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tv   Headline News  RT  June 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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on r.j. america a second newly released under cover video shows another prominent c.n.n. on air talents calling the russia story a quote nothing burger got full coverage coming up. france in the u.k. pledged their support to the u.s. in syria after the white house puts assad on notice will break down those strong words and get insight from an mit professor. and we break down seymour hersh is latest exposé were guarding the official narrative behind the trumpet ministrations major escalation in syria. it's wednesday june twenty eighth five pm in washington d.c.
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i'm natasha sweets and you're watching r.t. america well just hours ago a new secretly recorded video surfaced this time appearing to show it on air c.n.n. hosts missing the substance behind the network's heavy coverage of russia's alleged connection to the u.s. election it's the second undercover video featuring c.n.n. employees on russia in just two days project veritas founder james o'keefe is behind those videos artie's bono was ario tells us what c.n.n. host is the target of the latest release. it's been one public relations crisis after another this week for c.n.n. first the network retracted a story that tried to draw a connection between a donald trump ally and an investigation into russian funds the story had one anonymous source and in the aftermath three reporters resigned and now this on the air host and political commentator van jones caught on project veritas undercover camera saying this what do you think's going to happen this week you told russia.
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didn't you keep it really. you don't think that's. good for van jones you got me i have no idea what is a nothing burger but the video release comes less than two days after project barrett toss founder james o'keefe exposed another c.n.n. employee this one a producer with descriptive words about cnn's russia coverage i can't understand but obviously the whole russia is just like. you know what are we doing. john. breaux. after the first video the network released a statement saying c.n.n. stands by our medical producer jon bon a field diversity of personal opinion is what makes c.n.n. strong we welcome it and embrace it well here at r.t. we're still waiting to hear back from c.n.n. on the latest video release along with any concrete statement from the network on
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its retracted story the subsequent departure of three employees and attacks on its coverage of the russia trump investigation in general here's what i've been able to dig up so far late friday night c.n.n. tweeted an editor's note saying that on june twenty second c.n.n. dot com published a story connecting anthony's car mucci with investigations into the russian direct investment fund that story did not meet cnn's editorial standards and has been retracted links to the story have been disabled c.n.n. apologizes to mr scarborough cheat to which he replies c.n.n. did the right thing classy move apology accepted everyone makes mistakes moving on and while i'm sure c.n.n. would like it to be that easy it's not three days later three employees resigned c.n.n. money quoting a spokesman saying that in the aftermath of the retraction of a story published on c.n.n. dot com c.n.n. has accepted the resignations of the employees involved and while c.n.n. president jeff zucker has yet to address the story or the resignations according to
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the new york times citing a c.n.n. network employee who listen to the newsroom conference call it was granted an annuity to describe private remarks sucker said this people are trying to attack us trying to take us down our reputation is everything that is our currency and that's why we have processes in place if you don't follow those procedures you don't work here period right now these attacks are coming in part from project veritas and o'keefe whose own history is muddied with lawsuits involving the techniques of his undercover work and his attacks on mainstream media he warns are not over yet neither is c.n.n.'s frequent coverage of allegations russia hacked the u.s. election because. just one day after losing three reporters to a retracted russia story the network hosted a special documentary titled the russian connection inside the attack on democracy in washington see modellers ario r.t. earlier r.t. spoke to conservative commentator and author dr jean allowed in and this is what
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she had to say in regard to the latest developments around c.n.n. the sensually what has taken place over the last few days has verified and vindicated a lot of us who have been watching this whole thing go down into saying there's no there there you can't use anonymous sources that are obviously misleading you and i think that that's perhaps a little bit of what happened here but also you just can't report news that you haven't verified and when you do i think the american people are standing by watching this and the chips are falling where we kind of all knew they would ultimately though a lot of the rating spikes we happen to have seen on some of the more all left news media might be just people out there who lost the election looking for some validation more so than actually trusting the sources because we all know that those same those same networks there are trusts where the level is very very low and for more on the ongoing c.n.n.
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russia saga i'm joined now by former minnesota governor and host for the ep to mean the world according to jesse right here on r.t. america thanks so much for joining us governor thank you natasha good to be here so the enter cover project they're testing video that surfaced actually supporting president trump's claim that c.n.n. is what he calls fake news so i want to play a short clip for you where the video talks journalistic ethics take a listen. so i understand already to try to get to. this is people who could be as likely to go. to more than a schedule of sixty days to talk about in terms of years they tend to do or. want to do or to. just. so now after this video surfaced c.n.n. said it didn't plan on taking disciplinary action against the producer that they
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break diversity so is that was this what you call diversity governor. well first of all let me state this you know i had a recent court case and the american sniper. chris kyle defamed me and one of the things we sued on there was a thing called unjust enrichment while thirty two major media conglomerates in america including the new york times the washington post all of these people involved in the whole russian thing came into theirs overturned the jury's verdict overturned the federal judge and even broke their own rules of arguing a new theory in front of the court of appeals they won that so it doesn't surprise me you're getting this because mainstream media today is all about making money and because of the overturning of things like i'm just enrichment well then they can do it it's equivalent to robbing the bank you get caught robbing the bank you do two
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years but when you get out you get to keep the money you're rob and that's what they're getting away with now they don't have to check sources they can use unnamed sources because they have no fear of the unjust enrichment claim anymore they're free carte blanche to pump it out and make money that is the problem with mainstream america media today it isn't about informing you it's about very making money for my stallion many against have been pushing this you know rest of the collusion narrative and still we even have people like james clapper and even james komi under oath same there is still no proof regarding this whole so-called rush regardless of c.n.n.'s coverage really hadn't really changed up until this video surfaced and so do you believe that the new york times falls into a similar category with c n n i know you kind of alluded to that. absolutely you know to me i'll tell you this honestly and i'm an independent i despise both
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parties equally that's one thing jesse ventura is known for if hillary clinton would have won i doubt we'd even be hearing about this story right now but the dems are good at that whenever they lose an election they have to blame someone i remember in two thousand they blamed my friend ralph nader ralph nader cost them the election and now apparently they've even pulled in dr jill stein of the green party she was part of it she cost them the election they never want to take ownership that maybe they have the wrong candidate may ran a horrible campaign so it's easy no let's blame the russians and it's also more than that i don't like the fact that we're out here trying to drum up the cold war again how many elections have the united states of america interfered in venezuela cuba where guatemala iran i mean the list goes on and on and on who are
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we to talk about interfering in elections and speaking of credibility and there's a bill right now in targeting media outlets like our t.v. sponsor of the bill senate senator jeanne shaheen democrat of new hampshire says she's claiming that our tea and sputnik are designed to undermine our democracy and she says she's referring to the russian meddling in the u.s. election which again as we said has not been proven so governor what is your response being that you're actually work for art that you think people who are the ones who actually don't watch what's being covered. exactly and my response to this guy who put this bill in it's personal it's an insult to me it's an insult to my integrity as a united states navy veteran as a mayor and a governor does he really believe i would subvert my country you know criticizing your country is called being
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a vigilant citizen that's what george washington and tom jefferson told us we had to be that for this to survive it's called vigilance paying attention and when i criticize my government it isn't because i dislike them it's because i hate what they're doing and i want to change what they do and right now in this country we need a lot of changes and when i say that it doesn't necessarily mean i'm back and trump because trump seems to be wanting to take us backwards into coal my changes are let's move forward into a new century like humans always do right where you get a taste of jesse ventura and the world according to jesse and you don't have to agree with him politically and same thing with sarah palin don't have to agree with her politically but what do you think about the defamation lawsuit that she's now putting against the new york times they were essentially blaming her for the shooting of gabrielle giffords back in two thousand and one. well good luck you know the same thing occurred with me you're going to face
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a trial where everything now they've got it overturned because you had to you had to what i call political hack to judges shepherd reilly at the age shirted who never heard a shred of evidence and yet overturned the case because the truth came out isn't the court room the place for the truth so i would say this you've got a tough road to hoe i'm still neck deep in this fight and like i said they overturn the unjust enrichment law of minnesota so the media can now defame anybody and profit from it and they get to make money off their wrongdoing that's what our federal court of appeals has allowed them to do now and we really appreciate your insight governor ventura thank you so much for joining us today thank you very much for let me speak on meanwhile france and the u.k. have pledged to support an american attack on syrian government forces have now looks at why washington seems to be ready to put punishment before due process but shah al assad has one really bad habit and that habit is and you
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need does this when he's winning he ruined everything by doing something really stupid for no reason at all. take me now crushing slavek state liberating vast swaths of syria and out of the blue comes this the united states is identified potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack by the saddam regime i said knows the probable cause and sequences of the chemical attack it's the only thing really right now that could ruin him by giving his enemies the opportunity of the pretext to attack him why would he do it because he's evil the murderous. dictator bashar al assad has been a brutal dictator bashar al assad's
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a murderous regime in syria assad is the worst kind of brutal war criminal a classic super villain both stupid and evil beyond any logic the kind of villain batman would go off to and america is batman. if mr assad conducts another mass murder attack using chemical weapons he and his military will pay a heavy price britain is already on board if asaad does something really dumb for new reason again the u.k. will join the us in punishing him we think it's absolutely right if we can to prevent the use of chemical weapons and we will fully support any u.s. action if you've been following events in syria recently you knew they aren't kidding the united states has attacked assad five times in what they say is self defense program is justifying the per long conflict isn't
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easy what's the voters don't want another gung ho bombing campaign they learn their lesson after the first few times the international community sick of reckless interventions and you only thing left is to wait for asaad to give them a cause and since he's a comic book supervillain well it's just the parts of the script. legendary investigative reporter seymour hersh best known for exposing the my lane massacre of nine hundred sixty eight and the use of torture at an iraqi prison has released a new explosive report regarding the official narrative behind the trumpet ministrations and major escalation in syria on april sixth of this year the u.s. launched a tomahawk missile strike on the air base in syria killing nine civilians and seven soldiers according to the syrian government will trump told citizens at the time
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that he ordered the strike in response to an alleged chemical attack carried out by the syrian government just days before our two correspondents on your part until has more on hirsch's reports for nearly fifty years hersh has worked top government sources to expose the darkest secrets of the us military and while public resistance to war like the one being waged on syria has waned hirsch's dedication to correcting the record has not his latest bombshell out at di well titled trump's red line shatters what's perhaps president trump's most shining moment since taking office when he decided to bomb the syrian military as retaliation for what we were told was a deadly chemical attack carried out by the assad government in the village of qana coons. there can be no dispute that syria used chemical weapons violated its obligations under the chemical weapons convention and
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ignored the urging of the un security council. however trump's statement must be disputed because according to her sources it left military and intelligence officials bemused with one officer reportedly telling colleagues upon learning of the u.s. strike none of this makes any sense we know that there was no chemical attack the russians are furious the russians were phiri is because according to her they and their syrian allies notified the us of the planned april fourth syrian strike unconscious akun in english and described their target as a high level meeting of jihad as leaders including representatives from groups affiliated with al qaeda franchise in the country keep in mind it live province where country shake whom is a located is currently governed by these groups funded and armed by foreign powers
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including the united states as alter net points out in the province it rules on no threat has imposed what a leading scholar has described as a taliban like regime that is ethnically cleansed a religion religious and ethnic minorities banned music and established a brutal theocracy in which it publicly executes women accused of adultery hirsch's american sources emphasize the importance of the syrian strike which was reportedly carried out with the russian supplied guided bomb according to a senior intelligence advisor speaking with hersh every operations officer had to know there was something going on the russians gave the syrian air force a guided bomb and that was a rarity there skimpy with their guided bombs and rarely share them with the syrian air. force and the syrians assigned their best pilot to the mission with the best wingman hersh adds the advanced intelligence on the target as supplied by the
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russians it was given the highest possible score inside the american community according to her she was source quote a bomb damage assessment by the u.s. military later determined that the heat and force of the five hundred pound the syrian bomb triggered a series of secondary explosions that could have generated a huge toxic cloud that began to spread over the town formed by the release of fertilizers disinfectant and other goods stored in the basement of the meeting site and while doctors without borders visited victims they say showed symptoms consistent with exposure to serin or similar compounds hirsch explains they are quote consistent with the release of a mixture of chemicals including coreen and the organophosphates used in many fertilizers which can cause neurotoxic effects similar to those of sarin despite other obvious questions surrounding the official story for example how assad would
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even get sarin gas considering the u.n. declared the government had transferred out the last of its chemical weapons supply in two thousand and fourteen trump in the mainstream media rushed to indict the syrian government with trump declaring alongside king abdullah in the rose garden on april sixth that assad had crossed many lines according to her that night trump was presented with four options for the u.s. response one to do nothing which was immediately ruled out two was to strike an airfield after notifying russia and by extension the syrians in order to minimize casualties option three was to target syrian bases and command centers with the u.s. air force and the final option presented was to decapitate the syrian state by bombing assad in his presidential palace trump. as option two though trump apparently at first opposed the decision to warn the russians this account of those fateful
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days in april paints a disturbing portrait of our commander in chief hirsch's source described the believe government carried out a chemical attack on conch a coon as a fairy tale nonetheless it's a tale which moved to trump to bomb a sovereign nation and one which despite being hostile to the president on almost every other front the mainstream media has never questioned in washington on your part until our t.v. . well in the april fourth chemical attack in syria the white house responded on april eleventh at it with confidence that the attack was committed by president assad's forces that same day ted has still post or rather a professor of science and technology and national security at mit issued his own report which found that the white house report quote contains absolutely no evidence that went indicate who was the perpetrator of this atrocity earlier i was joined by professor pistol or post or rather to discuss legitimacy of the us government claims with regard to the use of chemical weapons in syria the white
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house report issued on april eleventh was issued four days after the april seventh . cruise missile attack from the us against the shah wrought a syrian air base and the white house report referred to images of ace owen the legs crater in conch a coon that where the supposedly sarin release occurred so this was publicly available information and i quickly was able to find images naturally videos of people around the crater and one could see that first of all nobody who had any idea what they were doing would have cited this kind of evidence as evidence of a nerve agent attack the reason is that. the likelihood that
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a crater like this would be tampered with is essentially certain i mean the people were all over the place in every video i could find including a very early one from april for the date of the attack and when you looked at the crater you could see essentially what looked like a fuse me a piece of pipe. from every one hundred twenty two millimeter rocket and if that were to be the saharan release container which i do not believe it was but it's the only candidate that you would find we can find. it would not be nearly enough seren to cause significant injuries down wind damage i don't know if it was a release so well can you also talk about the new york times now with this of what happened back in april and so you're kind of alluding to this what is the
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significance of the when being reported to blow in the opposite direction that day well the new york times put out a video. based on. what they claim was a forensic analysis of videos and the for the i'm sorry to laugh it's because it's so serious the first thing the video does is show you a scene taken from supposedly well it is taken from the north of conscious. looking south and they allege that there were bombings that occurred that day but the clouds show that the wind is blowing in the wrong direction. so how this video was not taken on unable for and then using that video they then try to generate locations where bombs were supposedly with the bombs supposedly fell because they had line of sight from the camera location showing the debris clouds
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too so they just searched down the line of sites and then and then presented before and after images of what they claimed were bombing areas and if you look at the before and after images there's no bomb damage so do you have any like any evidence of a five hundred pound bomb anywhere in these before and after photographs interest just ridiculous and so do you think the un's account of what happened in april was simply fabricated by the syrian rebels and well i think it was fabricated by the new york times in this case. there's no evidence in the videos and i think it was there is very substantial evidence that the. the. rebels fabricated this and also i'm afraid and this is very disturbing is that the o.p.c. w. the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons has also broken rules
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providing information that wrongly suggests that they have evidence of of sciri of salman release in that area when they don't. we have now a videos of of white helmets people who we know are involved with al qaeda and other extremist organizations supposedly collecting seren samples they collect a salary and sample from a dead goat. this dead goat has dragged tracks behind the carcass you can see that this godas been dragged to the location where the set where this errand was so supposedly collected in the o.p.c. w. reports that they detected sarah and well sarah and degradation material on the hairs of the goat and there's no chain of custody the you know
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the the samples were collected by people who are known to have a political agenda well and as you know we know we were just talking about the white house came out on monday saying that there with you know evidence of another chemical attack in the making so what's your take on this as well as you know u.n. ambassador nikki haley there any not only syria but also russia and iran well this is one of the most dangerous things that the white house and and ms haley could have possibly done because in effect what they have said they haven't but let me they have invited additional salmon attacks by the rebels and let me explain why what they have essentially told the rebels is that any sour an attack that you can pull off or make people believe happened will be blamed on the syrian government and the russians they are losing the the rebels are losing the war and the best
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thing they can do if they can succeed it is to convince the americans to attack the syrian government military because that's the military they're fighting so they're creating an incentive for a false flag attack. and in fact we know that they've already been false flag attacks that is the say attacks that have either that were not by the syrian government but were in fact perpetrated by rebels and quickly i just want to get a last point in here i have about twenty seconds left there was an article in belly cat criticizing your take on a previous syrian chemical attack so we would love to hear what your response is to reporter elliot hagen it's nothing mr higginson has produced in the form of forensic evidence has been proven to be correct everything that can be analyzed has been shown to be false this is a perfect record it's got one hundred percent record being being wrong ok well we
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really appreciate your insight to post a professor of science and technology and national security at mit thank you so much for joining us today. russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov had strong words for the us telling his meeting with his german counterpart diskettes in a crisis in syria r t peter oliver has the reports we heard to mr lover of the russian foreign minister making a number of points and making the rather forcefully as well he said that russia would retaliate and would react to any provocations from the u.s. led coalition in syria he also said that the united states and encourage the united states not to look for a pretext in order to launch strikes against assad government forces in syria the main point the russian government is concerned that extremists in syria may attempt to launch some kind of provocation chemical attack in order to try and
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draw the u.s. into airstrikes now this is after the united states said if there was a chemical attack they would launch further attacks themselves against the assad government this is something of course that is deeply worrying to the russian government that was voiced by sergei lavrov we can hear what he said right now. i look at the u.s. experts and they say openly thanks to miss could use these claims by washington might prove occasions and shift the blame on so the syrian government. well served eleven of also went on to say that once again the russian federation called upon the united nations chemical weapons watchdog to launch a full investigation into what happened in lib not so long ago that prompted the airstrikes from the well the missile strikes from the united states on a syrian air base he said the investigators from the o.c.p. w.
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haven't actually been to the scene of the alleged chemical attack in that they were making their assumptions from far away you've called on them to be allowed to go there and carry out a full investigation now there was a message also that came from certain gay lover of saying that russia was extremely concerned that back in the early to thousands the u.s. bush administration had falsified information in order to launch a war in iraq and they wanted to make sure that at the same thing wasn't being done in syria and that we couldn't see we are not going to see a repeat of the terrible scenes we saw in iraq they're still in disarray right now to see those scenes repeated in syria a number of very major points from the russian foreign minister there as he was south along side his german counterpart in crowds in the dark. meanwhile congress is accusing russian media outlets of peddling the kremlin's agenda
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a number of lawmakers are gunning for our teeth pacifically with a bill that aims to brand the channel as a foreign agent artie's daniel hawking explains essentially this really boils down to more tit for tat measures but just to give you some background the united states has of course had a foreign agent registration act since the nine hundred thirty s. it's been amended several times since then but it requires entities on u.s. soil with links to foreign states to register as such some powerless have been drawn with the russian foreign agents act passed in two thousand and twelve although differences of course do exist now this latest bill targets are specifically russian propaganda media outlets like r t contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for criminal messaging i think it's a propaganda arm of government that is definitely not on our side the bill will provide the us department of justice with increased investigative authority to
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identify and prosecute entities that seek to unlawfully influence the political process the difference is this time there will not be a need for any criminal or administrative offenses to have taken place he would need to report their activities to the department of justice regardless now a group of russian senators have come up with a proposal to mirror this potential new law take a listen. but even we have established that some pretty commission that deals with questions of russian sovereignty and foreign meddling i think we discussed the bill that's proposed in the us and decided that we need to adopt council measures which now entities similar to what may happen in the united states will be forced to disclose their sources of funding and provide accountability all of their activities in line with the russian foreign agents law in the senate intelligence committee hearing today lawmakers discussing both the air. pact of and possible mitigation efforts for alleged interference from russian hackers in european
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elections specifically focusing on accusations decimated by mainstream news media reporting that russian hackers have infiltrated president emanuel across election campaign senator marco rubio blamed the russia for fomenting discontent even going as far as to call in their words elt of alleged hacking quote gratifying for the perpetrators a lot of people are focused on a particular relict or outcome i think the broader design was to sow instability chaos division in a country that already had great political division i don't think anybody can doubt that that's the case i mean just the sheer amount of time and energy that's been spent by this committee this congress the press and everybody else on this issue of russia alone must be deeply gratifying to the people who authorized these measures since initial allegations reports have emerged from the head of france's cyber security agency affirming no proof was found linking the attacks to any russian hacking group despite this harvard professor on diplomacy and international
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relations praised measures taken by them a crime campaign to counter alleged russian hacking efforts the europeans have learned lessons from what went wrong in our election and what seems to have worked well in the macro campaign is speed and decisive action and transparency so that actually all the french people were made aware of the threat. the disarmament chief for the united nations called for stronger cooperation in the fight against terrorism today a un representative highlighted the threat posed the acquisition of weapons of mass destruction destruction by non-state actors and terrorists alike will she call the rest posed by these groups quote significant threats representative for the syrian arab republic however call for the international community to stop using terrorism as an excuse to tolerate u.s. led coalition strikes against syrian government forces. these declarations is part
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of the political blackmail war the very low war which no systematic in leave a company's every success by the syrian army and its allies as we combat terrorism these lies also systematically accompany. the negotiations to mainstream various. syrian parties and austinite in geneva a new day to impede the efforts made by the syrian government. coming up on our teeth the police are indicted in the case of juan mcdonald we've got that story coming up right after the break. i think the average viewer just after watching a couple segments understands that we're telling stories there are critics can't
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tell you know why because their advertisers won't let. you know order to create change you have to be honest you have to tell the truth marty's able to do that every story is built on going after the back story to what's really happening out there to the american what's happening when a corporation makes a pharmaceutical big chill speech when a company in the environmental business ends up polluting a river that causes cancer and other illnesses they put all the health risk all the dangers out to the american public those are stories that we tell every week and you know what they're working. i'm john harshman i'll give you what the mainstream media can't stop the big picture. and when you pushed. more on what you're looking to see.
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will go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture. would you have for breakfast yesterday why would you pick the players you want. to do and. what your biggest fear a little bit on the right result what. would you say yes. but what about. on the topic. now. what more. these days you can often hear the word nazi thrown around particularly often used in the political discourse here in the united states but while this war of words in
5:39 pm
the u.s. often has no real substance the real neo nazi ism is on the rise in europe particularly in its eastern part but some u.s. politicians either don't acknowledge it or turn a blind eye to the fact our teeth alexy are reports the administration of western ukrainian city of leave off invites residents for a should have interest the party on june thirtieth to mark a hundred times birthday of job general of one thousand nine hundred you create an insurgent. and i'm not sure which sports art and even a bluegrass band sounds like fun doesn't it and who cares that it happens exactly seventy six years after the jewish pogroms in the wall of when led by should have each took thousands of jews over evolve into the streets of nazi occupied city and shot them dead almost four thousand killed including some historic records suggest pregnant women that slaughter kicked off just one day off the s.s. battalion to guide comprised mostly of ukrainian nationalists marched. to live off
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and it was led by this man that i'm on to here huge fast forward through years of operations in the west of ukraine which left hundreds of jews and poles dead most notably during the one nine hundred forty three massacre back in twenty fourteen when i was in the middle of ukraine's capital kiev burning from the anti-government protest we were told that today's ukraine had no nazis at all this was a product of the evil russian propaganda well open glorification of shady characters from the one nine hundred forty s. like the bun bun there and i was nothing out of the ordinary for ukraine many saw those people as freedom fighters against the soviet regime despite corporation with nazi invaders and mass murders but when nazi of symbols appeared out in the open in gear in twenty fourteen nobody bothered to listen this is war stangl room and anti-defamation league describes it as one of the running symbols appropriated by nazi germany as part of the divisional in sini of the several waffen s.s. units including the notorious second as i found the division as a result it became
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a symbol of choice for neo nazis in europe and america yes closer to home in the united states the neo nazi group area nations incorporated the wolf into their logo and now meet and the people to be chairman of ukraine's parliament and active member of twenty four thousand anti-government protest he's nine hundred ninety nine book titled the look from the right proudly brandishes guess what. and now meade b.'s new is buddies u.s. senator john mccain and house speaker paul ryan happily telling the twitter world about their meeting with this man which begs for a question why are u.s. politicians so happy to embrace people of such radical views to absolute lack of outrage about the fact i'd like to ask this question to investigative journalist and writer max blumenthal thank you so much for joining us do you think even know who they're talking to or if they do is it deliberate well john mccain has been in ukraine before he was on the made on next to the. leader of the svoboda party that
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andre perugia belongs to he should know better but it doesn't seem that he cares and paul ryan might be new to this john mccain didn't care and libya when he met with the leader of the al-qaeda affiliated libyan islamic fighting group came back and he doesn't care here because for mccain what matters more than anything is empire and you have the leader of the ukrainian parliament stirring tensions at russia's doorstep trying to take another country into nato and that's what's important for john mccain whether or not this man is from a party that pledged to defend the white race someone who wore a nazi s.s. inspired uniform is almost irrelevant when it comes to mccain's thinking about geopolitics but mark's another aspect here is that there's been a deafening silence from the u.s. media as to what's happening in ukraine but now we see a washington post article a whole article in june sixteenth written about it do you think the tide is changing people actually starting to wake up you're starting to see a recognition in the media not just in the washington post but in the neoconservative oriented daily beast and other publications that the ukrainian
5:43 pm
revolution the post my done ukraine has gone badly or you had black mask figures from militias in made on square on the second and third anniversaries of the revolution calling for another revolution which would replace the oligarchic nato affiliated government with a right wing military strongman and you hear that language from figures like. who is the toast of washington the toast of the beltway elite for a while until she went on ukrainian national radio and warned that jewish kikes had taken over the government and called for the third revolution so things are not going as well as washington expected and we can expect them to grow worse with mccain's over commission thank you so much for a time max thanks for your good seven decades off the nazis was defeated in europe resulting in death of tens of millions you'd think humanity has learned from its tragic mistakes but from nazi rule. torch marches in kiev to naming streets off the
5:44 pm
s.s. fighters in eastern europe. is being revived in many places particular across the bow soviet space some countries have managed to contain it to on the ground sells some have allowed those movements to penetrate the higher echelons of power but deafening silence by the media or downright acceptance of this ideology by some bullets in the west is nothing short of baffling and troubling considering the high price the whole world hates seven decades ago. reporting from washington d.c. a queens resident is suing new york after spending five months at rikers because the city failed to inform him his bail had been reduced to just one dollar forty two year old del salem was arrested in two thousand and fourteen on charges alleging he attacked in white p.d. officer according to police salem was confronted after officers say he stole a coat he was reportedly arrested and sent to jail with his bail initially set at twenty five thousand dollars then on november of two thousand and sixteen the
5:45 pm
charges for drops and his bail reduced after prosecutors failed to indict him for attacking the officer the judge ordered his release however while he remained in custody authorities reportedly failed to inform salem of his reduced bail in august salem was convicted of felony assault and criminal tampering charges and will serve four to five years. three chicago officers have been indicted on charges of conspiracy obstruction of justice and official misconduct in the case of the kuan mcdonald and twenty fourteen officer jason van dyke shot and killed macdonald was later acquitted of any wrongdoing now the three officers who were there on the scene are being charged with conspiring to cover of dykes actions in order to justify the killing of mcdonald's here's our correspondent ashley banks with more. prichard brown home special prosecutor investigating the loquat macdonald shooting said chicago officers david march joseph walsh and thomas in gaffney coordinated their activities to protect each other and other members of the chicago police
5:46 pm
department the indictment alleges that they lied about what occurred to prevent independent criminal investigators from learning the truth on october twentieth two thousand and fourteen police were responding to a call of a manicuring a night's officers arrived on the scene and in the dash cam video you can see officer jason van dyke at van sing on mcdonald as mcdonald a seen walking away off there vandyke then shoots mcdonald a total of sixteen times that was charged with first degree murder back and twenty fifteen he was later released on bail the city of chicago and the mcdonnell family reached a settlement of five million dollars that money coming from the pockets of taxpayers the indictment says these officers created false reports days following the killing of mcdonnell to get sealed the true facts of the events surrounding the killing of look on macdonald and to shield their fellow also sir from criminal investigation
5:47 pm
and prosecution the indictment alleges the also there's new if the video of the shooting was released that would prompt a thorough investigation and what likely bring about criminal charges so in order to prevent that they created a false narrative and dash cam video of the shooting wasn't released until more than a year after the incident took place many cite the late release of the video as a reason van dyck wasn't convicted according to the indictment the officers claim mcdonald attacked two of them before he was fatally shot saying quote when made donald got within twelve to fifteen feet of the officers he swung the knife toward the officers and then aggressive manner and that as vandyke was shooting mcdonald the teen continued moving on the ground attempting to get out while still armed with a knife these reports contradict what is on the police dash. cam video since the shooting march and walsh who was vandyke's partner have both left the police force at this time gaffney have been suspended now that charges have been brought against
5:48 pm
him and arraignment is scheduled for next month july tenth if convicted the officers could face several years and prison and a twenty five thousand dollars fine and washington actually banks are to be there are mental protection agency administrators scott pruitt is facing a backlash after announcing the roll back of an obama era clean water regulation yesterday national resources defense council noted deregulation quote ignores scientific evidence demonstrating how water bodies influence downstream water quality and water flows the sierra club also released a statement saying that once again the term of ministration has agreed to do the bidding of the worst polluters in our country putting the health of americans at risk all the regulation previously require oil companies and state agencies to develop oil spill prevention and response plans to clean protected waters that also would ban companies from dumping waste into these protected waters without the role of the nation's waterways will only be protected by the one thousand nine hundred
5:49 pm
two clean water act which doesn't offer protection to an estimated two million miles of streams and twenty million acres of what lands well these days air travel is more common and more common sure traveling by plane can be more convenient but it can come at a price of course and not just out of your pocket according to the c.d.c. passengers are exposed to increased levels of radiation when they fly but now there were searchers from stirling university have found something possibly even more alarming. chavez has this reports. millions of people travel on airplanes every single day now a new study is cautioning frequent flyers the study reveals that passengers may be exposed to toxic fumes into the cabin which can have some serious effects on your health because on nearly every jet the air used to pressurize the cabin and the air you breathe is a wreckage from the engines it's called bleed air and in the engine the oil there is an additive called tri crustal phosphate also known as t.c.p.
5:50 pm
so if there is the slightest oil leak that could mean fumes in the cabin the cabin air inhaled by the crew members and pilots and passengers on commercial planes has been linked to several alarming health concerns everyone has been. leaking oil truth direct from the engine into the u.s. supply. and to some of us will become impaired and some may become you know i'm well short term or even. and that's when i study clearly shard researchers who are in stirling university also found a clear pattern of acute and chronic symptoms ranging from headaches and dizziness to breathing and problems the airline industry needs to start taking notice this is unacceptable to use the system you wouldn't buy the fumes from your exhaust on your car into the cabin is essentially what they're doing taking me in from the compressors to the engine feeding into the
5:51 pm
cabin for the past just to bring according to the report over three point five billion passengers were exposed to low levels of engine oils in two thousand and fifteen however a spokesperson for the international air transport association says airlines are complying with requirements and a statement to r.t. he said the safety of passengers and crew is of paramount importance to the air transport industry there have been substantial studies on cabin air quality over recent years which have guided regular. in the same area regulators monitor cabin air quality to ensure safety and airlines comply with their requirements and a press release the european aviation safety agency also conducted two studies investigating the air quality for commercial air transport and determined that a contributing link between exposure to cabin or cockpit air contaminants and health sentence is unlikely reporting in new york trinity chávez r.t. . and before we go don't forget to tune in at six thirty pm for larry king now
5:52 pm
tonight's guest has traveled far to see larry as he is from other planets here's a snippet of what's to come when did you decide to become a host well it was saturday that i always wanted to do and i was sitting here on a particular web site i have an endeavor where i got the best way to learn about human beings was to. host a show when asked about it i mean is that sort of what you do larry yes yes i'm not you're an alien yes but that's are you have a particular perspective on human beings being an alien whereas you are a human so what do you relate more to your guests that i do unless it's sure who i relate to because of his abilities in the dance and department you know what i'm talking about what. we're planning to you from sutanto which means i will not tell you those everybody i knew
5:53 pm
a planet looked like you yes but when you if i look at you and your another one of my species you would look like whatever my eyes are able to see and where i'm from everybody to my eyes looks sort of like you but someone else might see me as looking more like christina. watching the hawks is coming up next here on our internet going to be reviewed all right on tonight's new watching the hawks california and when the sun toe are locked in a cancerous battle over round up warning labels well a new study has found that a chemical and i was told cleaning products could be causing birth defects in mice then we look into the ill timed firing of a veterans affairs whistleblower one day before protections were put in place that could have saved him finally sean stone talks trump organized crime an f.b.i. informant with investigative journalist russ baker. fascinating as always thanks
5:54 pm
tara thank you and that is it for now for more on the stories we've covered go to youtube dot com slash r.t. america and check out our website art class america and you can follow me on twitter at natasha's sweet question mark. all the world's a stage and all the news companies merely players but what kind of parties are in t. america playing party america offered more r t america her slim many ways to use a lamp if you just like to see the real you take a good actor bad actor and in the end you could never hear all. the parking all the world all the world all the world's a stage and we are definitely a player. if you want to do so but still would know that you
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see in your story the fact that i really dislike to analyze it to get to the plot of sit your speech. for the day like you are going to tackle this folder with that we will. look very similar and this just told the world ok you know you know we're going to kill the open field to start to put. a lot of people are starting to wake up to the idea that our trusted news outlets often spread. let's call it biased information this is total new system people and
5:56 pm
it's a kind of rude awakening and people are starting to get angry and feel betrayed and now one tactic and is mad enough to do something about it courtney from bernie texas actually bought of billboard to express his anger over all the fake news specifically he called out a.b.c. news because billboard reads a.b.c. news i grew up with you we are through the russians did not elect donald trump i did so mr courtney like many americans think of a.b.c. harping endlessly hour after hour constantly publishing all these stories about how trump is some sort of russian plant instead of a president who won fair and square whether you like it or not fox news reached out to mr court name who told them that he just watched too much misinformation and is so colossally sick of it he said he only watched a.b.c. news as a kid growing up in texas but that they've clearly lost touch with america he said i'm not in the brainwashing business but the liberal media is and he is that it's
5:57 pm
not just the constant harping on the rush of conspiracy theory he said he started to get annoyed with a.b.c. back when bush was president and they constantly told people to hate on him and then when obama became president a.b.c. just loved him handing him to viewers i just feel for claire mr courtney's said that he didn't even have anything against obama but the back to the media just gushed all over him all the time and didn't take him to task like they did bush was maddening and now their constant conspiring to link the president to russia to the point where they are clearly trying to deal with that in mind as presidency entirely is just too much for mr courtney's patients hence the billboard he just put up and mr cosby is not alone according to a new harvard harris poll a majority of americans are tired of it too sixty four percent of voters that these russian investigations are hurting the country and they want the media and the government to focus on real issues like health care and jobs whether or not the media will stop with their witch hunt long enough to actually hear that remains to
5:58 pm
be seen. it's. called the feeling of coming. in every the world should experience for me and you'll get it on the open road. the old according to just. walk a mile or more all come along for the ride. what
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you have for breakfast yesterday why would you put those for the faces your wife or two dogs may like to name and what's your biggest fear when they are going to bid on a hay ride when so less time to read a book or just say if you ever met the pope comes the best quarterback. exploring the topic that doesn't belong on the piece now i've interviewed you to question more.
6:00 pm
greetings and salutations some days we must take stock of where our true values lie quaters like like what do we value more our health happiness and physical safety or do we value more an anti-bacterial ais house having no weeds in our gardens or our never ending lust for corporate dollars this week the state of california of the sixth biggest economy in the world secured a rare victory for food and health activists when they declared that delay posts eight the main herbicide used in monsanto's roundup weed.


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