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thank. you what he thinks going to happen this week the russian i think if we look at the . c.n.n. present van jones apparently network's coverage of russia stories a big nothing on the hidden camera it is the latest scandal with the channel in recent days. russia's foreign minister warns that rebel groups in syria could try to make the assad government to pay guilty of carrying out chemical attack comes after the u.s. said it would retaliate against damascus should it carry out any such as so. what would try to. restore its. prime minister faces some tough questioning from the leader of the opposition party
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in parliament. session since the election. good evening welcome come to you live from moscow you with the international. has been released appearing to show one of c.n.n. presents ridiculing the news channel's russia coverage let's have a listen. would you think's going to happen this week with old russia. was going to be really. well cut them open has more on this story now and the control deceit that they've hit c.n.n. in recent days yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project vera tossed now as you just saw in that clip that was van jones briefly served in the obama administration and is now
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a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the russia thing is a nothing burger now let's be important it's important be clear here we don't exactly know what he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump the context of the clip is not exactly clear this leak comes on just just in the aftermath of another recent leaks from project veritas and jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says you know the russia story is you know in polite terms nonsense that was just recently released as well now we hear it r.t. we've actually reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied and it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is for is personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's
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a lot of questions that still remain but it would appear that that cnn's coverage related to russia and tromp is widely and in question as a result of these videos that have been released. now russia's foreign minister says washington's claim that the syrian government could be preparing a chemical attack is an invitation for terror groups to carry ak provocations that the u.s. retaliates against assad the comment was made to say get out of rove held talks of the human kind to. speak to all of his more. it was certainly very workman like there wasn't so many of the pleasantries that you usually find at these type of diplomatic talks very straight speaking from the russian foreign minister in particular he said that russia would react to u.s. provocations towards the syrian government he also encouraged the united states not to look for a pretext in order to attack syrian government forces the overarching message was
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though that the words coming out of washington at the moment that a a chemical attack would warrant a response from the united states well the message coming from russia is that could be playing directly into the hands of the extremists and terrorists. i look at the u.s. experts and they say openly that extremists could use these claims by washington might prove occasions and shift the blame on so the syrian government all on tuesday the statement came out of washington that they said they knew that in u.s. intelligence circles that there was an it chemical attack being planned by assad and that if that was carried out then there would be repercussions in the form of an attack from the united states well what that is prompted is journalists in america asking questions from washington and from the senior figures in the administration over where they got that information from and what evidence there was for it if that's evidence kids shared with us about this potential
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preparation for these chemical weapons is that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say is evidence or proof of intelligence i'm not going to get it out with you but this is a very serious and grave matter a great deal coming from the state department spokesperson there but washington insists that the threat. it laid down again syria has perhaps stopped an attack now that comes from james mattis the u.s. defense secretary he says that it's possible that an attack may not happen and that is as a result of the threat that the u.s. laid out so as it stands we haven't heard any evidence presented from the state department as you just heard there or from anywhere within the u.s. government we haven't heard any proof that a chemical attack happened the previous time that the u.s.
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launched missile strikes against syria that attack in libya we heard about this meeting in cross nadar say that he wanted to see the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog allowed to carry out a full investigation on the ground there as he pointed out they haven't been allowed to do that as of yet these are all of the reporting there will france and the u.k. have pledged to support any future american attack on syrian government forces. now looks at why washington seems to be ready to put punishment before process. but shah al assad has one really bad habit and that habit is and you need does this when he's winning he ruined everything by doing something really stupid for no reason at all. take acids army now they're crushing slavek state liberating vast swaths of syria and out of the
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blue comes this the united states has identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime as sad knows the probable cause and sequences of a chemical attack it's the only thing we need right now that could. by giving his enemies the opportunity of a pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the murderous syrian dictator bashar assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's a murderous regime in syria it is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain booth stupid and evil the yawned any logic the kind of villain batman would go after and america is not mind. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his
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military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if asked how does something really dumb a new reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action if you've been following events in syria recently you knew they aren't kidding the united states has attacked assad five times what they see. is self-defense problem is justifying the prolonged conflict isn't easy western voters don't want another gung ho bombing campaign they learn their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions and only thing left is to wait for asaad to give them
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a cause and since he's a comic book supervillain well it's just a part of the script. the case prime minister has clashed with the leader of the opposition in her first parliamentary question session since the country's election earlier in june. but how can contradictory messages from the government not just a question of what laws you house it's how those are being applied why is it that far inspections that local authority inspections appear to have missed this essential issue i think you are going to help the prime minister with this is you when you can't love truth or to explain why it. was you when it was wrong and i want to try to ours expose the disastrous effects of a stereotype the charging of child locks did not start under this government this
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disaster must be a wake up call well theresa may has been facing growing criticism since her party's election upset in which it lost its parliamentary majority many u.k. citizens have been protesting against the sterett he breaks it and the deadly grenfell tower fire in recent weeks and the newly released poll seeing now shows that people in britain for some time have wanted an overhaul of government policy in fact forty eight percent of respondents said that they wanted the government to increase spending on health and education and social benefits even if it means raising taxes only four percent wanted a decrease in taxes and spending and this poll was conducted between june and november of last year before the grand felt how a tragedy that led to a need and rage over its territory policies the government's plans for the next year have been debated in parliament and we put to what could be
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a crucial vote on thursday ahead of that labor m.p. roger go to see if told us that the conservative party's program is ideologically driven and not in the interests of ordinary people. i think the public should to get back to you with the all star review program spin. posed on this country ever since the tories took our votes in. alliance with the lib dems coalition and also since i had total control because it's hard to mastery the field there are two programs it's essentially a political program the aim is to roll back the study the journey is the private try the journey is drown out the songs on each not about the five of the country needs desperately to save money because money is there and it is available. now nato chief u.n.
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stoltenberg has announced that the airlines has forces that are combat ready along russia's border. for multinational but the troops in the baltic countries on poland are now fully operational a clear demonstration that our line stance united in the face of any possible aggression nato secretary general there also said that the block security spending has seen its biggest increase since twenty fourteen in fact an increase of four point three percent in teen years amounting to a total of almost forty six billion dollars we're joined now by my granny. b s news human rights activist. hello there mike why do you think nato feels it necessary to increase its spending by such a large amount then. i think nato is still trying to justify itself after. nearly twenty or twenty five years of. existence that should have happened really
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after the cold war nato should have been disbanded but obviously it still be news it was used in libya it's used in afghanistan it's used in in syria still today i think the buildup of troops on russian borders is extremely dangerous really provocative and it's not just russia. china is pretty much surrounded by u.s. troops and u.s. bases and u.s. aircraft carriers and again this is so dangerous a couple of couple hundred years ago if governments saw hostile troops on their border they wouldn't wait for a declaration of war they would just see that as an imminent invasion and defend themselves so you can say that russia and china have been amazingly restrained in their attitudes to to the west and to nato countries in particular but but it's part of the u.s. is a global empire but we can't forget that this is an eight hundred at least i thought under the u.s. bases around the world and u.s. special forces last year were deployed in one hundred thirty eight countries that seventy percent of the country is the states in the world so i would sum it's it's
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ubiquitous is everywhere they are this is very few countries the don't have a u.s. presence in their land at the moment i'll give me some of those special forces a true for training purposes but they're only training two to train the local troops and again and this is all to do with the preservation of corporate interests they're not they don't sign on there to save people they're not there to to help people they are there to protect corporate interests wherever they may be. and i'm like why why do you think they've they've announced that they have got battle ready italians along russia's border and in what why not just play streets there why gay the third step is they local needs guys a battle ready. it is create is ludicrous really and actually if you look at the media coverage in the in the u.k. in the u.k. and in the west in general it's completely hundred ninety degree reversed since it's russian aggression and russian aggression on its own border apparently so it's
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bizarre and i don't really know what nato generals are thinking but this can end well. and who knows what the the eastern european countries are thinking because they're allowing this to happen but obviously a lot of them want to actually be part of the european project they want to join nato and so they see this allowing nato troops and u.s. troops on their in their country and on on the border with russia as a as a means to an end i guess but it's it could have really serious repercussions but it's certainly destabilizing the entire region and they they understand this and at the very least might get locked into a vicious circle don't we because obviously russia them feels it has to respond in some kind and then of course nato will say oh look at russia's doing now we have to respond i mean as i say it's just we're locked into the things. it is it's a new cold war isn't it and it's it's a boom for the the military industrial complex as they manage to sell more tanks and more weapons even if they may not ever be used but that's it's it's ratcheted
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up the threat level all the time but the threat is the us that is the threat is nato countries. so again it's it is incredible to see restraint on the part of russia and the same for china but i can understand they have to defend themselves and they have to be seen to be defending themselves and so like any rational actor you would you would not take kindly to a buildup of hostile troops on your border and that's exactly what's happening across the whole of eastern europe at the moment ok mike that we'll leave it there for now that was my granny editor of b.s. nice thank you. now england's failed bid for the twenty eight hundred feet for world cup has turned into a corruption scandal for prince william and former u.k. prime minister david cameron a free for report claims that they were present in a room where a legal vote swapping was discussed with more on this story here is and says the chill can. well definitely big names mentioned and lots of curious little dramatic
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details about courtship attempts of football executives and the bidding parties involved for starters yes there is mention of prince william apparently having been present at a one of the meetings where allegedly david cameron had suggested to south korean officials that they could vote for each other apparently according to this room report these promises were made but never kept and south korean official according to the garcia report had denied that this happened but according to garcia who was investigating these issues for two years of the if this would have been in violation of anti collusion rules so certainly some questions there but among some of the other more really curious requests that have been put into front of the english bidding team are quite interesting to say the least for starters there was talk of potentially meeting with the queen in return for support there was. english officials hour for helping with obtaining honorary knighthood help with
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a job for a friend's son as well as one of through fifa official from a caribbean nation requesting that his hometown be twinned with an english village so certainly lots of interesting suggestions apparently going out around with all this drama and greed of getting the grip on the world cups of twenty thousand and twenty twenty two but of course as we know in the end it was russian qatar that ended up getting those world cups and for them it's good news because they continue to can continue preparing and peace now despite previous rumors and sort of discussions in the media that they're going to be somehow implicated in this report that has not happened with any kind of fears of that happening being raced with the details that were presented in this four hundred page report well we discussed the issue with the credit to do it he says that officials often neglect the rules. well
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first of all we have to distinguish and we have to realize that in the law in the past years the fifa very often neglected the fifa officials very often neglected ethical rules and then the justices have been selective we have to acknowledge is because we see very often that there was so many cases and when the officials in different countries in different confederations violated the fee for very basic rules about conflict of interest about the bribes corruptions and we see that more and more names more and more stories are coming on in the in the last few years so now we have the legit you know corruption in england you know and i'm pretty sure that it's not the end of the story and in case of the violation every federation has to act but very often we've seen that it's not about england or russia about any other federations we've seen that in the very old cases that became corrupt public the national football federation did nothing they've never intervened we have to make it very clear you know if something was wrong then the independent investigation should really go on and the people should not be removed from
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investigation committee. now we could exist continuing to reveal more of the spying tools allegedly used by the cia its latest release details have u.s. intelligence how the u.s. intelligence agency collects data from page uses can we glean she has more. the release today is not as else as latest in a series of leaks from wiki leaks they allege came from in ca known as four seven zero elser according to doctors or at least a little as the cia to track the geo location of the voice not by its g.p.s. foot instead by its proximity to wife i access points know this this argument today and you know where is the we could use of detail that is in the document it shows that there it's a device wearing a microsoft windows device even the device doesn't have even if it's not connected to the internet or time want to connect that want to his wife way enabled they can get along to choose the latitude and timestamp of where it is based on why for access points within its proximity and then using publicly accessible databases
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like google and microsoft can then stores information create time zone forward to what we can lease or describe as a target devices air pattern of life. so let's just bring you some breaking news here in r.t. because israel has confirmed that it has conducted strikes on syrian positions in the country it says it is in retaliation to a pretty sharp projectile launched earlier from the golan heights israel considers the region part of its territory it is the fourth such incident this month that's the latest we'll bring you more as we get it. now the first semifinal of the fifa confederations cup has kicked off in the russian city of kazanci let's get the latest now from there with neil harvey and stan collymore.
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they could even see less than half an hour to go in semifinal here in sally's which the new chilly no stand call alongside me stand no goals we nearly had a couple or early on kind of this kind of counseling each other out now why do you think this is happening it's cliched saw him. verse always on the price of professional football at the end of a long two thousand and sixteen seventeen season from a good christian or an elder was on a plane in the champions league final three or four weeks ago is that you get in now towards the end of june lots of players are already going back to pre-season training for next season so it's been an incredibly long season for these guys and the trophy they can see they can feel the final in some places bergen some so now it's becoming a little bit of a standoff the game has slowed down a little bit and it may well take a moment of genius from alexey sanchez or from a christian or a rebel doubts win the game maybe even call of bites of penalties and some real excitement over it i think anybody would question just how important this
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competition was to the players we're seeing the the answer now the fact that it's so i think intensely for this neal knows because both teams really want this if yellow cards flying around some heavy tackles packed stadium that will add to the intensity completely in the balance unlike say i remember when he first came here to join the also the same for the confederations cup project winning some preachers big speakers auricular marcel desailly a muscle disease the world is a european championship winner when the confederations cup and he said when you get to the stage of the tournament when people around you let friends talk like journalists and broadcasters talk about it's a it's a warm or prevent for the world called he said when you lift the trophy it feels exactly the same as picking up the world. a year hence so. vitally important now for both sets of players to go again and like the best players tend to stand up and be caring to i would expect rinaldo sanctions to be perhaps that yeah because of
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the connection maybe penalties it is nerve they it is a big game so they have every reason to be nervous now it's nice action of course all the tension he sent down the. chile the playing for the big place in the confederations cup final on sunday but so much more to cause than as we have found out we did a multicultural multi-faith city home to some of russia's most cold retreats. from struggling to fill the lives of the upright in the republic of it has its own language. i think we should follow that famous saying but in time to stand. up and i can see a very. very good share. what are you going to. see what you've got because the.
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goal of the be. watching i hope. to personify you because you just the player should stay out simply don't. know. no no now i'm. going to sit. on the board want to. hold full. retreat. he said this is the. if you get to combine with. me.
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and i want to see three great pools. i'm not ladies and gentlemen. please. local. pretty much that's not what he's for maybe a. version of gordon ramsay's. talking about how the german team he fancied to make the final very very young twenty three year old captain do you think that they're going to be sitting there now and really hoping for extra time because they have presumably they have more energy. with the white guy in the portugal chile guy responded that particular of course if there's extra
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saw and potentially penalty because there will be tired legs only a few days before sunday's final in some. youth reacts in a couple of different ways and having covered seven hundred eight hundred football matches and watching young players develop including a very young cristiana rinaldo his debut for manchester united is that sometimes as a young player it becomes in the rain is like the arena or the luzhniki in the world cup final confederations cup final it can swallow you will the whole atmosphere and it misses you it goes by you very very quickly but then there is some players around with michael owen of england in the ninety nine will cope he thrived on it because it was an ability to express himself nobody expected anything so the white was completely off the shoulders and he came into the world superstar and if you look at players like team over julian draxler. score the goal of the day the hoffenheim midfielder these glories of playing with the breaks off their
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playing with the freedom they're playing with the youth and rather than sometimes in cristiana rinaldo their plight. year in and year out for sometimes the best part of a decade these guys are young they're fresh and they've got all of their best years to come so that may well stun germany in very good state and i said you know presumably jim you've got more energy what i mean by that is the fact they've been rotating that team so often which you know maybe seemed a little kind of lacking in conviction but a long term it could turn out to be a great many of course a lot of these go on plane week in and week out for their clubs that have come in that might be at one season to season fresh legs if you look at it in terms of your call is the difference between having ten thousand kilometers on the clock and a hundred thousand kilometers on the clock which christiane over eldo has certainly german players will be watching this and it's a motel that had dinner they'll be relaxed and depending on how this game pans out to be goes to extra time and penalties they'll be champing at the bit to get to that final as well the mexicans of course ok still very finely balanced good
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quarter of the game to go we'll let you know what happens hopefully see you next time. what politicians do something. to put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be rich . but you're going to be first.


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