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tv   News with Ed  RT  June 27, 2017 8:00pm-8:30pm EDT

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and that is. these are stories that no one else. might have posed to the american. west. on the news tonight senate republicans can't get the party together on the bill to replace obamacare a vote is now delayed until after the july fourth recess and scandals continue to rock c.n.n. as new video shows a network producer calling coverage of russia gate b.s. and the administration warns syria of serious repercussions as intelligence points to an impending chemical attack i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington d.c. you're watching our team america. good evening friends we start tonight in the united states senate where senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell delayed the vote on the health care bill to replace obamacare until after the july fourth recess the senate republicans have hit a major roadblock as now nine of its members oppose the bill in its current form after a meeting with president this afternoon notable senators opposing the bill include rand paul ted cruz susan collins and now a pivotal player in all of this ohio senator rob portman mcconnell spoke to the difficulty of getting fifty votes as well as the president's involvement in the legislative process we're going to continue the discussions within our conference on the differences that we have that we're continue to try to litigate. consequently we will not be on the bill this week but we're still working toward getting at least fifty people in a comfortable place the president been very involved. over the last week talking to members individually. he wanted to talk to all of us together today i think that's
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helpful. meanwhile the congressional budget office's latest numbers on the health care bill are discouraging to say the least according to the c.b.s. report twenty two million americans will lose coverage by two thousand and sixteen twenty twenty six and fifteen may end as early as next year chuck schumer and the democrats were adamant the american people do not want obamacare repealed or replaced but the truth is as c b o made clear yesterday the republicans cannot excise the rotten core at the center of their health care bill no matter what tweaks they may add in the next week and a half no matter how the bill changes around the edges it is fundamentally flawed at the center the ultimate reason this bill failed is because the american people just didn't like it. it's not what america stands for for more on the health care
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bill we're joined tonight by our political panel conservative talk show host heidi harrison also bred bellman partner at the pastoring group well let's call this what it is a mess i don't care what side of the aisle you're on i be do the republicans face a credibility issue after report on this law for seven years and now they are down to forty one votes now what do you make well the problem is they should have seven years ago had something they should have something should have been in a drawer all of these years ready to go the minute donald trump took office that's what should happen that's what i talked about on my show but ultimately it's still a mask because the way rand paul things that i think is right about this is basically a way to prop up the insurance companies and that's really not repealing obamacare so so there's credibility issues with the republicans but also with the democrats i have to say i almost drove off the road today when i heard chuck schumer on the radio say. that there is even some of us that want the public option excuse me the democrats had their chance at the public option and they didn't do it and now
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they're crying about no that's right the public option should have been the compromise position that democrats had when we passed obamacare in two thousand and nine and to be completely honest for them to disingenuously bring it up now when we did have sixty votes in the senate and we controlled the house and the white house at a time when we could have done it come on is this delaying of the vote an admission of guilt absolutely and i have a question where exactly is donald trump i know that bitch mahat connell is out there saying that they're meeting at the white house that they're doing this they're doing that blah blah blah he's not out there defending this bill he's not out there figuring out a repeal plan where is his leadership what i'm trying to do to your thoughts on this you know he brought all the republican senators over to the white house which i think is poor optics he should have some democrats in there and then he can hold that caucus together i think donald trump just wants to get something done and i think he really doesn't want to get too bogged down in the details as normally donald. this kind of thing and really he does like to see something passed
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unfortunately this isn't the right that we need to repeal and replace mitt that's what would make the republicans happy and as you know of course in my state senator heller is in a pickle because he wants to vote against it but interestingly enough not because he was not left leaning enough for him he's worried about medicaid expansion and the republicans on the far right are saying hey this just benefits insurance companies and ultimately there are people on all sides of the right you are not happy with the first the political upside of taking something away from people they've had well there's no political upside so why are they doing well because obamacare was designed to make people feel as if they're entitle to health care everybody knows that and so we try to take things away from people that they now feel they're entitled to which they've never previously been entitled to of course they're going to cry about it and a lot of the numbers that the c.b.l. is putting out include people who won't choose to buy health insurance is not that they are getting robbed of it they don't choose to buy it if they're not forced what do you make of that well first off let's be very very clear they are entitled to it and i know that we've had this fight last week where and lead times my gran
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or i don't know where it is let's be very clear if this is the right you two were talking about it last week you know now that conversation isn't even coming across with the democrats it's almost like the democrats have lost their narrative on this very very clear we should be having this conversation in this country this should be a conversation about values and this should be a conversation about what the democratic party and the republican actually stand for and unfortunately between process stories about what's happening in the senate or about what's getting lost here which is two different bills one which would kill to thirty thousand people ok twenty two million dollars oh you know when that we all of twenty million people all we're not actually telling the story of what this means to the american nobody is going to kill anybody but obamacare did save like nobody's going to put it that nobody talks about the middle class who essentially don't have insurance now because your deductibles are so high or their options are going to take they're going to see people crying about medicaid and they're worried and you will are going to get whatever they want my. quickly do the republicans get
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it done yes or no absolutely not do they get it done though they're not going to get it done not now not before july fourth and we go into august recess so i'm not hopeful and of course they all have to go on vacation and yet i don't forget they actually were there was just like the rest of us right here are secret ballots great to have you with us tonight thanks so much. on monday c.n.n. accepted the resignation of three reporters after the network retracted a story published last week the story connected a member of trump's inner circle to russian bankers and allege the senate intelligence committee was in on the investigation c n n's official statement cited a disregard for standard editorial processes in publishing the article now the network is reeling from a new scandal involving a video of a c.n.n. producer from project veritas or t. correspondent on your part and bill explains the night right wing political activist and founder of project a very tough james o'keefe has taken a break from his traditional targets like planned parenthood and set its sights on
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c.n.n. on monday o'keefe dropped his latest report american proverb to c.n.n. producer says russian narrative b.s. which stars c.n.n. health producer jon bon afield and making some shocking admissions about the network's coverage of the allegedly collusion between the trunk campaign and russia i want to see them constantly you know a rush of this pressure that this is ratings this ratings raiser they were right but honestly it's a bit old it's just like. on the source of the you know we don't know. john. proof. that the. president's problem right is. moving forward. it was moving. over.
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to. internal he said good job everybody can agree with clipboards. what we're doing to let's get back to. our tea cannot independently verify the video's authenticity but if o'keefe is representing it accurately you just heard a c.n.n. producer admit two key pieces of information that c.n.n. is covering russia gate for ratings and that the story is currently quote mostly b.s. donna field even suggests the president could be correct in his characterization of the media's approach to the story as a witch hunt in fact courting to the harvard kennedy school a report published this year ninety three percent of stories concerning trump run by c.n.n. or negative and it's served them well in terms of ratings as of this may c.n.n. had seen a twenty six percent rise in ratings since the same time last year making it the
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second fastest increasing audience behind them as n.b.c.'s viewership which increased one hundred five percent as variety points out c.n.n. narrowed the gap with fox news to its third smallest since october two thousand and eight in a total day and second smallest since january two thousand and nine in prime time in the key demo but the battle for most view doesn't necessarily translate into the most trusted name in news considering a ross musician poll released earlier this month found only thirty three percent of c.n.n. viewers trust the political news they get on the channel making it in fact the least trusted him. the three mainstream major networks don't tell that to c.e.o. jeff zucker though who as recently as june claimed c.n.n. is trusted now more than ever despite this latest fiasco is that girls are reportedly trying to keep morale high at the company a c.n.n.
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source told the buzz feed news is up to rallied staffers on a conference call tuesday morning telling host staffers to keep fighting the good fight and that the impassioned response only demonstrated cnn's growing influence the report goes on to say however quote still c.n.n. sources describe a glum environment in the wake of resignations as staffers watched conservative commentators like fox news's sean hannity revel in cnn's pain hannity called for zucker's resignation this week neither john nor c.n.n. has yet to comment on this latest project very toss report meaning that the network still used to demanding transparency itself is for now still clouded by uncertainty in washington on your palm pill our t.v. so at this hour c.n.n. caught in the crosshairs of credibility the white house responded to the controversial video today i would encourage everybody in this room and frankly
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everybody across the country to take a look at it i think if it is accurate i think it's a disgrace to all of media to all of journalism i think that we have gone to a place where. if the media can't be trusted to report the news then that's a dangerous place for america for more on all this we're joined tonight by conservative commentator and author dr gene loudon jr nice to have you with us tonight word is this leaves c.n.n. at this hour your thoughts. not in a very good place to sensually what has taken place over the last few days has verified and vindicated a lot of us who have been watching this whole thing go down into saying there is no there there you can't use anonymous sources that are obviously misleading you and i think that that's perhaps a little bit of what happened here but also you just can't report news that you
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haven't verified and when you do i think the american people are standing by watching this and the chips are falling where we kind of all knew they would ultimately do you think that the c.e.o. jeff zucker who started his career as a producer on the today show over on n.b.c. i mean he knows what contents all about he is now taking that at work too agenda driven instead of news driven i mean i think you can come to that conclusion your thoughts i think that you can easily come to that conclusion with a lot more evidence frankly than many of the news stories in question right here so i think that's a great observation i also think it's significant to note that the last time their ratings were this high i believe your correspondent said was in two thousand and eight so a lot of the rating spikes we happen to have seen on some of the more all left news media might be just people out there who lost the election looking for some
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validation more so than actually trusting sources because we all know that those same those same networks there's their trust where the level is very very low you can't deny the fact that the comments by the producer are very damaging to the network being instructed to cover russia the only reason why they're instructed to cover russia is because they're trying to get a link between putin and trump and collusion they're look they're on the hunt what is this take see him in the future do they need a change in the front office. well i think that they're going to have to make some decisions they're going to have to stop using these anonymous sources and maybe that's just half of the equation the other part of it i think that's really important is they're going to have verifying their stories and perhaps writing about the actual news of the day while they are rather than talking about an agenda talking about what the administration is actually doing and how it's affecting the american people in the world well the irony in all of this is that there are white
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house correspondent jim acosta has been claiming you know complaining about the lack of openness and transparency from the white house when it comes to press briefings here it is the white house press secretary is getting to a point brooke where he's just kind of useless you know if he can't come out and answer the questions and they're just not going to do this on camera audio why are we even having these briefings or these gaggles in the first place i don't know why everybody is going along with this it just doesn't make any sense to me and it just feels like we're we're sort of slowly but surely being dragged into what is a new normal in this country where the president the united states is allowed to insulate himself so don't you find it ironic that they want transparency in clarification from the white house but when it comes to their troubles in the way they do their news operation we don't hear a word from jeff zucker other than him talking to his employees what do you make of that. that is about as self incriminating as anything i've ever personally
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witnessed on television i mean his own words speak for himself and we know that this administration the trumpet ministration has been so completely authentic and forthcoming and here's the other thing about those news conferences that i think is really important and that is that those are sort of a thing of the past we have this thing called social media now that has allowed this president to perhaps be one of the most forthcoming transparent presidents ever in the history of america and yet here he is criticizing him for not being forthcoming and transparent when at the same time he was the one not being forthcoming in trance that it's a lot of irony to absorb dr jean allowed appreciate your time tonight thanks so much appreciate it so the trump administration has issued a strong warning to syria about the possible use of chemical weapons u.s. intelligence reports claims that the syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons military and has been following the story and she has more on this tonight manila that's right and it was
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a very unusual move last night on the part of sean spicer the white house press secretary when his office issued this statement it said the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the assad regime that would likely result in the mass murder of civilians including innocent children and they go on to say that if assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he has no terry will pay a heavy price now those sorts of statements you might usually see come from the pentagon or even the state department but not in recent memory from the white house press office itself and u.n. ambassador nikki haley testified before the house appropriations committee and addressed this allegation. i think the white house put out a statement and i think that's accurate they have seen activities that are similar to preparations of a chemical weapons attack much like what we saw on april fourth and i believe that the goal is at this point not just to send assad a message to send russia and iran
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a message that if this happens again. we are putting you on notice and my hope is that the president's warning will certainly get russia and iran to take a second look and i hope that it will caution aside from the fact that we don't want to see innocent men women and children hurt again and to be clear to date there has yet to be any sort of international investigation on the ground as to where that april chemical attack came from and as a master haley stated this is also a not so gentle nudge to russia to have the kremlin rein in bashar al assad but russian presidential spokesman dmitri peskov had this to say in response. was to say we consider such threats to the legitimate government of the syrian arab republic unacceptable but at the same time it's important to point out that we also consider unacceptable the use of chemical weapons the potential danger of repeated
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provocation with chemical weapons in syria still exists and this is a little bit of real life imitating art or the other way around if you're one to follow the netflix show house of cards like i am no spoiler here but it's just a little too close to what is actually playing out now before our very eyes syria russia the us and the chemical weapons attack to distract from the misdeeds of the underwood so i don't mean to make light of all of these terrible events happening in syria but maybe there is something to glean from that story plot at all this other media hysteria and all these official statements bouncing back and forth on twitter and other social media ok thanks miller we're joined tonight by former u.s. diplomat jim jeffords jim good to have you with us tonight. syria will pay a heavy price that's the word from the white house this is these are words being spoken to a country that has had six years of civil war as if they haven't paid a heavy price is this
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a threat what is this. who knows you know the key word and this is another chemical attack you know this this. the warning comes less than forty eight hours after seymour hersh publishes what i consider a definitive demolition of the claim that the syrian army launched an attack in april i cannot believe these people actually believe the syrians were responsible for that attack and i don't think this warning really has any to do with and i think what has to do with is the fact that the syrian army together with the russian and iranian backers are winning this war and i think this is part of what we've seen with the reactions with the the strikes against syrian forces there all time for the shoot down of the sukhoi plane i think there are some pressures coming on the administration from our friends like the saudis and also the israelis who are very candid now there's a big article in jerusalem post the other day they'd much rather have al qaeda on the golan than the iranians or hezbollah i think that's what this is really about you're expectations of assad's response and i also want to point out that it's almost somewhat of an ultimatum made him to russia isn't it the way this is been
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worded it certainly is and of course the think i worry about is that especially when you look at a master haley's statement where she didn't say if the if the regime forces used chemical weapons but if chemical weapons are used that's an open invitation to some of the jihad groups to use chemical weapons and we know they have that capability you could make the case that president trump is showing very little concern about what the reaction of the russians are going to be you know and i have to wonder sometimes if people have been speculated to if this is just bluster and maybe it is maybe it's related to the health care bill maybe even it's designed to position himself for going into a meeting with putin at the g. twenty so he doesn't look like putin's puppet going in and all that sort of thing this has sparked a debate quickly in the last twenty four hours on capitol hill about the use of military force and the stamp of approval to do that do you think that will come up and do you think that that will be come to fruition well i think they'll keep talking about it but i would say they're going to pass an authorization for the use of force against the syrian government they can't even come up with authorization
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for the use of force against isis that we claim we've been fighting all often. we don't have a defined syrian policy in what does on notice submit what does that signal what does that mean we're on notice it's meant to be a threat obviously is meant to be a threat to say we will attack you in the us and such happens although it's very vague what thus and such is and i think it cannot be taken as anything but a threat i hope it just bluster but i don't rule out that especially if there is an event of dubious provenance on the ground somebody might do something very very stupid ok it's always a pleasure good to think you with us tonight thanks a lot. lawmakers are demanding defense secretary jim matheson look into allegations of torture and yemen secret prison network the prisons are run by u.s. allies united arab emirates an a.p. investigation claims abuse and torture are routine in yemen's prisons where
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hundreds are detained in the hunt for al qaeda fighters republican senator john mccain a democratic senator jack reed sent a letter to bad us asking him to review the reports r.t.c. modo rosario has more tonight the associated press interviewed at ten former detainees families of prisoners civil rights lawyers and yet many military and government officials in this investigation they found this network of secret prisons at least eighteen lock ups that are run by the united arab emirates and the many forces that created according to the testimonies of these former detainees here some of the techniques to which they were exposed one is called the grail where a victim is tied to a spit like a roast and spun furiously within a circle of fire one detainees saying he was spun so fast he vomited blood others were beaten with wires held in shipping container smeared with feces blindfolded and shackled for weeks and sexually assaulted and other detainees says quote we could hear the screams the entire place is gripped by fear almost everyone is sick
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the rest are near death anyone who complains has directly to. the torture chamber and torture is reportedly taking place as the u.a.e. tries to identify al qaida militants and the u.a.e. is one of america's closest counterterrorism allies according to a.p. american defense officials confirm to them that u.s. forces have interrogated some of these detainees in yemen but deny any participation or knowledge of human rights abuses the u.s. does provide questions to us and gets the transcripts of this interrogation apparently no torture took place while americans are present but this american connection alone raises concerns of international law violations because even obtaining intelligence that other parties extracted by torture is a violation in itself and now you have lawmakers coming forward following this investigative report asking the trumpet ministration to take these claims serious and investigate noting that even if americans were not present during torture
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they're still complicit if information is used senator john mccain saying it hurts our own national security calling these allegations deeply disturbing mccain of course is a victim himself of torture he was tortured for a number of years as a prisoner of war in vietnam and has been a leader in congress in fighting against torture and as we've learned from the senate intelligence committee report on torture following cia black sites investigations no actionable intelligence has been received from torturing terrorism suspects in washington seaman dollars r e o r t a massive cyber attack has affected firms in at least ten different countries ukraine and russia have been hit the hardest are to use macgill france's santiago has the details to. several major russian and ukrainian companies have come under a round somewhere a virus attack now in the case of russia was the oil giant sniffed and in ukraine we had. airports as well as ukrainian government computers coming under
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attack now with rosneft which is right be. hine me the company's servers came under a massive onslaught but were able to revert to reserve systems keeping the oil extraction and other production services online and you see the way this. virus ransomware works as it locks the computer and ben asks for a three hundred to five hundred dollar ransom in order for the computer to be accessible again quite a pesky virus and you know to understand the magnitude of this thing just a little bit over a month ago over ninety nine countries seventy five thousand machines were affected by the same type of them around somewhere a virus called want to cry you know major hospitals in america and europe couldn't use their computers businesses went down you know causing brief have a call across but the funny thing is about that about that particular hacking attack was that russia happened to be the main target taking in most attempts and
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most attacks some of which were successful penetrating mega-fun a major russian telecom provider and disturbing it services for over twenty four hours and now back to this recent attack that happened today the kaspersky lab experts were able to tell us that. this was this malware has spread pretty much all over the planet at this point in time and it's very hard to predict when unwell and where it might strike again this is all we know so far and we will be keeping you updated as we know more. u.k. prime minister theresa may is now facing a new round of calls to resign may has signed a deal with the northern ireland's democratic unionist party to prop up her minority government in return the tories have agreed to a one billion pound increase in spending to northern ireland artie's on a stasi a turk and i has more. i know something very very nice because you are
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her right because instead of stepping down the british prime minister had a different plan but it seemed like whichever way she turned there was potential for trouble the tories have penned a deal with the democratic unionist party of northern ireland which is opposed to hard drugs that something may has accepted as a possibility on top of that the d u p have been criticised for their policies on same sex marriage and abortion as well as previous leagues with violent part of military groups in northern ireland not a perfect ally but they tend to use m.p.'s have been crucial for theresa may so much so she was ready to fake their support again with a hefty price tag of one billion pounds to be spent over the next twenty years that's in addition to the previously announced five hundred million and funds to northern ireland and who is footing the bill you may ask as always the taxpayer taxpayer has resent politicians cooking up deals behind closed doors that
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invariably end with their cash being thrown wherever is politically advantageous rather than where it could be best spent to recently called it a good deal and the do you p.r. delighted if you think the same applies to scotland and wales think again this is the worst kind of pork barrel politics which trust rather the last vestiges of credibility oh this what can prime minister it is outrageous that the prime minister believes she can secure her own political future by throwing money at north an island whilst completely ignoring the rest of the u.k. despite the british government having now plastered together solution the question is for how long will it stick after all the irony is that a mere seven tory m.p.'s switching sides would potentially be enough for a majority to slip away and party. and that is our news tonight follow me on twitter and news what they're like me on the facebook page we got it dot com i'm ed schultz reporting tonight from washington thanks for watching see you back here.


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