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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2017 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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people there like you were very. happy here. as the iraqi prime minister declares the defeat of islamic states we look at how many lives. to see threatens to shut off its ports to unofficial rescue ships and get senior e.u. backing for it as the country struggles still to cope with the continued in. a french town. he was poor on every school lunch menu he says a more secular society we go views from both sides of the divide just a bit later in the program. some people who are clearly. trying. principle it's not about racism and
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whatever this is about just creating communities within the french society if we must not underestimate the threat that this can represent to french society. by the very good morning for me it's nine am here in moscow this friday morning the thirtieth of june i'm kevin owen watching r.t. international this rocky prime minister's declared victory over islamic state in the army's recaptured. mosul which is where declared a caliphate three years ago months of heavy fighting between the terrorists and the us led coalition of devastated not only that city itself but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of locals.
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within minutes of mosul's liberation headlines around the world were dominated by the recapturing of that city iraq's prime minister is declaring it and. in mosul the end of the caliphate iraq supposed claim as it takes mosul famous mosque iraqi forces say they've taken an iconic mosque in the heart of mosul that was destroyed by isis iraqi forces battle the last i think fighters in those all in what some doubted lee a victory in ridding a rack of the scourge of isolates also important to remember the effect on the people of mosul more ago as to have spent over a month during the battle. liberation that's one way of putting it obliteration is another the goal was noble enough freeing
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thousands from isis isis the so-called caliphate is crumbling wieters have abandoned fighters to die local fighters are being left to rot where they fall remaining inexperienced fighters are making rookie mistakes growing them selves and fellow fighters up accidentally in preparation for combat mission accomplished mosul has been cleansed by fire the city almost the size of a room reduced to rubble it is difficult to describe you've got to be there walk down its blasted streets and you'll feel it this is what the off the mouth of a classic strike in mosul look like view here really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble
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the street over there it's the same story wherever you look the press was tightly controlled no freedom of reporting in mosul. we saw what we were allowed to see but this was enough. i knew little bit little alarm would do such as one had your garbage common. sense data and i am sure a half million. at the end of the time and if you tell us that animal that i've been the fall again of now might want to thought of me the. devil in me. might. not like that. streets and buildings can be restored lives canales children
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families whole neighborhoods was sacrificed to u.s. strikes in the liberation isis made sure that civilians died they used them as human shields hoping that the coalition would stop its strikes they miscalculated the bombs rained down until the end two billion casualties are a fact of life in the sort of situation when a single u.s. led air strike killed more than one hundred civilians i remember clearly how they tried but failed to contain that at first they blamed isis then they admitted to the bombing but still blame diocese perhaps civilians are being killed either by mistake or because the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us
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it's not our fault that we're killing civilians they said we'll remember this as a victory the liberation of mosul. but liberation may be the wrong.
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in other news this morning the russian foreign ministry sharply criticized washington's claims that syria's government is planning a chemical attack in the country the ministry is concerned that terrorists could take advantage of the stretch coming from washington in carrying out false flag attacks to encourage u.s. military action. and went to the u.s. state department to get their response. the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like a massive probation he's both mail training and information no. i look at the u.s. experts and then he said openly the extremists could use these claims by washington provocations and shift the blame onto the syrian government recent statement from the white house alleging that the syrian government was planning an upcoming chemical attack are you concerned that that could have created an opening for terrorist groups to carry out a chemical attack. now you're not
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concerned even though. the groups have been using chemical weapons in syria it's documented now next went on syria seems that washington doesn't share the concerns of russia's foreign minister now on numerous occasions the syrian government has been accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks the most recent example was in april in italy a province without any investigation with the united states launched fifty nine cruise missiles against syria targeting an airbase now when they were pressed for facts of the state department responded this way evidence kid share with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say it's evidence of. intelligence i'm not going to get into that with you but this is
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a very serious and grave matter let's remember that back in twenty thirteen an agreement was arranged by russia in which the syrian government turned over their chemical weapons to the o.p.c. w. international bodies oversaw the process in which the chemical weapons were handed over to international authorities however these facts don't seem to matter the united states continues to blame syria for chemical attacks regard. having any actual proof or evidence. in there we got some thoughts from syria commentator danny makki two who also believes washington's accusations risk encouraging rebels to launch attacks they can then blame on the government united states of america is looking for some sort of provocation in syria and is actually putting pretext is for some sort of possible intervention and if history is anything to go by then truong definitely does not have any qualms in actually attacking syria militarily on the ground as we've seen so moscow the sentiment is pretty much spot on truong does seem like he wants to do some sort of intervention and he's looking for a reason to do so and what people need to comprehend is that we're at
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a stage in the war now where the assad government is almost. a victory towards the end and this wasn't the case a few years ago so the assad government would have no reason logical or rational or military reason to actually use these weapons at this moment in time where the rebels have every single reason to provoke such an attack and to possibly use these weapons themselves and see the reaction that they want from the united states and their allies internationally. italy is threatening to close its ports to migrant rescue ships operated by n.g.o.s which is suspects of being exploited by people traffickers the countries but increasingly struggling of late with tens of thousands of refugees reaching its shores. was. i. was i. was
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was. i living telling prime minister says the country is being forced to take drastic measures that it wants is he neighbors to help. message doesn't come from a country that wants to break the rules then than when terran position it's a country that is under pressure and which asks our european allies for a concrete contribution money that they can give up limited i'd like to say that we want to help drastic issue to dissolution please if you can obviously we have to discuss the issue together we do believe we can't leave five italy or greece on its own the italian prime minister also stressed this country is bearing the brunt of caring for migrants that's because under a year rule the refugees need to apply for asylum in the first member nation and that's the catch for italy it places an enormous burden on that country because of its proximity to north africa where many of those boats arrive telegin is marcela
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forces countries being left to cope alone basically it is being left behind by the other countries european union so far was not very effective on tackling this problem i mean they keep saying that they would not like italy alone but in fact all the measures that they have forecast all who tried to take were not affected by the other thing is that all the big majority of the immigrants be remediated on good to other countries the majority of the people and the good of the majority of the european people believe that this huge grecian of people is not acceptable anymore they are not willing to receive more immigrants eatery or in europe and this is quite worrying because if these trends will not be stopped the risk of a social crisis a social tensions of russian tension so we see europeans and immigrants will become
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increasingly higher and higher. and their french town says he's going to put poor call every school lunch menu to promote he thinks a more secular society but critics say it's going to spread intolerance and marginalize religious groups instead. we are putting an operation in place so the children eat everything and their diets are balanced there is too much waste so we will teach them to eat meat be it poultry or pork today we're talking about secularism in a generally anti muslim way we see secularism as a toll of tolerance and living together and not exclusion any people who refuses to eat pork should feel ease with both sides of the divide which came down to a battle between integration and intolerance. for the mayor who has decided that it is there is no tentative for the poor it's a way to say that we don't care about the muslim faith or the jew faith because jew jewish people don't eat pork also so it is very bizarre to note is that in that
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they will cause to look at the country mayor who are a representative who has decided to not respect though he's deciding to do this as the representative of his constituents to so this is the first elements of democratic process second of all i think we must not underestimate the threat that this can represent to french society i mean definitely there is a problem with intimate integration of of migrants of one part of the muslim community and i definitely think that right now he can no it's not the good time for the muslim community to be starting to ask for specific diets because what's the next step where's the limit were is the school where everybody goes to school and it's normally and just has a food just have an ordinary meal this is a first point let's get back to islam first you can ask for specific meals then what are you going to ask for no the thing is that on behalf of security reason some people are who are clearly racist people all trying to handle discipline
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simple words it's not about racism in our islamophobia whatever this is about just creating communities within the french society french society is not going well the mayor is saying that to there's a cost behind that are the other people of this town ready to pay for that cost there's a cost as an organization also when you buy muslim food in some conditions specific conditions you are paying back part of this for the money you're paying is going back to the muslim community do the inhabitants of this town want to be in their rectory funding islam a cultural centers or moscow stuff like that where is the limit we just go to school this is not a place to say we can just pick or choose and leave if you want d.c. various you know i'm sorry that in france you can have your way hosty please a policy then you let people speak you know or you know you know it's a fundamental if you're an unserious why don't why don't let me just say one that's only about the. just like you can't let most assuredly go to most results you are seeing that most in people want to have rule that's not true that's completely false that we french muslim citizens want to be equal we don't want to have more we
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don't want to have less also any we have to make sure that this kind of consideration is just helping more stigmatization not a good way to make sure that we're all living together thanks watch out international smalling more news to come off the break including a look at same sex marriage that could be legalized in germany later today therefore putting the chancellor's party against the big weight of public opinion right now. in the muslim world. i don't think. the. situation. the private company where sixty eight or seventy billion dollars.
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left. on a billion dollars for. one of the companies sixty's or not there's a lot of people speculating that the. business model. and this is going to go the way of a. billion dollars. for the security services are facing legal action that could force them to disclose details of. the cases big campaign groups reprieve international
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he comes off the government refused to reveal details of so-called directions which requirements for the intelligence services commissioner to oversee. by the security services the prime minister made three or does for information on two directions been published they cover the interrogation of detainees held in another country by british personnel and also a bold. agencies the third is shrouded in secrecy we don't know what that's about the worry that the u.k. government might be violating fundamental human rights. no the secret policy hides a large area of cover activity that is at least as serious and intrusive as interrogating detainees over seas and the mass collection of personal data the prime minister needs to tell the british public what her government is up to it comes amid a promise to treat the most controversial plans to crack down on tech companies regulate previously on the internet of course the initiative could allow the secret
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service has access on private information on phones and web browsing history we asked people in london what they would be willing to give up for the sake of security. what kind of privacy you get up. here in the store. also quite a little. about messages that you send to your friends but i hope they get to know pretty well i hardly use them anyway so it's not really that big a deal i'm more concerned about my children i'm all happened to them in the future when they grow up not just randomly no not very discrete checks is all i'm doing is having normal conversations about you know what the kids are doing and so what i would offer to the government should be able to see. everything what about the government having access to your browsing history i think i've got nothing to hide i mean i kind of think it's happening already anyway and i wouldn't object to it so much what about your g.p.s.
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location. would probably have anyway on my mother doesn't bother me as above me you could try using cell phone data so whether you know you've given permission to access your location or not used to do it i think that's a step too far if it was for security. you know but not for anything else and lastly what about surveillance at home for example or your smart t.v. or something absolutely against that but i got up to all the rest of my family get up to an hour and i was entirely alright just a little bit too much to know. how to not that i would like that if it is it might have my ass or my ad might have missed my castle or whatever. would take inspectors of being filmed forcibly dragging a black man off a train reportedly refused to pay the fine for not having a ticket please be aware the video coming up here does contains. i know what you're doing because i didn't do it and you.
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should be ashamed of yourself it really says what you're doing my duty and mom said to be a forty eight year old nigerian seems he didn't have a valid ticket and he claims he didn't have enough money to pay the penalty that's the story now it's clear the ticket who speaks as to what little cash the man had as well still refused to leave the train which point guards forcibly injected him what do you think about this story the german train operator says it's usual to take only part payment from for dodgers that's their it's their comment on the clip they've got dozens of comments online condemning the guard's action others focused on the instant as an act of racism how much a feat from the run of the foundation says it's it to mattick of what's happening across europe. i think it was inappropriate with the way the guards. try to get him off the train he was an aggressive from what for from what we could see in the
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video and you know he should they should have waited for the police to arrive and allowed the police to do that i think it was a sorry sorry episode and i think it reflects badly on german society but this is systematic of what is going on across europe where racism and xenophobia has been on the rise for a number of years and i think this is an example of where people think they can take the law into their own hands and operate in the way that these people were doing these types of activities are on the rise across europe and i think that's directly linked to the fact that when you have an atmosphere when racism against migrants and refugees is on the open then you will see more and more of these types of incidents from the alternative of germany party on the other hand believes that refugees sometimes deliberately abuse the law. i personally know a lot of cases were so all refugees enter the train without a ticket and they know that the people from the train companies are checking their
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tickets they do not dare to take out their own train because you're afraid excuse the phrases so they say separate is great so far if you get me so. you should situation there's a train we go take it because you know personal best but dare to tell you about tearing out people who are about building to leave to leave the train to get this is professional behavior and i expect nothing more than the full backing of the authorities in the fleet big king. companied. they are checking start quick to offer shortly and right lower in germany this is a big story brewing there potentially later on it said to vote on whether or not to legalize same sex marriage previous attempts have been blocked by chancellor merkel's christian democrats party even though as many as eighty three percent of
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the public said they support the measure our europe correspondent next explains how far is ready to change that in order to keep a job here. almost nailed on that angle merkel will take the top job germany's election this year that would be her fourth term as chancellor but in order to do that she's almost certainly going to have to form a coalition government and potential suitors will they all come with their own demands it all boils down to what concessions for all merkel is willing to make if she's to go for a so-called grand coalition with the social democrats who are the second largest party and she's going to have to legalize same sex marriage that's an early this means or ways of life. are included in this and that's why we will bring about same sex marriage in our future government. will not sign any coalition agreement in which same sex marriage is not featured. but the social democrats represent under
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merkel's biggest challenge in this upcoming election and they'll be looking to try and form a government of their own if they can however a softening of her stance on gay marriage opens up a potential coalition with the green party for the incumbent german chancellor device you might have a marriage for everyone thirty times will have placed this request thirty times it's been looked at and thirty times nothing happened now we come to merkel and say that this is a matter of conscience if the green party don't get enough seats in order to form a coalition with it it doesn't look like they will do then the free democrats could also join not to make a three party coalition however the free democrats are likely to ask for something that i'm going to may not be too keen to give and it's an issue that in the bundestag out the moment they want to see a pulling back of security services when it comes to their retention of digital data they also want to see less c.c.t.v. video surveillance being set up in white and across germany these are all issues
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that angela merkel's unlikely to give ground on for four years civil liberties of her. no advocates in the grand coalition so which way will the chancellor bend well on friday the parliament fear we're going to be voting on gay marriage legislation signaling a real change in her traditionally conservative view on this subject since two thousand and five her party has refused to grant equal rights to same sex couples when it comes to marriage but after twelve years in power she may have to change some of her ideas if she's to remain there peter all of. it will bring in update on much as we get more in now before i say goodbye final thoughts this hour of news just a little glimpse of life one hospital the self-proclaimed republic of donetsk in eastern ukraine and its own going difficulties in doing its best and trying to care for cancer patients from both sides of the conflict.
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the. principal can do you question the community needs to pressure the matrix by c. push the number on the money each year but then the most we've seen is from whoever in your stitches. or say how much i would take you for sure they have. no memory. you have to let me. guess a list or yahoo google would. be caring continues despite what's going on around thanks choosing us is fraud i hope you have a good day coming up next. meets
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a former advisor to both the us president reagan on the dalai lama to discuss the syrian conflict it's all next program here on r.t. international. law.
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seemed wrong. and in. the trail. part of. common ground. in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line political agenda rather than reporting on real news we have evidence for. is really at the expense of real journalism.


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