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neah money think we make plenty of money it's not like we won the lottery and moved into a big scene see neighborhood. my integrity is what i had you know a long time ago people's word integrity minal. i grew up happy. in the appalachian mountains. we had good christmases we have love i was normal. but now. just. what the hell am i now. hear me. no challenge is more are.
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we going to the summit for a country working for the number of people do really well while a growing number barely get by. or we can restore an economy where everyone gets a fair shot and everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same set of. these united states are confronted with an economic affliction of great proportion which it is time to reawaken this industrial giant to get government back within its means and to life in our punitive tax burden on these principles there will be no compromise smith thanks all for sammy going back to work going on. all out war by the council workers and other industrial dispute based on the lorry drivers has led to some kind of going into shops and markets because the part of the government try. had to do it wasn't necessarily making things better it might
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be making things worse i didn't think the free market would produce the resources to could make everybody better off the argument was that if you did this we could read up on employment to be more investment to be more. that is true because dollars make logic out of time warner was a big rewards people like me are not going to work. fifteen to twenty hours a day in order to get rich. graduate school my doctoral years i was told psychologist science is ten years into practicing on average for making one hundred thousand dollars a year and i was like that sounds awful. now it's like kind of like my send you to
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do you think the top one percent. i'm not in the top one percent in terms of the world it's maybe in just psychology world. i choose they said choose to drive i could take a train directly into the city i just feel like that's one extra time that i get sick being in an enclosed area that's stupid you know that in the public it's like i don't i can't afford to be sick at this point like every day counts while trying to see if. i never need to leave the building other than to get lunch which i pray to do every once in a while they get to sit alone at a kalar at a diner across the street and that to me reading the new york post is haven't. taken away. mandate dies on
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a sign the. end doesn't end into the fall and friday. was monday i'm up. just like. this a constant battle everything creates a little bit of stress when i get in real. stress mode i'm i smoked for acid i don't. but. you. there was a gig i have all full ask ed where. in some. point about a six pack were announced we think of differences started widening rapidly from a date is on the words of the week of trade unions the morning quality there is a very striking relationship two days on a victim's of yesterday's news day. that's the government's getting information
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down interest rates down reforming trade union nor cutting regulations on moving restriction. the balance of power between employers and employees shifted in favor of employers i think and i think it was a deliberate result of policy. were were. it is. the. eat. go to this morning that you probably think that when i come in. and if he's not. if he's
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a straight that anyway. it. has been going. bad. when i go to wake and then when i come home back to bed and i know it just posted myself and the content. within the home can sex zero alice have just the way it wakes you just don't know what might happen for me to take a day for on of hearts jumped on it it just yet i closed down the list you think you're right i may have to tough it. if somebody dice also but it wasn't
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a hospital if you think me a self because you can lose a lot i was if if he don't get something to fill a lot ga. we had we had to know where my husband was from and we had decided we were. going to. have our own business and everything and that was you know where we started we had we had a so we bought a video store and got in the video business it really just killed it for the mom and pop stores and we didn't have the volume of what wal-mart would have so. after five years we ended up close and then. i was in
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wal-mart one that and they had a song. they were are now and i thought well who. don't put in every case and then when they called i was really surprised and i was even more surprised how give a company or us or any extra effort you put forth they appreciated it man the. it just would just come in so i asked them what you did and i knew that you know thank you until the changes. the focus of the company went to cutting operational expenses less people to do the work but yet the same amount of work. and i think that for that. you know three thirty today is the fourth you see every day your light was on. but you think this is just nerves. it's so. tough because. you know.
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you would not believe how stressed that. we are living through a moment of absolutely astonishing transformation all of you know that the information and technology explosion will offer to you and to the young people of the future more opportunities and challenges than any generations of americans has ever seen. the stock market seeing ahead a year of the night in a. dog index up by almost a home in just twelve months with record profits a million dollars a year in fact. really. is that if you were once the c.e.o.
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or company your company sort of the local market now most markets that are important are global in scope if you're the c.e.o. of apple computer and you make the company three percent more efficient than it would have been you've added one point two billion dollars to the company's bottom line your economic value has just grown explosively we're really pleased to report this quarter we are at one hundred six point. and i was twenty nine billion dollars ten billion more been talking six point seven million three hundred bills you missed some. point you know a whole billion opinion. in just six months if you end up at the top of this process then you do have a justification for what's happening to you the market is an efficient way of allocating resources it's allocated
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a lot of resources to me me must be an efficient result it must show the time how it working i'm clever and includes deserve what i'm getting for a few people have the mental resources the energy. i mean let's look at me here i am i'm creating an african art collection i'm creating companies my youngest child is three i'm seventy years old i have four children thirteen and below so what does that say about me i mean i'm out there creating.
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while the liberal mainstream media serve up an endless menu of trump bashing and russia gave the democratic party in the so-called resistance continue to lose elections are the attempts to destroy trump at all costs destroying the democrats and undermining the credibility of the liberal mainstream media. the dubrovnik and . fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life. on the scene. as. while the city's tried desperately not to collapse.
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the profit of. the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup in. the on some snuck up the supposed to mean a. lot. as a tourist photo will feel a photo an identity. dropping bombs brings police hawks forcing you to fight the battle of. the new socks for the tell you that will be gossip and. let's file for the most important news today. off the bad guys and tell me you are not old enough and that's to buy their product. it's all the hawks we along with all the walking. there are
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a lot of things that perpetuate inequality economic systems government's policy one of the things i would argue is also psychology how people think the kinds of things that they value inequality is rising but people aren't aware of what they're doing to contribute to that. most of the gated community is are either on a golf course or are golf course adjacent some of the amenities and really. great really great. but first some people are really it is about living behind a game well i left behind a gate and you do not leave behind a gate look at how much better it is that i have this behind a gate. but i. didn't buy this house to
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one of our friends who didn't buy a house him again but we had a lot of friends that really thought we did we had friends that were like no we won't come visit we won't come and see you all. kind of that you moved over there we moved over here. it's really sad it's really sad. in general everyone pretty much keeps to themselves. you want an answer you are missing. we don't know anything about our neighbors nothing i found another hammer. one of the things that for a couple of our neighbors has really bent them out of shape is that we haven't hired a gardener sell this neighbor comes out and stares at me visibly
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pregnant raking leaves is just staring and yells from across the street you know only poor people only only poor people right there only in this industry when you're working with high profile executives athletes and entertainers and they expect a certain presentations so i have to keep a certain image in their eyes as they respect me. value my opinion so you know i definitely let my wife help me sometimes with the styles bring in them since like that which seems to be very good at getting the dress for success but i'm a big believer in that if you dress well every day you actually feel like you're more powerful and you feel like you're more successful and sometimes you can like dress your way to success in essence as you people get out of depression just by just looking good. because that it will become you. think it's you
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make it. mary mode of transportation when you're in the neighborhood is a golf cart. everyone gets to kind of show off their. all-star and i'll be golf carts with off road meals and they'll be called carts with the kids and they'll be called carts with the kids that you plug on the front of it to make it look like a mercedes people dump ten twenty thousand dollars into. golf cart. most americans are fair minded and they won't say i'm going to a gated community to flee brown people most people don't think like that they're simply saying that the perceived sense of safety the higher property values that's why i'm moving to these communities it has nothing to do with race is so there's a divide and that's how you segregate
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a community. those who aren't perceived to fit in are not accepted people who did not people who did not go to a certain church those types of people often felt excluded. new york is booming. sumption very much back in time the luxury car dealerships hardly remember a time like that do you believe that an individual can earn too much money what you mean that we should sort of count someone's income. not really know what was the point what we know is happening is that people at the top of the income ladder have gotten all the income gains that have occurred during the last thirty years people in the middle of the income distribution they've run down their savings they've run up much more debt every conceivable margin you can work just to hold your place in the queue. up to thirty one days here's
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a perfect way to help manage your time cash of government because really today show a record number of people all insolvent. if you don't cough tasks has within seven days a collections team every means for the season to contact you visit your home the less did the thinnest and. today. amendment atlantis is about to come within seven days it's. just going to form and then no one. is and it's just such a rule yeah. my catalog bill is between three now four thousand pounds but then i use office stuff that you know when the kids need new cool it's new shoes i've got no money left he's got i have got to get it from someone. right. now i mean. everything so much more expensive and now she wants
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a computer and you feel so you have to do things for them because their friends get them and they're good look at wow if they don't get them. now because. you've got to cook back. to school to rose on the format of mr denham money payments. people went from pretty simple financial lives pre nine hundred eighty to the point now where people are. just totally submerged in their financial accounts and they're all in debt debt to us might seem you know i need this loan to to go to school or need this loan to buy a house but to wall street it's just a product that they can buy and sell in package and socialists another way for them to get as much profit as they want and they treated as such one of the things that . i'm going to talk about a little bit today is how to create
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a more secure america. by achieving the goal of five and a half million new minority homeowners. certainly don't want there to be a fine print preventing people from owning their home. once wall street figured out that they could create these mortgage products they're like wow this is the deal of the century we need to make more of these. the house is always the big one it's the way the. economy is is set up. by house housing values to go up so it's a major component of your retirement so losing your house inside there's also the position where sort of being able to retire is going to have to work. even you know to buy a house so you're really making a bet with hundreds of thousands of dollars that this place is going to hold its value and that everything's going to work out. more days than not
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my first patient will be eleven o'clock which means that i would get up around eight get my workout gear on and go for rod. look. i'd go running for about forty five minutes to an hour. of the running outside but . i know i push myself but there's. really no option other than pushing one's self you know backs against the wall when you have to make a mortgage payment. he just had back surgery and he literally worked the next day since good baby had surgery wednesday work thursday friday went into the office on monday he had a sick day he couldn't go into the office to make money so it's important obviously that he stays healthy for himself for our family and for his.
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government's been collecting data that showed to be in these huge gloss differences in life expectancy. people didn't really believe the data even people working in corporate positions in the health service didn't know whether the death rates were the highest of the top or the bottom. from cool kids can pick out west principle type of smoke by the machines but could get a source if you could buy the open one of the principal stuff to besmirch the floor that might be just on the road it was only just we a guess it started them indeed they called the cops on the casket where we left him going to put the lid on the first piece and pakistan brush and links try to get to . my mom's thought the sex when she died if i keep drinking that mean. imagine not being dead if it sacks.
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full of the things that i need to do to try a little lengthen my life which is already cut short because i was born in poland if i make it to seventy i'll be lucky and eat solid the video. now of course because of a growing body of people know that on employment the health consequences instead of the former idea that it was businessman stress that led to the worst problems. a lot of help made him think mad blood pressure to happen tied in. all different diseases a man. in india but where on his ability
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that's what happened. i think is what i know and if you can live to see it. my daughter's father paced on. twenty third of last year. they can hear me and be. back to me in this thing oh my. dad a liver cancer. in his race. it is it's a good thing now i know in a better place he suffered. quite some time. now for me to do and to. live together fourteen year round. men living in the poorest part of a life expectancy of fifty four in india three quarters of the population live on.
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or less. knowing plans go to his son to don't miss a day and you mentioned in the poorest part of glasgow had life expectancy this is shorter than the average in india. and i thought. that's it that's going to explain it being relatively disadvantage has profound consequences which determined high rates of suicide violent. he's. trying to but. was afraid. of him then what was it was old to hold westminster. and then it's funny because like develop a symbol on the fortified way.
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message discussed in the way we did it but why did the. us second because of that to to go on in the interim. in. the comment that to defend. it if. you know for. they bananas illinois my potassium so off the. plane is much more. attention just something on. the final. trip to replace.
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the security check. to get. the suitcase into the second hole to spread. the other couple. of a lot of. our own soner colon families will be recreated today or tomorrow so it's all good good balls are going to be thrown over. yahoo be.
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credited with the play i had. a new. girl is the the dog everybody wants for and the people here bring your creator does lego book. limited. nothing. lewd. you. could.
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just use the most efficient girlfriends. the law i. told. you to live in a dose of the good news. this is. just . up to only the most the few somebody. the barbecue forgot the car. was i don't know that my mind off of the whole point itself was based on fucking so . buddy investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs in the west against end up in the presence here. calling people as you please.
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a former u.s. intelligence chief. is in russia's d.n.a. . politics game in a new c.n.n. documentary. britain's prince william prime minister david cameron are embroiled in a corruption scandal over england's failed bid for the twenty eighteen world cup according to a long awaited report. criticism is leveled at the us administration for failing to give solid proof to its claim about the syrian government chemical weapons attack.


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