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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2017 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the room. social media web which fail to. news or hate speech in germany face a fine of up to fifty million euro. this hour as the iraqi prime minister declares the defeats. caliphate we look at how many lives it took to seal three. threatens to shut off its ports to. rescue ships. the country struggles to cope with the continued influx.
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live from moscow to the world this is our international my names you know hello and welcome to the program facebook twitter could be facing fines of up to fifty million euro in germany parliament passed the law to fake news on hate speech online. in the northeast. explain what we know that this bill. well as you say a new bill has been passed that urges web giants such as facebook you tube and twitter to deal with the whole issue of fake news and potential hate speech and one way of doing this is to monitor what is being published on their pet forms now according to this poll a company has twenty four hours in which it must delete content that has been flagged as being potentially hate speech or fake news and the failure to do so will
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result in a fine there could be as high as fifty million euros now the proposal was put forward by the german minister of justice and consumer protection and it talks about companies deleting i'm quoting obviously criminal offenses but of course the question remains to whom is this obvious and at the same time who decides what is fake news this is certainly not a hard and fast rule and it's not clear now there are concerns at the bull could lead to some form of censorship this is of course not the first time that regulation is being looked at as a way of dealing with so-called fake news earlier this year you had facebook setting up its own fact checking community and it says that this service will be used to regulate and also get rid of fake news now what facebook is doing is a using third party fact checkers and amongst these are the a.b.c. and the associated press and the idea is for them to evaluate material that could
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potentially be fake news after having been alerted to it by uses but the problem is that even these so-called fact checkers are accused of not being impartial and this has left the public very angry. or is a somewhat older expression of the same sentiment goes who will guard the guards. first book is here to say well they will tell you when to believe the news or not i am so grateful no more research for me should make things so much easier translation a group of incredibly biased leftwing fake news outlets will bury dissenting opinions. now in april google acted against fake news as well creating user tools to deal with misleading content but the bottom line is that you have some very serious problems who determines what is fake news what is fake news and
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ultimately how do you protect it put prevent this whole evaluation leading to censorship. live from the german capital thank you. the iraqi prime minister has declared victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the al noori mosque in mosul which is where isis the carrot a caliphate three years ago but months of heavy fighting between the terrorists on the u.s. led coalition have devastated not only the city itself but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of locals.
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well within minutes of mosul's liberation headlines right around the world were dominated by recapturing of the city iraq's prime minister is declaring an end to isis in mosul the end of the caliphate iraq's own claim i think takes mosul a messy iraqi forces say they've taken an iconic mosque in the heart of moe's all that was destroyed by isis iraqi forces battle of the last i think fighters and now it's all well in what's on died at least a victory in ridding iraq of the scourge of ises it's important to remember the effect on the people of mosul iraq as the of spent over a month there are joining the battle. liberation that's one way of putting it obliteration is the not the goal was noble enough three thousands from isis isis a so-called caliphate is crumbling wieters have abandoned fighters to die local
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fighters are being left to rot where they fall remaining in experience fighters are making rookie mistakes blowing them selves and fellow fighters up accidentally in preparation for combat mission accomplished mosul has been cleansed by fire a city almost the size of a room reduced to rubble it is difficult to describe you've got to be there walk down it's blasted streets and you'll feel it this is what the off the mouth of a classic strike in mosul look like if you hear a really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look the press was tightly controlled no freedom of reporting
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in mosul. we saw what we were allowed to see but this was enough. i knew little do a little alone with the one hundred got it common. sense i didn't i'm sure a half million. at the end of the time many of you tell us that anaemic but i think that i've been with the power again all of now much a lot of thought of the. devil in me. not like the. streets and buildings can be restored lives canales children families whole neighborhoods was sacrificed to where strikes in the liberation isis made
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sure that civilians died they used them as human shields hoping that the coalition would stop its strikes they miscalculated the bombs rained down until the end two billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation when a single u.s. led air strike killed more than a hundred civilians i remember clearly how they tried but failed to contain that but first they blamed isis then they admitted to the bombing but still blame diocese perhaps civilians are being killed either by mistake or because the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us it's not our fault that we're killing civilians they said we'll remember this
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as a victory the liberation of mosul. but liberation may be the wrong. how can i turn to our top story now social media websites like facebook twitter and you tube could not face fines of up to fifty million euro in germany after
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parliament passed legislation they're against online fake news and hate speech well to talk more on this i'm happy to say we have got an expert in european security and global trends with us muff u j burroughs he is the director of the strategic foresight initiative you're very welcome to the program the issue of course of fake news on hate speech is what constitutes fake news and hate speech. who do you think is going to be responsible for fox checking in this case. you well i think it's a bully other journalists. you know there are already fact checkers that a lot of the news services have. so that would be one area and the government probably would also have to get involved since there are contentions that it's other governments that are also out there pushing for. news the issue without of
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course is that we know facebook for instance launched a fact checking tool but media outlets responsible for that where themselves are accused of publishing fake stories so again how do you choose the right regulator that's a big issue isn't it. well i think that is an issue but you know one of the problems with this is that by the time that you do the fact checking the story is out there and it's on twitter or facebook whatever it's going to be very hard for you know the public to understand that there may be corrections to that story or that that is a fake news so i think this is this is going to be the issue of fake news is going to be with us for some time. and i don't i really don't see it.
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going away very easily even if you have more regulation on it is a big fine going to help out a fifty million. is enormous isn't it don't you think that this will or will this work or will the companies just delete everything that might be considered suspicious so anything that is a little bit alternative or considered maybe one hundred percent right will just be immediately taken off and then debate is stifled. well i think that's. you know on hate speech it may be easier to do because there's obviously you can look at whatever is being said usually there it's very clear it's hate speech that there are means already to eliminate that i think fake news is is a little bit. and you know there's going to be
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a lot of argument. or whether something is making news or it may be somebodies opinion and most of society believe in free speech so you can't really. i think a limiting. people for. whom. i think we can if we can still hear you i think. this story the yeah we can still hear you go ahead. i don't think you're going to limit a actually this fake news very easily we have seen initiatives before of course to regulate fake news online but as you have just mentioned it's still very much a raw and therefore is heavy fines the answer to this. is
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heavy what was the is heavy fines fifty million euro of. the correct way to go by at eliminating fake news. you're talking about living fines i mean when there is when you can say that. you know there was a definite. untruth something that was portrayed as fact. which was not true when which was known to be true when it was put out there in the media then i think you probably have a way of. going to prosecuting the media company getting it taken out of. you know the official record but you know the story has been said people instantly make their own choices whether
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it's fake or not i. i don't see it being a limited from people's discourse from what they're telling their friends what they're putting on their facebook. and twitter i mean i think this is going to be very difficult. actually to eliminate i think you can what's more probably a. better tack is they have a bigger discussion that we're beginning to have on fake news talk about cases where there have been a news and get news organizations themselves to step up and. fact check more but also make sure that they're separating opinion from fact they may have opinion but they need to label that as opinion very much an ongoing issue my few jaybird who is director of strategic foresight and an expert in european security and global trends thank you very much. now the u.n.
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chemical weapons watchdog has now confirmed that the victims of a chemical incident in syria is it lived province back in april were exposed to certain gas the latest statement from the p c w also points i thought their fact finding missions monday does not include identifying the perpetrator being the third team was on able to visit the site of the attack so the report's conclusions are based on post-mortems on biomedical some polls collected from victims who were moved to quote a neighboring country the spy thout the british foreign secretary boris johnson reacted to the findings by reasserting accusations against the syrian government. abyssinia died the finger points at the but sad regime and we've got a european council coming up where we will drive on with the u.k. campaign to impose sanctions on those responsible the us has already brought out
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sanctions on three hundred people as a result of this people who drop chemical weapons on innocent people should be held to account. well the russian foreign ministry has sharply criticized washington's cleans that syria's government is planning a chemical attack in the country the ministry is concerned that terrorists could take advantage of the threats coming from washington encourage false flag attacks to encourage u.s. military action artie's caleb maupin went to the u.s. state department to get their response to that. the u.s. officials say refused to confirm the claims with any facts this situation looks like a massive probation he's both male training and information no. i look at the u.s. experts and then he said openly the extremists could use these claims by washington provocations and shift blame onto the syrian government recent statement from the white house alleging that the syrian government was planning an upcoming chemical attack are you concerned that could have created an opening for terrorist groups to
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carry out a chemical attack. now you're not concerned even though. the groups have been using chemical weapons in syria that's documented now next went on syria seems that washington doesn't share the concerns of russia's foreign minister now on numerous occasions the syrian government has been accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks the most recent example was in april in italy a province without any investigation with the united states launched fifty nine cruise missiles against syria targeting an airbase now when they were pressed for facts of the state department responded this way evidence kids share with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say it's evidence of. intelligence i'm not going to get into that with you but
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this is a very serious and grave matter let's remember that back in twenty thirteen an agreement was arranged by russia in which the syrian government turned over their chemical weapons to the o.p.c. w. international bodies oversaw the process in which the chemical weapons were handed over to international authorities however these facts don't seem to matter the united states continues to blame syria for chemical attacks regardless of having any actual proof or evidence. political commentator on historian adel darwish say u.s. intelligence is selective over syria they suggest that that their intelligence sort of caught. about to use chemical weapons which is actually the biggest believe if they have got this level of intelligence how come they still haven't found out who is supplying eisen with arms and finance was three years now so every time
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they seem to be really decisive battle against you know just isis again is the other islam as we see there to see to it either have a strike against the government forces or do some kind of stopping vaunts i think is some kind of dirty deal is going in the bag around it's got a drastic plan to stem the tide of refugees the details right after this. wrong
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. to shape our. common ground. hello again italy is threatening to close its ports to migrant rescue ships
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operated by n.g.o.s which it suspects are being exploited by people traffickers the country has been increasingly struggling in recent months with tens of thousands of refugees reaching its shores. was. god alright alright alright. well the italian prime minister says the country is being forced to take drastic measures and wants his neighbors to help this message doesn't come from a contrie that wants to break the rules all abandon its commentary and position its a contrary that is under pressure and which asks european elyse for a concrete contribution money if you can give up limited i'd like to see how to
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address this issue to dissolution please if you can obviously we have to discuss the issue together we do believe we can't leave italy or greece on its own. and the italian prime minister also stressed that his country is bearing the brunt of caring for migrants under rules refugees need to apply for asylum in the first member nation not the enter the place is an enormous burden on italy because of its proximity to north africa from where many boats arrive there's also tension at least in northern border this week around four hundred refugees clash with police near a time where they were trying to cross into fronts the town has been labeled as italy's many cali in reference to the huge migrant camp once fall into the northern french port police used tear gas against the refugees trying to use a river to buy possible. but for a t.v. channel video cameras have been giving c.n.n. a for a few headaches this week after a string of embarrassments over the network's russia coverage the investigative
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journalism group project has now released a new video showing c.n.n. president jeff zucker trying to make a quick escape while being challenged or this is mr suckers resins on thirty to sixty fourth street in new york city james o'keefe you. are about to rush a story. ok that was pretty cowardly there wasn't a project published a clip a number of days ago showing a c.n.n. producer admitting russia stories are about chasing ratings and then another featuring one of the channel's computers describing russia coverage as a quote nothing burger today's cross-talk takes a bite out of that later on r.t. people can talk about it in these terms of oh it's this big nothing it's not a big nothing and you know why when jones said what stupid thing he said you know you'll have to ask him again oh yeah basically if you're on your air is just stupid
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ok that's the explanation there is no journalism in the leftist media there is no journalism in the mainstream media which is the same thing it's the leftist media this from the beginning this russian nonsense has been just that nonsense and c.n.n. an m s n b c so a spike in their ratings immediately so they're keeping it going with the project very tight as video is does approve her film for c.n.n. and c.n.n. and. zucker. predicts shed you will see the ultimate three using out this is the denouement the epilogue that carved up. your. turned into our teacher national coming right up the cia's use of torture on rendition is examined in watching the hawks they were this if you can.
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revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news we have asked c n n's evidence free war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. speaking of failure there's the situation. the private company where sixty eight or seventy billion dollars a lot of radically executives are leaving or have left including the c.e.o. who are going to parachute in. the c.f.o. according to c.s. and so that i'm sure will be another multi hundred million dollars he's already
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a billionaire so this could be a multi hundred million dollars for for her regardless of where the company says she's or not there's a lot of people speculating that the underlying core business model of the labor is unsustainable and this company's going to go the way of enron as multi billion dollars. greetings and salutation. legendary journalist horace greeley the founder and editor of the famed new york tribune once declared fame is a popularity an accident and riches take wing only one thing endures and that is character and character is what's been severely missing these days in the scorched earth carnival landscape that is modern journalism oh we have a law we have
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a lot of characters but very little character. take the strange mixed-up case of the once revered twenty four hour cable news channel c.n.n. for example started by media mogul ted turner as the world's first twenty four hour news network the channel has baldwins vaulted in the mainstream prominence for its coverage of the purse to rock war and has dominated waiting rooms in airports ever since by now i'm sure you've read heard and tweeted that c.n.n. has found itself in a pretty journalistically awkward place during the last few days thanks to right wing provocateurs overzealous c.e.o.'s and reporters frothing all over all things russia gate and c.n.n. carving the nutrients out of healthy journalism in the name in pursuit of rising ratings and you've got a twenty four hour cable news channel that too many appears to be just as shallow as the president they've been dead set on taking down but one could say that in the world of today's news outlets that this is not just a c.n.n.
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problem but of corporate news media in general in rowlings rolling stone journalist matt taibbi recently observed that instead of seeking out broad audiences by selling vanilla coverage and phony balance big media companies today are abandoning the hope of being credible in both directions and instead aggressively hunting for demographics but. it can journalism survive demographic hunting in the multitude of characters without character let's find out and start watching the hawks. as. to. what they like that i got.


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