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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2017 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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thank. you. it means russia's foreign ministry hitting out the last u.s. accusations of a potential syrian chemical attack saying washington seems to be creating a pretext for military intervention. to another scandal hit c.n.n. as a political commentator this time called on. russia cup bridge. to move the ball russia. the things that. really i in northern syria america's allies in the region are fighting we take a look at what impact u.s. support for the kurds and turkey the same time could have know in the region.
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first day here in moscow very good afternoon for me kevin i mean this is not international without breaking news that within the last hour russian russia's foreign ministry spokesperson for them slammed washington's allegation that the syrian government is planning a chemical attack she said such claims could be a sign of an upcoming u.s. intervention. one is in its name it is even being it we knew about statements from washington all sing you that the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts so we don't know what these conclusions are based on the situation looks like a massive provocation both military and informational it's hard getting not only syria or russia as well as good if he were mean if it is likely that where we are seen at the moment it is the threshold of a new intervention earlier russia's foreign minister said washington's claim could
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encourage terrorists to use chemical weapons unfolds flug attack that would then be blamed on president assad so he made the remarks during a meeting with germany's foreign minister peter all of the reports it was certainly very workman like there wasn't so many of the pleasantries that you usually find at these type of diplomatic talks very straight speaking from the russian foreign minister in particular he said that russia would react to us provocations towards the syrian government we also encourage the united states not to look for a pretext in order to attack syrian government forces the overarching message was though that the words coming out of washington at the moment that a a chemical attack would warrant a response from the united states well the message coming from russia is that could be playing directly into the hands of the extremists and terrorists. i look at the u.s. experts and they say openly that extremists could use these claims by washington
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provocations and shift blame onto the syrian government or want to stay the statement came out of washington that they said they knew that in u.s. intelligence circles that there was and that chemical attack being planned by assad and that if that was carried out then there would be repercussions in the form of an attack from the united states well what that is prompted is journalists in america asking questions from washing. from the senior figures in the administration over where they got that information from and what evidence there was for it. evidence to share with us about this potential preparation for the use of chemical weapons that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say is evidence or proof of intelligence i'm not going to get it out with you but this is
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a very serious and grave matter not a great deal coming from the state department spokesperson there but washington insists that the threat it laid down against syria has stopped an attack now that comes from james mattis the u.s. defense secretary he says that it's possible that in the talk may not happen and that is as a result of the threat that the u.s. laid out so as it stands we haven't had any evidence presented from the state department as you just heard there or from anywhere within the u.s. government we haven't had any proof that a chemical attack happened the previous time that the u.s. launched missile strikes against syria that attack in a blip we heard about this meeting in crescent our say that he wanted to see the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog allowed to carry out a full investigation on the ground there as he pointed out they haven't been allowed to do that as of yet you know his state to an ambassador meantime adjoined the pentagon chief in linking
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a lack of any recent chemical incidents in syria to washington's threat of retaliation. i can tell you that i do to the president's actions we did not see and i would like to think that the president saved many n.s.a. men women and children well they just get more and more comical really i don't think anybody who follows the situation seriously can take what making the heli is saying with any. with any credibility it's it's almost laughable that one day they claim to know that it's the syrians are hearing it i came a call weapons attack and then the next day they say well what didn't happen it must have been because the president issued this threat it's really getting kind of silly be have mr madison and bassett or haley essentially claiming credit for the non occurrence of an event that was unlikely to have occurred in the first place it's very strange and it makes you wonder if this was all some kind of
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a big what we call a bookie dance a big show in noise to make them look tough and effective maybe advance of mr trump's meeting with mr putin at the g twenty. next number on the cover video has been released this time revealing attitude seems at c.n.n. towards russia latest always again at least amongst a few this time one of the american news channel political commentators seems to strike it all off but what do you think's going to happen this weekend with all russia. that's going to be nothing really i that is the second video in as many days from investigative journalism group project veritas with more on this latest one that has colored mopin. yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project vera toph's that was van jones who briefly served in the obama administration and is now a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the the russia thing is a nothing burger now it's important to be clear here we don't exactly know what
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he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump the context of the clip is not exactly clear who this leak comes on just in the aftermath of another recent leaks from project veritas and jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says the russia story is even polite term is nonsense that was just recently released as well now we here at r t reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied that it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's a lot of questions that still remain. with the people behind the video what the brush and think he refers to. we put the entire video out there i mean people can judge for themselves sometimes you get an earthling from the conversation but
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that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media is reading it the way the drug or at the headline strikes again in the president of the united states just to a verb radios on earth will instagram if you know it so i'm assuming you well c.n.n. has been struggling to get a grip on its russia coverage of late with stuff quick to publish without solid evidence you may recall just couple of days ago three journalists quit of the c.n.n. retracted the story of an alleged senate investigation into links between a russian investment fund that i come from donald trump that in january c.n.n. broke a story claiming russia and compromised post information about president trump based on a dell see it written by a former british spy it was later admitted that the dossier was flawed and filled with unverified allegations the group behind the latest on the cover video says c n n that was not the only outlet landing in whole. not just c.n.n. i want to make clear you are the mainstream media in america and you are telling me
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why you are defaming your stories your keeping the public from going through you're on our list and we may be in your board room right now we are watching you and your feet one of those organizations probably would be sleeping well at night because it might be on the planet mars. russian media many times been singled out during a senate hearing devoted to alleged russian meddling in the u.s. presidential election. of course. nick made their effort to have a a an effect on the election so just the fact that maybe r t in that. had a myriad of that was different in britain then maybe the mainstream press that would be a sign of russia trying to influence the outcome would it not what an across the hearing was about his election scheme washington nothing burger has becoming
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a very firm term in the political lexicon in the united states and another one has been served on the senate floor today despite all the scary sounding things like russian meddling in the elections worldwide and this whole two and a half hour session was dedicated to that talking not only about their past election where russia allegedly meddled but even the future ones while russia will definitely meddle and some of the wording of course on the floor was very tough russia's blatant interference in the united states twenty sixteen presidential elections was unprecedented in both scale and scope and many have said this is actually the crime of the century. if you think about it it is russia has interfered or an attempt to interfere in elections from france to the netherlands from the balkans to the baltics russian interference in european political space is strategic you have any doubt that russian interference is driven by himself no
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doubt about it and mr. this is a monster without. no doubt. so somehow without any shred of evidence they have this all to putin himself nonetheless the list of countries as you've heard is very rare as very wide those countries allegedly affected by the so-called russian meddling hacking and all those things those countries obviously included france and france was actually voiced on the senate floor today the only problem is that as we know they had of the french intelligence recently said that questions about really had nothing to do with apparent hacking all across this campaign. is not possible. they did silva's the a criminal group it really can be in the it's like it's still the simplicity of the technical part is just assume if it did it can be. with any kind so you know generally for us covering this story for a long time this is just another day in the office reverting back to accusations
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without presenting any proof but it seems like when anything goes on anywhere it's russia's fault playbook to disrupt democracies across the world and this was just another day on the town of like this with no actual substance produced correspondent washington american private investor nor for charles alltel summed up his thoughts on the allegations against russia too but you have here is clear evidence of just how dysfunctional the american legislative branch of government is not of course to arrange these type of hearings they are done in advance this is long been scheduled i doubt they planned to have these hearings just following what happened recently on c.n.n. you know we've now had multiple different people even james komi himself under oath multiple times has said that the no foreign power successfully meddled and affected the election results in two thousand and sixteen and the general reaction that's coming out inside america is enough already with this russian which
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which now admittedly is a which aren't. if you month's time sweden is set to conduct its biggest military exercise in twenty years it coincides too with russia holding large scale drills as well but there's a third event in the pipeline on a very different mission they've described themselves as the first peacekeeping war games thirty swedish and russian activists will take part in a two day exercise called island seventeen with a goal of deescalating i pathetically conflict one of the organizers told us that someone's got to reach the message of peace d.r. of course not that goal that you would have if you have a worry exercise demeanor of exercises to be prepared if the escalation continues but we have bigger and bigger military exercises on the russian side begin to begin the exercises on this we are we are getting closer to meet you on the swedish side and we have the capability of the swedish and russian politicians to to meet
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meet ends meet. among themselves make agreements then we have to have some kind of civil society that does the job for them so we are preparing for this worth bearing in mind in neighboring finland the country's former ambassador to russia suspects the peace groups event is a moscow ploy though to sway public opinion is what the organizer thinks of that. the ones you claim that we have something that we are not because he wants us to he wants to show that agents of a foreign power like as soon as you stand up for peace people within your own country will say that you're a traitor. but you somehow work for the other side. had going against the grain in the us one right wing artist has put his creativity beyond the president and he's determined he says to get his message across that the republicans are as punk rock hell and he says punk rock is like get.
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the right wing girl artist as far as i'm concerned as far as i know of the only person that does it on the other side you've got shepard fairey robbie carlisle pretty much the only one on my side that does this twenty four seventh's. so i couldn't trump supporter ever since i've seen him kicked media in the teeth but when you see hollywood heads are exploding i just fell in love with the guy so i think he's this punk rock it's punk rock it's ever been. my goal what i do is is to let kids understand that there's another side out there
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no political side. you want to go to international aid see exactly sixty minutes past may day coming up syrian military positions of come under attack israel again we'll tell you by the ramifications of that shortly. global war hawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings peace to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that don't. produce talks for the tell you that will be gossip and public but also the most important news today. off an advertisement telling you are not cool enough and wants to fight their product. all the hawks that we along with our audience will watch.
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not only do you have an opiate crisis in america killing thousands of people every month or so you've got people walk around. trying to get. them in america. i mean. it's quite shocking but it saves the pharmaceutical companies want to pay themselves huge bonuses executive bonuses are what matter. in mexico there's a slightly different approach to people being they think health care is maybe part of the package of human rights and of course they're right about that but the culture is richer. israel has launched a missile strike against a syrian government military position there are no reports of any injuries but the attack came after a stray syrian mortar shell landed in the north of the disputed golan heights which
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is occupied by israel the israeli military later confirmed its retaliation. in response to the project launched earlier from syria towards israel i.d.f. targeted the syrian military position that far the mortar there indeed has been an increase in border exchange fire between israel and syria recently the israeli prime minister says his country quote will not tolerate errant shooting and will respond to war firing middle east based journalist martin j. told us the golan heights situation demonstrates that the syrian conflict is still evolving tensions beginning to mount some what's happening in that particular part of southern syria right on the border with israel is that is that the israeli prime minister is getting very nervous about something which wasn't supposed to happen which is that these issues were not supposed to go down to go straight to important in the war that's going on now with that the war is not reported. so much
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by international media which is that the war between assad regime assad's partners on the west so it's a geopolitical war which is which is evolving and that's why there's all this tension in that particular area so many layers to it was serious southern border faces strikes from israel's northern borders being torn apart by fighting as well turkey's launched an artillery barrage against the kurdish militia and one of the many syrian hot spots this town the town of afferent. so let's check out the map see what's happening here logistically this is where the fighting between kurdish and turkish forces is concentrated you can see after you can see the cake it's claimed that most of the battle is on territory claimed by y p g fighters something strongly disputed but meantime the u.s. considers both sides as allies in the fight against islamic state has the added complication donna hawkins looks at how the u.s.
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support for the rivals may actually lead to more instability in the region. it's turkey versus the kurds both of them u.s. allies and it's left washington walking a delicate tightrope between its two friends which happen to be you sure the sworn enemies. we should be using we should be looming that we do not need terrorist organizations like the p y d n y p g and the rock operation we could have a lot of great success over the next coming years a difficult balancing act to say the least but lately the scale seem to have tipped to favor the kurdish side after all kurdish groups have been washington's weapon of choice in the fight against islamic state the us government to supply them with arms and even sent forces to support them we have already started to provide the weapons and equipment in the area nation to or syrian democratic forces both the syrian arizona syrian kurds so what happens to the kurds when i still on the brink
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of defeat is taken out of the equation will the us remain such a faithful friend probably not it turns out the weapons washington has given to its kurdish allies were actually just loaned out some parolee when the fighting is done the guns will have to be returned at least that's what was promised to turkey what we gave them were weapons for urban fighting basically and yes we will recover the gear when it's no longer needed by them and our syrian kurds might dream of autonomy in their country but if they think they'll be granted this soon reward for being the most effective anti arsehole force on the ground they just need to look at the iraqi kurds across the border this is how the us responded to very calls for independence we support a unified stable democratic and a federal iraq we understand and appreciate the legitimate aspirations of the people of iraqi kurdistan even leaderless is an internal wracking matter but first and foremost we have to defeat isis if the kurds in syria were hoping to at least
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keep the territories they have liberated from islamics. date that's also not likely to happen judging by previous u.s. demands that those areas be returned to the locals as soon as the fight is over we do have commitment as we've spoken to before from kurdish leadership that those forces who stabilize the area will mirror the local population they will turn over areas to local population as long as the specter of i saw haunt syria kurdish fighters will spearhead the front line but six months down the road and it's anyone's guess. the united states worldwide energy market share will be on president speech later thursday but with global markets already swamped with supplies and rock bottom prices there could be dangers to america's increasingly aggressive export tactics. america has cities on a big piece of the global energy and push the president trumps administration is
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cooling energy dominance. present trump wants america to achieve energy dominance by utilizing our abundant resources. good both here and abroad but there's a catch the increasingly energy consumption stands at one percent current. lower than the ten year average the us is looking to compared to an oversupply market washington will need to shake up the existing energy superpower quite an ambitious plan and geographically speaking the u.s. is simply too far away from the major energy market which will make transportation cost so what about the old mantra of energy independence as washington steps up it's going to be seen. energy dominance perhaps the leader in. i think the strategy of the u.s. is to continue to increase crude oil production refine it through increased
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capacity at our facility is along the gulf coast at the same time increasing our use and production of renewable fuels solar and wind so that we can accommodate the increasing demand throughout the world a lot of the u.s. petroleum products that we're exploiting are going not only to central and south america but as well as africa and europe and that forces competition between the u.s. and other countries such as russia or the arabian gulf countries will talk in a competition to sports field no chili's reached the final of football's confederations cup after beating portugal it was bravo for claudio bravo who say three penalties to get chile to the final after a three nil shoot they'll now face the winner of the germany mexico match we supposed to play out officials about said game. it was a bit of a people sort of like what i respect both teams they played well best wishes to both of them i hope the match will be as interesting and pure as this match and
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worthy of the semifinal. you don't win but difficult without it was a great match for every team we tried we worked we fought but couldn't get a goal during the penalties i had great luck but. physically would like the portuguese to go out it was a tough match and we tried our best i think we played using our souls legs that will really counts in the final but. you don't come for stories twenty four seven i hope see again maybe in thirty four minutes you got the time about where this year later is kaiser of course after the great moments away look at the thousands of americans turning up at mexican cities as so-called dental refugees these days why .
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are. you. to. figure.
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box cars are of this is the kaiser report in mexico city of heroes place here but of course the next kaiser we're still in mexico city we're here for the next week and a half so you'll see several more episodes here you'll see that evolution of our journey through mexico city where trying to keep it all together we're ordering all are you know a ski thing i. don't is or would something like that we had some pretty crazy food here walkable with the press office for example so i haven't had before now i'm addicted to just start my day without it also that escalates i think that's what
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the and where only a little obvious joke at the mall there's also like to spread it all over and just look buy stuff claim there's nothing called whoever it is or whatever it's like heuvel mixed with whatever i call the whole way over you know when we're here in mexico they're very welcoming to americans we're very welcomed wherever we go of course you can't say the same certainly on the political agenda and america trump has called the mexicans many bad words and he's warned americans about them crossing the border but what many americans don't understand is actually there are currently six thousand american refugees per day crossing the border from america to mexico no it doesn't go the other way it's not mexico to america there are those that are fleeing the drug violence but here we have people
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fleeing the health insurance market violence and that is the headline a mexican town is giving americans something donald trump can't affordable dental care chunks anti mexican rhetoric doesn't worry the six hundred dentists in. donis or the u.s. dental refugees they treat many of whom voted for trump we're helping the united states take care of the people they are not able to says one of the dentists there oh it's not like they're not able to go is that they're not willing to they don't care this is a really a program against the poor it's like genocide against the poor americans go to genocide just ask the sioux or the cherokee but you know what i look at america now i see in essence isn't towns across the nation they both trying to string around muller's or varies by couples and then tying it to a car and having their friend at the accelerator to get that tooth out i mean that's a cheap and easy way to get it to the.


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