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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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people went from pretty simple financial lives. to the point now where people are the just totally submerged financial accounts and they're all in debt and what exactly. the part of the government tried to do. might be making things worse. hopelessly. wrong. russia's foreign ministry saying the u.s. is quote inviting terrorists to carry out a provocation in syria after the white house claims they're preparing to use chemical weapons. a former u.s. intelligence chief says meddling is in russia's d.n.a. and that's proof enough continues to infiltrate american politics coming in
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a new c.n.n. documentary. britain's prince william former prime minister david cameron are in droylsden a corruption scandal over a failed bid for the twenty eighteen world cup according to the long awaited release of. your tuning in from around the world this hour welcome to moscow to r.t. international my mains you know good if your company our top story the trump administration has claimed that the syrian government is preparing to use chemical weapons is a dangerous provocation that's according to a statement from russia's foreign ministry we consider all these insinuations about chemical weapons which are being carried out in the worst traditions of the. two
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thousand and three nato intervention in iraq as an invitation for terrorists extremists and the armed opposition in syria to carry out another large scale provocation which will result in the unavoidable punishment of president assad according to washington's plans. well this comes as officials in the u.s. administration are under pressure to reveal the evidence that led them to claim the syrian military is preparing a chemical attack the state department spokesperson refused to be drawn when she was quizzed about the allegations by reporters as have evidence kids share with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say it's evidence of truthful things that all intelligence i'm not going to get into that one with you but this is
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a very serious and grave matter any attacks on the syrian people you know we will be blamed you know on the seat in the russians why not find out who is obviously a complex war with the right number of actors yeah you're right leading isis. seems like a rather a nuanced comment what wouldn't you find out who exactly you know was responsible. or fronts on the united kingdom have pledged to support an american attack on syrian government forces. looks at why washington seems to be putting punishment before due process but shah saad has one really bad habit and that habit is and you need does this when he's winning he ruined everything by doing something really stupid no reason at all. take as sides army now they're crushing slavek state liberating vost swaths of
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syria and out of the blue comes these the united states is identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime as side knows the probable cause and sequences. of a chemical attack it's the only thing really right now that could ruin him by giving his enemies the opportunity of a pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain both stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind of villain batman would go off to and america is batman.
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if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if asaad does something really dumb for new reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action if you've been following events in syria recently you knew they aren't kidding the united states has attacked assad five tydings in what they see is self defense. is justifying the per long conflict isn't easy what's than voters don't want another gung who bombing campaign they learn their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions and you only thing left is to wait for asaad to give them
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a cause and since he's a comic book supervillain well it's just the parts of the script. meddling is in rush's d.n.a. according to. former director of u.s. national intelligence james clapper. proves moscow is still making attempts to influence american politics he was appearing in a new documentary heard by the c.n.n. news channel during prime time in america is there any reason to believe that russia is not right now today continuing to attempt to or to infiltrate u.s. political organizations individuals on board through or. think it's in their d.n.a. . or during the soviet era or know. well arty's nicky are enjoying kevin owen in the studio earlier to examine whether there was actual smoking gun this time round. there's so much anticipation over this latest special report from
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c.n.n. it was billed as the first comprehensive telling of on television of russia's attack on the two thousand and sixteen presidential race and also with jarring lessons for the american leaders and the public about more attacks still to come now who wouldn't want to watch this it seems like it was going to lift the lid on all of these unverified source is and then substantiated claims it's used in the past to russia bash with stories almost on a daily basis but i'm afraid that's going to be a lot of disappointed viewers after this report because it's all the same old chuen is just repackaged in a new way a lot of music a lot of close up shots on president putin looking moody and mean or take a look for yourself some of his of. his prime target is the u.s. . story inside bush speech that would lead to doorstep as all very familiar isn't it we saw a very similar documentary released by c.n.n.
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before called putin the most powerful man in the world although there are plenty of nicely edited sound bites in this latest special report although i have to say probably an overindulgence on the shorts of soldiers marching through moscow. ideas of north korea but we both live in moscow we know this is not something that we see on a daily basis as a whole and i'm afraid the closest we come to seeing any solid evidence that russia was behind the attacks is this kind of evidence some of it surprisingly simple such as time stamp showing the factories were starting and finishing their work duties on moscow time we live in hope that viewers watching this will realize that most go shares a time zone with many other cities around the world and also do work nine to five jobs are known just one day before the airing of this special report three c.n.n. staff members resigned over and substantiated russia related story which c.n.n. poll just a few days earlier. and but they just snowballed when it went from bad to worse off
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to that a producer for c.n.n. was saying that the networks russia cuffe which was more about ratings than being based on any solid facts with more details on the latest project veritas leak. well a video has surfaced of a c.n.n. producer saying that most of their russia trump coverage is well and more polite terms nonsense they want to see them constantly and. this is ratings this ratings raiser at all right now but honestly. it's just like. it's mostly right now we don't know. john. proof and it's not just one guy from c.n.n. who's saying that there's not much to this story of trump russia collusion and there is no evidence that there was collusion but they couldn't find any evidence of collusion no evidence of collusion or there is no evidence of collusion between
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the russians and the trump campaign but at this point what's not proven is the idea of collusion that's correct still no evidence but the media keeps pushing the story project veritas that leaked the recent video says that c.n.n. has mentioned trump in russia roughly sixteen thousand times you would think people might get bored with the subject by now are you tired of hearing about trump in russia yes actually yes that's all i hear about it it's just getting a little tiring we're all exhausted however however it has to be it has to be that the truth has to come out and the truth is that there was interference in the american electorate system but by the sentiment you feel like this is what the american people want to see on t.v. is they want to hear about trump allegedly working with russia. not me not any my friend i think they would that something. if if there is something secret about something people want to know even more so if you just bring it out in the open if
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there is something you'll come out if it's not then it's just go away and you feel like the media should be reporting on this more or less and less and like to hear where these sources are coming from or who's saying it spares i know it could be my next door neighbor they don't have proof they need to drop it now the c.n.n. producer allegedly said that they keep pushing the story because of the ratings however a lot of the americans we spoke to said they'd rather watch something else. r.t. washington d.c. . well the group which released the video has called the project veritas and its works proved to highly controversial in the past it's been accused of violating wiretapping rules on this facing a million dollar lawsuit after it released encounter a conversations with democratic party workers discussing voter fraud the group has also been accused of misleading the public with flawed editing of its videos project for
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a tell us this misses the lawsuit intimidation. well it's not only russian hackers that are accused of meddling in the u.s. election russian maybe i place including this channel received a lot of attention in congress some lawmakers in america believe it's the kremlin's main propaganda tool. propaganda machine contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for jean using russian government funded outlets russian propaganda media outlets like r t i think it's a propaganda arm of government that is definitely not on our side reports have it that russia not only wanted to weigh in in the election but they also want to undermine u.s. confidence the citizens confidence in our electoral process and in our democratic values a knob a pair of lawmakers are going specifically for r.t. with a bill that aims to brum the channel as a foreign agent and as r.t.s. danielle hawkins explains the russian parliament is now mulling some
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countermeasures. this latest bill targets specifically and i quote here the bill will provide the u.s. department of justice with increased investigative authority to identify and prosecute entities that speak to unlawfully influence the political process the difference is this there will not be a need for any criminal or administrative offenses to have taken place you would need to report their activities to the department of justice regardless now a group of russian senators have come up with a proposal to mirror this potential new law take a listen. we have established that some precondition that deals with questions of russian sovereignty and foreign meddling and we discussed the bill this proposed us and decided that we need to adopt counsel measures. now entities similar to what may happen in the united states will be forced to disclose the sources of funding and provide accountability of their activities in line with the russian foreign
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agents law these sorts of tit for tat measures are of course nothing to be surprised about given the current state of affairs but certainly not great news for freedom of the press in either country. talking football now or england's world cup bidding team has been implicated in a corruption scandal over its failed bid to host a twenty eight tournament fee for report also names former u.k. prime minister david cameron and prince william who were apparently at a meeting where a vote swapping was discussed. takes on the story well definitely big names mentioned and lots of curious little dramatic details about courtship attempts of our football executives and the bidding parties involved for starters yes there is mention of prince william apparently having been present at a one of the meetings where allegedly david cameron had suggested to south korean officials that they could vote for each other. apparently according to this river
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report these promises were made but never kept and south korean official according to the garcia report had denied that this happened but according to garcia who was investigating these issues for two years of the if this would have been in violation of anti collusion rules so certainly some questions there but among some of the other more really curious requests that have been put into front of the english bidding team are quite interesting to say the least for starters there was talk of potentially meeting with the queen in return for support there was. english officials hour for helping with obtaining honorary knighthood help with a job for a friend's son as well as one of through fifa official from a caribbean nation requesting that his hometown be twinned with an english village so certainly lots of interesting suggestions apparently going out around with all
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this drama and greed of getting a grip on the world cups of twenty thousand and twenty twenty two but of course as we know in the end it was russia and qatar that ended up getting those world cups and for them it's good news because they continue to can continue preparing and peace now despite previous rumors and sort of discussions in the media that they're going to be somehow implicated in this report that has not happened with any kind of fears of that happening being raced with the details that were presented in this four hundred page report international sports attorney david larkin believes the whole process of choosing world cup hosts is flawed the allegations loyd out or suggested this isn't the only time this happened it suggests that this many. questionable behaviors that occurred in the midst of the big for access were not only twenty two but twenty two which just yet more allegations that. this process
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was flawed that that was out of control and as an organization that should not be allowed to conduct these affairs in secret i think this really is a a very inconvenient report that details some of the shady behavior they are not occurred around the bid process that fee for tolerated a cyber super virus that allegedly traces back to americas and this say has wreaked havoc across the globe we look at the full lives after this. people with stories to tell are. also desirable to the hour and. it's still pretty unusual sometimes. users. feel
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a little single they're here to speak are you there to hear. all the feeling to. everyone in the world pretty experienced. and you'll get it on the old rolls. the old according to josh. welcome to the modern world come along for the ride. to another big story of the week security researchers have a partly discovered
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a vaccine for the virus which calls them us of global cyber attack on tuesday the hock struck at least ten countries from india to the united states thousands of companies and government agencies have been caught in the run somewhere attack including major energy shipping and banking firms reports first emerged in ukraine and russia which have been worst hit miguel france is something i go as more industry giants airports and governments no one was apparently safe in the latest mass cyber attack the plague started in russia and ukraine and spread globally in a matter of hours moscow based oil giant ross nafta a major advertising firm in the u.k. logistics behemoth moller myers can then mark and prominent companies in spain france and the united states all have fallen under attack by the malware the way it works is it includes everything you have on the computer and then locks it asking for a ransom in the amount of three hundred to five hundred dollars and to infiltrate
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the system it uses some well known technology allegedly one from the arsenal of the n.s.a. it appeared a little over a month ago when more than a hundred countries came under attack by the ransomware dubbed want to cry major hospitals across the u.s. and the you couldn't use their computers businesses went down causing havoc it took around twenty four hours to contain that attack this time the fallout seems to be more modest victims are reporting that little damage has been done so far in the case of russia's rosneft for example oil production wasn't even affected still this virus has penetrated servers worldwide again and you would think the hackers won't get lucky a third time we go francis and thiago r.t. . meanwhile britain's defense secretary has sent out a tough message to harker's he sees it's possible the u.k. could use military force in response to cyber attacks ortiz police boy who reports
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not from london sensually he's said that britain could respond to cyber attacks with conventional weapons and he was speaking at a conference at a security think tank in london just as this huge cyber attack it was spreading across the globe and the head of britain's m.o.d.e. sounded this very strong warning to potential attackers by saying that a strike on u.k. systems could invite a response from any to maine as a land or cyber space it does sound rather problematic first of all a cyber attack doesn't necessarily have to be perpetrated by a nation state it could be a huge criminal organization or even an individual how you're going to strike those isn't clear and second of all if you take a look over some of the more recent revelations in particular volt seven which is all about the sorts of hacking tools that the u.s. intelligence has at its disposal it shows that the cia can make cyber attacks look
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as though they were perpetrated by other countries and if we know that i think it's pretty safe to assume that there are other intelligence agencies that can do the same so ascertaining is responsible for what is a very difficult if not in some cases impossible process and when you add this possibility of retaliating with conventional weapons into the mix well it might sound like a very strong warning in theory how do you make it work in practice though isn't quite clear. living or not recently so are the economic relations between the u.s. and the e.u. may have a chance to be. restored german chancellor angela merkel has bucked the washington proposal to resume talks on the transatlantic trade investment partnership known as teach hip last year negotiations ended in deadlock. although.
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i think we should restart the work on a common free trade agreement between the e.u. and the us because i cannot imagine how we are supposed to solve the numerous problems that have occurred between the us and the e.u. . or talks over the divisive found over arching trade deal between europe and the us are likely to be resurrected in a few months but the tates hippa greenman to arguably faces more hurdles than ever with trade being increasingly weapon of choice for both sides in recent months. war is the catalyst for innovation and adaptation and changes afoot once again every decision on trade on taxes will be made to benefit american workers protection will lead to greater prosperity and strength it seems the nature of war in the twenty first century is economic and international troops are already
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breaking down from so already opening up both east and west. president trump's investigation into steel imports on u.s. national security could see imports being show that europe is no longer playing mr nice guy with washington then there's a new terror of a different crime the race of protectionism is real we will defend europe against those who do not play by the groups and to fight for the rights of our exporters. earlier this year president trump threatened to impose a thirty five percent tax on car imports from germany and then washington went on the attack following diesel gave us the authorities issued international arrest warrants for former vogue. i can treat. the e.u. has now involved in its own offensive finding a two point four billion euro fine. that was based on findings detect joined on
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faith trust him as to its own brand and then europe's consolidate its position google must respect a simple principle it has to give an equal treatment to rival comparison shopping the services i'm serious oh so it seems we can forget about this because i. would have been i see how far the negotiations with transatlantic trade investment partnership have gone we need to hurry i'm glad that the american president lissa point that negotiations trans atlantic trade and investment partnership would reinforce our larger transatlantic relationship which has been the foundation for our prosperity and security the trenches have already been dug in this economic war of attrition. is next only a watering following given to google by regulators in the two countries who've officially agreed not to hug each other if you're watching us from the u.k. or are going to examine it breaks it is the only reason my trees and me is still in
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power that's. still just use the old enough to post the she should drop hints. on how. hot it is i still call. it a live show so is it good. or bad just. somebody. took a bucket. i don't know that my. body cell phone was a cell phone. but he investigate
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police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs on the web. presence here. call me people as you. basile in the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. going to. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them a little bit before this on the celestial get out of the loop it was such a the traditional story some nuts comes my name sometime soon as we know it's my
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money into a school my days and i'm on my feet while the cities try desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of you should totally cool with who put the couple who probably global on the dole coffee cup a dollar you can only in the bush was up to own sobs knock up the suppose it's only a. shit load of money the land. is a tourist phobia will fail fall into an identity. i'm going to france broadcasting. around the world from washington d.c. tonight oil on the rise it's the fourth straight session of gains for oil but the uptick was short lived we'll tell you why also a record high find google is slapped with
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a multi-billion dollar fine for spewing users searches and say hacking agreement canada and china shake hands are not hacking each other stand by starts right now. a weaker dollar pushed oil prices up for a fourth consecutive session today it surged nearly two percent but oversupply capital gains the organization of petroleum exporting countries and its partners have tried to reduce a global crude glut with production cuts opec nations and the love in other export agreed in may to extend cuts of one point eight million barrels per day until my.


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