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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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but. is it. another scandal hit c.n.n. as a political commentator was caught on camera ridiculing the channel's. what. happened this week to move the rest of. the things that make up a really. small. government positions in syria to retaliate for a stray lands in the disputed golan heights. northern syria america's allies in the region fighting it out still we take a look at what u.s. support for the kurds and. could have in the region.
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by the first of the ten am here in moscow good morning for me this is international first another undercover video has been released revealing attitudes at c.n.n. it seems towards russia related stories this time one of the american news channels political commentators seems to get all off what. happens with the rest of. the things that. really i it's the second video in as many days than from investigative journalism group project veritas with more. yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project veritas that was van jones who briefly served in the obama administration and is now a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the the russia thing is a nothing burger and now it's important to be clear here we don't exactly know what
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he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump the context of the clip is not exactly clear who this leak comes on just in the aftermath of another recent leak from project veritas and jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says the russia story is the polite term is nonsense that was just recently released as well now we here at r t reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied that it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's a lot of questions that still remain you know we have to the people behind the video what the russia thing is he refers to here. we put the entire video out there
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i mean people can judge for themselves sometimes you get an earthling from a conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media is reading it the way the drug war and the headline strikes again in the president of the united states just to a video earth will instagram a few notes on this it may well say it has been struggling to get a grip on its russia coverage of late it seems this stuff quick to publish without solid evidence some cases in point a few days ago three journalists to c.n.n. retracted the story of an alleged senate investigation into links between a russian investment fund and a confidante of donald trump then back in january c.n.n. broke a story a member it claiming russia had compromising personal information about president trump based on some kind of dossier written by a former british spy it was later admitted that that does see it was flawed and filled with unverified allegations now the group behind the latest on the cover
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video says cnn's not the only outlet either lending and. not just c.n.n. i want to make it clear if you are in the mainstream media in america or in and you are telling why you are defending people you're keeping stories you're keeping them in public for not going through you're on our list and we may be in your board room right now we are watching you and if you're the one of those organizations i probably would be sleeping well i think it might be on the planet mars. kind of parallel news flip side of it russian media has been singled out jittering a senate hearing devoted to alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election of course. nick made their effort to have a a an effect on the election. so just the fact that maybe our t. . had a myriad of that was different in britain then maybe the mainstream press that
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would be a sign of russia trying to influence the outcome would it not. marching across that hearing of his legs here is asking washington. nothing burger has becoming a very firm term in the political lexicon in the united states and another one has been served on the senate floor today despite all the scary sounding things like rush and maddening in the elections worldwide and this whole two and a half hour session was dedicated to that talking not only about their past election where rush allegedly meddled but even the future ones while russia will definitely meddle and some of the wording of course on the floor was very tough russia's blatant interference in the united states twenty sixteen presidential elections was unprecedented in both scale and scope and many have said this is actually the crime of the century. if you think about it it is russia has interfered or an attempt to interfere in elections from france to the netherlands
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from the balkans to the baltics russian interference in european political space is strategic and you have any doubt that russian interference is driven by himself no doubt about it and mr. the same answer no doubt. no doubt. so somehow without any shred of evidence they have linked the soul to putin himself nonetheless the list of countries as you've heard is very rare very wide those countries allegedly affected by the so-called russian meddling hacking and all those things those countries obviously included france and france was actually voiced on the senate floor today the only problem is that as we know the head of the french intelligence recently said that russians apparently had nothing to do with a parent hacking off across campaign. is not possible to. be a criminal group it really can be anyone in the it's like it's still the simplicity
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of the technical part is just a simple person who created it and so this person can be in any country with any kind of motivation so you know generally for us covering this story for a long time this is just another day in the office reverting back to accusations without presenting any proof and it seems like when anything goes wrong anyway it's russia's fault or russia splay book to describe democracies across the world and this was just another day on the sounded like this with no actual substance produced you know usually put my comparable investor in author chose or tell his thoughts on these allegations against russia them. but you have here sadly is clear evidence of just how dysfunctional the american legislative branch of government is now of course to arrange these type of hearings they're done in advance this is long been schedule i doubt they plan to have these hearings just following what happened recently on c.n.n. you know we've now had multiple different people even james komi himself under oath multiple times has said that the no foreign power successfully meddled
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and effect of the election results in two thousand and sixteen and the general reaction that's coming out inside america is another fall ready with this rush of which at which now admittedly is a witch. israel's launched a missile strike against a syrian government military position there are no reports of any injuries but the attack came after a stray syrian mortar shell landed in the north of the disputed golan heights which is occupied by israel and israeli military statement later confirmed it's retaliation in response to the project launched earlier from syria towards israel i.d.f. targeted the syrian military position that far the mortar. has been an increasing border fire exchange between israel and syria of late israeli prime minister says his country quote will not tolerate errant shooting and will respond to war firing middle east based journalist martin j.
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told us the golan heights situation really demonstrates also clearly that the syrian conflict is still evolving tensions beginning to mount and what's happening in that particular part of southern syria right on the border with israel is that is that the israeli prime minister is getting very nervous about something which wasn't supposed to happen which is that these sorts skirmishes were not supposed to go as far down as the golan heights go hi it's a strategic city jackley important in the war that's going on now or that the war is not reported them so much by international media which is that the war between assad regime assad's partners on the west so it's a political war which is which is evolving and that's why there's all this tension in that particular i'm so while syria's southern border faces strikes from israel its northern border is being torn by fighting as well turkey's launched an artillery barrage against the kurdish militia in one of the many syrian hotspots in
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some the town of afrin. check out where that is almost here is where the fighting happening between the kurdish and turkish forces were is concentrated you can see the case most of the battle is on territory claimed by the white p.j. something that is strongly disputed by turkey main time of course the u.s. considers both sides is allies in the fight against islamic state complicated of what daniel hawkins looks at how the u.s. support for the rivals might actually lead to more instability in the region. it's turkey versus the kurds both of them u.s. allies and it's left washington walking a delicate tightrope between its two friends which happen to be you shall have sworn enemies. we should be using we should be looming that we do not need terrorist organizations like the p y
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d n y p g and the rock operation we could have a lot of great success over the next coming years a difficult balancing act to say the least but lately the scales seem to have tipped to favor the kurdish side after all kurdish groups have been washington's weapon of choice in the fight against islamic state the us government to supply them with arms and even sent special forces to support them we have already started to provide the weapons and equipment in the area nation to or syrian democratic forces both the syrian arizona syrian kurds so what happens to the kurds when i sold on the brink of defeat is taken out of the equation will the u.s. remain such a faithful friend probably not it turns out the weapons washington has given to its kurdish allies were actually just loaned out temporarily when the fighting is done the guns will have to be returned at least that's what was promised to turkey what we gave them were weapons for urban fighting basically and yes we will recover the
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gear when it's no longer needed by them now syrian kurds might dream of autonomy in their country but if they think they'll be granted this soon reward for being the most effective and full force on the ground they just need to look at the iraqi kurds across the border this is how the us responded to very calls for independence we support a unified stable democratic and a federal iraq we understand and appreciate the legitimate aspirations of the people of iraqi kurdistan even leaderless is an internal wracking matter but first and foremost we have to defeat isis if the kurds in syria were hoping to at least keep the territories they've liberated from islamics. that's also not likely to happen judging by previous u.s. demands that those areas be returned to locals as soon as the fight is over we do have commitment as we've spoken to before from kurdish leadership that those forces who stabilize the area well near the local population they will turn over areas to
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local population as long as the specter of syria kurdish fighters will spearhead the front line but six months down the road and it's anyone's guess in other developments in that neck of the woods to smalling russia's foreign minister u.s. allegations that the syrian government's planning a chemical attack so you lavrov added as such claim would encourage terrorists to use chemical weapons to conduct of false flag attack that would then be blamed on president assad would put more detail on that later in the program. next to go against the grain of the u.s. story about one right wing artist who's put his creativity behind the president he's determined to get his message across that in fact trump and the republicans are as punk rock as it gets. all right wing girl artist as far as i'm concerned as far as i know of the only person that does it on the other side you've got shepard fairey bag she robbie carr
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well pretty much the only one on my side that does this twenty four seventh's. like i've been a truck supporter ever since i've seen him kicked media in the teeth but when you see hollywood heads are exploding i just fell in love with the guy so i think he's this punk rock is park rock it's ever been. my goal what i do is is to let kids understand that there's another side out there political side of. the. aisle sort of well if you months and said to conduct his biggest military exercise in twenty years it coincides with russia holding large scale drills as
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well but there's a third event in the pipeline to tell you about on a very different mission they described as the first peace keeping a war games thirty swedish and russian activists a set to take part in a two day exercise called island seventeen with the goal of deescalating a hypothetical conflict. they are of course not that physical that you would have if you have a war exercise demeanor of exercises to be prepared if the escalation continues but we have bigger and bigger military exercises on the russian side to begin to begin military exercises on the swedish site. we are getting closer to nico on the swedish side and we have the capability of the swedish and russian politicians to to make meets the ends meet to somehow among themselves make agreements then we have to have some kind of civil society that does the job for them so we are preparing for this. become a neighboring finland the country's former ambassador to russia suspects that the
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peace group though is an event a moscow ploy to sway public opinion follow this through is what the organizer of the event thinks of that he wants to claim that we are something that we are not because he wants us he wants to show that we are agents of a foreign power like as soon as you stand up for peace people would be free to say that you're a traitor. for the other side there's. a split with the break has been a make for a touch the ball federations there in russia a tournament to take you through that the rest.
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peter. it was certainly very workman like there wasn't so many of the pleasantries that you usually find at these type of diplomatic talks very straight speaking from the russian foreign minister in particular he said that russia would react to u.s. provocations towards the syrian government he also encouraged the united states not to look for a pretext in order to attack syrian government forces the message was the that words coming out of washington at the moment that a chemical attack would warrant
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a response from the united states well the message coming from russia is that could be playing directly into the hands of the extremists and terrorists. i look at the u.s. experts they say openly that extremists. make provocations and blame the syrian government for all of tuesday the statement came out of washington that they said they knew that in u.s. intelligence circles that an attack being planned by assad and if that was carried out then there would be repercussions in the form of an attack from the united states well what that has prompted is journalists in america asking questions from washington and from the senior figures in the administration over where they got that information from evidence there was for it you just have evidence care with about this potential preparation for the use of chemical weapons because that was
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actually laid out right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence when you go i just believe that it's in your interests you put out what is evidence proof of intelligence and i'm not going to get into that one with you but this is a very serious matter a great deal coming from the state department spokesperson but washington insists that the threat it laid. again syria has perhaps stopped an attack now that comes from james mattis the defense secretary he says that it's possible that an attack may not happen not is as a result of the threat that the u.s. laid out as it stands we haven't heard any evidence presented from the state department as you just heard there all from anywhere within the u.s. government we haven't had any proof that a chemical attack happened the previous time that the u.s. launched missile strikes against syria. we heard brought up this meeting and
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present our say that he wanted to see the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog allow to carry out a full investigation on the ground there as he pointed out they haven't been allowed to do that as of yet also chipping into this the united states u.n. ambassador has joined the pentagon chief in linking a lack of any recent chemical incidents in syria to washington's threat of retaliation i can tell you that due to the president's actions we did not see and i would like to think the president say many n.s.a. men women and children will they just get more and more comical really i don't think anybody who follows the situation seriously can. make the heli's saying with any. with any credibility it's it's almost laughable that one day they claim to know there's the syrians are preparing for a chemical weapons attack and then the next day they say well what didn't happen it must have been because this. is really getting kind of silly we have mr madison and
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bass that are essentially claiming credit for the non occurrence of an event that was unlikely to have occurred in the first place it's very strange and it makes you wonder if this was all some kind of a big what we call a kabuki dance a big show in noise to make them look tough and effective maybe in advance mr trump's meeting with mr putin at the g. twenty. in these recent final four balls confederations cup after beating portugal on penalties being former england's players stan collymore in the game in the russian. well after ninety minutes after actions i was in the greatest football my stan collymore the world is a stain but there were plenty of chances are really on the first five or ten minutes of play with smart go on and play a lot of hoff chauncey's long crosses coming into the box it is just going more it says a kick ball is well saved very much over the title of the ninety minutes. so
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i guess it was always going to head one why and that was penalty you have to give credit to bravo the manchester city goalkeeper is that a very very difficult year is first year interest is it's early in the premier league and and it wasn't a good one so you have got plenty of confidence from these three very good sides for us from the first one from ricardo correction the second one from sherman so you know the defensive midfielder and then the third one from luis nally an experienced international footballer calls himself a former manchester united player back in england and you said that if you are taking penalty kicks you've got to put your best players at first he said this renowned it has to be taking the first of the second otherwise you might not get a kick in that's exactly what has set the standards you have your best players walking up first because they are the most experienced christian around our schools penalties he scores goals for fun but i think he wanted the spotlight yourself misaki zation has been there a little bit for a while now and santos is the coach he's got to accept some of the responsibility
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for that that's clearly a mistake the best player not even getting to take a spot kick disappointment obviously for portugal fans but also perhaps for christie only renowned of fans and world into chile they won it in the most dramatic fashion and money trying to he was down at the stadium the khazan arena is staying good cue the calm figuration scoffed and it has become the lucky one for chile but of course it is not only about luck it's about the skill it's the support and i've already told that there were chilean fans here on wednesday and you could really feel that. that's. dady i'm in remember that these guys had to travel almost fifteen thousand kilometers to be here the chilling crowd kept saying let's go chilling tonight we're going to win and then bravo claudio bravo three penalty saves in a row unbelievable and no chances left for portugal we heard from the man of the
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match himself just before he got all the way back to the hotel. and we feel privileged to be here today i think one of the main principles of our team is to train hard not to show so that we can achieve the best results for a country and also to show is to let you know the team because that's what sports do all about portugal's number one player if not the walls number one player christan or not though it was so disappointing that he didn't even make a stop to talk to the journalists well you can imagine what kind of feelings he's going through right now and there's been a well we'll find out who will make it to the final to face chile that's going to be germany or mexico if you're portugal will come to say to cheer you up today what next program is predicting will be no more financial in our lifetime. and chinese online auction john was looking for more expansion to just a couple of the subjects next to him to bust.
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i think david cameron was so convinced that. they're going to keep the british people were to get rid of it you folks are justified to take the gamble and i think that was an irresponsible gun well i think he was playing russian roulette with the british future because it's in there it's in a radical change it's not like an ordinary election where i guess later you could vote. i went to france to boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. knights more settlements are rolling in court cases tied to the infamous ponzi
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scheme perpetrated by bernie madoff is paying off for saab he now says a total recovered hitting above ten billion dollars chinese retail giant ali baba plants a flag in new territory it's knapped up over an eighty percent stake in a quick growing internet retailer focused on southeast asia and my guest says federal reserve chair janet yellen is way off the mark in a speech delivered in london she said another part of the crash like the one in two thousand and eight won't happen in her lifetime or beyond stand by the bus starts right now. deutsche bank went out on an inflation limb which put it on track to lose up to
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sixty million dollars the issue at stake is whether traders went around the risk it's on derivatives trades which are tied to u.s. inflation this of course calls into question the quality of the which is risk controls which have already drawn scorn worldwide let's go back to two short months to what the federal reserve find to a bank for not keeping its traders in line with the volcker rule which restricts lenders from using their funds to make speculative trades those close to the matter say the sixty million in losses because of this that does not look like it's going to shrink the german lender which earned about two hundred seventy million dollars in the first quarter of this year it's now seeking to over all how it manages its risk. and goal jumped on wednesday gaining support due to a weakening dollar it rose point two percent on a call x. to one thousand two hundred forty nine dollars thirty cents an ounce silver also edged higher up by point seven percent to sixteen dollars seventy so.


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