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ok. coming up on our team erica another video by investigative journalist james o'keefe this time as he tracks down c.n.n. president jeff zucker. the liberation of isis from western mosul iraq is a minute according to the u.s. led coalition and iraq. and russian president vladimir putin and then u.s. president donald trump are set to meet at the g. twenty summit next next week and germany. it's thursday june twenty ninth five pm here in washington d.c. i'm ashley banks and you're watching our to the america we began today with the
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latest in the so-called c.n.n. tapes for three days conservative activist james o'keefe has been causing a headache for c.n.n. since it was announced the kids organization of project veritas had infiltrated the network well the hidden camera or to correspond i apparent pella standing by in our t. newsroom with more he took a break from releasing any particularly explosive or revelatory reports today and it tended to secure comment from c.n.n. c.e.o. jeff zucker in light of his latest undercover series american probably c.n.n. take a look at how is upper ovoid it o'keeffe questioning whether this is mr sluggers resume thirty to sixty fourth street in new york city the events of. the moment are about to rush a story. a good those pretty cowardly there was a. pretty girl exactly that.
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the incident comes after project vera tas has released two videos catching c.n.n. employees admitting the network's obsession with russia gate allegations is a ploy for ratings on wednesday project veritas released a video in which c.n.n. political commentator van jones conceded so far attempts to prove collusion between the trump campaign and russia have resulted in quote a big nothing burger the series has already created quite a stir speaking to our t.v. project veritas communications director steven gordon spoke about what he sees as the difficulties c.n.n. and others have had at responding to their reports been virtually all of it in the mainstream media the reason why even yesterday our little opposition to the end of the day if you can come up with something because it's very hard the truth. nobody's going to be doing it but up to date isn't the only one or two minute
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pieces about everything that you're going for speaking once and. gordon may have a point considering for example newsweek reports c.n.n. responded to a quest for comment on the van jones video with three letters as well oh as well meanwhile this week's developments have put c.n.n. under a microscope with some now drawing attention to the network's social media presence according to the web site twitter audit which takes a sample of icann accounts followers in analyzes those people's number of followers and tweets in order to determine which account may be fake only fifty two percent of c.n.n. thirty six point five million followers are real their estimates cast a similar number for fox news is fifteen point two million followers while m s n b c looks slightly better with sixty seven percent of their one point five million followers checking out comparatively r.t. america manages its. or of eighty three percent though our overall number of
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followers is lower than the major mainstream networks while for now c.n.n. c.e.o. jeff zucker has avoided answering any tough questions about his decision to run with russia gate stories at all costs o'keefe as promised more videos are on the way with what he describes as a hidden camera bombshell scheduled to drop tomorrow in washington on your part until r.t.e. the story was first published on twitter and made a firestorm online even though the major american outlets hesitated to speak on the issue the internet is murtha lesson so here at r t we've gathered some of the most notorious cases of online mocking it just for you.
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and now breaking news on russia gate a founding myth of the conspiracy has been retracted intelligence first publicized by the new york times allege all seventeen u.s. intelligence agencies were to consensus regarding suspected russian hacking and to d.n.c. e-mails the times issued a correction to the june twenty fifth the article noting only four intelligence agencies had actually reached an agreement on a russian interference those agencies included the office of the director of national intelligence the central intelligence agency in the federal bureau of investigation and the national security agency the correction even specifically
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mentions the assessment was not approved by all a seventeen organizations and the american intelligence community. now the international news the liberation of isis for mosul iraq is imminent according to the u.s. led coalition and iraq what has not been as widely discussed though as the cause of the liberation for the residents of mosul marotta ghazi of recently spent over a month in the city for us he recalls his experiences there. it isn't over yet they haven't taken the entire city isis is still in a number of neighborhoods in the old city of mosul the newry a mosque that they've taken is in balik because that is where the slum make state was first proclaimed never the less you know if you think back to what price this victory has come it is it is tremendous this is a city that has been basically purged of its population and reduced the north much more than. rubble and it is very difficult to get
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a true sense of the devastation in mosul through video games and the articles really you'll get an understanding of how bad it isn't and how much was sacrificed when you walk through those very blasts the streets we stopped at this crossroads because the view here really epitomizes what. has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look that's an iraqi helicopter. launching missiles. at isis targets in and you can hear isis small arms fire there targeting the helicopter and for. precision i haven't yet seen a single house in mosul untouched by fighting isis make sure not to give up.
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without a fight the iraqi army and the u.s. led coalition seem to make sure to not leave a square meter scorched it's bad what's happened to the city but what's happened to the people of mosul two million inhabitants before all of this things they went through the as strikes for example countless civilians new counting how many people of families children entire neighborhoods wiki. strikes plenty of bodies still buried under the rubble and you little little. your garbage coming in all of now much. thought of me. yeah. yeah but. when they're here comes to me to add much of. my own food mother.
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and woman as i focus on their i.q. that i should have it but they're american after i did your mark on my own my sorry i did not let you off but out of my out of a militia but out of. civilians were ice is human shield they were their defense they hoped that by putting civilians in every house by fighting on roofs in houses filled with civilians that the coalition the u.s. led coalition would refrain from bombing or cut back on its air strikes they miscalculated at the end of the day they said basically well this is war civilians die carol are a fact of life in this sort of situation the battle of mosul was never going to be easy that was no wonder standard but obvious from the onset ice is defended with all they have they used callously the civilians of mosul but the approach of
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the u.s. led coalition and the iraqi army their brutal you could say methods yes strikes the shelling the rocket attacks they didn't do much to lessen the suffering of civilians in mosul. syria's government along with its ally russia are accusing washington of creating the pretenses for quote provocation today now a statement released by syria's official news agencies here is foreign ministry says every jets allegations that syria is preparing for another chemical weapons attack the syrian official says the objective of these claims are to further justify interventionism including attacks targeting the syrian regime the same and went on to say washington's press release is a distraction from the legal coalition strikes led by the us responsible for the deaths of thousands of syrian civilians attacks like the report a u.s. led coalition air strike on a prison run by the self-proclaimed islamic state and the syrian town of the el of
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my god dean that monday at least fifty seven cows were these resulted from the strike that's according to a monitoring group the group reports at least fifteen so-called islamic state fighters were killed in the read all of syrian state run television station cited its local correspondent who says coalition fighter jets targeted the building the spite evidence the prison held quote a large number of civilians and activists run media outlets are also corroborate it the strike reporting it took place monday morning u.s. central command confirmed tuesday conducted air strikes in el maya dean sunday and monday but did not directly reference the prison. to discuss the recent developments in the rest of current u.s. policy in syria i was joined by bryan bakker national coordinator of the antiwar coalition answer take a look the possibility of a conflict with russia certainly there are you have russia decisively engaged
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militarily on the side of the assad government the russians came in in a way that i think irreversibly changed the military equation making it impossible for the u.s. to carry out its original plan which was to overthrow the assad government now two years later two and a half years later the trump administration in the pentagon seemed to be inching their way back to the earlier policy a policy that was an absolute catastrophe a failure of course for the people of syria a failure in the sense that they could not i was the assad government the assad government because of its international allies and it's a substantial domestic base of support has been able to hold on will they be able to overthrow assad i don't think so the question really is why is the u.s. escalating these military strikes against the syrian arab army positions also against the syrian arab army air force shooting down a syrian air force jet and also drone attacks why is the u.s. doing that i think the u.s. is trying to become relevant again in the military equation in syria so that in the
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post isis phase of the syrian war in other words after isis is defeated the u.s. is a factor determining what the new syria will look like in other words the u.s. is trying i think to create its own zone of influence a sphere of influence inside the eastern part of syria that's the reason we're seeing these escalations by the u.s. military and speaking of that we know that the u.s. is a masking intelligence gathering aircraft near syria on top of that a u.s. aircraft carrier is on its way to a port and is run i want to know from you how would you categorize israel's role in the u.s. war and syria the israelis are quite pleased with the war i mean as long as syrians are killing syrians as long as the different. unseasoned factions are fighting each other on israel's border the israeli government is quite pleased the israeli government from the beginning has favored the breakup of iraq the breakup of libya the breakup of syria another words all the countries that were considered part of the resistance front that were coming to the aid and support of the palestinian
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people who have been endlessly targeted by the israelis as an effort to ethnically cleanse palestinians from palestinian lands the palestinians don't have a state they've been reliant on the support of other states syria was once syria gave a lot of support to the palestinians now syria has been engulfed in a war israelis are quite happy with it what do the israelis really want the. of the war and the continued fragmentation of arab countries that could potentially come to the aid of the palestinians now i want to speak on nikki haley's recent comments on the chemical attacks in syria and the claim that the u.s. jets helped to avert a chemical attack by threatening syrian president bashar al assad what are your thoughts on that well nikki haley's comments are a straw dog another words a complete fraud a straw dog is this the american government says the syrians are about to carry out chemical weapons we're going to strike them should they do that the syrians say we don't have any chemical weapons international inspectors say the syrians don't have
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chemical weapons the syrians then don't use chemical weapons in a chemical weapons attack in the u.s. comes out and said see we stop the chemical weapons attack in other words a straw dog a fraud a hoax whereby the united states can claim a victory for something that was never about to happen thus showing again the u.s. relevance in the syrian military theater again the u.s. is thinking post isis what kind of role can the american government play there that means they have to continue to intervene escalate and act as if they're the guarantors of people state safety and security when the u.s. and the cia and its proxies turkey and saudi arabia where the principal force is breaking in syria apart so that's what we're seeing witnessed by nikki haley's comments. ok now we know that the u.s. its vaal violating rather international law by bombing a sovereign state now the u.s. congress never authorized the war against syria and on top of that this aggression also violates the war powers clause of the us constitution so brian is this an
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impeachable act against trump well there's no doubt that it's an impeachable offense the impeachment process in the u.s. congress is for high crimes and misdemeanors when the u.s. goes to war illegally when it carries out a war of aggression it's a violation of the u.n. the u.n. the united states is a signatory to the u.n. charter that's making the u.n. signature part of the highest law of the when that's how the u.s. constitution treats treaties now also the u.s. constitution says only congress can declare war when u.s. is going to syria bombing syria killing syrians that's an act of war congress not only hasn't declared war on syria of course they didn't declare war in vietnam or korea either no time since world war two is congress. conform to its constitutional mandate to to declare we're not only that syria has that he would come up in congress congress hasn't even used a congressional authorization another words less than a declaration to give the president this right will he be impeached that's a political issue should he be impeached for war crimes or
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a war of aggression of course but so should president obama george w. bush and the other presidents who arrogated to themselves this kind of executive privilege that does not exist in the constitution thank you so much very much like we ran out of time that is brian becker a national corner of the antiwar coalition answer thank you so much again now to the white house where it's been confirmed u.s. president will meet russian president putin next week during the g. twenty economic and finance summit and hamburg germany that's according to white house national security advisor h.r. mcmaster the agenda for this meeting has not been finalized yet will bring you any further details as they come come in. it's been ten years since the launch of the i phone but how bad are smartphones for the brain that story right after the break. in case you're new to the game this is how. the anime is built around core.
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operations from washington washington media. voters elected business run this country business people. must it's not business as usual it's business like it's never been done before. that but the politicians do such things that put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so if you want to be president. for something i want to show that to you i believe this is what the. people. i think are still using.
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the feelings of. every. if you really believe that you'll get it out of your. according to a gesture. from iran. i'm john martin and i'll give you what the mainstream media can't help the big picture. here. and when you push for more time what you're looking to see let's. go deeper investigate and debate all so you can get the big picture.
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in cincinnati a coalition of groups gathered yesterday to demand former police officer ray tenzing to face a third trial in the faile shooting of unarmed black motorist sam dubois as comes after two mistrials were declared in the case against tenzing during a twenty fifteen traffic stop tensing shot the bose a while he was employed as a university of cincinnati. a police officer the prosecutor for hamilton county will announce whether to retry the case during the week of july tenth while in texas a misdemeanor charge brought against the state trooper on the twenty fifteen arrest of sandra bland was also dismissed yesterday court documents show bryant and seanie out what's charged with perjury for making a false statement about the arrest the charge was dropped after he agreed to surrender his state license and certification and never work in law enforcement again three days after the violent arrest of bland for a minor traffic infraction the twenty eight year old was found hanging in her jail
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cell and that's beyond agent was indicted yesterday on five felony charges following an investigation into the armed occupation of a national wildlife center in oregon last year according to the federal indictment the charges brought against agent joseph astor read out and quit making false statements to his supervisors and obstruction of justice however investigators determined the shooting death of low voice then i come was in fact justified when it come reportedly provoked troopers when he repeatedly reached for his weapon while officials attempted to arrest some of the occupiers investigators also found members of the f.b.i. hostage rescue team failed to disclose two rounds were fired barely missing the arizona rancher a jury trial is set for august twenty ninth and the case today marks the ten year anniversary of when i phones first became available for sale the game changing device revolutionized the smartphone and astri and put many computers and the hands
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of billions a decade later a new study reveals how having so much information at our fingertips is coughing up the brain power or to correspond over to the santo has the details from los angeles now we're gina what are the findings of this study and how does smartphones affect the human brain. actually reached researchers at the university of texas mccombs school of business tested about eight hundred smartphone users to find out how well they could complete tasks with their phones near by now these participants were asked to take a series of tests on a computer and also to rate their smartphone dependence but before they took the test they were asked to either place their phones face down on the desk put them in their pockets or in their purses and some people were asked to put their phones in another room altogether now the people who had put their phones in another room scored much higher than those who had their phones within reach and people who had a higher dependence on their phones throughout the day performed much worse than those who had
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a lower dependence now according to the researchers quote as the smartphone becomes more noticeable participants of vailable cognitive capacity decreases your conscious mind isn't thinking about your smartphone but the process of requiring yourself not to think about something uses up some of your limited cognitive resources so it becomes a brain drain now they induced brain drain smartphones by occupying a limited capacity cognitive resources for the purposes of attention control and while smartphones have improved many of our lives and made things easier also provided more entertainment for us they do come at a cognitive cost because they create a deficit that we haven't seen before in human history actually i think is so much for the story as you just pointed out obviously there are pros and cons with just about everything so thank you so much would you don't either due to santos in l.a. thanks again. u.k. prime minister theresa may is facing the challenge of pushing her party's program through parliament today in the queen's speech that's as british newspapers
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continue to call for her resignation after she was forced to strike a controversial deal with the northern irish g u p s to form a working government and westminster polls even suggest that opposition party leader germy corbin has overtaken may in approval ratings but he failed to make the amendments he wanted to the queen's speech in parliament on wednesday gerard batts in an m.e.p. from the u.k. independence party says teresa mayes party is in chaos but a disastrous manifesto which they had to backtrack on another going into the queen's speech with almost no content because they don't have a majority and i can't do the things that i'm suggesting there are manifest but the big job in front of them now is to negotiate a way out of the e.u. and it's the wrong way to go about it but on top of that they've now got other crises which are arising because the saudi stories are always close in london because of the terrorist attack so there's a lot of the reality is the media interest and concerns as well so i would pretty
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much if i or seek situation she's in a very bad situation because she never even though it's. well bad doesn't for now for more on the stories we covered go to youtube dot com slash r t america and check out our website r.t. dot com slash america you can also follow me on twitter add actually banks underscore r t and don't forget to question more if you want to know what you would know to get. to the bank or realtor to be put. in a liar to do it again or to fly out of. your seat to my left for the day like you tonight are going to. be with the police or three the. world will know you know we don't know where you go with your heart. what politicians do. they put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected.
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so when you want to be president injury. or somehow want to be brits. it's a right to be for us as it wasn't for three of them or can't be good that i'm interested always in the water is a. question. people have lost their minds over politics lately they're having such strong opinions about politics now whether or not they've ever beat attention to politics in the past to the point where they're becoming violent and the news would have you believe that's the fault of our president alone or our politicians in general but it turns out the people themselves are starting to lay blame at someone else's
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doorstep and that's the media itself in a new harvard harris poll survey provided to the respondents were asked who they blame most for instigating political violence and were given the choice between democrats on the left and republicans on the right the president and the media and thirty five percent of them said it was the media's fault the largest percentage in the survey is results twenty six percent blamed democrats twenty four percent blamed president trunk and only fifteen percent blame to republicans of course more republicans blame democrats and more democrats blamed republicans forty seven percent of republicans blame democrats well forty two percent of them blame the media forty percent of democrats blame the president twenty six blame republicans and twenty two percent blamed the media so of course more republicans blame the media than democrats because the media say they lean left a little in the hills article about the poll they list all the ridiculous incidences of political violence or in placement that happened recently they cite
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the shooting of republican lawmakers at a charity based buddy kathy griffin's ridiculous publicity stunt of a photo of her holding the president's bloody severed head central parks production of julius caesar that appeared to depict killing the president and johnny depp's pathetic cry for attention when he mused about an actor killing the president all of the. incidents are just the most recent ones and the media covered them relentlessly having guests and experts chime in to fan the flames and boost the ratings spewing even more fuel on to the violent fire to me there's no doubt the media's responsible for inciting people to violence right now you just have to tune in for about five minutes to any mainstream outlet to witness their blood lust and the best way to combat that is to do what michelle obama told us all to do when they go low go high she might not have meant the media but there is no doubt that they are the ones go we will.


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