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somebody took a barbecue what about the bar. the most i don't know some of my nothing but the whole point itself and what they said about being so. but do you investigate police officers behavior as well. l g drugs in the west end up in presence here. calling people as you close. a pretext for intervention russia's foreign ministry. his claims that the government is planning a chemical attack in syria it believes the u.s. could just be looking for an excuse to deepen its military involvement. also ahead
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this hour a political commentator for c.n.n. is caught on camera ridiculing the channel's russia coverage to the controversy the network's facing but its news content. what do you think's going to happen this week with all. the other things that. really. the european commission. could leave with a deficit of ten billion euro prime minister faces a number of challenges to push a program through parliament. i run the clock across the world this is our international from the team and myself you know neil welcome to the program our top story this hour the russian foreign
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ministry spokeswoman sharply criticized washington's allegation that the syrian government is planning a chemical attack. stating such claims could be a sign of an upcoming u.s. intervention. one is yes nimbly it is even we knew about statements from washington we also knew that the us officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like a massive probation both military and informational it is likely that where we are seen as the moment is the threshold of a new intervention the gist of what russia is saying is that we are witnessing the united states laid the groundwork for a full on intervention in syria an anti acid intervention this chemical craze is part of it they're trying to justify intervening in syria as they've done on almost every occasion where chemical weapons have come up in two thousand and thirteen as a horrendous attack hundreds injured and killed then they try to launch an
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intervention the home audiences weren't having it they failed this year in april there was another chemical attack and again this time without asking anyone trump launched to fifty nine cruise missiles at a syrian air base and the russians are saying we're in a similar situation now basically our side is being told by the united states that we know you're going to carry out a chemical attack if that happens if a chemical attack happens we're going to blame assad by default no investigation no due process just punishment and what the russians are saying is that now the rebels and g. harvest's have every reason to stage an attack of their own. i look at the u.s. experts and then you say openly that extremists could use these claims by washington provocations and shift blame onto the syrian government it's a win win situation for them if they can pull this off for
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a chemical attack then the united states comes in and automatically does their job for them by hitting. as further evidence well it's all been very light on that the russians say the. rickards are considering two potential targets the village of and said i keep both. which is controlled by affiliate nusra front everything outs conveniently enough is classified as evidence to share with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that wasn't actually laid out right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do but at what you say it's evidence of truthful things that all intelligence i'm not going to get into that one with you but this is a very serious and grave matter we're now in a situation where the americans are loading their guns the russians are ringing
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alarm bells everybody's crying hysterical and we honestly don't know what all the hysteria is about. six. joined political analysts scientists chose him for more on a theory welcome to the program yes so first of all what do you think of moscow's assertion that the trumpet ministration could be planning an intervention against assad your thoughts on the. things for having me well you know it's typical of trump to steer chaos and crisis and try to earn something through the pursuing diplomatic and security chaos but this time something this is the pickle of trump of course but this time he has done something else also that's not typical of him if you remember he always criticized obama that he old ways you shoot stern warnings and then to class action but different he said meaning the surprise element has
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a very special place in my strategies and actions and policies but he's not done that he should stern warnings before doing any kind of action because this was a message to moscow mainly and iran. also that after all these years that you have faults and the kid live and money in this min and human resources and military to fight terrorism and you are nearing the end of this war on terrorism i now entered the scene and i want mine sure that's why he was a competent by britain and some other european states unfortunately and despite all the rifts that they have so this is the problem that we are witnessing today that washington now wants to share and wants a part of syrian territories. without slowing the answer to a street or just leave it in there interesting just to another aspect albeit it could be a deadly aspect would you agree that washington is threats against this do pave the
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way for those so named false flag attacks by rebel groups there. sure if you remember the first person that was macaroon and friends when he said that. regime change in syria is no more a pyrrhic was it unless something like a chemical attack is launched this means an invitation to the terrorist groups to conduct such an attack in other words they are sending the message to iran and russia that. if you give us a share that's fine we would come to the. op coming political talks over syria otherwise we would turn the table they are threatening that they are going to allow the terrorist groups to conduct chemical gas attacks on the syrian people and then they would use it as a false flag operation in order to justify their intervention the last time it
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happened and they launched fifty nine tomahawk cruise missiles i'm sure you're right airbase and of course irrespective of the fact that it was not an efficient attack and the air base launched its operation after two hours it was an illegal attack on a sovereign state without a u.n. mandate and the united states and the trump is no shy of intervening in. the first of their sovereign states to add one more point is that this strong stance that putin adopted was very good because you know trump policy is escalating crisis and if the target is a person who would budge who would come and attack with through wards or contained engagement more and more and more but if you stand strong against him his crisis escalation policy would back off he would give it up because you know it's based on
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bluffs and putin and iran have both proved especially mr putin of russia in his last. crisis in the exchanges with you know turkey during destroying ties with that he is another person and he would stand strong if you stand strong i believe your camp would back off the thoughts of political analyst sayyid. this hour on the program thank you. another undercover video has been released apparently exposing attitudes at c.n.n. towards russia related stories this time one of the american news channel's political commentators seems to shrug off and dismiss all of the recent controversy what do you think's going to happen this week. i think it. really was well it was the second video released by investigative journalism group project
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veritas in as many days with the details about here skill of an open. yet another leak related to c.n.n. from james o'keefe and project vera toph's that was van jones briefly served in the obama administration and is now a commentator for c.n.n. in the clip he says that the russia thing is a nothing burger and now it's important to be clear here we don't exactly know what he's referring to about the russia thing could be the russian investigation could be the allegations about trump the context of the clip is not exactly clear who this leak comes on just in the aftermath of another recent leak from project veritas and jon bon a field an important producer for c.n.n. says that the russia story is the polite term is nonsense that was just recently released as well now we here at r t reached out to c.n.n. to ask for their comment and they have not replied and it's important to know that these videos that are coming out are not without controversy james o'keefe is
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personally facing a million dollar lawsuit at the hands of a contractor he interviewed after he interviewed them posing as someone else and this was a contractor allegedly working with the democratic party so there's a lot of questions that still remain well we asked the people behind the video what they believe the russian thing refers to. we look at the entire video out there i mean people can judge for themselves sometimes you have heard things from a conversation but that's certainly my interpretation and i think that's the way the mainstream media. want to weigh the drug war and look at the line he strikes again in the president of the united states just to a radio zogby ursule instagram if you're not so i'm going to make you well c.n.n. has been struggling to get a grip on its russia coverage of late with stuff quick to publish substantiated stories earlier in the week three journalists quit after c.n.n. retracted article about an alleged senate investigation into links between
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a russian investment fund and a confidant of donald trump and in january c.n.n. broke a story claiming russia had compromising personal information about president trump the report was based on a dossier written by a former british spy it was later admitted that it was flawed filled with on verified allegations the group behind the latest undercover videos has warned that other media should be wary to. not just c.n.n. i want to make clear you are going through. here you are telling me why you ordered your stories your keeping them a little remember the truth you're on our list and we may be. right now we are watching you. one of those organizations probably we sleep well at night because it might be. smart. meanwhile us media research center house find out the evening news programs of a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c.
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all devoted a huge amount of coverage to the russia stories during may june in particular the channels focused heavily on the investigation into ties between russia. and campaign more than two thirds were dedicated to the controversy at the same time for example america's withdrawal from the party climate treaty just forty seven minutes of coverage. u.k. prime minister trees in may is facing the challenge of pushing her party program through parliament today in the queen's speech the british newspaper commentators continue to call for the p.m.'s resignation after she was required to strike a controversial deal with the northern irish d u p to gain a majority in westminster polls even suggest that opposition party leader germy corben has overtaken me in the approval ratings but he failed to make the amendments he wanted to the queen's speech in parliament whedon's they know we
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spoke to an m.e.p. from the u.k. independence party who ses trees amaze party is in chaos. but a disastrous manifesto which they had to backtrack on and now they've gone into the queen's speech with almost no content because they don't have a majority and i can't do the things that they would suggest in the manifesto the big job in front of them now is to negotiate our way out of the it's the wrong way to go about it but on top of that they've now got other crises which are rising because of the fire that you saw in the high rise block in london and because of the terrorist attacks there are other more immediate and pressing concerns as well so we're pretty much in a chaotic situation and she's in a very bad situation because she only has a majority of. the uncertainty surrounding may's position as prime minister comes as the european commission annoyance that brags it will leave the e.u. with a deficit of almost eleven billion euro a year complicating the negotiations to leave the bloc we won't have the u.k.
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with us anymore but they were a net pages despite the thatcher rebate so we have a gap of ten to eleven billion euros a year if our government really wanted to leave and our parliament wanted to leave by do what i'm suggesting which is to repeal the ninety seven to your experiences out as a first step so that legally we are no longer members under our law we can now mend and repeal that law in accordance with our own priorities and timescale and not yours and we would we would be on a very very strong position to say to the world we've left this is how it's going to work we want trade friendship and cooperation and we're going to tell you how that's going to work and i would be very foolish to cut off their noses to spite their face by actually trying to penalize us because we wanted to leave relations between berlin and korea continue to nose diverse germany issues a warning to president early on the details about down live reaction after this short break.
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it's called the future we don't need. everyone in the world should experience pfleger and you'll get it on the old the old. the old according to a gesture. the modern world come along for the ride. of an opiate crisis in america killing thousands of people every month or so you've got people walking around the no two. trying to. iraq i'm an american and. it's quite shocking but it saves the pharmaceutical companies want to pay themselves huge bonuses executive bonuses are what matter not people's health get that much and they go there's a slightly different approach to people's well being they think health care is
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maybe part of the package of human rights and of course they're right about that but the culture is richer. seventy minutes into the program welcome back there is little sign of a thaw in the simmering rod between germany and turkey no the german foreign ministers advising president not to hold public events when he comes for the g twenty summit. we have received an official request for president to have permission to address german based turkish citizens during the g twenty summit it is not a good idea the federal government is of the same opinion on this but diplomatic relations between both. are at an all time low we heard from sigma gabriele there the german foreign minister now martin shultz the social democratic party his
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candidate for chancellor of course the former president of the european parliament he's also said that foreign politicians that trade on our values at home should not be given a stage to speak here in germany talking about the one we've also seen venue's work to want to try to. give top give a talk in north rhine-westphalia they declined that was just last week we've also seen this diplomatic situation just descend into the gutter around the referendum that took place in turkey back in april the representatives of the one side wanted to speak here in germany they were shut down that resulted in some very angry scenes and some very angry words indeed from both sides germany you have no notion of democracy your practices are no different from the narcs you practice is of the past my comment that the nazi comparison turkey's part must and
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is valid without ifs or buts and fortunately we see that this comparison is heaven stats and we are not going to allow it upon most and that they would revive gas chambers in concentration camps if they weren't ashamed this is their mentality they are disturbed when we say that this is not seem entirely. different cannot accept that our citizens are incited against each other with the comparison this is the case for all countries in europe that's why we should say with close words out to mr erdogan that he cannot continue like this nazi name calling aside the list goes on and all of stumble. points in the the relationship between germany and turkey at the minute we've seen president the ones bodyguards being told they won't be allowed to enter the country in order to attend the g twenty dollars after they hit the handed approach when they were in washington d.c. we've also you seen germany announce that it's at the end of this month it's going to stop pulling its troops out of the incirlik air base there they're going to be moving to jordan that soft german lawmakers were refused access to go and visit
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there that in troops that are stationed there we've also you seem to be angry over germany looking to accept asylum applications from some soldiers that are accused of having taken part in the attempted coup that tried to overthrow the relationship is in tatters at the moment and of course we've got to remember germany a key player within europe turkey is the key component in the e.u. refugee return deal which at the moment old posts exists only on paper and peter offering up a lot of commentary let's try and answer some of those questions and cross live to journalists martin like john martin great to have you on the program as we just heard germany's foreign minister has warned president to one against holding meetings or other public events to address turkish citizens living in germany i suppose why what the assistant crafter
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a number of extremely derogatory comments aimed at german including one thread of committing nazi practices or one set against germany and its chancellor. first for that we mentioned that. mainly domestic political calculations the reasons behind the decision by the german government to ban rarely sketch will directly by turkish president richard one in germany because the coalition governments call dition of social democrats and of christian democrats have both a competition of collecting votes from the far right at the german border stuck the german parliamentary election in elections coming up in september this year so this is the main reason why they are bending at one because they want votes from the far right also this decision proves
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a double standard towards turkey because on one hand the leaders of the terror group p k k are allowed to speak in germany and to organize readies and addresses in germany on the one hand but on the other hand the turkish president the president of a nato. country is not allowed to do an address in the public and so this shows the contradiction and the double standard towards turkey becoming an easy member was previously i'm not sure about ny but it was high on turkey's priority list that does seem to have changed somewhat has turkey lost any chances of joining the bloc do you think. recently there was the publish a statement published by the european union that turkey is still a candidate for a full membership of the e.u. and also president says that he still seeks to join the
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european union as a full member but i think turkey has also a very variable of turn it that is the shanghai pact the organization for security of far east countries as china and others so they could also offer to full membership and this would not be. possible to join or to combine it with the european union so i think what we have now what we face the struggle and the tensions between turkey and the european union especially between turkey and germany could push turkey. more east and i think turkey could join this shanghai treaty organization.
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the really are so many things we could speak in this so many implications between the relations of the do but time is just presto we appreciate your time on your thoughts on the matter german journalist martin. hughes. a moscow court has fined five people guilty of killing high profile opposition figure boris nemtsov back in twenty fifteen one person has been convicted of shooting them soft the other four of assisting the killer all five men were chechen and pleaded not guilty the kremlin spokesperson says the man who ordered to kill is still at large and is being searched for by police barson himself shot dead two years ago crossing a bridge near the kremlin in central moscow. now in a few months time sweden will conduct its biggest military exercises in twenty years it coincides with russia holding large scale drills but there's a third event in the pipeline two on its own
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a very different mission there described as a first peace seeking war games thirty swedish and russian activists will take part in a two day exercise called seventeen with the goal of deescalating a hypothetical conflict one of the organizers to list that someone had to reach out with a message of peace they are of course not that cold that you would have if you have a war exercise. has to be prepared if the escalation continues but we have bigger and bigger military exercises on the russian side begin to get military exercises on this we decide. we are getting closer to meet you on the swedish side and we have the capability of the swedish and russian politicians to to make meets ends meet to somehow among themselves make agreements then we have to have some kind of civil society that does the job for them so we are preparing for this
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well now that's in sweden but a neighboring finland the country's former ambassador to russia suspects the peace groups event is a ploy to sway public opinion here's what the organizer thinks of the sentiment the ones you claim that we are something that we are not because he wants us he wants to show that we are agents of a foreign power like as soon as you stand up for peace people within your own country will say that you're a traitor. that you somehow work for the other side. your latest kaiser report is moments away looking at the thousands of americans turning up in mexican cities a so-called dental refugee stay with us.
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manufactured consent to step into public wealth. when the ruling classes some protect themselves. the family larry go round and be the one. to ignore middle of the room sick. leave. the real need is really low.
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box cars are of this is the kaiser report in mexico city of heroes place here but of course the next kaiser we're still in mexico city we're here for the next week and a half so you'll see several more episodes here you'll see that evolution of our journey through mexico city where trying to keep it all together we're ordering all or you know a ski days and i don't is or would something like that we had some pretty crazy food here and walkable with press offers for example so i haven't had before now i'm addicted to it just start my day without it also that escalates i think that's what
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the and where only way to get the whole there's also like to spread it all over and just look by stuff claim there's nothing called whoever it is or whatever it's like heuvel mixed with whatever i call the whole way over you know when we're here in mexico they're very welcoming to americans we're very welcomed wherever we go off course you can't say the same certainly on the political agenda and america trump has called the mexicans many bad words and he's warned americans about them crossing the border but what many americans don't understand is actually there are currently six thousand american refugees per day crossing the border from america to mexico no it doesn't go the other way it's not mexico to america there are those that are fleeing the drug violence but here we.


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