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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2017 3:00am-3:30am EDT

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from. from him. from. as the iraqi prime minister declares the defeat of islamic state in mosul this hour we'll look at how many lives it took to seal the biggest. threats to shut off that force to unofficial migrant rescue ships and get senior e.u. backing for it too as the country still struggles to cope with the continued inflow . and the mayor of one french town sparked outrage by saying that he wants to put poor corner every school lunch menu to promote a more secular society he says god views from both sides of the divide just later in the program. on behalf of secure is what some people who are clearly racist people are trying to handle this principle is not about racism or
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islamophobia or whatever this is not just creating communities within the french society if we must not underestimate the threat that this can represent to french society. for a good morning for me kevin owen is just turned ten in the morning here in moscow this friday morning the thirtieth of june this is our international our top story this morning then the iraqi prime minister has declared victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the el nuri mosque in mosul which is where i still declared a caliphate three years ago but months of heavy fighting between the terrorists and the u.s. led coalition of devastated not only the city itself but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of locals.
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within minutes of mosul's liberation headlines around the world were dominated by the recapturing of that city. iraq's prime minister is declaring an end to isis in mosul the end of the caliphate iraq's bold claim as it takes mosul famous mosque iraqi forces say they've taken an iconic mosque in the heart of mosul that was destroyed by isis iraqi forces battle the last isis fighters in. it was undoubtedly a victory in ridding iraq of the scourge of ice was also important to remember the effect on the people of mosul road goes to have spent over a month during the battle liberation that's one way of putting it obliteration is the not the goal was noble enough three
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thousands from isis isis the so-called caliphate is crumbling leaders have abandoned fighters to die local fighters are being left to rot where they fall remaining inexperienced fighters are making rookie mistakes growing them selves and fellow fighters up accidentally in preparation for combat mission accomplished mosul has been cleansed by fire a city almost the size of a room reduced to rubble it is difficult to describe you've got to be there walk down it's blasted shriek and you'll feel it this is what the off the mouth of a classic strike in mosul look like if you hear a really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but
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destroyed the street across rubble the street over there. it's the same story wherever you look the press was tightly controlled no freedom of reporting in mosul. we saw what we were allowed to see but this was enough. on the little bit little along with the one had your garbage common. sense data and i am sure a half million. at the end of the time and if you tell us that animal that i've been with the paladin all of now might lot of thought of the. devil and would. not like the. streets and buildings can be restored lives canales children families whole
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neighborhoods was sacrificed to where strikes in the liberation isis made sure that civilians died they used them as human shields hoping that the coalition would stop its strikes they miscalculated the bombs rained down until the end two billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation when a single u.s. led air strike killed more than a hundred civilians i remember clearly how they tried but failed to contain that but first they blamed isis then they admitted to the bombing but still blame diocese perhaps civilians are being killed either by mistake or because the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us
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it's not our fault that we're killing civilians they said we'll remember this as a victory the liberation of mosul. but liberation may be the wrong.
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the russian foreign ministry i shall take but as such pushing to his claim that syria's government is planning a chemical attack in a country the ministries concerned that terrorists could take advantage of the threats coming from washington and carry out false flag attacks to encourage u.s. military action kind of mopey went to the u.s. state department's to get their response to that. the u.s. if i refused to confirm any facts this situation looks like a massive program creation. and. i looked at the us to experts and they said openly that extremist could use these claims by. provocations and shift the blame onto the syrian government recent statement from the white house that the syrian government was planning on coming and i call it. certain that i can appreciate an opening for terrorist groups to carry out chemical attack. now you know i concern even though. i did groups have been using chemical weapons
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in syria that's documented. i next went on seems washington doesn't share the concerns of russia's foreign minister now on numerous occasions the syrian government has been accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks the most recent example in april. about any best to get the united states launched fifty nine cruise missiles against syria targeting are based now when they were pressed for facts of the state department responded this way as evidence share with us about this actual preparation of chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and that he laid out because that would be considered in the matter when you believe that it's in your interests to put out. evidence of things that intelligence i'm not going to get into that one with you this is that a very serious and grave matter let's remember that back in two thousand and
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thirteen an agreement was arranged by russia and which the syrian government turned over their chemical weapons to the open international body to oversaw the process in which the chemical weapons were handed over to international authorities however these facts don't seem to matter and states continues to blame syria for chemical attacks were. any actual proof or evidence to political commentator and historian idol darwish told us u.s. intelligence is selective over syria they suggest that their intelligence source of course. is about to use chemical weapons which is actually because believe if they have got this level of intelligence how come they still haven't found out who is supplying eisel with arms and finance was three years now so every game they seem to be really decisive battle against you know just eyes
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against other as we see. right again the. forces or. stopping of this are vaunts i think some kind of dirty deal is to going the bag. into its ports to migrant rescue ships operated by n.g.o.s which suspects are being exploited by people trapped because they put increasingly struggling in recent months with tens of thousands of refugees still reaching the shores. now the italian prime minister says the country is being forced to take drastic
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measures. to help. this message doesn't come from a country that wants to break the rules or better than its commentary and position its country. and which asks. for a concrete contribution money. i'd like to see that would help address this issue. we have to discuss the issue together we believe if i like italy or greece and it sounds italian prime minister also stressed this country is bearing the brunt of caring for migrants too because under the refugees need to apply for asylum in the first nation they. for italy. produce places norma's burden on that country because of its proximity to north africa those boats arrive telling journeys much force says his country is being left to cope alone. has been left behind by the other countries european union.
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not very effective in these problems i mean they keep saying that they will not let italy alone but all the rest that they. are trying to take were not affected and do we are seeing is that all the big majority of the immigrants they remain in italy did on go to other countries the majority of the people in georgia the european people believe that these. people is in the title and they are not getting to see more immigrants in europe and this is quite poor because if it is not at the risk of crisis social tensions of russian mission we see europeans and it will. be higher and higher. than ever and says he's going to put on every
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school lunch menu to promote more secular society the critics say it's going to spread intolerance and marginalize religious groups. getting an operation in place to the children eat everything and their diet so balanced there is too much waste so we teach them to eat meat poultry or pork today we're talking about secular written in a generally anti muslim way. a toll of tolerance and not exclusion any people who refuses to eat pork should feel it we're views both sides the device which came a battle between integration and. for has decided that it is there is tentative for the pork it's a to say that we don't care about the muslim faith or the faith because. people don't. so it is very bizarre to notice that there has to look at the country
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mayor or a representative who has decided to not respect the law he's deciding to do this as the representative of his constituents and so this is the first element to democratic process second of all i think we must not underestimate the threat that this can represent the french society i mean a pretty there's a problem with integration of of my part of the muslim community and i definitely think that right now it can no it's not the good time for the muslim community to be starting to ask for specific diets because what's the next what is the limit were is the school where everybody goes to school and normally and just has just had an ordinary meal this first point let's get back to press you can ask for specific meals and what are you going to ask for that on behalf of. some people who are clearly racist people all trying to handle discipline but this not about racism always got a phobia whatever this is just creating communities within the french society
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french is not going well the mayor is saying that to the cost behind that are the other people of this town ready to pay for that cost the cost as an organization also when you buy muslim food in some good pacific conditions you are paying back part of this for the money you're paying is going back to the muslim community do the inhabitants of this town want to be indirectly funding cultural centers or moscow stuff like that where is the limit we just go to school this is not a place to say we can just pick or choose and if you want dishes various you know i'm sorry that in france you can have your hosley piece a hostage then you let people speak you know it's a fundamental error that serious why don't why let me just say well that's only. just can't because most assuredly to most of us almost your worst most people want to have their own rule that's not true that's completely false we french muslim citizens want to be equal we don't want to have more we don't want to have less also any we have to make sure that this kind of consideration is just helping more
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stigmatization this is not a good way to make sure that we're all living together the news is covered in sixty minutes past and here in moscow running a story to potentially. same sex marriage has been made legal in germany by the sounds of it a few minutes it's the chancellor's. big weight eighty three percent of public opinion for it looks like it's been passed more details to come after the break. people have been saying about. show i go out of my way.
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back to. see people you've never heard of. they. sent us an e-mail. in a revealing video c.n.n. is shown as many critics of claim that the network is more bottom line. rather than real news we asked to see an evidence for war against. at the expense of real journalism. human railway ticket inspectors have been filled forcibly dragging a black man off a train he'd bring the report deadly refused to. not having
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a ticket please be aware some of the video to show you contains. i know it's going but i didn't do anything. and shame on you now disgrace is what you're doing my duty and he said to be a forty eight year old nigerian he didn't have a valid ticket and he didn't have enough money to pay the penalty for its claim it took what little cash did have but he refused to leave the train which point the guards forcibly eject them you can see the pictures of the german train operated simply said it will take only part payment for and the story as far as they're concerned the clip the put the online community getting over a million views others focused on the instance not to racism how much a freak from the ramadan foundation says it's symptomatic of what's happening
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across europe used. i think it was inappropriate with the way the guides. try to get him off the train he was an aggressive full from what we could see in the video and you know he should they could have awaited for the police and allowed the police to do that i think it was a sorry sorry episode and i think it reflects on german society but this is systematic of what is going on across europe where racism has been on the rise for a number of years and i think this is an example of where people think they can take the going to tone hands in the way that these people are doing these types of activity on the rise across europe and i think. when you have an atmosphere when rates system against migrants to refugees is on the open then you will see more more of these types of students from germany and believe the refugees sometimes
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deliberately abuse the law. i personally know of pastis. so if you cheese enter the trade with our ticket and they know that other people from the train company's check their tickets they do not dare at their own. cost of being afraid in case you racist so this basically just break so far. and we know it because you know first not just. about what people actually. think this is professional and i expect nothing more. of course for each. company because they are checking. for fresh meat and
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a bit more on the developing story just mentioned it during the break there just a few minutes we're in the german parliament voted in favor of legalizing same sex marriage big move the previous attempts have been blocked by chancellor merkel's christian democrats even though it is a big proportion of the public twenty three percent of the public supported them and ship it all of an explainer to how far has been ready to change the mood in order to keep her popularity and job. it's almost. a call will be top job germany's election this year will be her fourth term but it has to do that she's almost certainly going to have to form a coalition government and potential suitors will they all come with their own demands it all boils down to what concessions from his willing to make if she's to go for a so-called grand coalition with the social democrats who are the second largest party to have to legalize same sex marriage and that's a given this means of life. and that's why we think about
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same sex marriage and off teacher government. in any coalition agreement in which same sex marriage is not featured. but the social democrats represent under merkel's biggest challenge in this upcoming election and they'll be looking in form of government own if they can however sort of her stance on gay marriage opens up a potential coalition with the green party for the incumbent german chancellor as you might have a marriage for everyone three times would have placed this request thirty times it's been looked at and thirty times nothing happened now we come to merkel and say that this is a matter of conscience if the green party don't get enough seats in order to form a coalition with it it doesn't look like they will do then the free democrats could also join not to make a three party coalition however the free democrats are likely to ask for something
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that i'm going to may not be too keen to give and it's an issue that in the bundestag out the moment they want to see a pulling back of security services when it comes to their retention of digital data they also want to see less c.c.t.v. video surveillance being set open wide and across germany these are all issues that angela merkel's unlikely to give ground on for four years civil liberties of had no advocates in the grand coalition so which way will the chancellor bend well on friday the parliament theory going to be voting on gay marriage legislation signaling a real change in her traditionally conservative view on this subject since two thousand and five her party has refused to grant equal rights to same sex couples when it comes to marriage but after twelve years in power she may have to change some of her ideas if she's to remain there peter all over.
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britain security services are facing legal action over the prime minister's secret orders to british spies the case is being brought by campaign groups reprieve. in previous international it comes after the government has refused to reveal details of the existence of secret policy or direction in the snow it's thought the oversight function given to the intelligence services by prime minister promised of these three directions have been made one cover the interrogation of detainees held in of the country by the u.k. another was on the handling of both personal data by the intelligence services and the third well that's right in secrecy and the suspicion therefore is that the british government is hiding human rights violations. no the secret policy hides a large area of activity that is at least as serious and intrusive as interrogating detainees overseas and the mass collection of personal data the prime minister needs to tell the british public what the government is up to it comes from a promise to treason made controversial plans to crack down on tech companies and
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regulate privacy in the internet the initiative could allow the secret service has access to private information on phones and web browsing history for instance we asked people in london what they'd be willing to give up that for the sake of security what kind of privacy would you give up for. the story. also quite a little. bit but messages that you send to your friends. get to know pretty. i hardly use them anyway so it's not really that big a deal i'm more concerned about my children i'm all happened to them in the future when they grow up not just randomly you know not bothering to see rechecks is all i'm doing is having normal conversations about you know what the kids are doing so what i put off to the government she'll see. everything what about the government having access to your browsing history i think i've got nothing to hide i mean i kind of think it's happening already anyway i wouldn't
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object to it so much what about your g.p.s. location. is above me pick a triangular. data so whether you know you've given permission to. use to do it i think that's a step too far if it was for security. but not for anything else and lastly what about surveillance at home for example or your smart t.v. or something. that get up to all the rest. is entirely. too much to know. what we like but isn't. i have my own my home is my craft whatever. news a little glimpse of just one snapshot of life at a hospital the proclaimed republic of donetsk in eastern ukraine and his own going difficulties in trying to give care for cancer patients from both sides of the conflict. but.
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the. preference of the chicken to your question i mean the french christmas eve. come back on monday it. seems for every. parcel sure. we. have no i mean. there's only. the world. through the best the common tough circumstances but we all invite you to get more
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news that they'll come across you service twenty of them on facebook you tube for a video store next off the bright crosstalk focusing on troubles ongoing in its coverage. with the make manufacture consent to student of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. on the famous merry go round lifts and be the one percent. in all middle of the room six. to thirteen real new.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news on this edition of the program we ask if cnn's evidence for the war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism.


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