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tv   Headline News  RT  June 29, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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genda rather than reporting on real news we have asked c n n's evidence free war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. the prime minister of iraq declares victory over islamic state which has now been all but driven out of the city of mosul we look at the price of the liberation. a pretext for intervention russia's foreign ministry gets out of america's claim to be assad government is planning a chemical attack in syria it believes the u.s. could just be looking for an excuse to deepen its military involvement there. and a political commentator for c.n.n. is caught on camera ridiculing the channel's russia coverage adding to the console the see the network's facing about its news content. what do you think's going to happen this week with all the rest of. the things that keep up with really i.
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get even you watching r.t. international is just ten o'clock in moscow now our top story the iraqi prime minister has declared victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the famous mosque in mosul where three years ago i saw declared a caliphate the story has been quickly picked up by the media iraq's prime minister is declaring an end to isis in mosul after his forces recaptured a hugely symbolic site the ruins of nuri mosque so iraq's prime minister is the clearing the end of what he calls i sold a fake state after his troops recaptured the ruins of the mosque. what has not been widely discussed is the cost of the liberation for the residents of mosul gas the
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every cent he spent over a month in the city for us and recalls his experience. it isn't over yet they haven't taken the entire city isis is still in a number of neighborhoods in the old city of mosul we are newry a mosque that they've taken is symbolic because that is where these slamming state was first proclaimed nevertheless you know if you think back to what price this victory has come it is it is tremendous this is a city that has been basically purged of its population and reduced the north much more than. rubble and it is very difficult to get a true sense of the devastation in mosul through videos and the articles really you'll get an understanding of how bad it is and and how much was sacrificed when you walk through those very blasted streets we stopped at this crossroads because
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the view here really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look that's an iraqi helicopter. launching missiles. at isis targets in and you can hear isis small arms fire there targeting the helicopter and. took of precision i haven't yet seen a single house in mosul untouched by fighting isis make sure not to give up. without a fight the iraqi army and the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave a square meter scorched it's bad what's happened to the city but what's happened to the people of mosul two million inhabitants before all of this things they went through the air strikes for example countless civilians new counting how many
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people of families children entire neighborhoods will. children strikes plenty of bodies still buried under the rubble only little little. you're going to be coming here know of now much while the thought of being. there you have come to me to argue with me that you're married and we can enter the . third mother. or woman is our focus up there actually that you had to put their marriage up i did your mark on my own my sorry i thought that your father said that about him my out of. but out of several civilians were i says human shield they were their defense they hoped that by putting civilians in every house by fighting on roofs in houses filled with
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civilians that the coalition the u.s. led coalition would refrain from bombing or cut back on its airstrikes they miscalculated at the end of the day they said basically well this is war civilians die casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation the battle of mosul was never going to be easy that was no wonder stand the obvious from the onset i says defended with all they have used callously the billions of mosul but the approach of the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi army their brutal you could say methods the air strikes the shelling the rocket attacks they didn't do much to lessen the suffering of civilians in mosul against the iraqi government hailed the victory un expressed grave concern for the civilians in mosul saying at least fifteen thousand
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people have been injured during the n.t.i. still operation there up to fifty thousand civilians still feared to be trapped and over nine hundred thousand people in the city that once had a population of two million have fled their homes we discuss the impact of the operation on civilians with a number of experts. actually it is good news for. for humanity. having us and be isis being defeated in mosul but what price. or what was the way leading to this into this victory a big price was paid. civilians being. after. after time. by the coalition forces without any understanding or without any consideration of human life the should have been some kind of. strategy to minimize the. casualties among civilians i don't see as
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a classic classic american double to stand there if someone else does it this is irresponsible it's carpet bombing we don't give a damn about civilians when they actually do it it's just an oversight that the story is just not good enough strategy should have been thought in advance of they have plenty of time to do it it took them three years who got sick they should have planned in advance and it's actually did the whole town has been lived to the ground and the the bitterness among the people there would probably create another problem for the iraqis. meanwhile russia's foreign ministry has sharply criticized washington's claims that the saudi government is planning a chemical attack in syria moscow believes such allegations could be a sign of an upcoming u.s. intervention. it is even we knew about statements from washington we also knew that the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like
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a massive provocation both military and informational it is likely that where we are seen at the moment is the threshold of a new intervention we discussed the situation with syria commentator danny makki and he says the claims coming from washington didn't pave the way for false flag attacks by rebel groups united states of america is looking for some sort of provocation in syria and is actually putting protectors for some sort of possible intervention and if history is anything to go by then trump definitely does not not have any qualms in actually attacking syria militarily on the ground as we've seen so moscow the sentiment is pretty much spot on trump does seem like he wants to do some sort of intervention and he's looking for a reason to do so and what people need to comprehend is that we're at a stage in the war now where the assad government is almost. a victory towards the end and this wasn't the case a few years ago so the assad government would have no reason logical or rational or
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military reason to actually use these weapons at this moment in time words the rebels have every single reason to provoke such an attack and to possibly use these weapons themselves and see the reaction that they want from the united states and their allies internationally. now another undercover video has been released allegedly exposing attitudes at c.n.n. towards russia related stories this time one of the american news channel's political commentators appears to shrug off and dismiss all of the recent controversy. what do you think's going to happen this week to be told russia i was going to be nothing really i well in response van jones there has addressed the video and he says his words were taken out of context and that he does not believe there is nothing to the claims that members of trump's teen colluded with russia and then tried to cover it up and it was the second such video released by investigative journalism group project very task in his many days and it's also
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a warning that other media should be wary. not just c.n.n. i want to make this clear you are going to mainstream media in america you know you are telling why you are defending people you're doing stories you're shipping them in public from knowing the truth there are worse things we may be a right now we are watching you and your c.e.o. of this organization probably would be sleeping well at night because it might be on the mark meanwhile that a us media research center has found that the evening news programs of a.b.c. c.b.s. and n.b.c. all devoted a huge amount of coverage to russian ling stories during may and june in fact more than teeth focused on the investigation into ties between russia and donald trump's election campaign wanting contrast for example america's withdrawal from the paris climate treaty got just forty seven minutes.
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the u.k.'s prime minister to reason may has seen her party's program pass through parliament after the queen's speech with a majority of fourteen votes but may is still being put under pressure by british newspapers which continue to call for her resignation that was after she was forced to strike a controversial deal with the northern irish party the pay to form a working government in westminster polls even suggest that opposition party leader jeremy corbyn has overtaken may in approval ratings but he failed to make the amendments he wanted to the queen's speech in parliament on wednesday baton unami pay from the u.k. independence party says three's a maze party is in chaos but the disastrous manifesto which they had to backtrack on another got into the queen's speech with almost no content because they don't have a majority and i can't do the things that they would suggest in their own manifesto the big job in front of them now is to negotiate our way out of the you the wrong way to go about it but on top of that they've now got other crises which are
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arising because of the fire that you saw in the high road block in london and because of the terrorist attacks there are other more immediate and pressing concerns as well so we're pretty much in a chaotic situation and she's in a very bad situation because she only has a majority of about ten and the uncertainty surrounding to reason may's position as prime minister does come as the european commission announced that breaks it will leave the you with a deficit of almost eleven billion euros a year complicating the negotiations to leave the block. we won't have the u.k. with us anymore but they were net pages despite the fact your rebate so we have a gap of ten to eleven billion euros a year last week may unveiled her break to plan for either nationals living in the u.k. however it was met with criticism by some european politicians european commission chief john claude younker called it insufficient and the president of the european council done more tasks said it was below expectations back in again believes
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britain should exit the e.u. on its own terms there's no hard brakes and there's no soft there's only exit leaving the european union and they're going about it completely the wrong way if our government really wanted to leave and our parliament wanted to leave by do what i'm suggesting in this document which is to repeal the one nine hundred seventy two communities act as a first step so that legally we are no longer members under our law and we would we would be on a very very strong position then because we are a very big trading partner with the our economy is as big as the twenty smallest countries of the put together so we're in a very good position to say to the world we've left this is how it's going to work we want trade friendship and cooperation and we're going to tell you how that's going to work and i would be very foolish to cut off their noses to spite their face by actually trying to pin allies us because we wanted to leave. now in other news tonight nato has announced it will send a few thousand additional troops to boost operations in afghanistan.
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first. true for you know from the fish to all the. contusions to. mission where the nato chief also said that troops will be assisting afghan forces in a non-combat role against deisel and taliban led insurgency washington's operation in afghanistan has so far come at a cost of one trillion dollars and has left over two thousand soldiers dead in the country there are currently over eight thousand nato troops in the country while the u.s. has likely few can have a look at the map here despite their presence there the taliban has extended its control in afghanistan over the last two years you can see the areas controlled there in dark brown well that does show how quickly the terror group has spread in that time we did speak to down glazebrook a political writer and journalist he says that nato presence in the country is to
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keep afghanistan dependent on the west i think we have to really understand the purpose of nato and the west involvement in afghanistan is really to maintain the relation of colonial dependency on the west of that country house so that they want to deploy enough. enough troops to keep the government just about empower the afghan government just about in power and to keep it dependent on western military aid for its existence and its survival contribution to the actual fight against isis and the taliban has been has been minimal taliban's presence is extending our isis have opened up. a new front if you like. now moscow court has found five people guilty of killing the russian opposition politician boris nemtsov back in twenty fifteen hugo she done up as more.
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five people in the dark all of them found guilty now it is important to understand that so far we only know the jury's verdict as for the sentencing the prosecution is set to announce that later on july the fourth now the most high profile man on trial was died of the jury decided that it was actually him who pulled the trigger it took the jury three days to deliberate the verdict and they have also decided that the assassination was very meticulously planned apparently the killers they followed the tailgated boris nemtsov for over a month studying how he moves where he goes just his daily routine all of that of course happened back in twenty fifteen and it happened literally just hundreds of meters away from the studio where i am right now back down boris nemtsov whose political career goes all the way back to the ninety's he was a very prominent opposition figure in twenty fifteen and he was taking a stroll with his girlfriend and that's when he was gunned down in a drive by style shooting now the family of boris snaps of they have been very
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skeptical about this whole investigation from the outset since the persons or person who masterminded who actually ordered the hit still have not been found but there is a separate case looking just into that the slaying of boris nemtsov it made a very powerful impact in russia and even the kremlin has been following the case closely kremlin has addressed the concerns of the number of family saying that while these cases are very hard to crack the kremlin believes that eventually whoever is responsible whether masterminded the attack will be brought to justice. there is little sign of a thaw in the simmering ran at the moment between germany and turkey the german foreign minister is advising president not to hold public events when he comes for the g twenty summit in hamburg ministry has already called the remarks from signal gabrielle unacceptable. we have received an official request for president to have
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permission to address german based turkish citizens during the g twenty summit it is not a good idea the federal government is of the same opinion on this but diplomatic relations between burley and. are at an all time low we heard from sigma gabriele there the german foreign minister now martin shultz the social democratic party his candidate for chancellor of course the former president of the european parliament he's also said that foreign politicians that trade on our values at home should not be given a stage to speak here in germany talking about the one we've also seen venue's work i want to try to. give talk give a talk in north rhine-westphalia they declined that was just last week we've also seen this diplomatic situation just descend into the gutter around the referendum that took place in turkey back in april the representatives
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of the to one side wanted to speak here in germany they were shut down that resulted in some very angry scenes and some very angry words indeed from both sides germany you have no notion of democracy your practices are no different from the nazi practices of the past my comment that the nazi comparisons in turkey sparked must and is valid without ifs or buts and fortunately we see that this comparisons haven't stats and we are not going to allow it promise them that they would revive gas chambers in concentration camps if they weren't ashamed this is their mentality they are disturbed when we say that this is not seem entirely. different cannot accept that our citizens are incited against each other and that's a comparison this is the case for all countries in europe that's why we should say with close words to mr erdogan that he cannot continue like this nazi name calling aside the list goes on and all the stumble. points in the the relationship between
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germany and turkey at the minute we've seen president the ones bodyguards being told they won't be allowed to enter the country in order to attend the g. twenty that's after their heavy handed approach when they were in washington d.c. we've also seen germany announce that at the end of this month it's going to stop pulling its troops out of the incirlik air base there they're going to be moving to jordan that's after german lawmakers were refused access to go and visit their. troops that are stationed there we've also seen turkey angry over germany looking to accept asylum applications from some soldiers that are accused of having taken part in the attempted coup that tried to overthrow the relationship is in tatters at the moment and of course we've got to remember germany a key player within europe turkey is the key component in the e.u. refugee return deal which at the moment all but exists only on paper.
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so all of the reporting now in a few months time sweden will conduct its biggest military exercises in twenty years and it will coincide with russia holding large scale drills as well but there is a third event in the pipeline and it's on a very different mission it is described as the first peace seeking war against the swedish and russian activists will take part in a two day exercise called and seventeen with the goal of deescalating one hypothetical conflict one of the organizers told us that someone had to reach out with a message of peace. they are of course not that physical that you would have if you have a war exercise demeanor of exercises to be prepared if the escalation continues but we have bigger and bigger military exercises on the russian side there are bigger and bigger military exercises on this we are we are getting closer to nico on the swedish side and we have the. ability of the swedish and russian politicians to
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to make meets ends meet to somehow among themselves make agreements then we have to have some kind of civil society that does the job for them so we are preparing for this. in neighboring finland though the country's former ambassador to russia suspects the peace groups event is a moscow ploy to sway public opinion is what the organizer thinks of that he wants to claim that we are something that we are not because he wants us he wants to show that we are agents of a foreign power like as soon as you stand up for peace people within your own country will say that you're a traitor. that you somehow work for the other side. of the french time says he's going to put pork and only poor can score lunch many of his plan is to ban alternative options in order to promote
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a more secular society but the idea isn't proven to be popular with some in from its we are putting an operation in place so the children eat everything and their diets are balanced there is too much waste so we will teach them to eat meat meat poultry or pork today we're talking about secularism in a generally anti muslim way we see secularism as a tool of tolerance and living together not exclusion any people who refuses to eat pork should feel he's well earlier i did discuss this with hosni mattie he's a french lawyer and author nicole richie's a political analyst. highest public court affronts already sade's last year that it is forbidden for a mayor to ban burqini or to. go to stigmatise by that way for the children for the mayor who has decided that it is there is no tentative for the poor it's a way to say that we don't care about the muslim faith or the jew faith because.
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jewish people don't eat pork also so it is very bizarre to notice that in that they will cause to look at your country mayor who are a representative who has to decide has decided to not respect the law well first of all we have to see the credit procedure behind this he is the mayor and with his town hall and council they decided to stop this why because don't forget that they are funding this so he's deciding to do this as the representative of his constituency so this is the first elements of democratic process second of all i think we must not underestimate the threat that this can represent to french society i mean definitely there is a problem with into a integration of of migrants of one part of the muslim community and i definitely think that right now he can no it's not the good time for the muslim community to be starting to ask for specific diets was the next step do we ask jobs do we ask that some of the school textbooks. shaking your head there was. a saying that
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muslim people want to have their own rule that's not true that's completely false that we french muslim citizens want to be equal we don't want to have more we don't want to have less also any would have to make sure that disguised as a consideration is just helping more stigmatization and that's a good way to make sure that we're all living together with a good conscious of the sentiment the feeling that we are all together do the inhabitants of this town want to be in the rectory funding cultural centers or moscow stuff like that. i mean this is something which is important which people have to know we're just not buying muslim food you're funding the muslim community and also let me just say one thing as i said before what's the limit and hosty didn't answer instead of answering the question if you try to attack me you are saying this is shame hostie was the next step let me be clear. as far as i know muslim community in france i'm not the representing of the french muslim community but as far as i know because i'm
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a lawyer and i have to deal with this kind of cases. on the asking for how long they just want to have the possibility to have as much as as much protein as the children as we usually do in france we're just not about racism in our islamophobia or whatever this is about just creating communities within the french society french aside it is not going well twenty percent of the youth are unemployed we've got terrorist attacks you've got major problems i do not think that this is a good time for the most in community to say we want specific food or we have specific rights. we had here a little earlier now that we haven't forgotten about the football the second semifinal of the faith confederations cup in russia is well underway germany in fact currently baiting mexico a free nail in salt she with a back twenty minutes to play the winner this week. in the final on sunday at the same pay to stadiums who does look like a. russian i think so then you can't be told if that is the case
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even germany or cheney have won it before and what we will be there with our special coverage team from simply to join our team of neil harvey and former england football a stand collymore for all the action. what makes her not say it's the kaiser report.
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box cars are of this is the kaiser report in mexico city of chase here but of course the next kaiser we're still in mexico city we're here for the next week and a half so you'll see several more episodes here you'll see that evolution of our journey through mexico city where trying to keep it all together we're ordering all
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or you know a ski days and i don't is or would something like that we had some pretty crazy food here and walkable with press offers for example so i haven't had before now i'm addicted to it gets to start my day without it also that escalates i think that's what the and wearing only a little obvious joke at the mall there's also like to spread it all over and just look buy stuff claim there's nothing called wherever there's a whatever it's like heuvel mixed with whatever i call the whole way over you know when we're here in mexico they're very welcoming to americans we're very welcomed wherever we go of course you can say the same certainly on the political agenda and america trump has called the mexicans many bad words and he's warned americans about them crossing the border but what many americans don't understand is actually there are currently six thousand american refugees.


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