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thank. you it's all russia. c n n presents van jones apparently calls the network's coverage of russia stories a big nothing on the hidden camera this latest revelation to come out of the channel and it's news content also to come this hour russia's foreign minister warns that the latest threats from washington to the syrian government could play into the hands of extremists it comes after the u.s. said it would retaliate against damascus should it carry out any chemical attack. would try to. expose. the u.k.'s prime minister faces some tough questions from the leader of the opposition party
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in parliament session since the election plus the nato secretary general says that the organization security spending has increased significantly and battalions along russia's borders are fully operational. but i welcome you watching an international coming to you live from moscow a. video has been released appearing to show one of cnn's presenters jones ridiculing the news channel's russia coverage let's take a listen. what do you think's going to happen this week with whole russia. russia being. really. so i wouldn't get more details now from quetta most when he joins us from the states cannot tell us more than what was in this
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video clip. yes well it's yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project vera tossed now as you just saw in that clip that was van jones who briefly served in the obama administration and is now a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the the russia thing is a nothing burger now let's be important it's important be clear here we don't exactly know what he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump colluding with russia could be allegations of russian meddling in the elections all kinds of things could be considered to be the russia thing of the context of the clip is not exactly clear now this is this this leak comes on just just in the aftermath of another recent leak from project veritas in james o'keefe in which jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says that you know the russia story is you know in polite terms nonsense that was
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just recently released as well now we here at r.t. we've actually reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied and it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is for personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's a lot of questions that still remain but it would appear that that cnn's coverage related to russia and tromp is widely and in question as a result of these videos that have been released. so i mean. in the forests in washington thank you. news tonight russia's foreign minister says that washington's claim that the syrian government could be preparing a chemical attack is an invitation for terror groups to carry out provocations so
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that the u.s. retaliate against a sad comment was made to sergey lavrov held talks with his german counterpart earlier peter all of us live now to bring us up to speed. so what further things were said then because it was pretty feisty wasn't it the same. well it was certainly very workman like there wasn't so many of the pleasantries that you usually find at these type of diplomatic talks very straight speaking from the russian foreign minister in particular he said that russia would react to u.s. provocations towards the syrian government he also encouraged the united states not to look for a pretext in order to attack syrian government forces the overarching message was though that the words coming out of washington at the moment that a chemical attack would warrant a response from the united states well the message coming from russia is that could be playing directly into the hands of the extremists and terrorists.
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look at the u.s. experts and they say openly their extremist could use these claims by washington make prove occasions and shift the blame on so the syrian government. or want to stay the statement came out of washington that they said they knew that in u.s. intelligence circles that there was and it chemical attack being planned by assad and that if that was carried out then there would be repercussions in the form of an attack from the united states well what that is prompted is journalists in america asking questions from washington and from the senior figures in the administration over where they got that information from and what evidence there was for it. evidence share with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that was an absolutely
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right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say it's evidence of. all intelligence i'm not going to get into that one with you but this is a very serious and grave matter. a great deal coming from the state department spokesperson there but washington insists that the threat it laid down against syria has perhaps stopped an attack now that comes from james mattis the u.s. defense secretary he says that it's possible that in the talk may not happen and that is as a result of the threat that the u.s. laid out that if there was a chemical attack that it would result in a forceful response from american troops. ok thanks peter that was our ses peter all of that well meanwhile france and the u.k. pledged to support any future american attack on syrian government forces but
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a ghastly have looks now why washington seems to be ready to put punishment before to process. but sha i left side has one really bad habit and that habit is and you need does this when he's winning he ruined everything by doing something really stupid for no reason at all. take acids army now they're crushing slavek state liberating vast swaths of syria and out of the blue comes this the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime i said knows the probable cause and sequences of a chemical attack it's the only thing really right now that could ruin him by giving his enemies the opportunity of a pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the
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murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain booth stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind of villain batman would go after and and merica is batman. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if asked how does something really dumb for new reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action if you've been following events in syria recently you knew they aren't
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kidding the united states has attacked assad five times in what they see. is self-defense problem is justifying the prolonged conflict isn't easy once the voters don't want another gung ho bombing campaign they learn their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions the only thing left is to wait for asaad to give them a cause and since he's a comic book supervillain well it's just the parts of the script. not the case prime minister has clashed with the leader of the opposition in her first parliamentary question session since the country's election earlier in church . but how can contradictory messages from the government not just a question of what laws you have it's how those are being applied why is it that
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fire inspections local authority inspections appear to have missed this essential issue i think you are going to help the prime minister with this is you when you love truth or to explain why. i. was wrong and i want to try to your child is exposed as a disastrous effects of history to be clouding the child locks did not start under this government this disaster must free. crawl. well to reason may has been facing growing criticism since her party's election upset in which it lost its parliamentary majority and many u.k. citizens have been protesting too against the stairs he breaks it and the deadly gren fell tower fire in recent weeks in a new released poll too now shows that people for some time in britain have wanted
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a decisive overhaul of some aspects of government policy we can have a look at it here in fact a forty eight percent of respondents did say that they want the government to increase spending on health education and social benefits even if it means raising tackett taxes while you need four percent here wanted a decrease in taxes and spending and then this poll was conducted between june and november of last year before the gramm felt tragedy led to renewed outrage over its territory policies which many see as responsible of the government's plans for the next year have been debated in parliament and you can put to what could be a crucial vote on thursday for the head of that labor m.p. told us that the conservative party's program is argue logically driven and not in the interests of ordinary people. i think the public stick to the pact with the program that's been imposed on this country ever since the tories took
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power both in. alliance with the lib dems onto the coalition and also since i had total control because parts of mastery. feel there are two programs it's essentially a political program the aim is to roll back the study. is the private try be trying his trial sort of neat snot about the fact that the country needs desperately to save money because money is there and it is available. now. that the alliance has forces that are ready along russia's border. for the national troops in the baltic countries on. a fully operational it clear demonstration i thought were long ston soon to do in the face of any possible aggression when they. said that the broke security spending has
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seen its biggest increase since twenty fourteen in fact an increase of four point three percent in two years amounting to a total of almost forty six billion dollars we're joined now by to discuss this is that right through the trans national foundation that pace and future research. so then what what are your thoughts why is it necessary what are the real threats that nato is trying to respond to if they feel it's necessary to increase their budget by over four percent. well there's absolutely no threat that would lead you to make this type of inquiries nato week twenty countries that is hiring teams and military spending that russia be cheesy alleged main threat and secondly terrorism which of course is it rarely get in that threat to combat has increased since two thousand and one with eighty percent eighty times story. meaning that
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they were in terror is the most counted but they're doing more of a floating human history and you know to more of the defense ministers meeting in brussels and one of the things they're going to discuss is how to combat isis in the middle east now everybody knows that the united states and its allies supporting isis and other terrorists and of preventing the struggle of the syrian government from come betting easy this intrusion these terrorists on its territory so you know i just plain know rarely anymore it's it's perception management cycle that you can operate it. and it's not a matter of saying whenever we have a problem interest sixty eight years we have. to create a peaceful world we need more money not the money instead some bags talking about used citizens' taxpayers' money and light serious proposal would be lurkers who
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want wherever and have done such a bad job for sixty eight year is and asking for even more money they should go into crowdfunding for their words because it's unreasonable to ask taxpayers to pay more bellows and getting less and less peace and less and less security and less and less the feeling. paula from obviously the threat of terrorism they've now got battalions on russian on russia's border which they claim a battle ready. again what's the immediate threat that they're trying to respond to . best but i want you to sitting in sweden where he is the immediate threat. historic development before that russia did it what it did in crimea and eastern you climb that is everything is never mentioned by the western world secondly it was defensive back in many military terms and third there was never any evidence whatsoever. i mean whatever you can you can gather i'm not an intelligence person
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there is no one which is a funny name by the way because it's not much about intelligence. that russia has in a mood to be suicidal it would be a madman sitting in moscow who will tread percent or whatever it is of of of nato's military budget would start to wear on a nato country where we need to do is exactly the opposite we need to do you build this we need confidence building measures we need dialogue we need conflict resolution we need reconciliation we need trap ration in the middle east and this is prevented by and arrogant confrontational attitude which is a ploy to buy weapons you know people have weapons in their hands stop thinking stop being intellectual stop being modest and get this bridge that everything is possible because we are the strongest this is debt very dangerous period in human history. yan look we have to leave it there are really good specie too not there
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was director of the foundation for pace of action at your research thank you. now england's failed bid for the twenty eight hundred for world cup has turned into a corruption scandal for prince william and the former u.k. prime minister david cameron a fee for a poor claims that they were present in a room where a legal vote swapping was discussed with more on this story his and the situation. well definitely big names mentioned and lots of curious little dramatic details about courtship attempts of football executives and the bidding parties involved for starters yes there is mention of prince william apparently having been present at a one of the meetings where allegedly david cameron had suggested to south korean officials that they could vote for each other apparently according to this room report these promises were made but never kept and south korean official according to the garcia report had denied that this happened but according to garcia who was investigating
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these issues for two years of the if this would have been violation of anti collusion rules so certainly some questions there but among some of the other more really curious requests of that have been put into front of the english bidding team are quite interesting to say the least for starters there was talk of potentially meeting with the queen in return for support there was. english officials hour for helping with obtaining honorary knighthood help with a job for a friend's son as well as one of through fifa official from a caribbean nation requesting that his hometown be twinned with an english village so certainly lots of interesting suggestions apparently going out around with all this drama and greed of getting the grip on the world cups of twenty thousand and twenty twenty two but of course as we know in the end it was russian qatar that
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ended up getting those world cups and for them it's good news because they continue to can continue preparing and peace now despite previous rumors and sort of discussions in the media that they're going to be somehow implicated in this report that has not happened with any kind of fears of that happening being raced with the details that were presented in this four hundred page report well we discussed the issue with a fee for accredited lawyer he says that officials often neglect troops. well first of all we have to distinguish and we have to realize that in the law in the past years the fifa very often neglected the fifa officials very often neglected ethical rules and then the justices have been selective we have to acknowledge is because we see very often that there are so many cases and when the officials in different countries in different confederations violated the fifth of the very basic rules about conflict of interest about the bribes corruptions and we see that more and
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more names more and more stories are coming on in the in the last few years so now we have the legit you know corruption in england you know and i'm pretty sure that it's not the end of the story and in case of the violation every federation has to act but very often we've seen that it's not about england or russia about any other federations we've seen that in the very old cases that became corrupt public the national football federation did nothing they've never intervened we have to make it very clear you know if something was wrong then the independent investigation should really go on and the people should not be removed from investigation committee. which is continuing to reveal more of the spying tools allegedly used by the cia latest release details how the u.s. intelligence agency collects data from uses. as much. their release today is not as else as latest in a series of leaks from wiki leaks they allege came from in ca known as fast seven else according to doctors at release day it allows the cia to track the geo
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location of device not by its g.p.s. foot instead by its proximity to wife i access points now and this was this argument today and you know as do we could be some detail of this in the document it shows it there it's a device wearing a microsoft windows device even the device doesn't have even if it's not connected to the internet or time once it's connected once as wifely enabled they can get along to choose the latitude and timestamp of where it is based on why for access points would inspire sympathy and then using publicly accessible databases like google and microsoft can then stores information create timestamp forward to what we can lease or describe as a target devices air pattern of life. now the first semifinal of the three for confederations cup is kicked off in the russian city of course and we can get the latest from there with the neil harvey and stan collymore.
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very good evening to you portugal are facing chile in the semifinal confederations cup is about twenty minutes gone it's currently no no i don't understand colorful we've been watching the action could have been goals though absolutely is very bright and lively start from both sides rick so had a one on one with the goalkeeper very early on for chile after a very well fashioned move he placed a colliery in italy and they're doing silver of sporting club to portugal christiane the result goes for school before he went to manchester united exactly the same you know the end of the pitch one on one with a goalkeeper that was safe enough to say a full house is honoring the just over the water there which is unusual for a confederations cup the locals are more than up for their football and we been talking about you know ticket sales and where the stadiums were full the not always the case in the confederations cup but i think the fact that it's so quiet now around cars and shows that the locals have turned up on mass not that many
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particular fans coming from chile or portugal themselves absolutely three thousand chileans which is an extraordinary efforts confederations cup as it's more usual for world cups that kind of size of support bad thousand or so portuguese of course layout on there or twitter feed we are looking we are loving life here in russia and on the portuguese feet so that we're hoping that the hosts we're going to be supporting them very good atmosphere everybody off the streets is a few screens and this incredible view that we've been left with what i do want to just answer that because i'm sure it looks beautiful behind us but i must assure you this is a three as you say three hundred sixty degrees of war while for me i'd say at night this is the most beautiful city i've ever seen if you go across the river there and she told me earlier that it is stunning in all directions and absolutely unlike size a little fun for the music. stopped everybody's watching the football got a little bit of an on it some was a professional brawl custance sports broadcaster just seeing if there are any goals
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but no one at the moment between yet of course the football but the so much more. multicultural it's multi-faith and as multi options when it comes to food as well stan and i couldn't resist we went to taste the process. called la. i'm struggling to. put a lot of that but the upright in the republic of topless it has its own language. and i think we should follow that famous saying but in talk to stem cells to the trust talk with oh you can see a very. lots of books out got a very good share of. what are you going to. see what you've got poets because they're. the be. the be.
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you want you know. show. them to personify you because of all sorts to you just the the issue of why these things out similarly don't. know how you try you know these sites all know now i'm. going to sit. on the for want to just. pull some moments on the ground. you know the tree. of the city in just the. what's next i'm here to get the companion feel my music and me. my. picture taken. sure enough i know what disagree great bulls sokoloff mostly.
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i'm not ladies and gentlemen. he's a flea flown by the local force. great package enjoyed the food have enjoyed the hospitality here. all where you can remember a couple of weeks ago over all shoulders a building that lets open also equal especially for us no expense spared stanley no expense but you know that's the ministry of agriculture agricultural it's pretty much how i played my football should have guessed with a big huge tree right in the middle of that. there is no there so very very quickly about the other semifinal coming up jesse mexico now we talked about nerves and the more experience the play is the less they'll suffer in germany very very young team captain is that going to be the downfall perhaps perhaps mexico very experienced
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team used to play in while usually playing for the right here ninety thousand in the imperius out stick a study in. altitude germany the players will react wanting to why youngsters are they just go out and play without joie de vivre that. or they will be a little bit star struck traditionally germany do well in all tournament so i'm going to stick on i can't say it's going to be comfortable to go in for germany and portugal coming as i expect them to be an old european affair on sunday back in some places but i still say and it could be horribly wrong still think going to see some nerves from all those youngsters you need that you need the steady hand of experience next to the young talent as always the perfect combination guys and girls can let you know all about it so you know now.
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absolutely the dubrovnik in venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it. crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully for us on this national good album to all such as the traditional story some nuts stuff by him sometime soon as we find a school bus days and. while the city is trying desperately not to collapse all powerful corporations collect the profit of you should totally cool with who put this up it will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on some snuck up the supposed to mean a. lot of land. is a tourist phobia will feel fall into an identity.
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of. our own so to. solve. it with a. girl is the dog or the one school and the people here.


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