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that this is not the final step in the process and it has no bearing on the merits of the case we will continue to aggressively challenge this improper decision but corporate pesticides serving as cancer salads throughout our lives aren't the only potential dangers we are facing a new study at the edward via college of osteopathic medicine in the virginia maryland college of veterinary medicine has found a lovely lovely connection between common household chemicals and birth defects in mice work who love birth defects and mice and comic how's that come of commonality . terry roback research assistant professor at virginia maryland college department of biomedical sciences and path though biology told science daily that quote these chemicals are regularly used in the home hospital public spaces and swimming pools most people are exposed on a regular basis. this makes you feel all warm and tanguy inside doesn't it
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so let's put our values where our health lies in store watching the hogs. it looks like. it's really. good to see. what it's like you know that i got. this. welcome one and all the watching the hawks i haven't i rolled and her and on top of that while it's all right don't you feel all nice and clean and happy and healthy i don't eat salads right cancer salad i kind of potatoes because they probably don't know yeah yeah sort of i mean i don't know how many smart means to me is sad that.
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the chemicals that are in our home health care products in our beauty products in our interest around us things we drink water out of cups this think the chemicals in them things that are used are not tested first before they get on the shop that's the trick and this is a situation where you can say it a million times but. it's better it's really really bad i'm not sure how that can't be. you know there's a how does this keep going people growing right because you know what it curiously keeps going from the classic but classic of. you know us political problems in this world which is you know lobbyist money corporate power seems to influence washington i know in the right likes to admit that but it's true last year e.p.a. or environmental protection agency decided the glide slope eight which is in a round up which many people believe including the believe that the world held or is it was not a carcinogen they ruled that now they ruled this is not
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a carcinogen however the inspector general of the e.p.a. is now investigating possible collusion between a recently retired top you'd be a positive side of that's all so so the guy who decides whether or not something gets. the box gets checked to say might of might be have been in the pocket of somebody. else like this collusion and corruption is happening within the people who are supposed to keep us safe i know that's crazy to agree or. well i mean what here's the thing that people have to understand it doesn't mean it can't be sold in california but a lot of people don't california there's there's signs everywhere like there are chemicals used on this law and that may cause cancer or most cops birth defects so they tell people like it's being used here so you have a choice of whether to interact with those areas or abuse protect yourself. so it really just puts the warning on the product that ingredients are known by the state of california to cause cancer and birth defects. another reproductive climate says
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actually according to the california department of past aside regulation glyphosate is sprayed on more than two hundred crocs across four million acres in california it's the most widely used herbicide well in the stands and rats where a lot of our produce so what you're eating or what you're getting and the thing is this isn't the conversation about g.m.o. as far as like as a as a nod or anything this is putting toxic chemicals that are on your food that then and you can just wash everything well i'm what i love do is it's like they say no no it's perfectly safe this guy has to play ball that gets you spread on when a farmer sprays it as field they say right now that he has to wait twenty years he has to wait twelve hours before they can go back to the field i'm sorry anything that you go spray on a field that then you have to wait twelve hours can't be are going to be over near that's time that's not something healthy nor should it be put on plants that eventually end up in us well let me have the wallace let me tell you about the magical world of mice and coopt tell me about mice and sure you don't know what a quack has got all right well the chemicals that we were talking about earlier
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where they're fighting birth defects and mice and household chemicals well the chemicals are called quaternary ammonium compounds yes those big fifty cent words or quads one can find them in cleaners laundry detergent bad brick softener shampoo eyedrops conditioners treatments for swimming pools food preservatives and produce who more than one million pounds of these quads are made in the every year in the united states one million pounds of the stuff that's chemical yes terry her back was the first author of the study and holds both a doctor a veterinary medicine degree and ph d. perversion in maryland college of veterinary medicine said quote birth defects were seen when both males and females were exposed as well as when only one was exposed we also observed increased birth defects in rodents for two generations after stopping exposure you know where i've heard this before of your this before agent orange look at the past this. then used for military purposes that means
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still causing birth defects and people in in the areas that we used agent orange for a generation i was really really tough with this one to tab which makes it a big deal when you talk about that this stuff is used in cleaners to fight you know bacteria that's what's very interesting about the use of these quads is that they're generally used to be anti-bacterial and because of that nature. in the mice that her research shows that it wasn't just they were injecting them with this stop and they had birth defects they found in the research that for the mice that simply using you know the squat based cleaners in the same room that the mice were in was enough to cause the birth dates of just the same room so they're looking to try to start seeing how it how that blends in these humans and if it is indeed dangerous to humans because look this stuff came out in the fifty's and sixty's weren't really testing a lot for toxicity the different times they did they didn't give it to us they didn't report it what it what they found. and i've been there was a good one because a burger out of those really support was not so good for the muses. there's not
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a lot of things the white house does these days that wins praise from across our political spectrum so when the president signed a bill into law last week that protects whistleblowers in the v.a. system and expedites the removal of problem employees it seemed like one of those rare moments in theory the law is commonsense solutions of the issues plaguing the v.a. for many years now namely a system that cracks down on whistleblowers and makes firing incompetent bureaucrats either impossible or fraught with astronomical legal expenses before one of the boy in the memphis v.a. the law was too little too late sean higgins an air force veteran and v.a. employees father once died in a v.a. hospital due partially to neglect was fired one day before the bill signing ceremony and this isn't the first time he was fired from the memphis v.a. system either his managers tried to sack him twice in two thousand and twenty fourteen but he appealed excess fully both times arguing he was being pushed out as payback for blowing the whistle and the problem sagan's has publicized are truly grave and depressing paralyzed veterans left on attended our veteran patient
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assaulted by staff manipulated wait times and a one million dollar fraud scheme so is sean higgins vows to fight on to improve the v.a. system let's take a look and see how much protection he can actually expect from one of the president's only seemingly legislative achievements so far wow this is one of those horrible conditions that tarred with the boat right if it could be. that it would become our bros i find that i find it really strange that a happened to let him go the day before this thing was being signed into as if they didn't know it was happening always a big surprise. you know i will say that straight out somebody knew and they did it on purpose this is one of those problem employees because the problem is that he points out that you're not following the law and he's pointing out ways to abuse fraud again. so the very people that we trot out you know the politicians trot out every you know every patriotic holiday and say look at how much i care about the
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troops look what i want to do for them as i know i've signed the bill or i didn't sign the bill but i just nodded my head in agreement like the lapdogs that we are in congress when we sent them off to fight and die in wars that we should observe them off the plate and diet but we're not going to actually help them when they get back and we're going to make the v.a. is this like terrible system of you know malpractise corruption you know money pits you know it's ridiculous of the of the best in our v.a. should literally be the top of the line they should be the best hospitals in the entire country they should be on par with the number one private hospitals bar there is no excuse for that not being of high standard everyone working there being at an ethical standard even higher higgens as we don't see that higgins is an interesting case because you know some of this stuff is just plain laughable when you look at like what they were throwing out of my mean for example when when he was fired twenty fourteen the rest of the charges he was acting acting hostile and angry in a meeting about the back of the v.a.'s facility and his team was working out if
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they had overflowing restrooms poor heating and no running water imagine being hostile i would say three things you can be a little angry about. this is a real little ridiculous i don't like our bureaucrats to be angry and you know i find that he hospital it's interesting to me because it's a government government agency as we've seen over and over going to often like to attack the character of a whistleblower rather than attack the message you know it you know they have an ulterior motive or whatever they want to do with in this case it's pretty difficult to do that you know he gives us a voucher he has local veteran advocates and his congressman staff all vouching for his abilities he's not just some crackpot who likes to cause trouble at work right you know i mean this guy was serious he had serious complaints are really good complaints the question though also is that whether these reforms by the new administration. you are going to help or hurt if they're really serious do they have any teeth because it's going to have you know it's nice that you save us but
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is it really going to be used or they're just going to figure out another way to wiggle out of that as most as we have seen in most bureaucratic government systems of whistleblowers or complaints it doesn't always get handled very well so it now would go right it's a this is the problem is that the administration thinks it's a cure all and republicans of course always think there's this cure all of what i know make a sale and we find oh i'm ready. i guarantee you it's going to you know it might fix some things as well we've got to go to break right now that will fix it but we do have to go to break all right our culture don't forget to let us know what you think about topics you cover the facebook and twitter seo polls show the dot com coming up our old song stone sits down with investigative journalist russell baker discos about old from floyd cole organized crime and f.b.i. former then the hipsters keep on coming for c.n.n. are watching they are too small we're sorry all but it was the latest film that they would love to know.
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thanks. not only do you have an opiate crisis in america killing thousands of people every month or so you've got people walking around the cheese trying to. iraq i'm an american i'm proud i mean. it's quite shocking but it seems the pharmaceutical companies wanting the pay themselves huge bonuses executive bonuses are what matter now people get that money and they go there's a slightly different approach to people's well being they think health care is maybe part of the package of human rights and of course. they're right about that but the culture is richer it's deep.
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in the cowshed you should have been. told that the our i. don't. believe in the oh so i'll give you. this if you don't kill me just. actually the most the do not believe the barbecue or not the car. was i don't know that might well be but the board itself was ok so. what do you investigate police officers behavior as well. i'll take drugs and what i am stand up but presence here. let me keep cool
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as you. so james o'keefe has struck again on his thirty third birthday no less and the second undercover video from project veritas in just as many days o'keefe continues his attack on c.n.n. obsession with roger this time however it's c.n.n. rock star van jones who found himself the victim of mr o'keefe kind of sort of not really journalistic endeavors james if you only go after democrats are not a journalist you're an operative it's hard to hear someone del rosario has the latest on this. developing story. it's been one public relations crisis after another this week for c.n.n. first the network retracted a story that tried to draw a connection between
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a donald trump ally and an investigation into russian funds the story had one anonymous source and in the aftermath three reporters resigned and now this on the air host and political commentator van jones caught project undercover camera saying this what do you think's going to happen this week you know richard. didn't . really. deal with. that. van jones you got me i have no idea what is a nothing burger but the video release comes less than two days after project berra tossed founder james o'keefe exposed another c.n.n. employee this one a producer with descriptive words about cnn's russia coverage i can't understand honestly. it's just like. the promises of the.
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after the first video the network released a statement saying c.n.n. stands by our medical producer jon bon a field diversity of personal opinion is what makes c.n.n. strong we welcome it and embrace it well here at r.t. we're still waiting to hear back from c.n.n. on the latest video release along with any concrete statement from the network on its retracted story the subsequent departure of three employees and attacks on its coverage of the russia trump investigation and general here's what i've been able to dig up so far late friday night c.n.n. tweeted an editor's note saying that on june twenty second c.n.n. dot com published a story connecting anthony's car mucci with investigations into the russian direct investment fund that story did not meet cnn's editorial standards and has been retracted links to the story had been disabled c.n.n. apologizes to mr starr maci to which he replies c.n.n. did the right thing classy move apology accepted everyone makes mistakes moving on and while i'm sure c.n.n.
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would like it to be that easy it's not three days later three employees resigned c.n.n. money quoting a spokesman saying that in the aftermath of the retraction of the story published on c.n.n. dot com c.n.n. has accepted the resignations of the employees involved and while c.n.n. president jeff zucker has yet to address the story or the resignations according to the new york times citing a c.n.n. network employee who listened to the newsroom conference call and was granted an annuity to describe private remarks or said this people are trying to attack us trying to take us down our reputation is everything that is our currency and that's why we have processes in place if you don't follow those procedures you don't work here period right now these attacks are coming in part from project and o'keefe whose own history is muddied with lawsuits involving the techniques of his undercover work and his attacks on mainstream media he warns are not over yet neither is c.n.n.'s frequent coverage of allegations russia hacked the u.s.
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election because. just one day after losing three reporters to retracted russia's story the network hosted a special documentary titled the russian connection in find the attack on democracy in washington sima dollars r e o r t. r dark waters what kind of a dish do you get when you mix in these spicy and volatile ingredients of a one nine hundred ninety s. donald trump some russian mobsters in organized crime f.b.i. informants and joseph mccarthy's infamous right hand man roy cohn who well our own sean stone recently sat down with investigative journalist and editor in chief of who what why dot com ross baker to find out just how bizarre and compelling a story those ingredients can make a speaker and why i've been looking into the connection between trump and organized crime for many months now and what they've discovered could maybe possibly be behind some of the more strange twists and turns we've seen taking place on capitol hill today let's take a listen cross thanks so much for coming on today and talking with me i want to get into this much bigger story than what's been called so far this you know the russia
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gate and the russian hacking story which is actually trumps relationship to russian mafia figures and i think this could also really be the real reason behind companies firing so i want to start by asking as far as your research and what you've been studying what are the key links that we're looking at here to to indicate that trump actually has had a relationship with the russian mob problem at about the early ninety's that's right as you know it who what why were we spent months on this topic published a number of articles on it we're still trying to come to grips with that we're still trying to understand what we do know is that donald trump had people in his buildings right from the beginning who had connections to organized crime initially those people were connected i would say more to the traditional italian origin organized crime but we begin to see people. and acted to the various
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countries of the former soviet union as far back as the early ninety's moving into the building buying loads of apartments we know that he knew most of these people he dealt directly with them in some cases he would sit down with them and they pull out a pile of cash as a down payment on one of these apartments so we know that he knew these folks we also know that as somebody involved in. property development he had to deal with the organized crime controlled local unions and we documented in our one of our articles that those relationships the lady friend the head of the concrete union tied in with the gambino and what have you and she at one point in the most spectacular part of their directly below trumps she even got them to put in a swimming pool in her own apartment which is pretty unusual. but so you mention the more traditional organized crime obviously right cone is the figure who is
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connected to both the f.b.i. the intelligence world also the mafia it's considered a mentor to trump the eighty's. when a key fair character i'm standing out trump gets the access to locations that are essentially as we know traditionally mafia connected casinos major real estate properties in atlantic city in places like this vegas i mean does this indicate his connection to the traditional organized crime or i think it does roy cohn was extremely important to trump and was a kind of a mentor and a connector and set up all kinds of things and of course with the client privilege relationship be able to sort of protect him if you want to say sort of launder a lot of those relationships a cone very very important and for those who don't know much about him cause he worked for senator joe mccarthy and so was very powerful in washington in the fifty's and had important ties as you point out to the f.b.i. and to other aspects of law enforcement and by the. the whole trump story get
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becomes very very interesting when you start understanding the complexities of even sorting out who's investigating the criminals who is a criminal what is a criminal the lines are very very blurred. so in the course of the early ninety's we're talking about the base of the time when russia is collapsing and as we know the soviet union pretty much was looted by a lot of people the various you know soros and jeffrey sachs and others that were interested in going over there and basically seen the privatization massive oligarchs pop up they have a lot of money money starts flowing into the west bank of new york in particular a major source of money laundering for mafia organizations what is the clear indication this forest trump perhaps even being bailed out by some of these people you know whose bankrupt in the early ninety's so was there is any case he was bailed out by this money to do we know it directly ties into the russian mafia to trump so we see several individuals as we start looking at them seeing where they lead to they all appear to have connections to simeon mogilevich it's called the
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boss of bosses the sensually consider to be sort of the godfather of they call it russian organized crime to problematical term because a lot of mark from russia and all they're from various parts of the former soviet union could because georgia could be. certainly ukraine very very important and actually in the old soviet union ukraine was the there was gangsterism back then and ukraine was a hotbed of that the the organized crime in ukraine although they imprisoned a lot of the people they also tolerate a lot of them k.g.b. worked with a lot of them they needed their services frankly and then they used to going all the way back when there was a lot of pressure on the soviet union to release so we had jews that was used as a cover to get a lot of these people out really some from jails they went to the west a lot of them came here to new york to parts of brooklyn brighton beach in coney island so forth set themselves up here. but in any case mogilevich. as an extremely
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important figure it considered by some to be perhaps the most powerful. head of organized crime in the world more than anybody else and. very intelligent man very very capable and he got into all sorts of businesses and one of the things he was going to get into pretty early on it was finance and they were looking at opportunities to get it to a wall street basically and see what they could do and so used to be. former scientists mathematicians and so on from the soviet union looking at things like computerized trading and then we see people like this felix seder. who. worked in a company in trump tower and became very very close with donald trump. out of a russian background and he was involved with what's called pump and dump stock schemes these at least were involved with russian connected people and with american it the the italian american organized crime and these families were
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involved in that so as you mentioned before you know with the idea of the late fixator for example who is involved with trump for these years involved with perhaps laundering money from various oligarchs from russia he's in this very informal the same time and so as you point out it makes it very murky to understand well what is then the role of someone like that call me at the f.b.i. is he actually you know was he actually really trying to investigate trump was he basically you know that he just know too much and he was in a position where trump had to fire him as a result or what's your speculation on the motivation for getting rid of coleman well we spent a long time trying to sort out the whole dynamic of the f.b.i.'s relationship to the seder and to trump and this is sort of what our our our reporting so far has focused on it's the f.b.i. is the only real investigative body that can look into these things but once we learned that the f.b.i. was basically running this man inside trump tower who had his criminal connections
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and that he supposedly. was a very high value informant. and trying to understand the nature of that and also noticing that the f.b.i. has fought vociferously to a when he was supposed to be sentenced for his crimes they went into these secret presentation for the judge and asked for leniency due to his tremendous service to the united states we don't know exactly what that involves we certain things have been said we're not sure if they're correct but at the same time this man clearly has these connections his business partners and be a rock in to him self even in the e-mail said something about referred to one of his partners as a gangster so it's all there and the f.b.i. is right in the middle of it and you know they're running this guy how were they going to ever explain what was going on and what did they know you see and then it gets very complicated because trump himself there's a real possibility that trump himself and i don't know this is maybe this is the scoop here that trump of self may well have been an f.b.i.
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informant. and finally today if you're having trouble sleeping and i we have news that will put your mind. or something that you as our may just successfully test it for the first time ever a powerful new is there a gun for a military gun or actor or a theone and although dr evil would be disappointed will either be in was an attached to a shark head it was attached to a flying apache attack helicopter and used it to hit tank from a mile away if you weren't henri assured enough it's also silent invisible to the human eye and weather permitting has perfect i am better than any solar firearm great but not to worry the army has made clear that although the laser gun is powerful enough to destroy a modern to anchor now a couple is to miss a lot of the sky its power can just be. only adjusted to hit humans outta this where non-lethal level where it remains unclear out how raytheon. plans to test
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that particular capability. sidling thank you rosie always a. laser beams are back on her show. remember everyone in this world we are told will love the lord so all i love you i am tired world and on top of the wallace keep on watching those options have a great day imo the but. i think david cameron was so convinced that he would. live to keep the british people would protect the rights that he felt justified in taking the gamble and i think that was an irresponsible gun well i think he was playing russian roulette with british future because it's in there it's in a radical change it's not like an old reelection unless i guess later you could vote. here's what people have been saying about
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rejected a night with the sixty's full on awesome the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch oh please yap is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same we are apparently better than blue nothing is bad and i see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight i'm president of the world bank so patzers i'm going to write it seriously send us an e-mail. in case you're new to the game this is how it works not the economy is built around corporations corporations from washington to washington control the media the media the. voters elected the businessman to run this country business equals power who must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. absolutely the dubrovnik in
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venice are all fixed travel destinations so it must be nice to live there or is it . crowds of tourists disrupt the city's economic and social life in them and hopefully before the sun the celestial such as the. sun i am somebody. as weak as my needs a school my days are on my feet while the cities try desperately not to collapse. the profit of. the supper will probably go on the dole coffee cup at home in the bushes up the on sobs and the suppose that so many of us. to. run. as a tourist phobia will fail fall into our own identity. the
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prime minister of iraq declares victory i resign weeks date which is now being put driven at the city of mosul we look at the price of liberation. for intervention russia's foreign ministry hits academic records place the assad government is planning a chemical attack in syria it believes the us could just be looking for an excuse to deepen its military involvement there and. fight for c.n.n. u.s. caught on camera ridiculing the channel's russia coverage adding to the control the network's facing a back to its news content. what do you think's going to happen this week with all russia.


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