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tv   Politicking With Larry King  RT  June 30, 2017 1:29am-2:01am EDT

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in a special counsel to president clinton he is also a strategic media and crisis management expert and co-founder and partner of trident d m g welcome lanny thank you are nice to be back well it's good to have a say have you back with us here on politicking lanny this last week there was an especially divisive press conference at the white house where the deputy white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders in the briefing room ripped on c.n.n. for again this new term that's becoming familiar fake news and then a local maryland editor later accused her of being inflammatory there seems to be quite a dichotomy going on between the white house press office of the trump and ministration and the media mainstream and otherwise what do you make of it well first of all i'm completely shocked shocked shocked that the trump white house is. attacking the media it's like rick and casa blanco being shocked when he walked into the gambling
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casino that he owned and said i'm shocked that there's gambling going on like this you know. trump white house the trump campaign mr trump himself has made it a political strategy to attack the media and for thirty five percent of the country which is approximately somewhere between thirty five and forty percent of americans approve of his presidency. and that's as low as it is as it gets in recent history of any president who will do well with that thirty five to forty percent attacking the media but he won't get much better because most of the american people know that democracy depends upon the free media that gets it right sometimes and gets it wrong sometimes but when presidents describe the media as the enemy of the american people as opposed to just criticizing the media which the media deserves to be it's a very big difference and that i think makes the donald trump presidency so narrow
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cast its public appeal and why president trump's approval ratings among other reasons such as not yet accomplishing very much in the congress that he promised his base to accomplish there are other reasons why he's not popular but i don't think it's a wise idea to personalize to demonize the media but certainly i do agree the media should be criticized but with specifics as to when they get their facts wrong. well it's interesting lanny because this really has become the story as well as some of the scandals of the administration versus their week on infrastructure of the week on energy that they are that they've been discussing this last week and it's really taken away from one of the biggest policy. goals which is repealing and replacing obamacare now just this week the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell had to move that vote from this week after the july fourth recess because they
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simply don't have the votes and they're certainly not getting coverage in the coverage that they are is showing a nearly thirteen percent approval rating by the american people when it comes to health care this new plan in the senate what do you think is that correlation between the media coverage and health care and health care even has a chance anymore but the way there maybe some change about trying to get a vote done before the research so i'm not sure there's a changing situation going on but look i think president trump has to learn how to govern and to get things done by working with a congress whose party is in the majority that he is the same party when president clinton was president he had two years of having the same party in the congress and he had his difficulties he did actually a lot better when the republicans took over and they were to go she asians were you
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able to get bipartisan agreement and i think the republicans and mr trump are making a serious mistake that we democrats made in trying to get the affordable care act passed on a pure party line basis rather than trying to get a bipartisan consensus i am a strong supporter of president obama and the affordable care act but i think we would have been much better off had we gotten bipartisan support and gotten less than one hundred percent of what we wanted but gotten bipartisan support now the republicans are doing the same thing that we democrats did in. making the same mistake by a process that is all republican and all part of this and so your point about the media is extremely important every time he picks fights with the media or post a tweet that completely diverts attention apart from the fact that it's just not something a president ought to be doing he's off topic off message where he should be focused
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on his campaign promises about healthcare reform about tax reform about infrastructure investments that's really where he would be. to give them advice it's going to help him since. in the in the loyal opposition but that's really where he should be focusing not on tweets and not on demonizing the media well where do you think lanny that democrats and you just mentioned how you know the republicans have been doing this you know behind closed doors and all along party lines what are the democrats doing to get a message out there that they're involved or are the democrats just happy sitting back and watching the republicans nearly fail at this measure. well i know some in the congress think that's a good strategy mitch mcconnell announced in the ultimate hypocrisy in washington and i think he's a fine man and i respect senator mcconnell but the ultimate hypocrisy him a smile when he goes home because i know he'll probably agree when president obama was first elected what was the first thing he said is
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a press conference our job is to oppose everything that president obama supports and they were the party of no for a long time now i see democrats doing the same things. for me what we should have done is introduce reform legislation to try to fix the flaws in the affordable care act it's specially the absence of a public option to give private insurance companies competition meaning the same insurance policy that members of congress get to pay for the american people should have had that option unfortunately we couldn't get the sixty votes to pass the affordable care act and we had to give up that public option and now we need to bring it back and propose something positive to reform. about the care of the affordable care act rather than just being in opposition and doing what the republicans did lady davis everybody thank you so much for being laura good luck to you continuing the conversation and i'm now joined in studio by joel pollak senior
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editor at large and in-house counsel at breitbart news he is also the co-author of how trump what the inside story of the revolution joe thanks so much for coming back good to be with you so if we just heard lanny davis talk about the media bashing by the white house and its possible effect on legislation and and the trump base voters i'd love to get your take on is this media bashing is it calling out fake news what's your thoughts on this well the media in washington in particular is seen by many people who voted for trump i mean people who didn't as politicized as biased and they have a problem with regard to their integrity that problem is compounded by the fact that many of them really don't like don't trump they don't like his policies they don't like the fact that he rose through the republican primary partly by going after the media and they're trying to bring him down there's this narrative i think
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that's common in the mainstream media that he's about to disappear it's taken on various forms first it was that he wouldn't win the primary then that he wouldn't win the election of course then once he had won he won't serve i remember c.n.n. the day before in order. and say what happens if he gets assassinated this kind of fantasy that he's going to disappear somehow somehow now it's about impeachment so forth and trump is pushing back against that i think a lot of his supporters are with him because although people in general want an independent media they want journalists to hold politicians accountable they see what's happening as not real news coverage but as part of a political process designed to get rid of a democratically elected president so there's a real pushback not just by trump but also among voters against what the media are doing well every time trump mentions this at a rally his his base goes wild but when you start looking at the legislation he's trying to get through congress as if you're looking towards re-election for donald trump is this a really smart stance to take i mean it gets a lot of coverage but it takes away from the coverage of everything else so the
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base might be happy but will it be enough i think it's an important part of connecting to the base which is basically showing is that he won't be pushed over by anybody and the base of the republican party is used to electing politicians who backed down in the face of media pressure over and over again i think most other republican presidents would have abandoned some of the legislative efforts that trump has embarked upon already because of the resistance from the media pun intended and i think that he is showing them that he's going to fight for these priorities fight for the things that he promised he would do and so in a way it is a way of connecting to his base when he attacks unfair news coverage in the media and i use that word resistance and that here in america has definitely come to identify the democrats that are resisting that are against the the voters that were never for donald trump probably never will be for donald trump do you think it's fair to lump the media in the resistance along with the democrats and is that even a good term for them to be getting out of sure many of the media personalities high
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profile journalists white house press corps so forth are very happy to be identified with the resistance by the way i think the resistance is a bad term and i actually agree with democratic governor jerry brown on this he doesn't use the term assistance he says he finds it inappropriate because reason. it's something that happens in foreign occupation and world war two nazi regime you know and i find it offensive as a conservative because if they're the resistance you know where the nazis basically so i think that the term opposition or other other kinds of ways of referring to it would be better is not helping democrats reach those voters that they lost in pennsylvania michigan they're thinking only about their own internal conversations not thinking about what the american people want and i think the media are climbing on board they've certainly given fawning press coverage to protest against on from to the resistance and to various efforts to block trump's executive orders to starting pietschmann processes frivolous lawsuits and all that sort of thing so i think the media have sided with the so-called resistance i think in the press
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corps will have a naturally oppositional relationship with any administrations very natural the problem that we're encountering now is partly because the media bend in that role under president obama so when you're looking at the media suddenly protest against things they find inaccurate and president from statements or things that he does that they don't like in terms of exercising broad sweeping executive powers a lot of those criticisms don't fly with trumped supporters because we saw the media basically give obama a pass on doing all of that and more for the last eight years and so there is a credibility problem that pre-dates don't trump with the mainstream media and so by signing on to the resistance what they're doing is not really covering a political phenomenon but enlisting in a political cause and i think that's why people are resentful and why they find trump's attacks on the media invigorating rather than polarizing yeah definitely working with the brace the base we'll see if they continue their resistance or aspects of your words stay right there more politicking right after the break.
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about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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her. delicious little known to polish the official girlfriend. played out now does a lot is because it that whole place. in a live show so don't post here that you know. it is bad just. a jolly. good barbeque for about the good. cause i don't know that might possibly go for the cell phone with a cell phone. but gee investigate the police officers behavior as well. hell to try. so what.
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i do. with all make this manufacture consent to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final. we can all middle the roots to. the real need to really. sit politicking until pollack senior editor at large an in-house counsel of fright
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barton is my guest so thanks for sticking around let's get back to our conversation and move towards donald trump's credibility especially donald trump's credibility as it comes to his firing of f.b.i. director james comey we saw him testifying capitol hill we saw donald tweets and aftermath interviews following that where does donald trump's credibility stand today i think it's very solid i think the most important thing that establishes his credibility is the claim that he made that he wasn't under investigation which the media and democrats cast doubt upon republicans knew better doubted his claim and then of course when called he came before congress several weeks ago and testified under oath he had to admit that yes he had told them from three times that he himself wasn't under investigation so i think trump came out of that exchange looking better having established that he was telling the truth about not being under investigation and you can debate whether he should have fired komi or not. it
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was definitely a discretionary move in the sense that it wasn't necessary given political realities but it's something he wanted to do partly because comey wouldn't clear his name publicly even though he had told the senate privately that there was no investigation of donald trump he had let all of the time right he let on publicly that things might be otherwise and i think trump was frustrated so i understand there was some debate inside the administration about whether or not to do it but certainly on the democratic side there have been demands that komi be fired that he lost all credibility because of the way he handled the hillary clinton investigation and the late announcement in october right before election day that she was being investigated again so turned out you know there was no need to have ever have you know on that well it's interesting you know you talk about you know he came out well through those hearings because trump was almost validated for example but the new york times recently did an entire full page on donald trump's lies and misquotes so in a way do you think that he come it came out with credibility on the comi case but
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at large is he really getting through to the american people well the york times is not necessarily the measurement of credibility i mean they're being sued right now by sarah pailin for libel because they got the story so completely wrong about the tucson shooting in two thousand and eleven when they were commenting on the recent . and they made they they made the correction but yes there's a i think that's a now even though again that's one of those issues where if they had treated obama the same we were great pains often in conservative media to point out things obama said that were inaccurate and of course if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor if you like your insurance you can keep your insurance all that stuff they try to polish all of that and sell it along with the obama administration so it doesn't really carry much weight i think with at least a conservative reading public to see that the york times is keeping track of things donald trump said they disagree with and some of the things on that list i've been talking about that was a little bit with people some of the things aren't really lies so to speak there are things that don't trump said that they disagree with they fall under opinion.
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and there's just this effort to discredit this president that is not. done with other presidents what certainly wasn't done with barack obama and again that's the new york times enlisting in a cause rather than covering what's happening i think that the media tried to pretend the komi testimony as a private citizen his first and so far only testimony was devastating for don't trust because comey said some nasty things about him but again he shored up trumps factual claims and i think that's why people have largely forgotten what comey said and why it's now moving on to all this other stuff you don't hear much about the russia investigations you don't even hear much about what happened specifically with firing james comey now we're into all kinds of other areas was not quite on his regulations or our nest as that he wants but for especially with health care seemingly to be stalled in the senate right now the leader of the senate mitch mcconnell has recently delayed of the vote on the health care bill until after the july fourth recess so now what's so i think there are two things going on here the first is about the health care issue in general people right now are afraid of any
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change because their experience of change to the health insurance market under obamacare was so negative so i think the country and yet now more people approve of the care people when it first is pat people like the insurance they don't have under obamacare more than the insurance they might have under the republican plan so there's just this fear around health insurance in general because the last big change was so traumatic i think that will fade in time i do think the republican proposals are pretty good. i have another theory in this is the second part of my answer which is that i think the republicans want to be in town in washington d.c. over august they're not in a rush to pass this they don't want to go home to their districts they know that their opposition is strongest in the town hall meetings that the resistance in the individual movement and all these different groups have been staging protests at these town hall meetings and what better excuse could there possibly be than to say look i've got to stay in d.c. to work i can't come home i'd love to be with my constituents after labor day but we've got to get this done we've got to get tax reform done so i think. this is
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a bit of community theater to allow the deliberations to continue into august even though washington d.c. is insufferable in its end you have had a lot of here's a wave as quiet but they'd rather be hot and humid in washington d.c. than under the glare of the cameras back home in missouri or wherever that oh yeah that actually sets a really good theory to see that we've even seen some democratic congressman i think is john maloney representative upstate new york actually went to his neighboring district where that that republican representative wouldn't so up for a town hall meeting so the democrat went over to the other district to just have a town hall i think you're right on that i think it's definitely more the republicans that are facing that backlash and certainly people are protesting their offices and picketing and they're waiting they're waiting to speak face to face we'll see if they can dodge that by staying at the same in d.c. what do you think will happen i mean whether it carries on through august or not what do you think would happen to the republican majority if they are not able to
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get health care through they've got a republican majority the senate in the house in the white house if they can't get this right i think that's a really important question i don't think it's going to threaten their majority in the senate right now because republicans only have eight seats up for reelection democrats have twenty three or if you count the independents twenty five but on the house side it's really going to be a problem if they can't repeal and replace obamacare to the satisfaction of their voters remember this is a republican majority in the house that exists because of the backlash against obamacare because they campaigned in two thousand and ten on the promise of doing something about obamacare then they had the house they told the voters will give us the senate then they have the senate in twenty fourteen is it well we still need the white house now they have all three right what's happening so i do think it's fundamentally about them on ring their commitment to the voters and i agree with you that if republicans can't pass something that is credible to their base the bulk of the base then i think they're in serious trouble not because democrats will win in some of these districts or run better candidates we've seen democrats struggle in special elections but because the conservative base won't show. up to
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vote in november eighteenth they'll send a message by staying home and so that's what is so important for republicans right now as they go into the next few weeks of deliberation what kind of what kind of message do you think donald trump ascending right now from the white house because this last you know during the campaign he said i promised you all americans a wonderful beautiful terrific new plan for health care and then this last week when it all the senate at the white house he actually said and i quote. we're going to you know if the senate doesn't pass a bill. we're going to like it and that's ok and i can understand it you know we're going to like it it's ok i can understand it yeah but does that message compete with the senate right now or with his own voters what he is saying is that he can walk away from a bad deal it's a negotiating posture and it's not just a posture he probably will do it but he is trying to avoid being that a customer who shows up to a used car lot and says i absolutely need a car today i need to make a deal today the car salesman says ok well i can sell you anything at any price if
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you need a deal today i can lease you recently and trump is trying not to be fleeced he's basically saying i can live without a deal my alternative is better i can let obamacare collapse and i'll run on that message through the midterm elections and let the voters punish the democrats now whether they actually will punish democrats is debatable but he is posturing or setting up the next stage of negotiating by saying i can walk away from a bad deal so the deal on the table had better be good so it's done from the deal maker that we will see if those other customers of the car still lots all right i think with them so pollack and right partners thanks a lot for joining us thinking and i'm sitting in for larry today because he's traveling overseas for some interviews and while he's in london this week he talked with comedian actor and activist russell brand you know him from his starring roles and forgetting sarah marshall the remake of arthur and of course get him to the greek with jonah hill it would be impossible that talks russell brand without getting a thumb politics and that's just what he and larry did here's
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a little bit of that conversation what's what do you think of our president back across the pond i mean and i'm sure you've met him a number of times out there i mean one thing i do think about donald trump is these two very well i think is what is determining the numerous global political changes of our time these people have begun to spare of a lack of often to city people the same thing that people. political figures are not real a lack of integrity. would call to double speak the language that is superficial and donald trump ninety many things and he almost certainly is but what you also is is authentic i think he really thought that that because does he have a philosophy that i don't think philosophy and authenticity necessarily correlate larry i think that when donald trump. is glib about race or about
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agenda even if you think my god i don't agree with what he's saying or agree with what he's doing compared to other figures that occupied the political landscape he has a kind of veracity the only other figures that have it all but i think jeremy call being in this country is an authentic man but i would agree that he's a principled and beautiful human being bernie saunders in your country seems like you had a kind of integrity but was stifled uncontained and marginalized by this political process and i think that that i think that that authenticity to use a ludicrous pun trumped a political turn if this is aimed more appealing to a liberal sensibility what is happening in the world are we going through some of the yeah i think so don't you i mean you know what is it what do well i think the rejection of globalization and a return to nationalism as a result of that there's a danger in that we'll get the reason of course because of fascism for kickoff but
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like but but also nationalism one isn't going to work at this point nationalism is a bogus ideology and all of these ideas are in the service of political and financial elites i think that what we are an important point and the result of the last british election gives me some cause for optimism because there was a return to socialist values and you know socialism in the nineteen fifties in your country was attacked. gresh and side of the line that it's impossible for people to have a kind of an open view of it now is simply sharing that it doesn't have it like this socialism in this country socialism had its roots methodism there's a famous quote the british type of them as much to methodism as it does to mock so it has a kind of a christian underscoring it's not me i stick and what became a terrifying version of communism that we saw in so go away shows us where they have like
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a not so general socialism you know. everybody has. its health and it seems like that would be the onset isn't it larry those with there are only five million people right you think it's manageable so the centralization seemed like you know to be out of the other sort of communities trope that one would challenge is that mass centralization doesn't seem to work we need smaller communities we need really what i think a more your man chumps cases is that close where the close are ordinary people off the political power the berries are decentralized where possible have people politically engaged in their own communities and i think if the powerful continue to resist ordinary people having any form of power there will be these bizarre grotesque anomalies such as donald trump or breaks it or internationalism while people reach for identifiable signal identifiable symbols and recognizable narratives unless there is significant and you don't want to go i'm good laurie i'm
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not fascism look at my head you can't have learned fascists it's a rule russell brand is currently on a stand up to or called rebirth he also has a new book coming out in september called twelve the full interview with russell brand airs soon and larry is other program larry king now second larry's twitter feed for exactly when that show will air thank you for joining me on this edition of politic in thank you to larry king for letting me sit in this chair with the. to day remember we love hearing from you join the conversation larry's facebook page and as always you can share your thoughts on twitter by tweeting at king's things and using the hashtag politicking i also invite you to join me on twitter at laura schwartz that's all for this edition of politicking. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. here after caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm
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sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was a game still some more fun to view those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it's one does not leave a funeral in the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with this one to. speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. we have learned something in the muslim world view i'd have preferred to show and
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therefore i don't think there's any interest in the movie every ball big paper. i see i don't want to see that i'm not hostile at this i mean i'm going to talk about. our own survival you know our. freedom of movement books a clear sky but a lot of holes yet complete. magnificent. some. say russian people are really nice and friendly and the foreigners feel welcome in. a very enjoyable place to be. a whole.
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bunch of. people here are very. happy here. as the iraqi prime minister. comes to the city threatens to. get senior e.u. bucking for it as the country struggles to cope with the continued in. every school lunch menu. we go views from both sides of the. house. some people who are clearly. trying. principle for this.


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