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kiev authorities and we hope to we will be ready to. do our share. so you would. like to ask this question first and foremost and produce a the federal government and we. will welcome the meeting between the presidents of russia and the usa you and the want a summit as a celebrity. would be only very strange and odd if they. didn't meet be there the same place it is saying well the hotel city would be very strange if they didn't meet and talk. with. all the meeting. within the. normal before form what i cannot say whether this meeting will take place before the
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summit or afterward because here we are speaking about the following we are living . in the times of the truce which is now taking place during the harvest time and it was considered something impossible several weeks before all weeks ago because it was almost impossible to coordinate a search truce. no one could explain what that could happen during the harvest and we always try to explain do each other the conditions of the truce that it can take place only under certain conditions. and there are different positions russian position ukrainian position but this time both sides five common ground the need to collect the harvest. and that is a very. good occasion both so we should discuss and try to achieve the following
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three we need to continue that trees prolong it for the period after the harvest time that would be a very good thing to do we should really consider how to. expand the truce that can be the first step on that track to make it lasting and i agree with my russian colleague will be talking about some sensitive issues which yes very big threats and challenges to the sides but now that both sides show that we are ready to refrain from the use of force you into harvest time. i cannot imagine and i don't understand why that cannot. continue off to war it's. because the conflict. takes.
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its voice tool all the time we need to progress we need to push forward and it is very upsetting to see that sometimes the visa on the music agreement you do mr letterman say says that it is very clearly and. inside that is some times i don't really understand ok that's german foreign minister signori gabriela just speaking there about a number of subjects right before that russia's foreign minister sergei. a question on the syrian crisis he also touched upon other issues including one of his statements there just before we go to other news thing that nato was reluctant to enter talks with russia as their drills in europe are aimed at containing moscow quite an interesting statement said in front of the german his
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german counterpart there his counterparts gabrielle saying that trump wants to meet putin in germany at the g twenty summit next month we knew that already and that's something that germany supports so a range of issues there. conference in krasnodar all right moving on now russia says that washington's claim that the syrian government could be preparing a chemical attack is an invitation for terror groups to provocation so that the u.s. retaliates against assad's reporting in the. the fact that the u.s. appears to have not only preempted a chemical attack but is already prepared how it's going to respond such an incident occur is being seen as a worrying development to the russian side and a lot of this has to do with concern over the u.s. being perfectible to repeating past mistakes russia's foreign ministry in its latest statement has issued a reminder to this respect we know that the bush administration falsified the facts
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about weapons of mass destruction in order to justify military aggression against iraq this deeply concerns us and this comes just two days after a phone conversation between russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov and his u.s. counterpart rex tillerson during which love are obvious that to have urged the u.s. to exercise restraint in its actions saying that washington must prevent provocations against syrian government troops but it appears that that war didn't have much of an impact the u.s. claims to have information that shows the syrian president is preparing to launch a chemical attack and with this latest development media in the u.s. has also been pushing for more also from the state department to provide an explanation but it appears to be staying tight lipped you just heard evidence to share with us about this potential preparation for the use of chemical weapons is that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be
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considered an intelligence matter when you leave that it's in your interests you do what you say evidential. intelligence i'm not going to get into that with you but this is a very serious and grave matter it's understandable that concerns are high because this comes as there has still been no evidence provided over the previous alleged chemical attack in syria which the u.s. also pin the blame on to the syrian government for and that was attacked in syria's province in april despite there being no ever. so thorough investigation the u.s. retaliated with a confrontational strike on a syrian base and what you might also remember is how the u.s. not only blamed syrian government forces for the attack but also said that russia was partly responsible by proxy so on top of everything else the u.s. russia relations are also at stake. moving on wiki leaks
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is continuing to reveal more of this spying tools allegedly used by the cia its latest release details how the u.s. intelligence agency collects data from p.c. users with more not called mcglinchey their release today is known as el says latest in a series of leaks from wiki leaks they allege came from in cia known as false seven no else according to doctors at least they say to track the geo location of the voice not by its g.p.s. foot instead by its proximity to wife i access points now this argument today and you know as do we could be some detail of this in the document it shows that it's a device wearing a microsoft windows device even the device doesn't have even if it's not connected to the time once it's connected want to his wife i enabled they can get along the tube latitude and timestamp of where it is based on why for access points within its proximity and then using public the accessible databases like google and
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microsoft can then stores information create time zone forward to what we can lease or describe as a target device as a pattern of life time to talk football because attention turns to the knockout stages of the free for confederations cup in russia this whedon's that neil harvey stan collymore in our special studio. for the build up. yes very good evening and it is indeed a beautiful evening here he's out alongside me thank all the most time we had ninety minutes to go to kick off portugal against chile in the first confederation cup semifinal portugal team is arrives understanding about ninety minutes to go get a ninety minutes before the game you get there about the police at reuters the most a boy on the side very excited as a player and it's a very strange time when you're a professional footballer going to
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a big game like this because it's all about routine about preparation about superstition for many players but the players who arrived at the rain and it's a beautiful sunny evening perhaps if they sort of implied four or five i was really the market being a little bit slow apply be a nice breeze plenty of drinks on board plenty of relaxation the afternoon for the place i'm expecting a very good game what about nerves i'd imagine you could lose a lot of energy nervous energy just before matches or anything there to help conserve your energy not get it's all about the preparation as i mentioned a little bit earlier this morning that have gone for a walk and a little stretch nothing too. difficult to do today no football's out it would just be a walk around the hotel maybe in a park and then a couple of i was rested in the afternoon some players like to sleep some players will speak to their families and then certainly in the evening the players will now go to the stadium so everything for them to work to be able to go out and do their
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very direct a i do believe they're going to go back to the thoughts of sergei lavrov the press conferences go back to moscow and you know. yes thanks neil and stan as we were just talking about a few minutes ago russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov finished german kind of parts are gabrielle are addressing the media let's listen in. the air fields from which the planes. started off someone with us if they really are equipped plane with. chemical bombs it would be impossible to remove the traces altogether and any experts would be able to discover those traces and we should promise to mr tillerson that we would. ask of these syrian government we said that we are interested in the full investigation again investigation of those who witness reports so-called to
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weakness reports and the syrian government. confirms that it's ready to invite. experts on them. come to the airfield but the us changed its stance it said that we will support support such a mission if the o.p.c. w. is interested in that but the dead by definition this organization e should be willing to come to visit the specific plays from which the aircraft so with harmful substances to catherine but. the c.w. suddenly said that they should not go to the airfield it doesn't make sense and the american counterparts said that doesn't make sense if you. doesn't want to go there so we warned them to go to the
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specific village where. according to our allegation the allegations of the western counterparts show the syrian armed forces used chemical farms and bombs with chemical substances. so again this. situation once blown out of proportion would be resolved one day by the way german media one german me. newspaper published investigative report by mr herr shah. and according to that report in the german media. the military and u.s. intelligence are fully aware of the fact that the syrian army has not did not use
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bombs with chemical substances it doesn't mean that his which i mean we don't know what his sources are. birds again we know that it's really very good and that we need clarification. because that we've heard multiple times that the u.s. has a smoking gun but they cannot share it with us because they cannot compromise their sources and methods well i'm not reading interested in hearing those statements anymore you know we heard the same when the qs russia that we have hacking at that. level and these kind of allegations have been leveled at syria libya and other situations so i hope that this time the u.s. would be guided by the needs. sure to. protect the
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nonproliferation regime and not just speculate on certain evidence because it but those that are confidential and cannot be shared with anyone who should not that would. create excuses of course you believe it was four or more attacks against the syrian army that is fighting terrorists because you have been following the analysis in the us. so over these new reports so on. imminent chemical attack u.s. experts are straightforward they say that it's very likely that. extremists might use this signal by the u.s. so they might stage a provocation and then they will put the finger at the syrian army.
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which is huge again the reports of the chemical attack on the fourth of april in the province came from so-called eyewitnesses but those eyewitnesses. belong to the white helmets and these are provocateurs professional probably they operate on the terrorist controlled territory no one has ever seen them on government controlled territory and the contents that they generate has been used by those who would like to keep those you know to stage those anti government raids. against the book alleged chemical attack in the depriving on the fourth of april western partners told us was investigated by the a b c w based on certain samples that were taken by the u.k. french specialists the tours where. allies doing some labs again we don't know the
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sources of the samples we don't know the location of the labs this is well it appears to be confidential information before being two thousand and three you know we've. tired sick and tired of using the same example we remember colin powell showing. showing. that tube saying again that you know this had some chemical weapons and that was used an excuse to invade iraq and so again it's a huge responsibility that the u.s. is taking upon itself. the possibility yes i'd like to see just a few words well here so we have a different opinion on that is for us we have little. kids today. it is the syrian regime which is responsible for the chemical attack
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a full first time by the way. so. that's what i say that it wasn't if. you did before we agreed on moving all the chemical weapons out of syria but we didn't we wouldn't. have needed that if the syrian regime garment. hadn't used chemical weapons there would have been no reason to remove the chemical weapons out of syria and that case so. yes in the security council we failed. to find a solution. a way to establish carpeted investigation led by russia and us we should we working on that but here we have. we. is blamed.
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for something that we should investigate that we analyze things in the following fashion president as. he. pretends that he's governing a country but he is head of the government and torture people and for russia for europe for us. such treatment towards the people of syria is a military crime for russia for germany but for syrians that is just another step to achieve their interests and if you ask. how we are going. to react to search for. well we can do and we should do all we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons we should prevent another incident of chemical weapons. regardless of who is going to perform to execute
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that attack syrian government forces or isis. but the difference is today is so tremendous that we cannot coordinate a joint investigation i agree with mr rolfe that we do need. to have that investigation but it's too late today we need to ensure the security of the investigators we should. wish to gauge the fact. that might have used chemical weapons he used to demonstrate that he's going to he was going to act just like that and we should understand that we want to resolve this conflict but the future of the syrian government and it can't be solved and decided upon only doing the talks is not someone we should be saving that's what we believe . so my
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question goes to both minister during these mating. and during these discussions of the chemical weapons use mr gabriel i think that we received. apologies that the blame. that was run to. voice blame the technology company organization they said that there are no evidence to support the claim would be because weapons were used but i have a different question so today we heard something like that. and billy brown was quoted. it was said that we should find a new wave for cooperation and for working together do you think that we should. look back on the new eastern. politics we see that we receive there during the
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conference we have conflicts but we can cooperate closely and we can cooperate even better with russia don't you think so and as for mr lavrov well do you see the opportunity to achieve understanding. and to overcome the differences in order to create some common space for cooperation between russia and europe. us. well i think that we speak about some. joined. this trade so maybe well it's a good thing i don't want to speak about the differences between us but here we speak about the action itself some further. each time we do you agree that
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the russian and turkey should have talks and that. is a very positive development. ok we've just been popping in a night there of the news conference taking part in the southern russian city of trust and our russia's foreign minister in this country part in germany. gabriela speaking there the last ten minutes or so on the syrian crisis talking about the alleged chemical attack which happened back in april. syria was planning another were not coming from washington very differing opinions on what was going on there are saying that investigation is needed signori gabriele saying the time has passed so if anything more interesting comes from that q. and a session as it is now we will go back to that city.
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i recently sorry to economic relations between the u.s. and the e.u. may have a chance to be restored german chancellor angela merkel has blocked the washington proposal to resume talks on the front of the plan to trade investment partnership remember that one t. test last year negotiations ended in deadlock although. i think we should restart the work on a common free trade agreement between the e.u. and the us because i cannot imagine how we are supposed to solve the numerous problems that have occurred between the us and the e.u. . well talks over the divisive over arching trade deal between europe and the us are likely to be resurrected in a few months time but the to tip agreement arguably faces more hurdles than ever with trade being an increasing weapon of choice for both sides in recent months. war is the catalyst for innovation and adaptation and changes afoot once again
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every decision on trade on taxes will be made to benefit american workers protection will lead to greater prosperity and strength it seems the nature of war in the twenty first century is economic and international troops are already breaking down new front so already opening up both east and west. president trump's investigation into steel imports on u.s. national security could see imports being shelved but europe is no longer playing mr nice guy with washington then there's a new kid the terror of a different kind of race of protectionism is real we will defend europe against those who do not play by the groups and to fight hard for the like a lot exporters. earlier this year president trump threatened to impose a thirty five percent tax on car imports from germany and then washington went on
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the attack following diesel gape u.s. authorities issued international arrest warrants for former volkswagen chiefs. the e.u. has now embarked on its own offensive finding a record two point four billion euro fine in google that was based on findings that tech giant unfairly steered customers to its own brand and then europe sort consolidate its position google must respect a simple principle it has you given equal treatment to rival comparison shopping the services i'm serious oh so it seems we can forget about this because i'm to have a piece of lots of food that i see how far the negotiations with transatlantic trade investment partnership have gone i need to hurry i'm glad that the american president lissa port that negotiations travis atlantic trade and investment partnership would reinforce our larger transatlantic relationship which has been the foundation for our prosperity and security in the trenches have already been
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dug in this economic war of attrition. it also really fing is this extended news hour but stay with us because in a run five minutes time my colleague andrew former will be here with all the global news. out of. our own persona. tomorrow.
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bosler the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live or is it. going. to. go crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them a little bit before this on this national development it was such a traditional story some not just comes by you some but yes you've done as we know is by no means a school but there's a lot of my people while the city's tried desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of. who put the couple who probably global me don't coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on some snark up the supposed to me a. good part of my. life.
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is a tourist phobia fulfill fell into an identity. to she's old enough to post this isn't just. the law i. told. you. you. just. have to leave. the bar. was i don't know that my. cell phone was a cell phone. but he investigate
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police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs and what. he has.
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russia warns that rebel groups in syria could try to frame the assad government for chemical attacks it comes after the us said it would retaliate against damascus should it carry out any such. as expose. the u.k.'s pm is hit with some heavy blows from the leader of the opposition party interest. in this since the election. on alleged russian meddling in the us is the news network by way of control a. report.


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