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tv   Headline News  RT  June 30, 2017 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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social media companies which fail to remove hate speech or defamatory face. could face fines of up to fifty million euro. also the iraqi prime minister but to defeat the caliphate in the country we look at how many lives it took to see the fifth. fleet threatens to shut off its ports to all official migrant rescue ships. supports the country struggles to cope with the continued influx of people.
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around the clock across the world this is our international from the team and myself you know neil welcome to the program our top story this hour facebook twitter. could soon face fines of up to fifty million euro in germany if they fail to act quickly to remove hate speech on the from a tree fake news with more here's polish lier. according to this poll a company has twenty four hours in which it must delete content that has been flagged as being potentially hate speech or fake news and the failure to do so will result in a fine that could be as high as fifty million euros now the proposal was put forward by the german minister of justice and consumer protection and it talks about companies to beating i'm quoting obviously criminal offenses but of course the question remains to whom is this obvious and at the same time who decides what
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is fake news this is certainly not a hard and fast rule then it's not clear now there are concerns that the bull could lead to some form of censorship see bye bye to freedom of speech in germany. germany will start to punish c.n.n. for russophobia those arguing that hate speech is not free speech i'll let you burn hate speech when you let me define it this is going to be the end of free speech and then to know that this is of course not the first time that regulation is being looked at as a way of dealing with so-called fake news earlier this year you had facebook setting up its own fact checking community and it says that this service will be used to regulate and also get rid of fake news now what facebook is doing is a using third party fact checkers and amongst these are the a.b.c. and the associated press and the idea is for them to evaluate material that could potentially be fake news after having been alerted to it by uses but the problem is
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that even these so-called fact checkers are accused of not being impartial and this has left the public very angry who chooses the fracture or is a somewhat older expression of the same sentiment goes who will guard the guards. first book is here's a they will tell you when to believe the news i am so grateful no more research for me should make things so much easier now in april google acted against fake news as well creating a user tools to deal with misleading content but the bottom line is such a have some very serious problems who determines what is fake news what is fake news and ultimately how do you prevent this whole evaluation leading to censorship . of iraqi prime minister has the third victory over islamic state saying the army has recaptured the al-noor remote skin in mosul which is where isis the
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clear in a caliphate three years ago but months of heavy fighting between the terrorists and the u.s. led coalition are devastated not only the city itself but also the lives of hundreds of thousands of locals. well within minutes of mosul's liberation headlines around the world were dominated by the recapturing of the city iraq's prime minister is declaring it and i say this in mosul the end of the caliphate iraq's a bold claim as it takes mosul famous mosque iraqi forces say they've taken an
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iconic mosque in the heart of mosul that was destroyed by isis iraqi forces battled the last isis fighters in those old. well and what's undoubtedly a victory in ridding iraq of the scourge of ices it is worth remembering the effect on the people of mosul right guess they have spent over a month there during the bulk. liberation that's one way of putting it obliteration is another the goal was noble enough free thousands from isis isis the so-called caliphate is crumbling wieters have abandoned fighters to die local fighters are being left to rot where they fall remaining inexperienced fighters are making rookie mistakes growing them selves and fellow fighters up accidentally in preparation for combat mission accomplished mosul has been cleansed by fire a city almost the size of
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a room reduced to rubble it is difficult to describe you've got to be there walk down it's blasted streets and you'll feel it this is what the off the mouth of a classic strike in mosul look like view here really epitomizes what mosul has been through the neighboring street all but destroyed the street across rubble the street over there it's the same story wherever you look the press was tightly controlled no freedom of reporting in mosul. we saw what we were allowed to see but this was enough. on you little bit little alarm with the us one hundred gigabits common.
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sense that then i am seriously and. at the end of the time many of you tell. that i've been with the poly again you have now much thought of me that. javelin would. not like that. streets and buildings can be restored lives canales children families whole neighborhoods was sacrificed to u.s. strikes in the liberation isis made sure that civilians died they used them as human shields hoping that the coalition would stop its strikes they miscalculated the bombs rained down until the end civilian casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation when a single u.s.
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led air strike killed more than one hundred civilians i remember clearly how they tried but failed to contain that at first they blamed isis then they admitted to the bombing but still blame diocese perhaps civilians are being killed either by mistake or because the enemy is using a tactic that actually has them become part of the target that is on them not on us it's not our fault that we're killing civilians they said we'll remember this as a victory the liberation of mosul. but liberation maybe they were wrong.
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we spoke to a representative of unicef in iraq he told us that mosul is children are in dire need of protection. in this particular war those children trast still trapped in west mosul are in dire need of protection and this is what we're calling for the devastation of west mosul is extreme the people have been damaged psychosocial care of these children has to be up higher my concern and that's what we unicef will of
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trying to address at the moment the problem now is that these nine hundred thousand people it is the sheer scale of it and the time the length of time that they have been displaced which is going to affect so our planning procedures that are in place but the fact that over the next three months or perhaps longer we're going to have to continue to look off to leave this place. that enormous strain on our resources. the u.n. chemical weapons watchdog has confirmed that the victims of a chemical incident in syria's adlib province back in april were exposed to certain gal's latest statement from the o.p.c. w. points are there a fact finding missions mandate does not include identifying the perpetrator thirteen was only able to visit the site of the attack so the report's conclusions are based on post-mortems on biomedical samples collected from victims who were
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moved to quote a neighboring country the reports hasn't been made public but was shared with countries party to the chemical weapons convention. now they have british foreign secretary boris johnson ruptly reacted to the findings by reasserting accusations against the syrian government. the finger points at the but sad regime and we've got a european council coming up where we will drive all in with the u.k. campaign to impose sanctions on those responsible the us has already brought out sanctions on three hundred people as a result of this people who drop chemical weapons on innocent people should be held to account. the russian foreign ministry house sharply criticized washington's claims that syrians government is planning to carry out a future chemical attack in the country the ministries concerned that terrorists could take advantage of the threats coming from washington and curry named false
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flag attacks to encourage u.s. military action parties and went to the u.s. state department to get the response. the u.s. officials refused to confirm the claims with any facts the situation looks like a massive probation both military and information no. i look at the u.s. experts and then he said openly the extremists could use these claims by washington provocations and shift blame onto the syrian government recent statement from the white house alleging that the syrian government was planning an upcoming chemical attack are you concerned that that could have created an opening for terrorist groups to carry out a chemical attack. now you're not concerned even though. the groups have been using chemical weapons in syria that's documented now next went on syria seems that washington doesn't share the concerns
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of russia's foreign minister now on numerous occasions the syrian government has been accused of carrying out chemical weapons attacks the most recent example was in april in providence without any investigation with the united states launched fifty nine cruise missiles against syria targeting an airbase now when they were pressed for facts of the state department responded this way. evidence kids shared with us about this potential preparation for these chemical weapons because that was an absolutely right and nor would that be laid out because that would be considered an intelligence matter when you guys believe that it's in your interests you do what you say is evidence of. intelligence i'm not going to get into that with you but this is a very serious and grave matter let's remember that back in twenty thirteen an agreement was arranged by russia in which the syrian government turned over their chemical weapons to the o.p.c. w.
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international bodies oversaw the process in which the chemical weapons were handed over to international authorities however these facts don't seem to matter the united states continues to blame syria for chemical attacks rigged. ardler said having any actual proof or evidence. let's return to our top story now internet giants such as facebook twitter and you tube could soon face hefty fines of up to fifteen million euro in germany if they don't act quickly enough to remove hate speech undefiled metry fake news let's get some reaction to this because george barr that little activist social justice campaigner joins us live on the program hi george what are your thoughts then all not the law that's being passed does it pose a threat to free speech as some are claiming. i think it does i mean my personal take on this is pretty ambiguous in some ways i mean i think what i gather has triggered this particular step on behalf of the german government is that there was there was a kind of voluntary agreement reached between the government and the social media
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providers in twenty fifteen as to the responsibilities that both sides claim that they recognized in terms of. moving news and hate speech and then there was another report the german government saying they haven't really done it now. speaking as a political activist the tricky thing here is that i know in the last forty years in most most industries you basically have self-regulation instead of regulation and generally it doesn't time to stand up because it doesn't compel profit making entities to take steps that are going to cause the move so in principle the idea of having a law that actually forces the social media companies to do the right thing is a good idea but the problem i think is that you're now creating a huge incentive for facebook to remove all sorts of things on a precautionary basis and that's where it starts infringing on really important issues of free speech and speaking personally from the u.k. point of view it's certainly true that what we were able to do on facebook among other among other platforms to be the entire establishment with in the election is
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a very very important thing and the last thing i would want is for that to be in any way compromised yet but i do think this is a really problematic issue where the government over facebook is charged. and i think what you need is increasingly independent but well funded bodies to be making these decisions there's another glaring issue here as well isn't there how will social media be able to determine when the given time frame whether content is illegal or not. show and that's you know that's a kind of technical matter that i don't really have that much insight into but certainly there is a vast amount of stuff going on to it when i bring out because you need resources you need expertise and you need people who are actually checking the news perhaps to be checked themselves whether they've got a bias or not. i mean yeah exactly and there are all sorts of issues and and this isn't just this issue with facebook there's another story that's kicking off at the moment in terms of the policies that facebook already has that removes some speech
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and others and various groups are up and i'm so so there's no there's no easy solution to this but the good news with the social media giants is that compared to the billionaire companies of thirty years ago they employ virtually nobody so if the best thing for society is to force them to spend a lot of a lot of resources making sure that the social media platforms all kept open for the right kind of thing then that's a good thing but obviously the solution seems to be something more like. the conservative one tiny aspect of what the conservative government in the u.k. proposed i would agree with is raising a levy on these companies to do this kind of work independently i think is a good idea but you don't want government doing it instead of a social media platforms so you need credibly independent middle middle way institutions if you ask me george part of political activists and social justice campaign are always great to get your take on the program thank you. i could say sions of voter fraud have emerged in the u.k. concerning june snap election the details of that in one thousand nine hundred s. .
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in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news we have asked c n n's evidence free war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism.
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ninety minutes into the program welcome back it's only is threatening to close its ports to migrant rescue ships operated by n.g.o.s which it suspects are being exploited by people traffickers the country's being increasingly struggling in recent months with tens of thousands of refugees reaching its shores. was. god god god god god god god god. god god. me
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italian prime minister say's the country's being forced to take drastic measures on once is a huge neighbors to hell. this message doesn't come from a contrary that wants to break the rules of abandon its commentary and position its a contrary that is under pressure and which asks oh european elyse for a concrete contribution if you can keep up the new movie i'd like to see that relaunch how to address this issue to dissolution please if you can obviously we have to discuss the issue together we do believe we can't leave italy or greece on its own lee italian prime minister also stressed that his country's bearing the brunt of caring for migrants under e.u. rules refugees need to apply for asylum in the first member nation the internet that places an enormous burden on the police because of its proximity to north africa from where many boats arrive well there's also tension on italy's northern
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border this week around four hundred refugees clashed with police near a town where they were trying to cross into france the town has been labeled italy's mini collie in reference to the huge migrant camp once fall into the north and french port police used tear gas against the refugees who tried to use a river to bypass a park. we talked to a former italian diplomat and former head of the european security monitoring organization the o. a c e he say yes the e.u. should do more to help deal with the. refugee crisis. the collective the european the small it's nice to be. more i think. he's not you. see it's. two calls looking for. the state. the only destination.
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she's off to the weather. is my view of the city so it's a ritual for. the european. take. a conservative party in the country snow public sure earlier this month to fall in to a voter fraud. to talk us of this story polly indeed what about these accusations what were they were like the system in the u.k. is that you can be registered to vote in two places so where you live and where you say work or study but you only have one vote in you have to cost that vote in one place and there are concerns now that that system may have been abused at the general election earlier this month british students have apparently been boasting about being able to vote twice both where they live and where they study during the
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election they apparently these posts have been seen on social media and some members of the conservative party are very keen to investigate this further take a listen to one conservative politician asking for an investigation from the leader of the house of commons the conservative. brought to my attention i should tell the colleagues now about this pollute general election people can be registered in two places to vote social media it's been aware the number of students are bragging about the fact that they've voted not only where they live but also where they go to university that is an abuse of the situation we do need to get to the bottom of people deliberately voting twice which i understand is in fact an illegal and so we do need to investigate this. there appears to be concern about this from among the general population as well a poll calling for this to be investigated online story
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a petition calling for this to be investigated on line is gone or many signatures and this is been brewing ever since the election took place the former leader of you kate nigel farage he spoke about it in a us media interview just a few days after the vote took place take a listen to what he had to say. so you all students look i will wipe away all your tuition and it will be absolute. money you will say were correct. you voted twice and he was talking about the student vote quite generally that in the often of the election the polls have shown that younger voters and students in particular voted overwhelmingly for the opposition they are party here the leader of which is jeremy corbin for whom support was very galvanized in the run up to the
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vote of course he promised to scrap tuition fees and that was a big sweetener for a lot of the students who then went on to vote for him so you don't really need to be the world's kind of most astute political analyst to wonder why it's conservative politicians who are calling for this alleged voter fraud to be investigated given how slim to resume a's majority in the house of commons now is. live from london polly updating us on the story thank you very much. the summer weather in the russian capital is making records well for all the wrong reasons a so-called rain again is whipping up right throughout the city with the most rainfall predicted for her of a century in one day just one month ago moscow was hit with one. of the most devastating storms which left several people dead and cause severe damage there so
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try to cross live to our correspondent kate partridge for more on the scene we've been seeing today looking a little bit better right there no kate what was the story of the day was as a say speak for yourself probably that you didn't if you're sort of standing here because this is that this is most scary in june but certainly not a summer that we've ever seen anything like it certainly what they're anticipating for perhaps the next one hundred years that calling it old are anticipating the storm of the century with reports of five people have been injured so far including a seventy year old woman who was hit by a falling tree and had to be taken to hospital there's also reports that fifty planes have been grounded at sheremetyevo airport the flights have been delayed and the pictures there are frankly incredible of water coming up to sort of the ankle ankle height as you can see on the runway quite incredible and they had two flights that were coming into moscow were hit by lightning but thankfully nobody has been injured but of course this they're saying could be the still with the century that follows on from last month's hurrican when sixteen people were killed in moscow in
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the moscow region and one hundred fifty needed treatment after then a hurricane striking in that we credit the red wind speeds of one hundred ten kilometers per hour seventy miles an hour there was a hail as well there was rain and of course that damaged buildings electrical cables but the biggest effect was by all the trees hundreds of trees down in moscow and that killed sixteen people five of those were pedestrians at another old man was waiting at a bus stop and two people were killed in that country home when a tree crashed through it but what officials are saying now that devising everybody to stay indoors i think is pretty wise under the circumstances if you can hear the thunder behind me and also if you go to pog try not to park near any trees as they want to sort of keep people safe as possible yeah everybody be safe there including u.k. partridge thank you very much for that. ok guys get a look at some. breaking news coming into us on the program the syrian army has confirmed to r.t. that aleppo province has been liberated from ice all islamic state militants have
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withdrawn from the last territory they held in the region after four years of holding at the group's retreat came after the syrian military seize control of a crucial road on thursday night we will have more updates on this developing story from syria in the coming hours. right ahead cross-talk on r.t. international. hello and welcome to crossfire were all things considered i'm peter lobell in a revealing video c.n.n. has shown as many critics have claimed the network is more interested in the bottom
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line and a political agenda rather than reporting on real news on this edition of the program we ask if cnn's evidence for the war against donald trump is really at the expense of real journalism. crosstalk in the present and future of c.n.n. i'm joined by my guest steve malzberg in new york he is the host of the steve malzberg show on newsmax t.v. also in new york we have the media personality lionel he is a legal analyst and news be code or at lionel media dot com and in washington we cross to richard goodstein he is a democratic political strategist and former advisor to the president clinton and hillary clinton's presidential campaigns all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate it steve let me go to you first here. cnn's motto is.


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