avoid paying increase medicare payments or anything like that they say the met other stealing it and here they just say they're just stealing it well you'll eventually get it they most of these people eventually get it but it's bureaucracy they make they push it back a year or two or three years or so and they're going to go this is what they said that's what it could be. anyway wells fargo stole money out of people's accounts they just stole it yes oh yes i got
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a but i'm going to go outside i'm going off having to show these guys my fish in other words see what happens said over the second i have a lot more. welcome
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back to the kaiser report imax keyser time out of turn to say rodriguez is the v.p. of payments at it so it's a welcome back thank you very much magnum welcome back to mexico to yeah yeah we're here to a half years ago and so we have done is that things are growing quite rapidly in a lot of neighborhoods and we also have to currencies are growing very big hair big going is growing very big here and if we get into that or should say with a bit just tell us a little bit about what bit so is it was a first mexico big corn exchange that allowed people for east to have access to an easy way to get big coins for mexican pests so what we did this we haven't or oh open order book exchange with customers place orders to buy and sell. afterwards reedit other technologies we currently have cereal and a month ago we had it ripple so no we don't not only have three order books for them changing against mexican bessel we also have order books against big sissy
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theorem and. write just ok errors in the system as volume as the order flow well there is there has been a growing bogeymen growing interest there are more people getting into this and more people hearing about bitcoin and the theorem and even the theorem and again i'm a said before everyone used to talk about bitcoin to people that were starting in right now and i'm starting seeing people that are asking about the theory what what or what is the technology what are they doing and getting to even better even before big go and so it's very it's very exciting seeing help people are hopping into it every oh this acknowledgement you know essentially i was reading that in russia people are mining on their desktop crypto currencies are making double the national average in wages fifteen hundred dollars a month i was wondering as are a lot of this type of desktop crypto mining in mexico you know there are so a lot of interest because as you know it's a way to get this. scripter currencies but there isn't a big mining community there are people interested in doing they don't actually do
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it with their soaps they do it for example with graphic parts to my theory i'm another cryptic currencies but there isn't this much mining going on here in the other parts of the world that i'd like to change that and next time i were in mexico city do another event with you and get folks desktop mining for crypto currency as a way to augment and comment pushback against the currency cartel now last time we were here jose to f. years ago the entire crypto market in total was valued at i think maybe two billion or so an app billion star worth over one hundred million under ten billion i guess is one hundred sixteen billion that's in just two and a half years is it challenging the status quo it's amazing not only the whole cryptograms the only big growing and being most of the market you can see it in the pull to market cap that it can use to be ninety eighty percent and right no very very interesting things are happening not only they'll all economy are growing into
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on over one hundred ten billion dollars of the u.s. you mentioned but other cryptocurrency are getting almost as big. as big and you have seen a big jump in the market to the station for example in the theory. which there is a trend that of people think that if the theorem continues with this growth it might also overcome the market capitalization of bitcoin. is what to do with all this scaling deviate and also the new use cases or people are seeing in big groups like the c.e.o.'s which are getting a lot of hype and also. made this announcement that they were using big going to transfer money between europe and mexico everyone wanted to jump into x. or p. now so revel yet ripple ripple yes well you mentioned if there am and you mentioned that is becoming very popular the market cap is in the tens of billions of dollars it's competing with. in a lot of ways and many of these are all going to have reached above the billion
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dollar market cap or a half billion or three quarters billion thinking about dash is one of the narrow like going of course a saturday surgeons got you know back up and years ago three years ago we were talking about like when i was out of dollar we said this could be a fifty dollars going to fifty people back to two dollars out back to fifty hitting all time highs so that our show is kind of really the only show that really covers this stuff and people watch it they are in rich by it in many ways not only from a financial perspective but from the political activist point of view in my opinion not everyone sees it that way but with the theory i'm they have blocked change split and yet if they're a classic something that barry silbert is you know behind in a big way and they have a theory i'm a new theory i'm and they would it was that split a success and says something that bitcoin now should model itself after and what is the status of the fork split the hard forks off fork debate in. now well there is this thread or this option that it could happen the same did in the theory and
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would have been through is very interesting because there was no back story of what could happen there was only speculation but then we saw it in the practice so what is exciting about this world is that you cannot stop the systems like you probably do if there's a mistake in the stock exchange of the mistake in the bank you stop the systems you sort of nodded you start seeing how you can fix all of this no you have to fix and dougal everything real time so this is very exciting what happened to the theorem and it it's something that could happen with there could be two birches of big wins but what you see is there's a predominant one which in this case you can see it in the market cap and the transactions in the in the block chain and the use cases that are being made so for example if you're a mess of market give the going over thirty billion dollars while you're in class it just it's going above a billion dollars when they used to be one to ten so you have to. syria i'm over this if i see osa know we theorum classic has announced that they're doing their
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first i.c.a.o. following this trend that are making all the street sections grow so it's very interesting about this of eight and i think that is what's going to the trimming the future if the market cap the amount of market percentage that bitcoin continues going down is another group the currencies continue going off or if they're going to will once again be a predominant you know a lot of people on that coin first came around they took an almost quasi religious fervor and a worship of coyness a toshiba the anonymous creator it was almost like a resurrection of jesus. christ like resurrection of virginal birth but if you read the new testament there are many chapters of the apostles tell different stories the book of john the book of whomever. and same thing with these forks i mean it's basically doesn't change underlying. reality of law change technology that is
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a transit trend transitory transition all. guys redefining moment in currency yes if that makes us. you have seen it and you have seen throughout history like one is another version of there's other coins that are simply other burtons with different different limits different the conditions and you have seen first there were other bushes for example of cryptograms is but now you're seeing new technologies and this is the exciting part for example with the theorem there are. other cryptic do the same job as because there are other triggers as there are are also searching the try to emulate in other programming languages for example with the theorem or doing this too i saw that there was a group to this there is another one called waves that also allows you to do your own watch and there's another one i think will stretch and all of them are trying also for people to list your own tokens of this change using their systems let's
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talk about national coin offerings for a second so initial point offerings are. the ability of entrepreneurs or new companies to raise money by issuing coins on or attached to the if eerie i'm blocked chain and you have a wave of these and there's a very serious connection to block chain technology for example in the case of the one called. the one with break the browser says it bats that basic research attention back to basic attention when there's a there's a genuine block chain association that makes sense or trying to pay people to browse browse brave is a new browser that breaks new ground they connected with the token and that makes perfect sense but now we're into a phase where people who have no connection to a blotchy whatsoever are looking at just raising money is going i.c.l. that looks bubblicious yes i. i think there is has been a lot of speculation in this market and we were seeing less week for example we
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have a bank or which recent hundred fifty three million dollars in ether it broke all records even the biggest record that used to be though that actually people have to look back at history and although this is a new market look at what happened of the first i see oh that was a failure it was the it was a recent for the fork there was a failure in the code and one hundred fifty million dollars have to be like wiped out and make another burden and make this change so there is a risk so most of them you are getting your funds into that but it's just a pitch just an idea something that there's a backing him for example basic attention that there replicating a business model in the business that they were already half that which is which will be more probably to have success many of this i c.e.o.'s will fail many of them probably will be a huge success but the amount of money that is flowing right now and for example what is happening to the serial network that is being saturated for example many
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exchanges have to stop some with rules in the process because there are there were being processed about all the people that want to get in and some of. their actions g.a.t.s. that they were basically halted they sense come back and said we're going to reimburse folks that get stopped out when there is a flash crash and drop from in the three hundred something down to ten cents and then it rebounded right back and now that they're going to come back and that's also something very funny because if there wasn't any ballyhoo up there if there was a flash crash the price will stay that way but he went back up and that's also unprecedented that the exchange is going to ream wars or customers for what could be they're still looking at it probably a technical or probably a glitch or probably a market condition but they're going to bring their customers already published on one hand you could say that's anti free market but on the other hand this is a new industry and a new group of entrepreneurs. yes and they've got to make considerations and concessions to get to where they need to go to establish themselves let's talk
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about regulation for a second and the f.c.c. because the f.c.c. has not really weighed in at all on these additional point offerings they are making noises they're saying you know we got a look at this thing it looks like a security issue be regulated like a security but i remember back in the one nine hundred eighty s. when i started as a stockbroker on wall street and throughout the next thirty years of my career financial innovation on wall street comes first and the f.c.c. writes new laws are changes existing laws to catch up to those new innovations like credit default swaps mortgage backed securities you know all kinds of exotic trading vehicles there it is first and they're completely against all the laws of the f.c.c. these journeys after thirty three and thirty four and the bankers say well yes you see these you can't you know we're innovators don't stop us from innovating can't just make the same argument about the i.c.l. market well there are actually people getting nervous in both spaces at the regulators and also people inside the big book and through spaces about we we think
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oh most of them are good actors and most of them have a product that probably is going to be successful and we wish that it will be with their girls will be some bad actors that could actually run away with it with the money even if it isn't correctly withheld the truth is incorrectly sold that every morning we go to see more than barclays know the lawyers the northern city bank more than goldman sachs more than j.p. morgan i don't know what the banking industry is replete with scoundrels and thieves in the market the crypto market we're trying to fight back against that that's the point is it doesn't matter that you stay for the same because you've got to go of course thanks i think i was going to for this edition of the kaiser report with me max kaiser stacy i would like to thank our guests jose rodriguez he's a v.p. of payments over a bit so you can catch us on twitter account as required the next time by you know .
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coming up on our team there ahead the c.n.n. russian reporting fallout continues as the network that the resignation of three reporters involved with the retracted from russia story. the white house warns against another chemical attack in syria threatening the assad regime will pay a price. and a huge cyber attack hits companies around the globe that story and more coming up right now. it's tuesday june twenty seventh four pm in washington d.c. i'm natasha sweets and you're watching our team america but we begin today as c.n.n. accept the resignation of the reporter.


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